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Good Evening, dear Readers and Friends, tonight let’s begin to fine-tune this very long Mars transit which lasts until 1/6/2020.  If you have Aries rising, then Mars is most likely transiting your 1st house. If you know your chart and you have late Aries rising, in the late 20 degrees, then you should also be reading Mars in the 12th in order to get a more accurate interpretation.

Mars forward, backward (retro), and forward again in your 1st house AND in it’s OWN SIGN gives you a real opportunity to reinvent yourself.  You may have to re-assess and fine-tune the impulses of this summer. For example, if you decided you are physically weak, then embarking on an exercise program makes sense. However, if you go whole hog, you may pull a muscle or injure yourself.  You may end up spending time at PT during the retrograde to heal yourself before you can proceed again. Your original decision was a positive but without some moderation and discipline you will not be successful.

Since Mars in Aries rules the head, pay particular attention to your eyes. Maybe a check-up is in order. The same with chronic headaches. Use the retrograde to do some research and you may find some answers that will help you.

Here’s another example on the intellectual/emotional level. Maybe you decide you have been too assertive. Maybe you have alienated people who you care about. Mars retro will offer you an opportunity to really examine your own behavior, motives, and style of speaking. The 1st house is our personality, how we present ourselves to the outside world.  Some people will love your blunt, to the point, style of communication.  Other people will take offense. Use this retrograde to teach yourself how to be more versatile. There’s an old phrase I love — “Good manners are the wheel that turns civilization.”  If you are in the habit of swearing, learn how to control it. Swearing is better as occasional punctuation than as habitual vocabulary.

Mars in the 1st is courageous. A great time to take First Aid and CPR. You could save a life.  Spiritually, you are meant to manifest heroic qualities.  Think about how you could be an example for others. Lead by actions rather than words. Fire signs make a big impression through their physical actions.  Especially when Mars is in its own sign and its own house.  This position has great presence of mind in emergency situations.  Be grateful for your gifts.

If you have Taurus Rising, then Mars is currently making a long transit through your 12th house. This is a little tricky, with all the squares to Capricorn. And your desire for more freedom is also accented by Uranus currently transiting in Taurus.  Freedom on the outside of your life starts by freeing yourself internally (12th) from old ghosts, unresolved issues with authority figures, overcoming insecurity, and having the courage to be very honest with yourself. This is a much more private Mars transit than in other houses. Other people may have no idea that you are wrestling with old issues, grief, anger, irritation, fear of being alone/abandonment, etc. In general, in natal astrology, when someone is born with Mars in their 12th it can be a sign of unconscious anger.  Of course you have to look at the whole chart. If Mars in the 12th is trine Neptune then it cold be a real gift with dreams.  So, that’s why these Mars squares to the transiting Capricorn planets can be so serious. Are you mad at a father or grandfather or a boss, or something connected with the government?  (Boy, that one was easy! Who isn’t mad at the Congress these days?)

You might want to seek some private counseling over the next 6 months.  EMDR can be very helpful for overcoming past traumas. What is important for healing is that you find the courage to look at past hurts in a new way, without emotional attachment, and to seek the treasure that came from these difficult experiences.  When I see a quality I don’t like in someone else, I say to myself, Gee, that’s pretty awful! And I try really hard to see that same quality in myself and take great care to express the opposite.  I knew someone who made very sarcastic and judgmental remarks about other people.  It bothered me but I knew better than to put the person down for it. If I can see it, then it is a part of myself. So I made a really conscious effort not to say mean things about people.  When someone is mean, they are at war with themselves.  They will never find peace until they want peace more than they want their ego to be right and everyone else to be wrong.

So, this Mars transit in your 12th is great for working in private, for teaching yourself new skills. And if someone in your past has hurt you, find the courage to forgive them because that frees and empowers YOU!!  When we die, our guides don’t say, Oh, you poor dear, you had such hard experiences!  They say, yeah, that was a toughie, so what did you learn from it?  Why postpone the inevitable? Do that work NOW and find the good qualities that you developed in yourself as a result. I know someone that was beaten every day as a child. She had the courage to forgive the abuse, the alcoholism, the whole thing, and she is the kindest, yet most honest person — I consider her an angel disguised as a human. One of many that I have the honor of knowing…

OK, the tomatoes are calling. I will continue with Mars in a couple days…stay safe!! Jenae

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Hello dear Friends and Readers, It’s been awhile since we had an exact Uranus- Pluto square and certainly last April was no picnic.  I was saying to my private clients the last couple weeks that even though Mercury is not retrograde in December, this year they should avoid travelling in December due to unsettled conditions.  We have seen this square before.  Hurricanes, tornados, geological activity, riots, protests, tragedies involving children last April, and in general unusual weather both hot and cold.  So…once again, I urge you to have some batteries and candles on hand, drinking water, enough propane in the BBQ to cook if necessary, and some extra food that is easily prepared.  This is just common sense.  I am not a “prepper”.  Outdoor heaters and camping stoves can kill if used indoors because they generate carbon monoxide.  Staying warm in the winter could end up being a big problem.  Some people are lucky to have a woodstove or a fireplace.

Actually there are some fairly pleasant transits at this time from the inner planets.  The Moon will be in Virgo this coming weekend and makes a trine to Pluto in Capricorn.  Sun in Sag is trined by Jupiter in Leo.  Bear in mind that this square is slow moving and lasts for awhile.  It’s just exact for a couple of days but allowing orb means allowing several weeks on either side.  There are BIG storms already forming.  What a winter !!  As if it wasn’t cold enough last year…

The other transit that makes me want to caution you all to stay safe and be cautious is that Saturn has reached the 29th degree of Scorpio.  I will write the Saturn in Sag blog starting next week.  Meanwhile, those of you who have studied the earlier posts will remember that the 29th degree of anything in astrology is considered a critical degree — a lot of pressure and no where to go but into 0 degrees of the next sign.  Kind of like labor and birth.  Or at least a final exam before graduation.  I feel some concern about nuclear stuff with Saturn since Pluto rules Scorpio.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see some new scandal emerge into daylight regarding the safety of the various nuclear programs run by various governments.  By the way, have you noticed how public figures are crumbling with the skeletons coming out of their closets?  That’s Pluto in Cap.

Hawaii and Alaska are both Capricorn and I read that they are having a lava flow problem in Hawaii.  That’s Pluto in Cap.  Uranus in Aries is more the sudden lightning bolt, the catalyst that triggers events, protests, accidents, etc.  One positive things you can do with Uranus in Aries is review First Aid, talk to your children about FIrst Aid, and practice a safety drill at home.  Even children as young as 5 have saved lives with the Heimlich maneuver and CPR.  A positive use in Pluto in Cap is to review your career and if you feel compelled to change your work, then take appropriate steps to reach your goal. If you are in a public position or a high profile life, then keep it clean — SQUEAKY CLEAN.   Saturn in Sag will put a huge emphasis on education and the “big picture”.  More on this next week…  Stay safe and have the most thankful holiday you can….Jenae

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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, I’ve been busy outdoors and so far the spinach and lettuce and peas are up.  Very satisfying, putting one’s hands in the earth.  It’s a good conduit to release stress and/or nervous energy.  Great therapy and it’s FREE :))

Mercury has entered Aries and it’s a rapid transit, a little over 2 weeks.  I’ve noted before that Aries people treat the right to disagree as their sacred duty.  They thrive on adrenalin and what some would see as a fight, to them it’s just a stimulating discussion.  I would suggest that for this transit, that you avoid making snap decisions and refuse to get drawn into disagreements by validating the other person’s view but saying you need more time to think about it, whatever the issue is…

Aries people have very good responses in emergencies.  They can be heroes and save lives.  Mercury in Aries is excellent for education along these lines.  Parents can hold emergency fire drills, go over 911 info — even little kids can use more info like asking them to  memorize their address, phone number, etc.  Older kids and adults can really use this energy to review First Aid and CPR.  Consider buying a book (Mercury) about dealing with home emergencies or a used copy of a First Aid manual.  These things don’t have to be expensive, the point is to use this transit to educate yourself and be prepared to be more self-sufficient.  Here at home, I keep an eye on the basic supplies — rubbing alcohol, peroxide, band-aids and bandages, sterile gauze, etc.  If you see these items getting low, then re-stock.  In the old days when I was on the farm, I used to keep supplies for the animals, too.  I just read an article about a woman delivering a baby on an airplane.  The flight attendant used vodka to sterilize some scissors and shoestrings to tie off the umbilical cord.  Mercury in Aries energy can be very innovative.  Aries people have courage and they’re not afraid to try something new.  We all have Aries somewhere in our charts and that is the area to face a challenge and learn to thrive from it…

Those of you who are builders and/or contractors should find this a great period to get plans approved and possibly use some new and innovative materials or techniques for your projects.  There’s a couple of glitchy transits that will affect all of us and people should be careful.  Builders need to be very careful around sharp tools, and all people need to travel politely — avoid being a rude driver and ticking someone off.  There’s a lot of crazies out there and you don’t need to incite road rage.  Be patient with your neighbors, too.

The potentially difficult transits are as follows:  (With Mercury transits, I usually allow a day on either side of the exact date.)  Mercury inconjunct Saturn on 4-19-13; Mercury conjunct Uranus on 4-20, and Mercury square Pluto on 4-21.  Now these 3 transits do not have to indicate a big problem, but they ARE symbolic of situations that need to be handled well.  For example, with builders, this is NOT the time to meet with the planning department or ask officials for favors.  Depending on your personal chart, you could find yourself getting sucked into a power struggle to have the last word, and this situation could arise suddenly.  Remember that Uranus is the planet of the unexpected.  You may have brilliant ideas but other people will not be supportive at this time.  Write down those great ideas and present them to others at a better time.  I would expect to see some stuff about labor unions in the news, conflicts with the powers that be regarding contracts, working conditions, etc.

I personally have picked the 24th to travel, since I don’t want to be on the road during the Full Moon on the 25th.  Mercury is sextile Jupiter on the 24th and on the 29th Moon in Sag trines Mercury in Aries — good for the return trip home. These two  transits are both good for travel, education, and for communication, both in person and at a distance.  The Full Moon often carries over into the next day and on Friday the 26th, Mercury is semi-square Neptune and also Mercury is inconjunct the Moon in Scorpio.  That combo is kind of subtle with passive-aggressive exchanges and some attempts at guilt-trips, and inconjuncts often come out in the workplace, so do your best to side-step fussy people and if you ask someone what is wrong, be prepared to hear the whole blow-by-blow description of how difficult their life is at the current moment.  Sincerity could inspire you to suggest some choices for the person in need.  Just remember to turn the conversation to solutions rather than a laundry list of problems.  If you’re married or in a partnership (Full Moon in Libra), this is NOT the time to air grievances.  The 29th is a much easier day and you might get the chance to get outdoors and take a walk while you’re talking things over — Moon in Sag — go to the park or a trail.  Doing something physical together will really help achieve the rapport you seek.

Venus enters Taurus tomorrow and I’ll post that one next…Blessings,  Jenae

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