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Hello dear Friends and Readers, It’s been a very hectic summer and now the garden is winding down…canned grape juice this am…

I think it is very important that those of you with children be extremely vigilant this Halloween.  These Uranus-Pluto squares are powerful, and they are extreme.  You can see the effects on a world level and even though I give you the exact dates, allowing for orb they have been in effect for a couple of years and will continue into next year.  Extreme events in the Mid-East and elsewhere, extreme weather everywhere, corrupt governments desperately trying to maintain their power, and people all over the world are yearning for more freedom and a chance at a decent life.  I believe that the pressure exerted by these squares can tip less stable people over the edge so we as individuals need to stay focused, aware of our environment and protective of ourselves and our loved ones.  In the USA, there seems to be less and less help available for the mentally ill.  If you fight with an angry bee he will sting you, but if you project love instead of fear, then the bee calms down and you can move quietly away from danger.  (If you are allergic to bees, it’s just common sense to have an eppi pen with you at all times.)

With Jupiter in Cancer, the harvest has turned out better than most people expected, but there is growing poverty and malnutrition.  USA is a Cancer country and these transiting squares are not easy for us.  Definitely very challenging.  Those of you in a position to — please consider donating food or cash to your local food bank.  Again, the goal is to help people so they don’t get desperate and go off the deep end.

Individuals have been and will be very much affected by these squares, Cardinal signs more than others.  Water signs may have it a bit easier.  Look at YOUR chart and note what houses Uranus and Aries are transiting.  That will show you where the challenge is and where you may be able to adjust things to let off some of the pressure.  IMO, it’s a time to be cautious and conservative and to be prepared for weather emergencies.

IF you are able, stock up on some extra batteries, food and water, safe candles, extra cartridges for Alladin lamps, and if you have a source of heat not dependent on the infrastructure, great.  If not, let’s just hope the power stays on.  We had one terrible storm that took out all electricity.  TG we had a BBQ to cook on if we had to.  Drinking yesterday’s cold coffee was not fun, but better than nothing :))

Emergency preparedness is just common sense.  Once that is done, let’s just see what happens during this latest square.  Be safe, Jenae

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Dear Friends and Readers, It has come to my attention with the clients this week that people with early Capricorn emphasis in their natal chart are feeling the pressure that Pluto has been building up.  You people born just after Christmas, or with an early Capricorn Moon or Ascendant have been dealing with Pluto conjunctions all year.  Now Pluto will resume forward motion at 6 degrees Capricorn on 9-18-12.  Many of you would like to change jobs or even change careers.  This has not been a simple process, partly because the economy is weak but mostly because Pluto rules Scorpio and your decision is not as simple as just doing what you want to do as an individual.  The Scorpio flavor of this particular  Pluto conjunction means that you have to consider all the other people in your life.  The best decisions under this kind of transit allow all parties involved to benefit.  Win-win, rather than an adversarial situation.  Many of you have partners and dependents that need your help and need stability in their lives and this is complicating your decision. 

On the other hand, Pluto is about transformation and regeneration.  The energy is slow, subtle, and manifests with an increasing sense of pressure.  Usually internal pressure, but it could be outside pressure like Saturn — depends on which houses are involved.  SO… you need to reinvent yourself and if you don’t do SOMETHING toward that aspiration, WILLINGLY,  the Universe will kick into high gear and force the issue.  Example— years ago I knew a nurse that didn’t like her job.  She kept saying she didn’t like her job but she wasn’t doing anything about it, and after a few months she broke her leg and that particular job was over.  It would be much better for you to take a step, even a small step, toward your goal.  That might mean online classes, volunteer work in the field that you really want, possibly cutting back on current  hours to free up time to take a second  part-time job, asking for the support of your family toward achieving your goal, etc.  There are many more possibilities. Again, how this conjunction might manifest depends on your personal chart.

The point is to realize that Pluto in forward motion soon means IT’S TIME !!!  IT’S TIME to take that first step so you don’t implode internally.  You don’t need health problems and the stress needs to be relieved.  Pluto is like the magma rising inside a volcano.  It won’t work to seethe with repressed anger, and then explode at the boss in a hissy fit like a petulant child. Capricorn gains success through acting maturely.  If you need a change in the current job, you need to use Pluto as STRATEGY, pointing out to the boss, or your family, or whoever — that the change you are proposing will benefit them as well as you.  Really, folks, with this kind of transit, you can become quite adept at strategy; if your motives are positive you will see positive results.  And you’ll have plenty of time to perfect these skills as Pluto moves quite slowly through Capricorn.  You may have other planets in Cap, too. 

Just remember this is a once in a lifetime conjunction, time to begin your transformation process and best wishes to all of you !!! Blessings, Jenae  …and comments and suggestions are welcome…

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