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Re-joining the world :}}

Good evening, dear Friends and Readers...it's been a while since I posted anything. I needed to upgrade my computer. I'm not too literate with technology but I still love writing...

The Year of the Rabbit begins on January 22, 2023. I find this so interesting because January is mostly mixed up with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn from December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023. Doublecheck all paperwork, schedules, and communication. Mars is also retrograde in Gemini until January 12th, when it goes stationary and slowly gathers momentum from 8 degrees Gemini on...this transit (since 10/30/22, has made local and regional travel subject to lots of problems ---potential RR and truck strikes, weather delays and emergencies, road rage drivers, etc. I would think Mercury retro would delay improvement till a few days after the 18th. Uranus in Taurus goes forward at 14 degrees Taurus on January 22, 2023 ---the SAME day as the Chinese New Year begins:))

SOOO, if you want to start important projects, make a big purchase, clear up communication glitches, and just generally feel like you're ready to move fwd with your life, then use the time from the 22nd of January and into early February 2023 to make some real progress. I plan to order my garden seeds then:))

The Water Rabbit is known to manifest gentleness, adapability, peace and hope. Aquarius is fellowship and teamwork and building community. There will be 3 trines from Mercury to Uranus this winter, Mars will trine Aquarius and Saturn from Gemini, Jupiter in Aries makes nice sextiles to Aquarius and Gemini --- things are looking up ---FINALLY :))

I'm no expert on Chinese astrology, but I did some research. Most nations celebrate the New Year for 8 days, but some countries as long as 15 days. This corresponds beautifully with the astrology transits. It's important to clean house before the New Year, a perfect activity for Mercury retro. The lucky colors will be sky blue, apple green, the red, and bright yellow and pearly white. Red is a symbol for prosperity and celebration, so put something red in the prosperity corner of your home. Easy to look that up online.

Meanwhile, Jupiter re-enters Aries on 12/20/22, just in time for the winter Solstice. Be safe, stay warm, and enjoy your holidays. Wishing you good health and peace... Jenae

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November 5, 2021

Hello dear Readers and Friends, I’ve been so busy warning people about the upcoming transits, I figured I’d just write it all down to save time…there’s some very strange retrograde transits coming and I want you to be prepared. We’ll go over the usual Venus retrograde stuff as it applies to individuals, and Mercury, too, but first I think we should try to figure out what’s coming on more of a national or world level….

It’s important to remember that we are all still being affected by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that was exact January 12, 2020. (That post is in my Archives.) It’s pretty obvious to me that we humans haven’t learned our lessons yet, so the pressure will continue until people refuse to tolerate or participate in greed and corruption. The news is so full of events where money is put ahead of food safety, building safety, transportation safety, proper medical care, mental health care…etc. etc. Money is not good or bad, it’s just a symbol for time and energy and a medium of exchange. It’s ok to want more money, too. The negative karma only comes into play when ethics and morals are sacrificed to get that money.

Beginning 12/19/2021, Venus will go retrograde in Capricorn at 26 degrees Cap. Note that there is a tight conjunction with Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn. Remember Pluto? He’s the one who kidnapped Persephone and took her down to Hades. Pluto represents the underworld, and lessons about will power and how to use power wisely. And Capricorn? Cap rules the 10th house in the natural wheel of the zodiac — power, authority, public life, career. It’s so simple! The politicians were never intended by the Founding Fathers to be career politicians, but that is what has happened. Are they doing what’s best for the country, or are they positioning themselves for the next elections in order to stay in power and keep the perks and the money coming into their pockets? Just take a look at what industries and which companies donate to them…big oil, big pharma, etc.

The weather patterns have changed and the planet needs to make changes as a whole or face more dire consequences if nothing is done. From what I’m reading, everyone knows we need to do things differently, but the economic consequences to various industries have them howling in protest. It IS going to be hard to change many aspects of our daily lives, but really, do we really have a choice? I don’t think so, if this year’s weather patterns and events are an indication…

Venus retrogrades back to 11 degrees Capricorn on 1/29/2022. Mercury retrograde from 1/14/2022 at 10 degrees Aquarius back into Capricorn, going direct at 24 degrees Capricorn on 2/3/2022. Transiting Mercury will conjoin transiting Pluto by February 12th and the Moon is in Cancer then. US, Canada, Scotland and all island countries are ruled by Cancer. Probably some geophysical events around that date… and Mars, the action indicator, enters Cap on 1/24/2022. SOOO… what happens is they all line up the first week of March 2022 at the place where Venus first went retrograde in December. Venus, Mars and Pluto all conjunct that week…and then Venus and Mars BOTH enter Aquarius on March 6, 2022.

12/202021…Back again, I’m so tired of writing negative stuff, but people pay me good money to tell them the truth as I see it, and even though this blog is free, I apply the same principles… sure enough, right around Thanksgiving, the newest virus variant emerged, and then we had geophysical events, more trouble, more difficult weather, more people getting hurt, more abuse of money, more hacking attacks, etc. etc. Hawaii is Capricorn; that’s a good example. I don’t know what Indonesia is… Venus was just slowing down and next to Pluto. Now, the last 10 days of December transiting Saturn is square transiting Uranus — more trouble with hackers and flaws in computer systems and the stock market is showing some signs of panic. I think it’s pretty clear that people will be struggling to have a normal life in January, but we’ll work through it and around the 3rd week of February there will be signs of progress and the beginning of new projects and some hope…

Let’s talk about what Venus retrograde can help or hinder…Venus retro is really good for going over the past and refurbishing your wardrobe — sewing on buttons, fixing a torn hem, etc. It’s good for fixing up old furniture, too, and for finding items at home that have been lost. It’s a wonderful time to look up old friends, not favorable for meeting new ones. It’s ok to buy small items, socks, vitamins, computer paper and ink, but not favorable for any major purchases. Best to be careful when trying to order anything online. Here’s an example, Venus was already slowing down and when I placed an order on the phone, the company’s phone died right in the middle of the order!! Fortunately, the lady called me back on her cell phone and we were able to finish…

Venus retro can manifest as issues in love relationships, as new or different or even upsetting facets of your partner’s personality come out. If there’s trust, good communication skills, and a foundation of friendship, you’ll work through it. If not, then the weak points will be glaringly obvious…I would say try not to make irrevocable decisions until both Venus and Mercury are well into forward motion…around Valentine’s Day.

No cosmetic surgery, no tatoos, no radical changing of your wardrobe until March. March and April are looking pretty good for a lot of people. You know what they say about Mercury retro, plan your moves, and then move your plans after it’s in forward motion. This time, everything is so radical, that’s why I’m advising to wait until there is true momentum.

There’s some new research out that says that meditation is really good for relieving stress and also strengthening our immune system. Even 5 minutes of deep breathing a few times a day can help. You can sit in a comfortable chair but do keep your spine straight. As you breathe in, see the light coming into your body at the crown chakra. As you breathe out, see the old energy releasing through your feet into Mother Earth. Put your hand gently on your heart and choose a word to repeat in your mind as you breathe. This is a very simple technique, but it works. It could be the word love, or peace, or health — whatever you want. Say this word in your mind, over and over. If you find yourself wandering, like did you forget to put the laundry in the washer, gently bring your mind back to your mantra, your focus.

Even though these are tough times, there are still miracles happening every day. I talk to people all over the US and I keep hearing the good stories, the ones that aren’t in the news. If you are sincere and live according to your conscience, you can have miracles in your own life, too. Tomorrow is the winter solstice, the light will begin coming back to us. Focus your mind and heart on the changes you most want and need in your life. My wish is actually for you…I want everybody to have their own blessings and miracles…so let tomorrow be a new beginning for us all…thanks for reading, Jenae

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Good Morning, dear Friends and Readers, It’s been awhile since I posted anything, mainly because I’ve been so busy with the gardens, but also with so much negativity out there, why emphasize it more? We are all in the midst of difficult transits and the pressure is increasing. I will write about December later…

I will say, though, that what I am observing is that miracles are still happening on a daily basis, along with all the suffering and devastation. It is very confusing; it’s like there are 2 worlds going on simultaneously. We are still in the midst of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that began in 2020, not the transits — Saturn has moved on to Aquarius — but the influence of that conjunction was the catalyst and still continues and will continue…

Last night I dreamed I was the principal of an elementary school — PS and some numbers, like PS 131. It made me think it was New York City, but it could have been any eastern city, or even one in Europe. It was morning and in-person school had only resumed a short while ago. I was in my office when the maintenance man called me and said the boiler (furnace) that heated the school was leaking oil. I told him to shut everything down and then I told the ladies in the office that the whole school needed to evacuate. I sent an email to all parents that school was closed and to pick up their kids. I called the fire department. The office ladies had started the bells to evacuate the school and the teachers and all the children exited the school. We all gathered in a far corner of the school grounds.

It was cold. It was inconvenient. The children were scared when they heard the fire trucks coming. The parents were mad at me, that I was a pain in the —. Until the school caught on fire, BIG fire and quite suddenly I was not a pain, I was a hero because no one was hurt. I woke up…

I thought about people that carry responsibility for the safety and well-being of others. Responsibility demands absolute integrity. We have to be strong enough to do what we feel is right, regardless of what others may think or say…

Have a blessed day, Namaste, Jenae

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