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Good Morning dear Readers and Friends, let’s continue with transiting Saturn through the Houses…

If you have GEMINI RISING, then Saturn is transiting in your 9th house of long distance matters, foreign contacts, licensing and certification, and religion and philosophy and higher ed that expand the mind. It’s Aquarius but it’s also the natural Sag house. Gemini rising means you have Sag on the cusp of your 7th house of marriage and partnerships.

Gemini rising people are versatile. They can manage 2 or 3 projects at a time and they need mental stimulation. Often they love to run around town, hitting all the hot spots. Gemini rules cars. The problem is a lot of the popular places where people congregate are still shut down. Both Jupiter and Saturn in your 9th are offering you friends and groups long distance, a chance to learn and grow through forums, online classes, meeting new people online, etc. Saturn in Aquarius makes a trine to the Gemini rising (Knowing your exact rising degree will help you know when this trine occurs because you may have it 3 times over the next couple years.) and the trine is considered lucky. You may have a chance to publish something you have written. You could meet someone online at a distance and the friendship deepens over time and turns to love. Lucky You !!

The only problem with Gemini energy is that they can get too busy and time management goes out the window. Yes, you’re a great multi-tasker, but more than 3 jobs or more than 3 projects and you’re going to get scattered. Saturn in trine can help you keep the big picture in mind and also help you map out a sensible time-frame to accomplish your goals. It’s also important to be on time with other people for the next couple years. Respect other peoples’ time.

Mars is transiting in Gemini right now till late April, so this is a positive time and you probably have lots of “get up and go power”… Mercury will be in Gemini early May to July 11, 2021 — Mercury goes retrograde 5/29 to 6/22. If you don’t know what that means, I will share it again. Mercury retrograde is a time where the illusion from the earth is that Mercury is going backwards in its orbit. It will be necessary to doublecheck all dates, times, appointments, phone numbers, meetings, paperwork, allow extra time to get to your destination, and keep an eye on ALL electrical appliances. Travel can be a hassle or be delayed. Doesn’t hurt to buy a new surge protector before 5/29/21 and if your car needs servicing, try to get it done before the retrograde.

I think this will be a good year for you but you need to be aware that MARS will RETROGRADE for a very long period, like 6 months, in GEMINI, next year 2022. Fine for proof-reading or re-tooling your career, but you may need to deal with some old issues before you can truly move forward. Gemini rules siblings, cousins, neighbors…

So…this year looks good but be aware that Neptune in Pisces can square your Ascendant if it is in the 3rd decanate (20 to 29 degrees Gemini). You’re going to have to dig a little deeper. Don’t assume that everyone is telling the truth. Be a little skeptical during the Mercury retrogrades because rumors abound and the whole story doesn’t get clarified until Mercury goes direct and forward again. People with a lot of mutable planets in their chart should always avoid gossip, rumor and innuendos.

If you have TAURUS RISING, then Saturn in Aquarius is transiting through your 10th house of career. Saturn rules this house in the natural wheel — the 10th is Capricorn. Sometimes the quickest way to learn how to be a good boss is to have a bad boss. The Aquarius energy is in square to Taurus, PLUS Uranus in Taurus is shaking things up !! Taurus prefers to have a smooth life and the last couple years have been anything BUT predictable and serene. Whether you like it or not, the Universe is asking you to become more flexible and adaptable. The square from Saturn seems to suggest there are some problems to learn from at work, or from authority figures in your life. Could even be a parent, depending on your age…

Squares are symbols for long-term problems that don’t resolve quickly, and squares also mean challenge, frustration and the need to make adjustments. Sometimes squares can symbolize very large projects that require hard work but bring very positive results. Nothing is quick with Saturn, but everything is fast with Uranus (the lightning bolt). These 2 are in square this year, exact 3 times. We had one 2/17/21, the next is 6/14 (Mercury retro, too), and the last square is 12/24/2021. These transiting squares may affect you personally, but they are big and affect the world. Guard your passwords and your bank account. AND your privacy. The first square seemed to be about hackers. The June square may show vulnerabilities with the electric grids. Texas was a warning. The weird weather is going to continue…

Since the Ascendant is the beginning of the 1st house, how we express ourselves to the outside world, Saturn may be saying you need to adjust your personality at work. I suppose Saturn here could mean the lack of a job or career. Usually, it means heavier responsibilities at work. For example, if you are promoted in house, then it changes the nature of your relationships with your former co-workers. This can be tricky to navigate. Read up on it.

It also could be adjusting to a new boss with a difficult personality. I knew a girl who had Saturn in her 10th and she liked her boss ok, but there were 75 emails in her box every morning and her boss expected an answer to every one of them. Kind of hard to get your real work done in that kind of environment.

Besides career, the 10th is our personal definition of success. It might be helpful for you to make a list of the goals or accomplishments that make you feel successful. Everyone’s definition is different…

People with Taurus rising have an eye for beauty. Gardening and landscaping are happy ways to work off nervous tension. There are other ways to find your inner peace, even if the outside world is challenging you. Shopping can get out of control with Taurus…they mistake physical possessions for financial security. Uranus is saying only invest in tools or gadgets that are practical this year, things that can help you with career. Add to your savings account on a regular basis. Try not to borrow money and do not loan it this year either. It’s OK if there’s an office pool and everyone chips in for a lottery ticket. It’s such a strange year that you could win. Who knows? Just don’t go overboard. I know some people who do that and it’s never more than $8 to $20/ per month. Good luck :))

That’s it for today…we’re almost done…2 more signs to go…Stay tuned…Jenae

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