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Back again, dear Friends and Readers…the days just roar by, literally, it’s been so windy I wondered if the power would go out, but so far so good….and now Venus is entering Aries for a 3 week transit.  Of course, this is very beneficial for people with strong Aries in their charts.  Venus is Aries is also helpful to the other fire signs, Leo and Sag.  Geminis and Aquarians get the sextile which is a positive.  Libra gets the opposition, and combined with Pluto in Cap, the Aries transits create a T-Square transit with means a lot of energy is impelled and expressed through the empty sign — in this case Cancer.  So people with strong Libra placements could find the next week or so fairly challenging, less so as the Sun progresses further in Aries. People with strong placements in Cancer and Capricorn are taking the square from transiting Aries planets — challenging, and again, more so in the early part of this forecast.  Cardinal signs could be working very hard and getting a LOT accomplished — squares can be positive, too !! Scorpio and Virgo get the inconjunct — a symbol of those sticky situations that are hard to sort out.  Don’t get sucked into thinking you have to solve every problem that might really belong to someone else. Let your conscience be your guide.  Pisces and Taurus take the 30 degree semi-sextile, very mild and subtle.  The interpretation could change A LOT if you know your chart and have natal planets in Aries; then there would be a lot more overt activity going on.

Anyway, Venus is the “attract it to you” energy.  Mars is the “go out and get it, go after it” energy.  Mars is the ruler of Aries, so Venus in this sign is not always comfortable.  Venus in Aries women are usually not traditional.  Every single  woman I ever knew with Aries strong in her chart was good with cars, with tools, with  remodeling homes, and they understand guys better than a lot of other signs.  They’re kind of brassy, ballsy — more aggressive than most women, good muscles and they thrive on sports and physical challenges.  You won’t often find them with artificial nails and a  frilly wardrobe.  They’re usually pretty good at flirting and letting a  guy know they’re interested in getting to know him better.

So, looking at this Venus in Aries transit, you have an opportunity to get more exercise as a path to health and beauty.  You have an opportunity to try new activities, meet new people, to take the initiative,  to grow.  The glyph for Aries is called the Ram’s Horns by some but to me it is the power of the seed pushing its way up out of the ground to the sunlight.  With so much voltage in the air ( so many planets in Aries), you won’t have any  lack of initiative but you might need to moderate yourself a bit.  If you are too impulsive and lack sensitivity to others, you won’t gather the support you want and need.  What you think is  just a spirited and stimulating conversation could be perceived as a fight.  So do remember that Venus by its very nature is receptive — allow yourself to be receptive to others even while you’re out there conquering the world :))…

This transit is fabulous for art involving fire, heat, and/or metals.  Pottery, ornamental iron, glass-blowing — just a few examples.  I know a guy who has a Venus-Mars conjunction in Aries and he’s a great welder.  He also loves hunting and fishing.  Since he has that artistic conjunction, he was hungry to do more than weld farm equipment.  He started making gun safes and THEN he started carving gun stocks — beautiful scrimshaw designs where it has to be perfect. And he was truly an artist in his work with guns.  Note that Aries people are often very adept with sharp tools — surgeons, carvers, butchers, and artists, too….

OK, let’s looks at some of the Venus in Aries transits coming up shortly…I’m posting the exact day of the transits, but you should also allow a day on either side of the exact time, to allow for orb.  The Full Moon is March 27th and the Libra Moon will oppose Venus as well as the Sun.  Handle the female relationships in your life carefully.  Things could fly off the handle too easily now.  Think of teenage daughters around 13- 17 years’ old.  Well, all of us have a teenager still inside us somewhere J).   People around you may not be totally  rational.

The very next day. March 28th exact, and the 29th,  Venus conjoins the Sun AND Uranus at 7 and 8 degrees Aries.  This is pretty interesting, don’t you think?  The planet of love combining with the planet of the unexpected, the intuitive and speedy Uranus,  also joining with the Sun.  Love is certainly in the air :))  With Uranus, sometimes it’s a brief relationship, a catalyst that helps us grow, though what we learn may stay with us for years, sometimes the person is not meant to walk off into the sunset WITH us…  This triple conjunction — powerful, YES !!! Stable, NO !!!  Fabulous for the arts and inspiration — creativity comes in many forms…

SO enjoy the dance, protect yourself a bit, and see what happens with your love after this transit passes…  The same thing with beauty — please forgo anything too radical in the tattoo department because you could easily change your mind once this transit passes.  Clothes are fine — they’re not permanent like tattoos or cosmetic surgery.

Spiritually, this year it’s Good Friday heading into Easter.  What a beautiful conjunction to  gather with kindred spirits and celebrate the miracle.  VERY uplifting !!!  Seek beauty for therein lies Eternal Truth…you go to church to go to church, but these transits could mean love finds YOU at church :))

Continuing with this theme of love, art, and beauty — getting outdoors is highly recommended when Venus is in Aries.  The beauty of nature may inspire you in new ways.  On April 7th there is an exact conjunction of Venus and Mars.  See the Mars in Aries post for more details.  The New Moon in Aries is April 10th — that means both Sun and Moon in Aries and Venus will also conjoin the Moon.  Usually, in a woman’s chart, Venus on the Moon means lunch with the ladies, or some kind of party.  You could give a party with these transits, or attend a party to celebrate an event — wedding, anniversary, baby shower, new home, etc.  I could be wrong — maybe it’s just a party to have a party — there doesn’t have to be a reason to gather and have some fun…

In a man’s chart Venus on the Moon would be emphasizing his relationship with females — Moms, daughters, sisters, wife, etc.  The beauty theme might express as building something or some kind of home project.  Landscaping, yard work,  or getting the patio ready for the season would fit, too.  I had a client a long time ago and he had 8 daughters — yes, he had Jupiter on his Moon J)  Can’t remember what sign, probably Leo :))  An abundance of children…  I knew another male client who had 4 sisters and he had Jupiter on his Moon in Cancer…an abundance of family…

On April 14th, Venus will be at the 29th degree of Aries and semi-square Jupiter in Gemini.  Use some caution and moderation with driving, sports, physical activities in general.  AND CONVERSATIONS — take the long-range view and don’t get sucked into the heat of the moment.  There’s a pressure and an intensity when a planet reaches 29 degrees because there’s nowhere to go but into 0 degrees of the next sign.  Kind of like taking a final exam before moving on to the next grade or class.  Be sensible…

Well, that’s it for now…stayed tuned…Blessings, Jenae

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Hello dear Friends and Readers… Spring is here, the killdeers are back and I’m a little behind the curve with this post due to gardening season gearing up.  The Spring Equinox is March 20th — that’s the day the Sun enters Aries.  Do take note that Mars squares the Moon in Cancer early in the morning on the 20th.  Depending on your domestic situation, the energy builds to a conjunction between Mars and Uranus, EXACT on March 22nd but you need to allow some orb for this powerful transit, so from now through the 25th should work.  OK, I hear you guys — “What does this MEAN, Jenae?”  Let’s take things step by step…

Mars rules Aries and in its own sign, there’s an abundance of vitality, intiative, leadership.  Taken too far, Mars here would exhibit risky behavior, bossiness, someone who’s looking for a fight just to get their adrenaline going.  You need to look at the aspects from Mars in your NATAL chart.  Some people don’t handle Mars energy too well.  If you have a lot of challenging Mars aspects within your NATAL, then slow down, count to 10, and really think about what you’re doing and how best to accomplish your goals.  Why win the battle yet lose the war?  People with easier Mars aspects in their NATAL, like trines and sextiles, maybe a conjunction with Venus — these people will find they have lots of energy and a desire for more physical activity, plus leadership opportunities arise because they know how to motivate people rather than alienate them.

SO…look at your NATAL — where is transiting Mars in your chart?  If you have Aries rising, by all means use the energy to start a new fitness program, a new hobby, go after your personal goals to renew and recharge yourself.  If it’s in your 7th (Libra rising) for example, a partner may push you out of some misguided sense of enthusiasm; you may have to stand your ground and remind them to show more sensitivity to what other people want to do.  If Mars is currently transiting in your 4th or 5th,  you may be knocking down walls, cleaning house, building a patio or doing some kind of outdoor work on your home.  Kids  could be a bit  rambunctious, but they just need to run around and get outside after being cooped up in the winter.  If transiting Mars is in your 10th, then career matters require both initiative and careful relationships with bosses.  The  transiting conjunction of Mars and Uranus can symbolize sudden changes, even crises.

It’s important to remember that Uranus takes 7 years to go through a sign or a house.  Mars takes 2 years to transit around the wheel of the chart.  The first week of April 2011, the 4th week of March 2013, the 2nd week of March 2015, the 4th week of February 2017, and the middle of February 2019 (critical degree) — all these are transiting Mars conjunct Uranus.  Uranus is the planet of the unexpected.  Put these  2 together and explosive situations can arise with no warning.  The Challenger blew up in front of a generation of school children when these 2 planets conjoined ( though in another sign).  So let’s start by avoiding aviation, ruled by Uranus.  Book your flights for other, safer times.

One of my fellow bloggers felt that there could be a giant solar storm and this kind of event would affect electricity ( ruled by both Mercury and Uranus).  We ARE in a period of heightened solar activity, so keep an eye on the news about the SUN.  On a more mundane level, families could use Mars-Uranus to have safety drills with their children — fire drills, earthquake drills, etc.  Floods are less likely — these 2 planets are in Aries, which is a fire sign.  The accent would be more on explosions, fire, earthquakes, electrical malfunctions, civic emergencies…

Looking at the positive, this is such a great transit for emergency service providers — this is what they train for, are prepared for, heroes — all of them.  Firemen, ambulance crew, dispatch, etc. — be prepared to save lives — it’s going to be a very active cycle. No matter what your career — are YOU prepared?  On the news this am, 2 little boys helped a mother save her baby’s life because they knew CPR.  Each and every one of us should have First Aid and CPR knowledge.  Let’s go back to the example of Mars-Uranus in your 10th…what if your boss has a heart attack?  Would you know what to do?

The beauty of Mars in Aries is such a strong presence in emergencies and a good survivor instinct.  People with this position in their natal make great soldiers, doctors, nurses, firemen, etc.

I knew a woman who had 17 sheets of plywood fall on her at home ( broken ribs, etc.) when Mars was in her 4th.  One year when  transiting Mars conjoined my natal Uranus in Cancer, every male relative on my father’s side of the family was either ill or injured  within a week.  Believe me, I was kind of spooked and 2 years later when the same transit came around again, I held my breath — AND NOTHING HAPPENED :)…  That’s the thing with these 2 planets, you just never know…

OK, going back to the beginning, the reason we should pay attention to our domestic situation on the Equinox with the Moon in Cancer, is whatever is going on could escalate to a crisis during the following week.  If you’re taking care of an elder, keep a close eye on their safety.  Walkers, grab bars, eliminate hazards at home, etc. I’ll be reminding my Cancer daughter about my Aries granddaughter  tonight on the phone — safety at home and moderation in diet — this conjunction is 2 degrees from opposing her Moon.

Mars  squares Pluto on the Full Moon on the 27th — cardinal sign people are going to feel this the most.  Pretty much continues the theme of being careful,  deliberate, safety conscious as we go about our daily lives.  Relationships at home would continue to be a little tricky, lots of room for drama, but also for changes that bring solutions to long-term problems.

On the world level, more spontaneous and massive protests by people demanding more freedom from corrupt leaders.  A continuation of the long-term square between Uranus and Pluto….

I spoke with another astrologer about the cardinal transit, Uranus square Pluto, lasting for a few more years yet,  and she shared an interesting viewpoint.  Especially with Pluto in Capricorn, it’s time to let go of what we don’t need anymore.  It will weigh us down and we need to make room for the new stuff (Uranus).  Cleaning house can be done on the mental/emotional level as well as the physical dwelling…

Here’s a special one — the 2nd week of April Mars will conjoin Venus exact on the 6th and 7th and the New Moon on the 10th conjoins both Venus and Mars.  Love is in the air !!!  Allowing for orb, April 5th through the 13th should be lovely.  Remember, Readers, look at your chart and see where the late degrees of Aries fall — what house is activated.  This will give you clues as to what kind of love and what kind of creativity.

As far as Art, Aries is a fire sign so people working with pottery, metals, welding, ornamental iron, jewelry, wood-burning as a form of design, cloisonné, glass-blowing — all ARTS that involve the use of fire and heat are favored.  This is a great transit to take a workshop, lessons, try something new.  People already working in the arts should find inspiration and MAJOR creativity.  A great transit to submit work for jury and/or to enter contests or art shows.

As far as love,  already established relationships could find a new chapter is beginning.  Couples should try new activities together.  Outdoor time is as important as indoor activities, too.  The nature of Aries favors NEW relationships beginning at this time, so if you’re single, don’t be shy — it’s OK to take the initiative and say hello to someone new.  New meetings at outdoor gatherings would be favored, or at sports events, or simply at the park or the beach or the town plaza.  Don’t forget HOME AND GARDEN SHOWS either — a great place to see new ideas and products and maybe new people, too. The energy is changing from Aries to Taurus and this would also favor plant nurseries.  Anything that accents the beauty of the outdoors is highly favored at this time.  Personally, I don’t believe it works to go looking for a partner as  well as just living your life and doing what is fun and interesting to YOU.  The ideal is to meet someone who shares the same hobbies and interests as you.  The places I’ve mentioned are only the beginning of an astrological definition.  Sports events — maybe you go to play miniature golf, or sign up for tennis lessons, or join the local baseball league…so MANY possibilities here, please don’t let anything I write limit you.  It’s simply a wonderful time to do what you love the best…

SO…at least we end up on a happy note, TG.  Just remember I didn’t write the playbook, I only report the plays :)…  Blessings, Jenae

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A reader asked me to write about the Full Moon.  So, dear friends and readers, here it is…

Wherever the Sun is, the Full Moon is in the opposite sign.  New Moon means Sun and Moon in the SAME sign.  Tomorrow’s FULL MOON is 7 degrees Aries, with the Sun at 7 Libra.  Transiting Pluto is tightly square these two at 6 degrees Capricorn just before the exact Full Moon.  This configuration is called a T-Square and pushes energy out the empty space, in this case Cancer.

Early Sunday morning is a time to stay home and lay low, in my opinion.  Fights, disagreements, and power struggles are a possibility because of the Pluto square.  Do what you can to be polite, calm, and defuse any tensions at home.  Consider some exercise or dancing to take the pressure off. The Full Moon increases pressure on the natural environment and we could see increased geological activity.

There are other Full Moons with more pleasant transits, but this one only has one positive transit and in afternoon there’s a nice sextile between the Moon and Jupiter.  Now that’s the time to go out and about — short trips (Gemini), visiting family, some shopping, maybe a fun local outdoor event.  Jupiter in Gemini is a positive for siblings, cousins, and the local neighborhood.

My observation is the Full Moon is in effect for about three days.  I have watched for years and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to predict whether  it’s going to hit the day before, the day of, or the day after.  But it WILL hit and people will notice it.  Especially people who deal with the public.  My experiences have taught me to be a little cautious during these periods.  I have found that some Cancers, who are ruled by the Moon, actually like Full Moons and feel energized by them.

If I notice anything important about tomorrow I will add a comment to this blog.  Stay safe…Blessings, Jenae

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