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Good Morning, dear Friends and Readers…well, we’re up to Saturn now — the big heavy. Some people call Saturn the Task Master. It’s true that Saturn will direct your attention to what is weak in your life, what needs strengthening. Saturn can also represent long term situations, problems, that don’t solve easily or quickly. The positive side of Saturn is that it symbolizes achievements — bringing big goals into physical manifestation.

Sigh…I have Saturn on my Sun right now, first time in 29 1/2 years. I’m already working hard, so I don’t know how quickly I can get this series of posts completed. Saturn symbolizes focus, concentration, perserverence and self-discipline. I would rather write well than write quickly. It will take as long as it takes…

When I look at the world for signs of Saturn in Aquarius, it sure seems like some people are having a hard time cooperating for the common good. If Aquarius is teamwork and brotherly love, we need more of this and SOON. There’s still too many people out there who are NOT behaving properly. Then you read something on the news that illustrates how good, wonderful, and kind people can be and your heart swells with hope…

In modern times, Uranus is considered the ruler of Aquarius — all ideas, inventions, innovations and inspiration/intuition — aviation, the space program, computers and all technology that saves time, money, and energy. In historical times, Saturn was considered the ruler, before Uranus was discovered in approximately 1783. To me, Saturn means bringing all these new inventions and technology into the mainstream, using these tools for practical purposes. One side effect of the virus is that we’re growing so rapidly into digital/virtual applications — doctor appointments, classes, business meetings and conferences, it’s amazing how quickly things are moving and changing.

On a more personal level, Saturn in Aquarius is going to be about your friends, your group affiliations, and the core values you have in these areas. There may be some difficult moments in these areas as transiting Uranus in Taurus will make 3 squares to transiting Saturn this year. I would say in general that this is not a good year to lend money, tools, or personal possessions that you value. I’ll cover that in more detail as we go through the houses.

This month features Mercury retrograde in Aquarius until 2/20. Also Sun, Venus as well as Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. So many unexpected things are happening. Lots of people are calling me saying they are not sleeping well. I, too, feel unsettled. My current belief is anything can happen at any time. Yes, the Sun will probably come up tomorrow morning and I will be grateful, but beyond that everything is up in the air. Lately, I have been beaming my thoughts out on the ether to the world at large — get the teachers vaccinated !! At least offer them the vaccine !! Of any group in our society, I believe the children have lost the most and they need our help NOW !! The future of our society, our planet, belongs to the children. Anything you can do to help a child, encourage a child, protect a child… should be at the top of the list. Consider using the Aquarian energy to become a Big Brother or Big Sister — this is a national group that seeks to help children who need positive role models and encouragement.

Well, you guys, I’m swamped, so that’s it for now. Back soon with Saturn through the houses. Stay tuned and stay safe :)) Jenae

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