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Hello dear Friends and Readers, It’s been awhile since we had an exact Uranus- Pluto square and certainly last April was no picnic.  I was saying to my private clients the last couple weeks that even though Mercury is not retrograde in December, this year they should avoid travelling in December due to unsettled conditions.  We have seen this square before.  Hurricanes, tornados, geological activity, riots, protests, tragedies involving children last April, and in general unusual weather both hot and cold.  So…once again, I urge you to have some batteries and candles on hand, drinking water, enough propane in the BBQ to cook if necessary, and some extra food that is easily prepared.  This is just common sense.  I am not a “prepper”.  Outdoor heaters and camping stoves can kill if used indoors because they generate carbon monoxide.  Staying warm in the winter could end up being a big problem.  Some people are lucky to have a woodstove or a fireplace.

Actually there are some fairly pleasant transits at this time from the inner planets.  The Moon will be in Virgo this coming weekend and makes a trine to Pluto in Capricorn.  Sun in Sag is trined by Jupiter in Leo.  Bear in mind that this square is slow moving and lasts for awhile.  It’s just exact for a couple of days but allowing orb means allowing several weeks on either side.  There are BIG storms already forming.  What a winter !!  As if it wasn’t cold enough last year…

The other transit that makes me want to caution you all to stay safe and be cautious is that Saturn has reached the 29th degree of Scorpio.  I will write the Saturn in Sag blog starting next week.  Meanwhile, those of you who have studied the earlier posts will remember that the 29th degree of anything in astrology is considered a critical degree — a lot of pressure and no where to go but into 0 degrees of the next sign.  Kind of like labor and birth.  Or at least a final exam before graduation.  I feel some concern about nuclear stuff with Saturn since Pluto rules Scorpio.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see some new scandal emerge into daylight regarding the safety of the various nuclear programs run by various governments.  By the way, have you noticed how public figures are crumbling with the skeletons coming out of their closets?  That’s Pluto in Cap.

Hawaii and Alaska are both Capricorn and I read that they are having a lava flow problem in Hawaii.  That’s Pluto in Cap.  Uranus in Aries is more the sudden lightning bolt, the catalyst that triggers events, protests, accidents, etc.  One positive things you can do with Uranus in Aries is review First Aid, talk to your children about FIrst Aid, and practice a safety drill at home.  Even children as young as 5 have saved lives with the Heimlich maneuver and CPR.  A positive use in Pluto in Cap is to review your career and if you feel compelled to change your work, then take appropriate steps to reach your goal. If you are in a public position or a high profile life, then keep it clean — SQUEAKY CLEAN.   Saturn in Sag will put a huge emphasis on education and the “big picture”.  More on this next week…  Stay safe and have the most thankful holiday you can….Jenae

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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, I’ve been busy outdoors and so far the spinach and lettuce and peas are up.  Very satisfying, putting one’s hands in the earth.  It’s a good conduit to release stress and/or nervous energy.  Great therapy and it’s FREE :))

Mercury has entered Aries and it’s a rapid transit, a little over 2 weeks.  I’ve noted before that Aries people treat the right to disagree as their sacred duty.  They thrive on adrenalin and what some would see as a fight, to them it’s just a stimulating discussion.  I would suggest that for this transit, that you avoid making snap decisions and refuse to get drawn into disagreements by validating the other person’s view but saying you need more time to think about it, whatever the issue is…

Aries people have very good responses in emergencies.  They can be heroes and save lives.  Mercury in Aries is excellent for education along these lines.  Parents can hold emergency fire drills, go over 911 info — even little kids can use more info like asking them to  memorize their address, phone number, etc.  Older kids and adults can really use this energy to review First Aid and CPR.  Consider buying a book (Mercury) about dealing with home emergencies or a used copy of a First Aid manual.  These things don’t have to be expensive, the point is to use this transit to educate yourself and be prepared to be more self-sufficient.  Here at home, I keep an eye on the basic supplies — rubbing alcohol, peroxide, band-aids and bandages, sterile gauze, etc.  If you see these items getting low, then re-stock.  In the old days when I was on the farm, I used to keep supplies for the animals, too.  I just read an article about a woman delivering a baby on an airplane.  The flight attendant used vodka to sterilize some scissors and shoestrings to tie off the umbilical cord.  Mercury in Aries energy can be very innovative.  Aries people have courage and they’re not afraid to try something new.  We all have Aries somewhere in our charts and that is the area to face a challenge and learn to thrive from it…

Those of you who are builders and/or contractors should find this a great period to get plans approved and possibly use some new and innovative materials or techniques for your projects.  There’s a couple of glitchy transits that will affect all of us and people should be careful.  Builders need to be very careful around sharp tools, and all people need to travel politely — avoid being a rude driver and ticking someone off.  There’s a lot of crazies out there and you don’t need to incite road rage.  Be patient with your neighbors, too.

The potentially difficult transits are as follows:  (With Mercury transits, I usually allow a day on either side of the exact date.)  Mercury inconjunct Saturn on 4-19-13; Mercury conjunct Uranus on 4-20, and Mercury square Pluto on 4-21.  Now these 3 transits do not have to indicate a big problem, but they ARE symbolic of situations that need to be handled well.  For example, with builders, this is NOT the time to meet with the planning department or ask officials for favors.  Depending on your personal chart, you could find yourself getting sucked into a power struggle to have the last word, and this situation could arise suddenly.  Remember that Uranus is the planet of the unexpected.  You may have brilliant ideas but other people will not be supportive at this time.  Write down those great ideas and present them to others at a better time.  I would expect to see some stuff about labor unions in the news, conflicts with the powers that be regarding contracts, working conditions, etc.

I personally have picked the 24th to travel, since I don’t want to be on the road during the Full Moon on the 25th.  Mercury is sextile Jupiter on the 24th and on the 29th Moon in Sag trines Mercury in Aries — good for the return trip home. These two  transits are both good for travel, education, and for communication, both in person and at a distance.  The Full Moon often carries over into the next day and on Friday the 26th, Mercury is semi-square Neptune and also Mercury is inconjunct the Moon in Scorpio.  That combo is kind of subtle with passive-aggressive exchanges and some attempts at guilt-trips, and inconjuncts often come out in the workplace, so do your best to side-step fussy people and if you ask someone what is wrong, be prepared to hear the whole blow-by-blow description of how difficult their life is at the current moment.  Sincerity could inspire you to suggest some choices for the person in need.  Just remember to turn the conversation to solutions rather than a laundry list of problems.  If you’re married or in a partnership (Full Moon in Libra), this is NOT the time to air grievances.  The 29th is a much easier day and you might get the chance to get outdoors and take a walk while you’re talking things over — Moon in Sag — go to the park or a trail.  Doing something physical together will really help achieve the rapport you seek.

Venus enters Taurus tomorrow and I’ll post that one next…Blessings,  Jenae

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Back again, dear Friends and Readers…the days just roar by, literally, it’s been so windy I wondered if the power would go out, but so far so good….and now Venus is entering Aries for a 3 week transit.  Of course, this is very beneficial for people with strong Aries in their charts.  Venus is Aries is also helpful to the other fire signs, Leo and Sag.  Geminis and Aquarians get the sextile which is a positive.  Libra gets the opposition, and combined with Pluto in Cap, the Aries transits create a T-Square transit with means a lot of energy is impelled and expressed through the empty sign — in this case Cancer.  So people with strong Libra placements could find the next week or so fairly challenging, less so as the Sun progresses further in Aries. People with strong placements in Cancer and Capricorn are taking the square from transiting Aries planets — challenging, and again, more so in the early part of this forecast.  Cardinal signs could be working very hard and getting a LOT accomplished — squares can be positive, too !! Scorpio and Virgo get the inconjunct — a symbol of those sticky situations that are hard to sort out.  Don’t get sucked into thinking you have to solve every problem that might really belong to someone else. Let your conscience be your guide.  Pisces and Taurus take the 30 degree semi-sextile, very mild and subtle.  The interpretation could change A LOT if you know your chart and have natal planets in Aries; then there would be a lot more overt activity going on.

Anyway, Venus is the “attract it to you” energy.  Mars is the “go out and get it, go after it” energy.  Mars is the ruler of Aries, so Venus in this sign is not always comfortable.  Venus in Aries women are usually not traditional.  Every single  woman I ever knew with Aries strong in her chart was good with cars, with tools, with  remodeling homes, and they understand guys better than a lot of other signs.  They’re kind of brassy, ballsy — more aggressive than most women, good muscles and they thrive on sports and physical challenges.  You won’t often find them with artificial nails and a  frilly wardrobe.  They’re usually pretty good at flirting and letting a  guy know they’re interested in getting to know him better.

So, looking at this Venus in Aries transit, you have an opportunity to get more exercise as a path to health and beauty.  You have an opportunity to try new activities, meet new people, to take the initiative,  to grow.  The glyph for Aries is called the Ram’s Horns by some but to me it is the power of the seed pushing its way up out of the ground to the sunlight.  With so much voltage in the air ( so many planets in Aries), you won’t have any  lack of initiative but you might need to moderate yourself a bit.  If you are too impulsive and lack sensitivity to others, you won’t gather the support you want and need.  What you think is  just a spirited and stimulating conversation could be perceived as a fight.  So do remember that Venus by its very nature is receptive — allow yourself to be receptive to others even while you’re out there conquering the world :))…

This transit is fabulous for art involving fire, heat, and/or metals.  Pottery, ornamental iron, glass-blowing — just a few examples.  I know a guy who has a Venus-Mars conjunction in Aries and he’s a great welder.  He also loves hunting and fishing.  Since he has that artistic conjunction, he was hungry to do more than weld farm equipment.  He started making gun safes and THEN he started carving gun stocks — beautiful scrimshaw designs where it has to be perfect. And he was truly an artist in his work with guns.  Note that Aries people are often very adept with sharp tools — surgeons, carvers, butchers, and artists, too….

OK, let’s looks at some of the Venus in Aries transits coming up shortly…I’m posting the exact day of the transits, but you should also allow a day on either side of the exact time, to allow for orb.  The Full Moon is March 27th and the Libra Moon will oppose Venus as well as the Sun.  Handle the female relationships in your life carefully.  Things could fly off the handle too easily now.  Think of teenage daughters around 13- 17 years’ old.  Well, all of us have a teenager still inside us somewhere J).   People around you may not be totally  rational.

The very next day. March 28th exact, and the 29th,  Venus conjoins the Sun AND Uranus at 7 and 8 degrees Aries.  This is pretty interesting, don’t you think?  The planet of love combining with the planet of the unexpected, the intuitive and speedy Uranus,  also joining with the Sun.  Love is certainly in the air :))  With Uranus, sometimes it’s a brief relationship, a catalyst that helps us grow, though what we learn may stay with us for years, sometimes the person is not meant to walk off into the sunset WITH us…  This triple conjunction — powerful, YES !!! Stable, NO !!!  Fabulous for the arts and inspiration — creativity comes in many forms…

SO enjoy the dance, protect yourself a bit, and see what happens with your love after this transit passes…  The same thing with beauty — please forgo anything too radical in the tattoo department because you could easily change your mind once this transit passes.  Clothes are fine — they’re not permanent like tattoos or cosmetic surgery.

Spiritually, this year it’s Good Friday heading into Easter.  What a beautiful conjunction to  gather with kindred spirits and celebrate the miracle.  VERY uplifting !!!  Seek beauty for therein lies Eternal Truth…you go to church to go to church, but these transits could mean love finds YOU at church :))

Continuing with this theme of love, art, and beauty — getting outdoors is highly recommended when Venus is in Aries.  The beauty of nature may inspire you in new ways.  On April 7th there is an exact conjunction of Venus and Mars.  See the Mars in Aries post for more details.  The New Moon in Aries is April 10th — that means both Sun and Moon in Aries and Venus will also conjoin the Moon.  Usually, in a woman’s chart, Venus on the Moon means lunch with the ladies, or some kind of party.  You could give a party with these transits, or attend a party to celebrate an event — wedding, anniversary, baby shower, new home, etc.  I could be wrong — maybe it’s just a party to have a party — there doesn’t have to be a reason to gather and have some fun…

In a man’s chart Venus on the Moon would be emphasizing his relationship with females — Moms, daughters, sisters, wife, etc.  The beauty theme might express as building something or some kind of home project.  Landscaping, yard work,  or getting the patio ready for the season would fit, too.  I had a client a long time ago and he had 8 daughters — yes, he had Jupiter on his Moon J)  Can’t remember what sign, probably Leo :))  An abundance of children…  I knew another male client who had 4 sisters and he had Jupiter on his Moon in Cancer…an abundance of family…

On April 14th, Venus will be at the 29th degree of Aries and semi-square Jupiter in Gemini.  Use some caution and moderation with driving, sports, physical activities in general.  AND CONVERSATIONS — take the long-range view and don’t get sucked into the heat of the moment.  There’s a pressure and an intensity when a planet reaches 29 degrees because there’s nowhere to go but into 0 degrees of the next sign.  Kind of like taking a final exam before moving on to the next grade or class.  Be sensible…

Well, that’s it for now…stayed tuned…Blessings, Jenae

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Hello dear Friends and Readers… Spring is here, the killdeers are back and I’m a little behind the curve with this post due to gardening season gearing up.  The Spring Equinox is March 20th — that’s the day the Sun enters Aries.  Do take note that Mars squares the Moon in Cancer early in the morning on the 20th.  Depending on your domestic situation, the energy builds to a conjunction between Mars and Uranus, EXACT on March 22nd but you need to allow some orb for this powerful transit, so from now through the 25th should work.  OK, I hear you guys — “What does this MEAN, Jenae?”  Let’s take things step by step…

Mars rules Aries and in its own sign, there’s an abundance of vitality, intiative, leadership.  Taken too far, Mars here would exhibit risky behavior, bossiness, someone who’s looking for a fight just to get their adrenaline going.  You need to look at the aspects from Mars in your NATAL chart.  Some people don’t handle Mars energy too well.  If you have a lot of challenging Mars aspects within your NATAL, then slow down, count to 10, and really think about what you’re doing and how best to accomplish your goals.  Why win the battle yet lose the war?  People with easier Mars aspects in their NATAL, like trines and sextiles, maybe a conjunction with Venus — these people will find they have lots of energy and a desire for more physical activity, plus leadership opportunities arise because they know how to motivate people rather than alienate them.

SO…look at your NATAL — where is transiting Mars in your chart?  If you have Aries rising, by all means use the energy to start a new fitness program, a new hobby, go after your personal goals to renew and recharge yourself.  If it’s in your 7th (Libra rising) for example, a partner may push you out of some misguided sense of enthusiasm; you may have to stand your ground and remind them to show more sensitivity to what other people want to do.  If Mars is currently transiting in your 4th or 5th,  you may be knocking down walls, cleaning house, building a patio or doing some kind of outdoor work on your home.  Kids  could be a bit  rambunctious, but they just need to run around and get outside after being cooped up in the winter.  If transiting Mars is in your 10th, then career matters require both initiative and careful relationships with bosses.  The  transiting conjunction of Mars and Uranus can symbolize sudden changes, even crises.

It’s important to remember that Uranus takes 7 years to go through a sign or a house.  Mars takes 2 years to transit around the wheel of the chart.  The first week of April 2011, the 4th week of March 2013, the 2nd week of March 2015, the 4th week of February 2017, and the middle of February 2019 (critical degree) — all these are transiting Mars conjunct Uranus.  Uranus is the planet of the unexpected.  Put these  2 together and explosive situations can arise with no warning.  The Challenger blew up in front of a generation of school children when these 2 planets conjoined ( though in another sign).  So let’s start by avoiding aviation, ruled by Uranus.  Book your flights for other, safer times.

One of my fellow bloggers felt that there could be a giant solar storm and this kind of event would affect electricity ( ruled by both Mercury and Uranus).  We ARE in a period of heightened solar activity, so keep an eye on the news about the SUN.  On a more mundane level, families could use Mars-Uranus to have safety drills with their children — fire drills, earthquake drills, etc.  Floods are less likely — these 2 planets are in Aries, which is a fire sign.  The accent would be more on explosions, fire, earthquakes, electrical malfunctions, civic emergencies…

Looking at the positive, this is such a great transit for emergency service providers — this is what they train for, are prepared for, heroes — all of them.  Firemen, ambulance crew, dispatch, etc. — be prepared to save lives — it’s going to be a very active cycle. No matter what your career — are YOU prepared?  On the news this am, 2 little boys helped a mother save her baby’s life because they knew CPR.  Each and every one of us should have First Aid and CPR knowledge.  Let’s go back to the example of Mars-Uranus in your 10th…what if your boss has a heart attack?  Would you know what to do?

The beauty of Mars in Aries is such a strong presence in emergencies and a good survivor instinct.  People with this position in their natal make great soldiers, doctors, nurses, firemen, etc.

I knew a woman who had 17 sheets of plywood fall on her at home ( broken ribs, etc.) when Mars was in her 4th.  One year when  transiting Mars conjoined my natal Uranus in Cancer, every male relative on my father’s side of the family was either ill or injured  within a week.  Believe me, I was kind of spooked and 2 years later when the same transit came around again, I held my breath — AND NOTHING HAPPENED :)…  That’s the thing with these 2 planets, you just never know…

OK, going back to the beginning, the reason we should pay attention to our domestic situation on the Equinox with the Moon in Cancer, is whatever is going on could escalate to a crisis during the following week.  If you’re taking care of an elder, keep a close eye on their safety.  Walkers, grab bars, eliminate hazards at home, etc. I’ll be reminding my Cancer daughter about my Aries granddaughter  tonight on the phone — safety at home and moderation in diet — this conjunction is 2 degrees from opposing her Moon.

Mars  squares Pluto on the Full Moon on the 27th — cardinal sign people are going to feel this the most.  Pretty much continues the theme of being careful,  deliberate, safety conscious as we go about our daily lives.  Relationships at home would continue to be a little tricky, lots of room for drama, but also for changes that bring solutions to long-term problems.

On the world level, more spontaneous and massive protests by people demanding more freedom from corrupt leaders.  A continuation of the long-term square between Uranus and Pluto….

I spoke with another astrologer about the cardinal transit, Uranus square Pluto, lasting for a few more years yet,  and she shared an interesting viewpoint.  Especially with Pluto in Capricorn, it’s time to let go of what we don’t need anymore.  It will weigh us down and we need to make room for the new stuff (Uranus).  Cleaning house can be done on the mental/emotional level as well as the physical dwelling…

Here’s a special one — the 2nd week of April Mars will conjoin Venus exact on the 6th and 7th and the New Moon on the 10th conjoins both Venus and Mars.  Love is in the air !!!  Allowing for orb, April 5th through the 13th should be lovely.  Remember, Readers, look at your chart and see where the late degrees of Aries fall — what house is activated.  This will give you clues as to what kind of love and what kind of creativity.

As far as Art, Aries is a fire sign so people working with pottery, metals, welding, ornamental iron, jewelry, wood-burning as a form of design, cloisonné, glass-blowing — all ARTS that involve the use of fire and heat are favored.  This is a great transit to take a workshop, lessons, try something new.  People already working in the arts should find inspiration and MAJOR creativity.  A great transit to submit work for jury and/or to enter contests or art shows.

As far as love,  already established relationships could find a new chapter is beginning.  Couples should try new activities together.  Outdoor time is as important as indoor activities, too.  The nature of Aries favors NEW relationships beginning at this time, so if you’re single, don’t be shy — it’s OK to take the initiative and say hello to someone new.  New meetings at outdoor gatherings would be favored, or at sports events, or simply at the park or the beach or the town plaza.  Don’t forget HOME AND GARDEN SHOWS either — a great place to see new ideas and products and maybe new people, too. The energy is changing from Aries to Taurus and this would also favor plant nurseries.  Anything that accents the beauty of the outdoors is highly favored at this time.  Personally, I don’t believe it works to go looking for a partner as  well as just living your life and doing what is fun and interesting to YOU.  The ideal is to meet someone who shares the same hobbies and interests as you.  The places I’ve mentioned are only the beginning of an astrological definition.  Sports events — maybe you go to play miniature golf, or sign up for tennis lessons, or join the local baseball league…so MANY possibilities here, please don’t let anything I write limit you.  It’s simply a wonderful time to do what you love the best…

SO…at least we end up on a happy note, TG.  Just remember I didn’t write the playbook, I only report the plays :)…  Blessings, Jenae

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A reader asked me to write about the Full Moon.  So, dear friends and readers, here it is…

Wherever the Sun is, the Full Moon is in the opposite sign.  New Moon means Sun and Moon in the SAME sign.  Tomorrow’s FULL MOON is 7 degrees Aries, with the Sun at 7 Libra.  Transiting Pluto is tightly square these two at 6 degrees Capricorn just before the exact Full Moon.  This configuration is called a T-Square and pushes energy out the empty space, in this case Cancer.

Early Sunday morning is a time to stay home and lay low, in my opinion.  Fights, disagreements, and power struggles are a possibility because of the Pluto square.  Do what you can to be polite, calm, and defuse any tensions at home.  Consider some exercise or dancing to take the pressure off. The Full Moon increases pressure on the natural environment and we could see increased geological activity.

There are other Full Moons with more pleasant transits, but this one only has one positive transit and in afternoon there’s a nice sextile between the Moon and Jupiter.  Now that’s the time to go out and about — short trips (Gemini), visiting family, some shopping, maybe a fun local outdoor event.  Jupiter in Gemini is a positive for siblings, cousins, and the local neighborhood.

My observation is the Full Moon is in effect for about three days.  I have watched for years and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to predict whether  it’s going to hit the day before, the day of, or the day after.  But it WILL hit and people will notice it.  Especially people who deal with the public.  My experiences have taught me to be a little cautious during these periods.  I have found that some Cancers, who are ruled by the Moon, actually like Full Moons and feel energized by them.

If I notice anything important about tomorrow I will add a comment to this blog.  Stay safe…Blessings, Jenae

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Dear Readers and Friends, This  turned out to be a rather lengthy post; I guess some are longer and some are shorter.  Anyway, getting back to the current transit of Uranus in Aries, if you have LIBRA rising, then Uranus is transiting in your 7th house of marriage and partnerships.  You’ll remember from earlier posts that planets  transiting in the natural cardinal houses pack a bigger punch.  Those houses are the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th.  If you’re single,  I would  call Uranus in the 7th “get ready for Mr. Toad’s wild ride” because the only thing you can predict with any certainty is catalyst relationships and lots of changes.  I have seen people have a rather brief relationship but the experience and the effects last far longer.  I have seen people go from platonic to lovers  and back to friends again with a lot of speed and little warning.  If you add Aries into this mix, Uranus is even more volatile.  You could meet someone that knocks your socks off and there’s a terrific rapport.  Please try to stay grounded and take your time getting to know this person before making a commitment because the situation ( and your feelings, or theirs) could change.  If you are married, this will be a period of time that is ideal for trying out new activities together, joining some kind of group that offers a social component with a chance to make new friends, and in general the person with Uranus in the 7th needs to be ok with their partner wanting to  initiate these changes.  The 7th house often shows us facets of ourselves that we  don’t see — we see those qualities coming AT us through our partner.  So don’t write off your mate’s ideas as silly or impractical — they’re not feeling hemmed in by YOU, they’re feeling hemmed in by life and they need to do something about it, so offer some support.  They want to go skydiving?  Think about what that means — the freedom to fly.  They want to play pool, or go bowling, or softball ?— whatever — think about what that means — your partner needs a little more exercise and maybe a little fun to offset other areas of life.  Dancing is highly recommended with this transit in this sign and house.  There are so many forms of dance — folk dancing, square dancing, ballroom, salsa, line dancing, hip hop — lots of room for individuality and self-expression.  The point is to embrace change willingly…new ideas, new books, new hobbies, and allow some spontaneity into your life.

If you have a marriage that has gone sour or stale and neither of you has done anything about healing it, then this transit can jolt you out of the status quo.  If you are in this situation, consider some couples’ counseling before making any drastic decisions.

I have clients taking this transit.  The married ones have partners who are feeling blocked and frustrated in other areas of their lives.  Remember?  Pluto in Cap is square to Uranus for the next couple years…   The single clients are meeting new people who are catalysts but not necessarily a romantic partner.  And I have clients who are having to work closely with others (therapists)due to medical situations.

If you have VIRGO  rising, then transiting Uranus is moving through your 8th house.  This is the natural Scorpio house of shared money and power, and all the deeper emotional experiences — birth, death, healing, sexuality, bliss…Probably time to take some action to get your personal finances in better shape.  Partners may not intentionally let you down, but it could happen in spite of their good will.  Agreements and contracts can fall apart or have to be re-worked.  Unforeseen circumstances may cause our best laid plans to collapse.  Always good to have a plan A, B, and even C with this transit.  The thing is with the lightning flash element of surprise (Uranus) you don’t know if you’re going from riches to rags, or rags to riches.  This house rules inheritance, insurance, taxes, and all kinds of different financial contracts.  It’s a good time to make sure you understand what your  various insurance policies really cover and update and amend them if needed.   Update your  will, start a retirement account, start a 529 for your childrens’ education, draw up POA papers for medical and financial, sign an advance health care directive — that last one is called by different names in different states but basically it is a paper directing what YOU want done at the end of life — feeding tube/no feeding tube, life support, DNR orders, etc.  I’m not being morbid; au contraire — this gives YOU the power to determine what happens to you and everyone should have one.  Investments  could be very unstable; know your risk tolerance and follow your intuition.  I know a guy who makes 20% just by selling covered calls over and over again on a stock he has held for a long time.  If the shares get called away he just sells puts until he gets his order filled.  He does this with conservative stocks only. And remember, with this transit, keep your powder dry and avoid margin.  This is a dangerous environment for investments, which is precisely why there is also opportunity.   No one can manage your money as carefully as you can — take the time to know and understand your investments, retirements accounts and rules, etc.  If you dream of numbers, go ahead and play the Lotto — just remember with this house, you might be luckier to join with friends/partners/family  and pool the tickets as long as all involved agree on the rules in advance.  With the 8th house the best agreements benefit all concerned.

On a deeper level, the 8th house is about cooperating with the Universe.  When we align our individual will with the Universal Will, amazing things happen.  Miracles are still happening all over the world, and every day, too.  The capacity for sudden healing is very strong with Uranus in the 8th house.  I’m studying this 8th house stuff a lot these days and I think it’s about acceptance — if we know in our hearts that ultimately, the Universe is running with everyone’s well-being in mind, and that attitude is firmly anchored in the core of our being , not just on the intellectual level, then we get to participate in the most wondrous process of manifesting from spirit into the physical that which we most need.  Acceptance is easy to say and hard to do, at least for me.  On days when I AM in the flow, the perfection and synchronicity of life absolutely astounds and floors me.   We are, all of us, in the right place at the right time.  This is why I love astrology so much — I’ll be studying a chart and all of a sudden it all comes together and for an instant I see the absolute perfection of a life. I feel awe and also humbleness for the privilege of participating in that process.   When we are in the flow our happiness is not based on anything external, it comes from inside.  That bliss is part of the 8th house.

Philosophical and evolutionary discussions  fall  more under the rulership of the 9th house, the natural Sag house.  The direct experience that involves the whole of our being — that is 8th house.  If you have LEO rising, then Uranus is moving through your 9th house.  This is house of,  yes, philosophy and religion, but also law, higher ed, foreign contacts and long-distance travel.  Leo rising, you have a trine from Uranus here in Aries — what a great time to reach out beyond your borders!!!  Stretch your mind, stretch your body — learn a language, visit somewhere new and if the opportunity comes to you to travel overseas, please do, just avoid Mercury retrogradeJ…it’s not that the plane would crash, but you might be delayed or luggage lost and these inconveniences can be avoided with a bit of scheduling :)…

I know people who have used this transit to armchair travel, too.  The main expression of Uranus here would be to follow your intuition and/or any inclination to learn new things and by doing so you reach out and find new friends, kindred spirits, who share your enthusiasm.  Since Uranus rules technology, these new friends might be part of forums or user groups on line.  I have 3 clients with this transit; one is working overseas, one is a member of a healing group that is spread out geographically, and the 3rd one is planning her wedding — which will be in a different state from where she lives.   The 9th house rules ceremonies.

As far as religion, some people with this transit are going to be reviewing childhood experiences with church, etc. and some are going to break with the traditions of their past and seek a new path.  A lot of people with either Sag planets or a packed 9th house natally are very eclectic and create their own belief system and spirituality based on a little bit from all the major religions.  This transit is great for meditation and/or joining a prayer or healing  group.  With Uranus transiting the 9th, said group needs to be open to the Light and not restrictive in its structure. Non-denominational groups may appeal more.  You don’t need to be a member of a group to be spiritual; you have a gift for attracting the information you need, or that others need.  Just be open to receiving that information in unusual ways.  It’s not an accidental Universe — if a book falls off the shelf at your feet, there’s a reason.  I asked a question once (in my mind) and ½ hour later the answer was on the TV. ?!!!?  Try focusing on YOUR  question and see what comes in 🙂 …

If you have CANCER rising, then Uranus in Aries is moving through your 10th house of career.  I’ve seen so many clients take Uranus in their 10th — we’ll cover the sign in a minute — just Uranus here means you want something new.  Tired of the same old job, or old technology, or the people are boring,  maybe the boss is a pain.  People with Uranus in the 10th feel impatient and ready for growth.  Those of you who might have lost a job recently… on the spiritual level Uranus here means the Universe knows you were ready for growth and has something better in mind for you.  That being said, if you’re hanging on to a job that you’ve outgrown, just for the security, it might be helpful to see if you can shift the job you have just a bit — like new equipment, or  a new department within the same company.

Uranus in Aries is definitely symbolizing the need for a more courageous and innovative approach in your career.  Aries is a physical sign.  Some companies offer exercise programs at work, maybe you’re supposed to be the one who makes suggestions to improve safety, morale, physical fitness at work.  This could also be symbolizing that maybe you need a career with more physical activity in it.  It is likely that there will be unexpected developments on the job.  Breakthroughs in research, changes in personnel, new programs, new clients, etc.  Possibly some new rules that would seem to promote competition — be careful with this — just compete with yourself to be the best that you can be.  Normally, with Uranus here, morale and cooperation would be front and center but we can’t forget that Pluto square may be lurking in your 6th house of co-workers instead of your 7th.  I don’t want to state that someone is playing mind games because really you have to the whole natal chart in order to determine what is going on. Just make sure it’s not you since you don’t want the negative karma. If you feel negative about your boss, try projecting that he gets a fabulous offer from another company — like the old song says…”you got to accentuate the positive”…if you project negativity it will backfire on you.

The 10th is also our personal definition of success and our own sense of authority in our lives.  Transits like this can shake the old foundations of what you thought you wanted.  Maybe you have the money now, but wish you had more time.  Maybe you have fulfilled heavy responsibilities at work and now you realize your health and your personal life is just as important.  Maybe you get honors and awards but realize these don’t mean as much as someone to share them with you.  Cancer rising in many ways is traditional and seeks security; this transit is likely to change your definition  of yourself and your goals.

If you have GEMINI  rising, the Uranus is moving through your 11th house of friends.  This IS the natural house for Uranus so group projects, friends,  and co-ops are likely to play a major role in your life.  This is an easier transit for you than some of the other signs.  Transiting Uranus is sextile to your Ascendant; a sextile means opportunity with a little elbow-grease required.  I think this means don’t hesitate to be the welcoming one, to introduce yourself, to suggest ideas at meetings, to make new friends.  You are very likely to meet people where there is a sense of deja-vu and the fun of being intuitive with each other can make mundane life so much more interesting :)…

This is an ideal transit to join some kind of group — could be something physical — exercise, Tai Chi, yoga, etc. or it could be some kind of metaphysical group, or even both.  A long time ago I read a definition of friendship —“A true friend commiserates with our sorrows and rejoices with our victories.”  I think you will have experiences that are special with the friends you already have.  If you’re standing at the sink doing the dishes and someone you know comes to mind, it’s probably a sign that you should call them and check in.  If you have a group of friends rather than individual friends, it is likely that there will be a gathering to aid one of them.  For example, if someone has an accident or a medical crisis, everyone will gather to help that person adjust and heal.  If someone has a wedding, everyone will gather to help organize the festivities.  I think you will attend more parties this year, too.  The thing with the 11th house is there is usually a purpose beyond the moment — Habitat for Humanity, professional groups, babysitting  co-ops, food buying clubs, service groups, volunteer groups, labor unions — all these type of situations are ruled by the 11th house.  Ultimately, the 11th is the symbol for sublimating the ego for the  good of the whole group.  The key word  to  remember is cooperation.

I watched an Aquarian at a meeting  raise such a fuss that she was the antithesis of cooperation.  She must have had Mars on her Sun or something, because it was fairly obnoxious.  She was determined to press her point and was quite oblivious to the ideas of others at the meeting.  It is possible that you could encounter someone like that during the years Uranus is in Aries — the energy is innovative but sometimes volatile, and we all know how Aries loves a good debate.  IF someone appears in your life who is a pain to be around, it will probably help you appreciate your true friends even more.  This is a good period to show the  people you love how much they mean to you.  It’s also pretty important that you not let one individual hijack the energy of the  group.  This is how interventions were born.  It may be necessary to have an intervention.

Depending on your natal, if you have planets in this house anyway,  don’t be surprised if  you are elected or appointed to represent a group.

If you have TAURUS  rising, then Uranus is transiting in your 12th house of dreams, meditation, the unconscious mind, secret sorrows, and the flip side, too — alcohol/drug problems, mental health problems, self-sabotage, etc.  It is helpful  to understand this house by remembering that the 12th house is the natural house of Pisces, which is two fish swimming in opposite directions.  Symbolizing  the highest of the high and the lowest of the low, this house is more ephemeral than any other and thus the hardest to interpret.  Pay close attention to your dreams.  If you have a problem or a situation that needs a solution or additional information, you have a terrific opportunity to get the help you need through dreams, meditation, self-hypnosis — all methods that tap the unconscious mind.  Our minds are like icebergs — the conscious part is only the 10% that sticks up above the water.

Support groups of all kinds would be indicated by this transit.  You may be either giving or receiving compassionate love for the ill and afflicted.  There can be a beautiful sharing.  For you, Pluto in Cap is trine, which aids your ability to heal and reinvent yourself.

Music is healing. Time spent alone is healing.  Time spent with animals is helpful and so is being by water.  Treat your bath or shower as sacred time; affirm that you are washing away the cares of the day.

Friendship can also be a two-way street.  On the one hand you may have very special friendships where you are psychic together and both walking the same path spiritually, but you could find that there are one or two (probably two) people in your life that put pressure on you.   Upon thoroughly examining your motivation and theirs,  and being very alert in case there are hidden agendas, you may come to a decision about whether or not you even want this person in your life.  I urge you to trust your instincts — if you don’t feel safe and comforted by someone’s presence in your life, there’s probably a reason.  Do not leave yourself open to manipulation or emotional abuse.  Read the earlier definition of friendship in this post.  Yes, you have spiritual protection, but that doesn’t mean you can rescue lost puppies that really don’t want to be rescued at all.  Determine motivation with a clear eye  and conscience to avoid consequences.  That old phrase comes to mind…”Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.”  Clear karma, protect yourself and let go with love if you have to.

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Dear Friends and Readers, Today we’ll take a look at where Uranus is transiting in YOUR chart.  Let’s start with the overview…Aries is ruled by Mars.  The glyph for Aries is the seed pushing its way out of the ground in the spring.  It takes a lot of energy for that tiny little seed to push through the earth to reach the sunlight.  Aries people are high energy and their nature is volatile.  They are extremely competent in emergencies; Mars is physical energy as Pluto is will power — both signs have strong survivor instincts.  If you study this sign you will find a lot of Aries work as 911 dispatchers, EMT’s, emergency rooms and ambulances. More often than not, they have had military experience.   Aries rules the head.  Most people with Sun or Moon or Ascendant will have a scar on their head,  with good Venus aspects in the natal it might be hidden under the hairline.

Aries/Mars rules weapons of all kinds and sharp tools and medical instruments.  Diana the Huntress was the Greek/Roman version of an Aries woman.  Their metal is iron, which oxidizes to red and that is the color ruled by this sign.  Mars was the god of war.  If you know an insecure Aries, you might find they are prone to picking fights and arguing.  The more emotionally secure Aries just enjoy a good debate, they find it stimulating. But all of them need some adrenaline to thrive.  Better to be a volunteer firefighter than getting bored and seeking controversy with people who won’t understand that you really are just looking for a big project to immerse yourself in.

Uranus is still in the early degrees of Aries.  If you have Aries rising, then this transit will break you out of old, stale, and limiting routines.  One thing about Uranus, if something is taken away or removed out of your life, it is ultimately to make room for something better.  Uranus transiting the 1st house is almost like a mid-life crisis, no matter what age you are.  There’s a very strong urge to try new activities, break out of old patterns, and seek more freedom in your life.  Freedom  means different things to different people; healthy individuals will seek change constructively but others who are not well integrated could find self-destructive behavior has an appeal akin to breaking taboos.

Be very careful, Aries rising, that you don’t alienate others with abrupt and shocking behavior.  Yes, you need to explore new facets of yourself — new sports or exercise programs, changes in your appearance, different haircut and or clothes — you NEED to give yourself more leeway.  Just don’t forget the people who love you and who you love and count on for support — there’s a danger here of being so caught up, so self-absorbed in the thrill and the newness of Uranus that you could appear thoughtless and selfish to others.  I would also suggest that you not cover your body in tattoos during this transit ( I had a client who did exactly that, became almost obsessed) because when Uranus moves on into your 2nd you may come back to earth and wonder just WTH were you thinking?  Probably a good idea to wait on body piercing, too.  I knew another guy who dyed his hair green — harmless, and he needed a bit of rebellion at that time…

So… the 1st house is our physical body and how we present ourselves to the outside world — our personality.  It is normal to express yourself differently than before — new vocabulary, new gestures, new friends and activities that you share together.  Uranus is also an intuitive and very quick energy — don’t  be surprised if your  intuition ramps up to a new level.  You can exercise it like training your muscles and it will grow stronger.  I like playing the phone game — guessing who is calling before I look at the phone — great fun and good practice.  You could also find yourself more interested and involved with technology and some of the latest inventions.  Enjoy the ride !!!

If you have Pisces rising, then Uranus is transiting through your 2nd house of money and possessions under your personal control, hobbies, moonlighting, too.  Your values and what brings stability in your life  would be 2nd house — the natural Taurus house.  Stability?  With Uranus in your 2nd?  I don’t think so…be prepared for a lot of ups and downs with your personal finances.  Money will come in but may go right back out again.  Remember with this position you have a square in your 5th from transiting Pluto — could be extra kid expenses.  Probably a good time to talk to your kids about money and how to handle it — savings, bills, credit cards, etc.  Uranus? — maybe they need a computer upgrade, or possibly having issues with friends who want to borrow their stuff…

OK, back to you….this is a fabulous transit for trying new hobbies and activities that bring art, beauty, and/or more money into your life.  Woodworking, upholstery, refinishing, landscaping would be possibilities of art used in a practical way.  I have 3 clients with Venus-Mars conjunctions in Aries and all 3 are welders —gun safes,  ornamental iron, and assembling manufactured houses.  All are artistic.  Pottery also comes under Aries due to the kiln, like glassblowing — using fire as part of your art.

This transit is great for things like groupon  or buying clubs to stretch your dollars to buy the things you need.  I would be a little careful, though, about getting too entwined financially with your friends — not a good transit for lending and borrowing money — or possessions without clear guidelines agreed to in advance.  Using services like FreeCycle can bring new people into your life that could end up being very helpful in unexpected ways.  Same thing with taking any short term classes to develop new skills and innate talents — the people you meet will be catalysts for your growth.

Pay close attention to your dreams, too, as a source of guidance, in particular in 2013 with a very nice Grand Water Trine setting up in your chart.

If you have Aquarius rising, then your chart ruler Uranus is transiting through your 3rd house of siblings, the neighborhood, technical education and local travel.  Uranus is a symbol for flashes of insight and communication that are not dependent on the physical.  You can have a lot of fun with psychic communication with your siblings.  When you DO talk in person,  they will probably share unexpected news.  This transit could also be a symbol that a sibling or even a close cousin is breaking out of old patterns or a rut they’ve been stuck in for awhile.  Uranus at its worst is a refusal to cooperate for the common good — depending on the aspects in your natal you might find that one of them is being a real pain to deal with…. you may have to draw some boundaries.

Please be a defensive driver with Uranus in your 3rd…avoid road rage type situations and pay attention to the electrical systems in your car.  A more positive interpretation would be some kind of new public transit coming to your neighborhood, or forming carpools, or some kind of service that provides cars and/ or bikes for short-term use.  Uranus is about groups — the 3rd might be a more active involvement with a neighborhood group, condo board, homeowners’ association, or just a more friendly environment with neighbors helping each other.  I knew one group that had a potluck once a month in the summer — the whole block participated. Another group I know has a website to share news and once a year they all have a giant yard sale coordinated throughout the neighborhood.  You might find the character of your neighborhood is changing —innovative construction, new businesses, or new people moving in…

As far as technical education, the 3rd house is where you take a class to learn specific skills, or a short class, or a workshop.  Things like computers, how to hang wallpaper or lay tile, Reike, Yoga, how to build a doghouse, etc. etc. You are a natural to follow your intuition anyway, so trust those bursts of enthusiasm and investigate new areas of learning — you are VERY likely to find kindred spirits at these gatherings and a good friendship that can last a lifetime.  High school reunions could be very special, too. So…check out what your local neighborhood has to offer and if you travel it will be more likely short trips in your region, more like a 150 mile radius from home.  I’m getting a flash here of parents and/or teachers taking their kids to special museums designed just for children.  Fun and educational, too…

If you have Capricorn rising, your life is going to be quite a bit more complicated than most of the other signs for at least the next few years.  I would really recommend that you have your EXACT chart in hand and know YOUR specific transits — when to forge ahead and when to lay low.  To start, transiting Pluto is in Capricorn and Pluto is change, transformation and regeneration — MAJOR and once in a lifetime.  Then you need to consider that Uranus is in Aries in your 4th house of home and family and so there’s a powerful and long-lasting square.  Squares symbolize hard work and big accomplishments but also challenge and the need to make adjustments.  Then you need to look at where you’ve been and what you’ve just come through the last 3 years with Saturn (the chart ruler for Cap rising) in square from Libra and what have been the consequences and what decisions have you made.  And to top it off, Jupiter will enter Cancer on 6-27-2013 but at least by then you’ll have a trine from Saturn in Scorpio.  With so much energy in the cardinal signs, it’s going to affect them all STRONGLY, and YOU in particular.  It doesn’t have to be a negative — all transits have both positive and negative connotations — but it is a serious time for you.  The old responses, the old patterns…these are not going to work.  Uranus in Aries is about approaching life in a new way.

OK, that being said, this post is about Uranus and your 4th house is and will continue to undergo rapid changes.  When I had Uranus in my 4th, there was a lot of unexpected company and also a number of meetings at my house, too.  Some were community groups, some were metaphysical gatherings, most of them were very spontaneous and few were planned in advance.  Since the 4th house is home and family, you’ll need to keep a careful eye on the wellbeing of your loved ones.  Consider new technology to improve your home and make life easier for those you love.  There will be changes within your family.  If you have older parents, consider a safety check of their home and if you find hazards or areas that need to change for safer mobility, be proactive and get things fixed.  This could be something like grab bars in the bathroom, or the newer technology that lets you stay in closer touch more easily.  Younger parents might want to make an area where their children can have friends over — a kid den.  With Uranus, of course you’ll need enough electricity there to run computers and games. 🙂

On a deeper level, Cap people are going to need to review family patterns and programming and make some conscious changes in how they want their homes and family to function differently than when you were a kid.  You may have dreams and/or spontaneous flashes of your earlier years and experiences.  Trust yourself; these are coming to the surface for a reason.  You may feel the love of departed family members around you, too.  Trust this — the love is real.

If you have Sagittarius rising, then Uranus is trine from your 5th house is Aries.  You’re a natural to stay young at heart by  willingly adapting to new ideas and technology.  You may find yourself having more fun with people younger than you.  Most Sag people love music and many play instruments.  Music may figure even more strongly in your life through using technology.  Most computers have music programs that come pre-installed; for a Mac there’s “garage band”  but I don’t know the names for other music programs on computers.  Maybe you’re simply assembling play lists or downloading songs, but these  days the technology to record and produce can also be installed at home if you want to create a studio.  Just don’t break the bank (square from Pluto in your 2nd ).  It is possible that your kids are the ones who want to spend on technology. You’ll need to find the right balance financially, but at the same time these young people have something  to teach and share with you  — these relationships can be very mutually rewarding.  Buying musical instruments is another possibility, also upgrading other types of artistic tools — photoshop,  cricket for scrapbooking, etc.

It looks like you will either be using tech to be creative or joining with a group of people that are pursuing the same art.  I’ve heard of art co-ops that allow people to share potters’ wheels, kilns, etc.  And there’s stuff like dinner theater and community plays and musicals — these are usually connected to your local college but they often open up auditions to the whole community.

Sag is one of the spiritual/religious signs.  Maybe you join a church choir.  Reaching out to groups benefits you for the next few years.  You may find yourself having a lot of discussions about world events and where humanity is heading — the big picture.  I read that our DNA is restructuring into a new pattern, more than 2 strands.  So we’re evolving and developing new gifts and abilities.  The insights you gain this year are meant to be shared with others.  Sag rising has a special ability to deliver information that other people need.  You’re a library unto yourself :)…

If you have Scorpio rising, then Uranus is transiting through your 6th house of health, work, and service to others.  This is also the house that rules co-workers, as well as who you hire and who hires you.  I have a client with this position and currently she is somewhat frustrated with the slowness of her co-workers.  Remember, Uranus is a fast energy — she wants change faster than the people around her can handle.  So, while there’s  some frustration, she realizes she needs to create rapport at work to help other people be more open to new ideas and techniques, rather than resistant and threatened.   It is likely with this transit of Uranus that you will experience new technology coming into your office, your  field of expertise, and some of the best info may come to you through conferences and meetings.  Stay attuned to new developments in your field — trade journals, websites, contacts in the same type of job but at a distance (another office, another company?) from where you live.

The 6th house is health.  With Uranus here, if something comes up with your health, it’s likely to be sudden and also to resolve quickly.  There’s nothing like a health scare to show you just what is important in your life.  I had one of these when Uranus was in my 6th and I sure realized that so much of the picky little stuff I was getting caught up in, in everyday life, didn’t matter a hill of beans in the long run.  Taking the long-range view of your health is helpful right for the next few years.  Make good choices, some adjustments in life-style, a plan to improve your health through technology is likely.  Even a person in a wheelchair can exercise.  There is wonderful technology out there now to give us information about our health.  Don’t forget to get a check-up;  even if you’re feeling fine it’s good to have blood work done to keep an eye on yourself.  If you’re diabetic, look into some of the newer technology for testing your numbers and some of the new products that are available to enhance your diet.  That would stand with any pre-existing condition — Uranus is saying keep informed about the latest research and meds…

Aries rules the head.  With Uranus in Aries in the 6th, protecting the head from sudden injuries is important.  I’m just saying in general, please wear a helmet if you’re out riding a bike or motorcycle, hardhat around construction sites, even your home, etc. etc.  Just use common sense. You would have to check your other transits for any accident potential, but I’m thinking in general that Uranus in the 6th is more about THINKING in new ways, sudden flashes of innovation rather than head problems.

With the Scorpio rising and Pluto in good transit, a sextile, this is a really excellent few years to strengthen yourself and your body — martial arts training would be an astrologically appropriate way to express the energy of Uranus in Aries in the 6th — it’s individual and yet there’s a group interaction, too. It teaches us to become aware of the more subtle energies and use our intuition, too.

Well, folks, that’s a wrap for today…look for the rest shortly…Blessings, Jenae


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