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Hello, Friends and Readers…back again with Jupiter transiting in Aquarius through the houses. Read yesterday’s post for the overview. I will try to get a few houses done each day and then start on Saturn in Aquarius…

The 2nd house is the natural Taurus house. It represents possessions, talents, and resources under your personal control. It is the house that rules auctions and buying bulk in wholesale transactions. Yes, it symbolizes money but it is more than money. It can be tools, musical instruments, art supplies…and all kinds of materials that people use in their hobbies — wood, stone, plants, leather — these are some of the Taurus things. While Taurus things may play a role, it’s the Aquarius 2nd that we’re going to focus on.

If you have CAPRICORN rising, then Jupiter in your 2nd house will usually expand your income and your resources. While it could be a raise at work, it may not be that obvious. Networking with people, maybe friends, can alert you to a side job which grows in importance in your life. The 2nd house is not just money; it can be tools and all kinds of material things that can help you expand your income. Looking at the Aquarius energy, I would have to emphasize computers and smart phones as important resources. It could be something like a 3D printer. It could be a computer that cuts metal into designs, or prints custom wallpaper. The point is if there’s something you love to do on the side, consider investing in the tools to build a side business of your own. Drones would be Aquarius, since this sign rules aviation. Maybe you like to build things.

The one caviat is don’t go overboard. Remember Jupiter is only negative through excess. If you buy every dremel attachment available, you may regret it later. There are some tricky transits this January and February, including Mercury retro 1/30 to 2/20/21. So do your research and be a bit cautious. Building up cash reserves for training, seminars, workshops, etc. might be the way to proceed later, so pace yourself !!

I will share one example of excess. In 2009, with Jupiter on my Sun in January, I went a little crazy. I loved sewing and felt sure I was going to be doing a lot of it. So I stocked up on fabric. Then lace, trim, thread, elastic, and patterns. I found all of these in bulk lots at a reasonable price. I went to the fabric store one day because I needed 4 buttons, a certain kind. I was outraged at the price, it was like $7 or 8 dollars for 4 buttons. That’s when I went to the extreme. I started buying bulk lots of buttons on Ebay. I bought more buttons than I could ever use in 3 lifetimes, and you can’t take it with you — HA HA :))

Sooo… here’s what happened…I still do custom sewing and I use the fabric to make gifts, too. Did it become a side business? No, still more of a hobby. The buttons are still here — I’ve used some of them. BIG mistake on my part to buy so many. Sometimes I give them as gifts to other people who like to sew. I should probably sell some of them but I’m still learning how to use the smart phone that would make it possible.

If you have SAGITTARIUS rising, then Jupiter in Aquarius will be transiting through your 3rd house — the natural Gemini house. So let’s look at the general meanings of the 3rd house first. The 3rd house is siblings, nieces and nephews and cousins. The 3rd is local or regional travel, and also the neighborhood where you live. Jupiter rules the natural 9th which is learning that expands the mind. The 3rd is technical training that concentrates the mind, and it is also kindergarten through high school.

One possibility is taking college classes of a technical nature. Workshops or seminars can lead to new friendships. Your neighborhood may expand. This could be new construction, but also something like a neighborhood association, or even a casual but very friendly group of neighbors who work well together —potlucks, yard sales, trading daycare, etc. That would have to be later after the virus is tamed.

People with this transit usually get happy news about or through a sibling. More joy in the family. It’s the best transit to buy a new or used car, but since Saturn is also in Aquarius for the next couple years, you better be sure you want to keep the car for a long time. Consider buying an extended warranty or service contract. It’s a very bad sign if one of the computers in the car fails and has to be replaced. A client who is very knowledgeable about cars told me that once one computer fails there can be a cascading effect and others break, too. Not a happy scenario.

If you live in a condo, you may find yourself more involved with the condo association. Or maybe some nice neighbors move in and there’s a more positive and considerate energy around you.

One thing about the 3rd house…if you are going to spend time and money on school, licensing, or some kind of certification, then make sure you want to follow through and put it to good use. If you are employed in a career with a continuing ed mandate, then choose carefully how to fulfill that requirement. Make it count !!

Jupiter in the 3rd could bring you luck with local contests. Sign up for raffles, to win a car, or to win a vacation. There can be more travel in your life, short trips, but fun. Just think how wonderful it will be when the virus is tamed and your friends can come visit you for a weekend and vice versa !! Since Saturn is also in Aquarius, there could be jobs that involve travel or delivery services, but the Jupiter influence brings luck and more happiness. Just remember to allow extra time in traffic and when Mercury is retrograde.

Well, folks, I’ll post this and try to get back to you manana. Best wishes, Jenae

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1/1/2021…Good Morning dear Readers and Friends, it’s time to post again. Lots of new energy astrologically (TG!) and much to write about. We’ve had the Solstice and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius. Did you notice the world events? The volcano in Hawaii, the mutated virus announced, the circus in DC, and the ongoing divisiveness. Aquarius is supposed to be about brotherly love. We obviously need more of that if we want a kinder and gentler year…in Chinese astrology we will enter the Year of the Ox soon and this means we can build something substantial in our lives. The intertwining of Uranus in Taurus and Mars after 1/6/21 will form squares to both Jupiter and Saturn. So try to remember, the ox is slow and steady. If we rush ahead too quickly in the winter it won’t work later on. Finances and the banking system may continue to have problems. I think this means on a personal level that we all need to be cautious and conservative with money management this year. There are still huge problems with employment student loans, mortgages, rentals — as of this writing, none of these has been straightened out yet. So much fixed energy this winter. We’re going to need flexibility and adaptability to get through it, along with an attitude that “slow and steady wins the race”…I’m not exactly sure why I say that, I’m just writing intuitively this morning. When I read the news, all the virus articles say this winter is going to be worse. It’s hard to be patient — all cooped up, so much restriction, wanting to hang out with our friends and loved ones, needing a job when whole industries have been decimated. Remember that cows love the spring, when the green grass grows and the sun comes back to warm the earth. THAT’S when you can put your new plans into motion. Not now…

Aquarius is friendly by nature, can be quirky, even eccentric. They value their friends based on mental stimulation and compatibility. Social status means little to them. The best of Aquarius is cooperation for the common good, for groups, whether that is family, friends, or organizations that help people. The flip side is Aquarians can be rebellious and refuse to cooperate with anyone. I knew an Aquarian man who ate nothing but carrots for 6 weeks and turned orange. Yes, really. Aquarians value their freedom. Any kind of gadget that saves time, money, labor and energy appeals to them. People who think when the virus is tamed that we’re going back to the old ways of doing things — they are wrong. The technology that has been used to keep things running will remain in place and advance even further. Remember…Jupiter expands whatever it touches…

So that brings us to the Jupiter transits in Aquarius…I write for you by houses, not necessarily Sun Sign. You can run your chart — there’s lots of free sites these days. You need to know your birth time, date, and place. Most birth certificates have the time recorded. If not, try the family Bible, the newspaper archives, family members’ recollections. The houses in a chart are set by the time of birth and the Ascendant progresses at approximately 1 degree every 4 minutes. Once I did twin boys charts. Those 4 minutes apart birth times were enough to shift a couple planets into different houses. One was accident prone and one was not. The father verified that for me after I told him what I saw. Anyway, knowing your correct time of birth gives you the Ascendant and puts all the transits into the right houses. That being said…

If you have Aquarius rising, then Jupiter will be transiting over your Ascendant and into your 1st house in 2021. Whatever new things you begin will grow in importance over the next twelve years ( a complete Jupiter cycle). I remember one of mine…Jupiter went into my 1st and I had to learn public speaking. I was very nervous at first. As the years went by, this turned into teaching. I’m not nervous anymore because I love what I do so much that I forget about myself and focus on my students.

Jupiter in the 1st can increase your confidence. Sometimes it can manifest as an expanding waistline. Women can get pregnant more easily when Jupiter is in their first house. With pregnancy, there needs to be positive aspects from the transiting Jupiter to their natal planets. With weight gain, Saturn is now in Aquarius and losing weight is easier when Saturn is in our first. Depending on the degree of your Ascendant, Saturn transits to 13 degrees Aquarius this year. Right now the two planets are conjunct, but Jupiter will move ahead more rapidly.

Jupiter is the teaching planet, bringing new information that is helpful. For young people or people that need a new career, this transit can be very helpful. Anything to do with technology, space and air travel, robots, science in general, the chemistry of recycling, even special effects on computers for movies — all these will be growing in importance over the next 12 years. The amount of on line classes is expanding and there are deals to be had, financially. In general, for all ages, anything you begin when Jupiter is in your 1st will grow in importance over the next 12 years. It could be a new hobby, a new group affiliation, new friends, studying and learning the fine points of anything that interests you. Astrology is ruled by Aquarius :))

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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, Months ago I said I thought people might be able to gather and celebrate the holidays as a community. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I think I was wrong because I didn’t examine the potential negative possibility of the coming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius on 12-21-2020.

While it’s true that there is a glimmer of hope because scientists are working very hard to produce vaccines,  I think the discordant nature of Saturn and Jupiter is preventing the kind of cooperation and teamwork that is necessary for communities to stop the spread of the virus. Jupiter expands. Saturn contracts. So we have 2 very different energies in conjunction. I’m Aquarius and I believe in teamwork. The US chart has Moon in Aquarius. Think about it… we are an inventive people, but also freedom loving and also rebellious.  Jupiter is suggesting that cooperation for the good of the whole is important to overcome this invisible enemy, the virus. Saturn is suggesting that people are rebelling about some of the restrictions. Mask rage? Underground parties? One group in rural Virginia declared themselves an autonomous zone, meaning the restaurants, bars, and churches would stay open and no one needed to wear a mask. The virus is a lie, a conspiracy, blah blah blah, etc.  Rebelling against both science and the current governor. Some groups of people don’t want to cooperate at all. 

I have been thinking about this for 3 weeks. I now think that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is just another symbol of the divisiveness that has plagued our country for the last few years. Yes, it needs to change. Yes, this conjunction is a sign of the beginning of the needed changes, but NO, we are not there yet… Since Saturn is the old ruler of Aquarius (before Uranus was discovered) it could mean that the negative side of Aquarius is more dominant at this time. We’ll just have to watch and see what happens… meanwhile Saturn enters Aquarius on the 16th and Jupiter on the 19th of December. I will be writing about these upcoming transits pretty soon. I think the possibilities are much more positive for individuals. Please remember, though, that all this started on January 12, 2020 with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. There is still the continuation of corruption and greed coming to the surface, like an infected wound that needs to be cleaned.

We, as individuals, have the ability to choose our responses to events. Positive Aquarian energy, is kind, humble, and works for the good of the group, whether it’s your family, your neighborhood, your community, your country, or the whole planet. Stay alert to your own intuitive flashes. You could meet people that give you information that can change your life for the better. There is a lot of suffering and trauma going on. If you can help, do so. Donate to your local food bank. Etc. Remind yourself daily that there are lots of good people out there, just like you, working for a better world. They don’t make the news, but they are out there. Write down your wish list as we come to the close of this difficult year. This is the first act of manifestation… putting pen to paper is bringing your will onto the physical plane, a positive first step for bringing your goals and dreams into reality .

I wish you the best Holidays you can have, virtual though they may be… Jenae

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