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Hello dear Readers and Friends, I made a decision last year to quit writing about the world and focus instead on the magical journey of individuals. The same miracles are unfolding for people just like always, even as the world continues in crisis…

When I saw the transits for March 2023, I felt like I owed it to my readers to share my thoughts about the timing of events. No doubt you have already read other astrologers’ opinions about how difficult March will be. And it’s true that there is more and more pressure in our lives. Some astrologers predict more disasters, more disease, more war, more economic problems, etc. The weather is certainly difficult…those of you who travel or who work in transportation will need to be careful and observant in March.

Gemini rules cars, trains, buses and big trucks. Mars has been transiting Gemini since last August 2022. Mars was pretty close to the square with transiting Neptune late October. Now Mars is finishing this transit in Gemini and will square transiting Neptune for most of the month. Neptune rules the seas, so ferries and boats may be at risk. I would sure like to be wrong !!! Look at Florida, for example, a Pisces state. Hurricane damage to thousands of boats, bridges broken, flooding everywhere and an environmental disaster in the making…

I live in the Pacific NW and here it’s mostly been trucks jackknifed or tipped over and closing main highways for hours. A lot of snow and ice. But there have been some train incidents, too. Look at Ohio in the news right now, people afraid to live in their homes because the derailed train was carrying toxic chemicals. Stricter safety rules need to be put back in place.

I think March will manifest more transportation problems. As an individual, starting with March 7th, you might want to plan any necessary trips as carefully as possible and if a trip is not necessary, consider delaying until March 26th. Mars enters Cancer March 25th.

I see the pressure shifting onto the mutable signs as Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on 3/7/2023. Saturn brings up areas of our lives where we are weak or need to learn important lessons. Saturn transits are usually harder for younger people. Since Saturn rules old age, often the older people will achieve the satisfaction of big accomplishments. A lot depends on each individual’s chart. Already, I seem to have more mutable sign clients — Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

Pluto enters Aquarius, just at 0 degrees from 3/23/23 to 6/11/23. Workers want clean air if they have to go back to the office. Filters will become more important, and aerosol and nasal sprays will be invented to prevent illness. Of course, that might not happen in the first few months of a 20 year transit, but that will be the trend. Workers want to be treated decently and respectfully. Labor unions will grow stronger.

I think Neptune is the hardest planet to understand. The ruler of Pisces, 2 fish swimming in opposite directions…the highest of the high and the lowest of the low. Which side do you want to be on? What we’re doing to the ocean is blasphemous. The pressure is growing to clean up the planet. Neptune is not just the sea, it’s all of nature in general — the wetlands, the forests, the farmlands, the animals, etc. It’s already been proven that people are healthier when they have green spaces, even in the cities. Smart countries are starting to learn from their indigenous people how to preserve nature.

So, I think with Neptune and the transiting square from Mars, we will see and hear a lot of dishonest statements in March, hypocrisy, leaders blaming someone else, talking out of both sides of their mouth, etc. I think it is very important spiritually, that we be honest with ourselves and follow our conscience. Starting with small things, the choices we make, give your best to each day and that’s how we’ll get through this difficult time. And if you are meant to have a larger role in helping fix problems, that information will be presented to you, spiritually. Stay alert to signs, symbols, your dreams, and coincidences that are really messages.

Meanwhile, the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sag, and Pisces, will be feeling the pressure, all year but particularly in March. Everyone has these signs somewhere in their chart and some people have more PLANETS in mutable signs in their BIRTH charts. There’s help out there if you need it.

The best decision are made by sitting quietly and listening to your heart. Best wishes and good luck, Jenae

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Hello dear Friends and Readers, it’s been 149 years since Neptune transited through its own sign of Pisces.  Neptune is the hardest planet to interpret since its nature is so ephemeral.  I imagine we’ll all come to understand Neptune a lot better as it moves through Pisces into the 2020’s.  To understand Neptune let’s start with Pisces and the definitions of the 12th house.  All of us have Pisces somewhere in out natal charts, and that would be a clue as to what area you need to seek unity and clarity of intentions…

The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions.  So we get the highest of the high and the lowest of the low.  The most positive definition is channeling inspiration from heaven down to earth through the arts and  through compassionate love for the ill and afflicted.  Neptune was discovered in 1846; photography came into use and from there movies were invented.  Dancing is also ruled by Pisces since the sign rules the feet.  If someone is working in the healing professions — both mental health and physical health, or hospice, or helping at a Food Bank, or  getting emergency food and water to refugees — all these would be examples of the Neptune energy.  We are all connected by what I like to call the invisible grapevine.  All of us have a bit of Mother Theresa in us somewhere….

The most negative definitions of Pisces are mental health problems, alcohol and drug problems, crimes and jail time, deception of others but also the ways which we deceive ourselves. On the physical level, Pisces rules all places of both refuge and confinement.  Some examples would be hospitals, churches, health and beauty spas, jails, orphanages, group homes, monasteries, etc.  You get the picture…

On the mental/emotional level, the Pisces/Neptune energy  could symbolize aspiration, manipulation, compassion, self-deception, self-sabotage,  surrender, inspiration,  grief, and spiritual peace.  It’s a real mixed bag and that is why the 12th house, the natural Pisces/Neptune house, symbolizes the unconscious mind from which all creativity springs.  It’s your connection to the Heavenly realms, the path to contact your own guides and teachers and loving entities who wish you well — whether they are in body or in spirit.  Intention is paramount when dealing with the 12th house energy.  Hidden agendas create difficult karma later.

I have noticed that water signs seem to have such a good sense of timing.  They tend to naturally go with the flow.  We can all try this 12th house technique when we are faced with problems that seem to defy solution…give it up to God, the Universe, whatever,  and truly  surrender the worry and anxiety — don’t give it up and then take it back again.  When we do this and get ourselves out of the way and release attachment to any particular outcome — that’s when the miracles happen….

Neptune transits can symbolize grief and  loneliness.  The flip side is a unity that stems from the wisdom of the heart — beyond both intellect and/or gut emotion.  Meditation and prayer change our brain waves, open us up to higher, yet more subtle perceptions.  People who have had near death experiences have written about the overwhelming sense of love that they feel on the other side as part of the whole instead of the sense of separation that we can feel on earth.

I wanted to explore in this post what Neptune transiting Pisces might mean for the world and how it might impact our evolution.  In order to do that, we’re also going to take a brief look back at Neptune in Aquarius to see if we can find some clues.  As far as individuals, there is enough information in all my posts so far to help you figure out which house in your chart has Pisces and what house Neptune is transiting in your chart.  It’s your mystery to figure out, unless you get your chart done, but I can share some tidbits I’ve picked up along the way after watching people and Neptune transits over the years.  Starting with myself, my Dad passed when Neptune was on my Sun.  Neptune moves so slowly that I figured it would take me awhile to process grief.  In addition,  I ended up buying a place that put me in the exact same position — compassionate love for the ill and afflicted — and I took care of people for 6 years as Neptune slowly moved through my 6th house and conjoined my Jupiter and Venus.  Another astrologer called me and said “OMG, Jenae, have you looked at your chart?  Do you see how perfect a Neptune expression you are living?”  I chuckled and said, “Yeah, I figured the only business that could possibly succeed under these transits would be creating a haven of peace and tranquility for seniors.”  And that is what I did, and it allowed  me to understand more deeply what had been  going on with my Dad.

When two people make a soul agreement to meet up on earth in a loving partnership, there are ALWAYS Neptune interaspects between the two charts.  When people are in a  relationship where it’s easy to give and receive forgiveness, expect to find beneficial Neptune aspects in both charts.  Especially with two good friends, there are interaspects  in the comparison like one’ s Neptune sextile the other’s Sun,  or Moon,  Venus, Mars, etc.  I’ve also seen Neptune in harsh or challenging aspect in comparisons and often the person feels like they owe the other, and on a soul level they probably do, so in this life they’re busy resolving some old karma from the past…

OK, let’s look back at Neptune in Aquarius for the big trends in evolution for humanity and our planet… I have been pondering this for a long while before writing this post.  I think one VERY BIG TREND was the technology that brought us the faster computers and internet, emails, You Tube, phones that can do almost anything J) AND the rise and power of the social media.  Think about it, folks, even though there are commercials on TV about not believing everything we see and read on the Internet, the new power of groups and individuals CAN get the truth out and it can go around the world about as fast as our blood circulates in our bodies.  People can now publish their own books, they can set up recording studios, they can teach and above all — they CONNECT.  The new technology has truly made our world smaller, and we can reach out to others across the planet.  Aquarians love mankind, brotherly love.  With Pisces, that love extends beyond people to embrace the planet as a whole and that includes the animal world, the sea, all environmental issues.

SO…looking ahead, I think this Neptune in Pisces transit may be the breakthrough coming with the ANIMALS  — understanding how they communicate with each other and how we could better communicate with them.  The scientists are already on the edge of huge breakthroughs in this area and I’m pretty certain we’ll see a lot more in the next years.  The SEA — our oceans are awash in plastics from garbage and it’s getting to the point where they are now finding plastic pieces in the stomachs of fish, and maybe other sea creatures.  I hope and pray that this is the decade where we love and respect the sea and start cleaning up our act.  There are things you can do as individuals.  If I lived on the coast I would participate in the annual clean up your local beach day.  Especially if you are lonely — what a wonderful way to meet kindred spirits!

WATER in general — The need for clean water is  really going to be a paramount issue in this decade.  The climate is upset, the planet is upset, and this manifestation of extreme weather is likely to continue.  Some places will have too much water, and others not enough.  Neptune rules chemicals and pharmaceuticals and already medical facilities are recycling pills and not flushing them down the drain since they discovered recently that they are ending up in the water supply.  The state of Wyoming saved $546,000 in ONE year just by recycling unused medications.  They are also the LEAST populated state, though one of the smartest.  Just think what all the other states could do by adopting this policy !! Even Montana, another smart state that actively preserves their water quality, has drop boxes in small towns   where people can bring unused medications for proper  disposal.  A step in the right direction…   I think we will see school programs in the next decade give more rewards through contests to generate ideas about how to use water more efficiently.  The young people are  truly the hope of this world !!!

MENTAL HEALTH issues are strongly to the forefront over this holiday season, particularly in the USA.  The veneer of civilization is very thin, folks, and it is becoming ever more clear that people with mental health issues are not getting the help they need and then we ALL pay the terrible price for their illnesses and the tragedies they bring.  Currently, there are privacy laws preventing a mental health data base.  I believe these will be amended in the interest of public safety.  I predict that there will be much more RESEARCH funded in the MENTAL HEALTH area since it becoming more apparent by the day that the current policies and programs are barely working.  I read some very disturbing information over the holidays that indicated that the rampant use of psychotherapy medicines in young people not only contribute to the high suicide rate, but they interfere with the development of morals and conscience, similar to fetal alcohol syndrome, and these young people can end up as sociopaths, with the potential for the worst kinds of crimes.  And who pays the price?  We ALL do…I believe this will be changing in the next decade.  There are things you can do as individuals.  If you know a pregnant woman, give her  some emotional support, and optimum conditions for the baby.  No drugs, no alcohol, cut way back on the junk food since they contain so many chemicals.  Especially if you know a young single woman who is pregnant,  “adopt” her, show her how special she is and how important good nutrition is for her and the baby.  I was a single parent and I always adopted a Grandma in every town we lived in.  It’s a good match, the very old and the very young…

Neptune dissolves boundaries.  The more mystical people can experience spiritual joy while here on earth during this transit.  A dear friend put it so well…she said, “Don’t forget to breathe love, in and out, each day in all that we do.”  There are things we can do as individuals.  One is not to make a different between things as this focuses on separation.  For example, why should there be a difference between doing the dishes and going to the park?  Or between bathing a child and getting a report finished at work?  If ALL of our  daily activities are done with the same aspiration and inner attitude, then differences are dissolved and this brings more unity into our lives.  Daily meditation helps. Pranayama helps.  Our task and our joy with this transit is to merge with Heaven while here on EARTH…Namaste, Jenae

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Dear Friends and Readers, Do you feel foggy this weekend?  The transits are quite interesting, almost a Grand Cross in the mutable signs.  The Sun has just entered Virgo and is opposite Neptune.  Moon is transiting through Sag, so a square to the Virgo-Pisces Friday the 24th.  And Jupiter currently in Gemini completes the pattern, by sign but not by degree since Jupiter is currently at 13 degrees Gemini.  Still, the whole thing is enough to make me feel distracted and not able to concentrate as usual.  Too many ideas running through my head at once. Mutable signs are adaptable, this weekend maybe too much so.  If you feel a sense of ennui and can’t quite put your finger on it, that would be Neptune.  People that have Sun opposite Neptune in their natal chart have suffered a deep disappointment when young that has colored the rest of their lives.  Enjoy your weekend, but be gentle with yourself.  This is not the time to take on big projects.  Find joy in the small things and leave time to immerse yourself in nature, or music, or movies.  Neptune rules photography and movies.  Neptune also rules dreams and meditation and is the most subtle, ethereal planet.  It will be interesting to see what happens to people regarding dreams and healing as Mars has just entered Scorpio and trines Neptune and sextiles the Sun.  A great weekend for breakthroughs with mental and/or physical health; you could have important dreams, intuition and insight.  Feel free to share…Best wishes, Jenae

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