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Hello again, dear Friends and Readers, let’s begin by remembering that Mars symbolizes action, physical energy, sports, fights, accidents, leadership, initiative and new projects.  Mars in Gemini could imply some duality, so to use an old pun J) , it’s pretty important with this transit to let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.  Good communication (again Gemini) and following through on plans will be essential for the next 6 weeks.  We’re going to have to compensate for the Mercury retro from June 26th through July 20th, too.

Mars in Gemini  is great for people who are natural multi-taskers.  Gemini energy gets bored with routine and Mars also seeks new challenges, new mountains to conquer.  Playing with the energies, here are some possibilities :  This could be a good period to seek new ways of doing old tasks.  This combination of Mars and Mercury energy is great for innovation and experimenting.  Large projects can be broken down into smaller components for positive results.  Surgeons, dentists, watch makers,  and people who need good manual dexterity should do well.

This could be a very active period for people working with printing, advertising, community relations, and public information campaigns.  On a more individual level, Gemini rules siblings, the neighborhood, local community activities, kindergarten through high school and technical education, magazines and newspapers, and communication in general.  Mars in Gemini would accent those areas. Transportation issues could be stressed by this transit — more on that later…

One potential problem that could happen in communication is that Mars adds impatience and excitement to Gemini.  Angry words?  Not listening patiently to people?  Getting enchanted with your own monologue instead of fostering  a true dialogue?  Seeking to get someone riled up and fighting mad just because you’re bored?  These would be things to be careful to avoid.

The actual transits look pretty OK, not A + but not horrible either.  I don’t like Mars square Neptune on June 7th and Mars inconjunct Saturn on the 8th which is the New Moon at 18 degrees Gemini.  I think people who work on the water need to be very careful.  Same thing with chemists and  people handling chemicals and oils.  When I had young children, I was an anxious, over-protective parent.  I had girls, so it was more culturally acceptable than if I’d had boys.  No skiing when Saturn was in Sag, etc. etc. Looking back, I don’t regret it.  As an astrologer, I wouldn’t  go, and/or let children go on boat trips or swim in the sea with these kinds of transits.  Swim lessons at the YMCA would be OK.  Check out the lifeguard, though, make sure his/her attention is focused where it should be — on the kids. Keep an eye on your basement, too, (Scorpio), in case there’s heavy rain.  The weather patterns are unsettled and unfortunately, this will continue.

Back-tracking just a bit, on the 6th, Mars is semi-sextile Venus, which is helpful for the arts and for romance.  Mars in Gemini is playful, they like little jokes and puns and also using old words in new ways.  Geminis often double their words  (“hello, hello”) and they’re especially fond of alliteration.  One time I was at dinner with a bunch of people and they were talking about some ex-hippies who lived on a farm and one Gemini  guy said, “Oh, you mean the Patchouli People…” and we all burst out laughing because it was the perfect description…

You should also allow some orb for Mars transits.  I usually 3 days on either side, making for about a week, but you also have to check out the energy.  Some Mars transits are more intense than others.

For example, exact on June 15th, the Moon in Virgo squares Mars AND Mars inconjuncts Pluto.  These transits are more minor so you could allow less orb.  However, with the Moon in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, AND the inconjuncts tend  to come out in the workplace anyway — OK, you guys, do you see where this is heading?  We have the Moon in the sign of employment and Pluto in the sign of career.  It may be minor but it could certainly be glitchy at work for a few days and the reverberations could come back to haunt you if you indulge in gossip, rumor, and innuendo.  Probably someone at work is in a big frumpy mood.  Just stay cool, try to be nice, and stay out of their way…

Exact on June 17th, Mars sextiles Uranus and trine the Moon.  This should be quite good for sports, outdoor adventures, trying new activities.  You also get your adrenalin going by watching a scary movie, if that is your preference.  Occupational therapists could be quite inventive with this transit, figuring out new ways to help people cope with daily life. People who work in emergencies will really be in tune with themselves and the other team members (hospitals, dispatch, military, law enforcement, etc.)  Courage and heroism will be in the news around this time.

Exact on June 22nd, Moon in Sag opposes Mars in Gemini.  These two signs rule travel.  We’ve already seen when Mercury went through Gemini, all it took was a difficult transit and there were accidents — bridges, railroads, all kinds of stuff, not even counting all the tornados and storms.  It’s been really  terrible.  There’s a lot of voltage when Moon and Mars combine, no matter what the aspect or angle.  So I would venture a guess that there will be more storms close to this date and people need to be careful as the Full Moon is the very next day !!!  The day before, the day of, and the day after — the times to be very careful with Full Moons because you can never tell when it will hit.  I’ve been doing research along those lines and this one looks like it’s the day before.  Just be careful and protect yourself and your loved ones.  Not the time to go hang out at the mall, or make frivolous trips just because you’re bored.  Try having a house party instead, a potluck with sleeping bags :))  Sag rules adult beverages; people who party shouldn’t drive…

Exact on June 28th, Mars is inconjunct Saturn, Moon  is inconjunct Saturn and Mars is square the Moon.  This has a similar flavor to the 15th except with the Moon in Pisces and the culmination late on a Friday night, it’s not likely to be a problem at work so much as a problem at a pub or tavern or with some kind of social plans.  Like someone is putting pressure on you to do a certain thing, or go to a certain place, and you don’t really want to.  In a case like that, it might be better to just say no, or suggest other plans.  If you are a caregiver, this would be a time when you could really use a day off or some respite care.  When people aren’t feeling well, they get pretty whiney/fussy and there’s really no pleasing them.  You can be empathetic and still know your boundaries.

On July 1st, Mars is semi-sextile Mercury — mild but helpful and very good for a private conversation that stays private.  This transit is also helpful for tasks requiring good manual dexterity.  If you’re a writer, this could be great for mysteries, puzzles, identifying with your characters and getting inspiration on where the plot is heading, almost like they ARE talking to you !!  Don’t get freaked out; it’s just your guides helping you :))

Exact on July 6th, Moon is conjunct Mars in late Gemini.  There’s a lot of voltage in this conjunction…when I see this in a private client’s chart in their 4th house,  I usually warn them to slow down and avoid home accidents.  The vulnerable areas would be hands, arms, and shoulders.  In general, watch the driving and the transportation issues.  If you KNOW your  car needs repairs, you should get it done BEFORE Mercury goes retro 6-26.  On the other hand, if you’ve had your car in the shop and they haven’t solved the problem, you can try taking it in on the retrograde since it would be fixing and correcting something from the past.  Just put your concerns in writing and keep a copy, too, so there’s no misunderstandings.  I had that happen once…

In general, Moon on Mars means your emotions and your actions are aligned.  You can get a lot done though other people might find you a little pushy.  It’s a great time to sort and file paperwork.  You might find stuff that you thought you lost :))…

Just as an example of how transits work, I had a client with transiting Mars conjoining her Moon-Mars in the natal, in her 4th.  I went through the usual stuff, and we spoke about safety, new batteries in the smoke alarms, safety drills with the kids, home repairs, etc.  Well, her house and family were fine but she happened to make a short trip with the kids and stayed in a hotel in a different city.  And in the middle of the night, the hotel alarms went off and there was a fire and everyone had to evacuate.  They were safe but not much sleep.  Mars can be disruptive at times.  A little drama to get the adrenalin going …:))

More soon, Blessings, Jenae

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Good Morning, dear Friends and Readers,  I hope you are recovering from the events of the week.  Mars conjunct the Sun at 29 degrees Aries is never a walk in the park.  Just in the USA, we had fights, accidents, bombs, explosions, firefights — enough already!!!  There’s a reason they call Mars the Red planet.  Today let’s take a look at Mars in Taurus and some of the main transits Mars makes during this time frame.  Mars in Taurus can be more peaceful but when you look at the stubborn side of Taurus, the slow burn that can ignite into absolute, unthinking rage (think of the Bull blindly charging)  — all of us should remember what we learned this last  week and continue to be observant, vigilant, and cautious.  Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus Sun this month is exact April 25, 2013.  For more on the Full Moons you can look at my FB page, Otter Space Astrology.  EVERY year, this particular Full Moon and its opposite in the Fall, Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio Sun — these 2 seem to bring up domestic violence issues and crimes of passion.  Sometimes the trigger is arguments about money, since these 2 signs rule financial matters.  So take it easy for a few days and don’t push.  Go out and pull some weeds to let off steam, or shovel dirt.  I had a Scorpio friend years ago; he lived in the country.  He had Taurus rising, too.  After a rough day at work he’d go out and push dirt around with his bulldozer…made him feel better :)).   Of course, not all of us own bulldozers, but a shovel will do…

I like to allow about a week for major Mars transits, a few days before and after.  In general, Mars in Taurus is great for art — working with earth materials like dirt, clay, wood, rock.  Sculpture, adobe, pottery, landscaping, making or repairing furniture or musical instruments — all these are favored.  Geology is an earth science, so is farming, and Taurus rules trees so forestry comes into play at this time, too.  Wonderful for getting outside and either creating beauty or appreciating the beauties of nature.  A great time to work with young children and let them plant something easy, like radishes or beans.

Taurus rules auctions, yard sales, flea markets…you can use the Mars energy to make some extra money or find great purchases.  Just don’t get greedy.  Sometime Taurus can get TOO attached to their possessions and their emotions influence the price.  If your goal is to clear out stuff then make the prices attractive to others.  If you have collectors’ items, a yard sale is not the place to sell…find another venue like Ebay or an art auction.

On April 21, Mars is semi-square Jupiter.  Not the easiest day for travel, so work around that date.  It’s a minor transit, more annoying than dire.  Flexibility is not a Taurus quality, but that is what is needed this weekend.

On April 29th,the Moon  trines Mars from Capricorn.  That means that your emotions can flow well and in harmony with your physical energy.  A great day to get a lot done and feel satisfied with your accomplishments.

I want to advise caution when Mars opposes Saturn , exact on 4-30 and 5-1, depending on your time zone.  If you have a lot of planets in fixed signs, then be EXTRA cautious.  The urge to move forward (Mars) is at odds with the need to consolidate (Saturn).  This is a major transit and no doubt will manifest in world events.  The current mood of the stock market ( in the USA) feels unstable to me.  It’s also very manipulated.  Protect yourself from sudden drops.  Those of you who know your personal chart will have a better idea of where to be cautious since you will know which houses are involved.  I’ll use my own chart as an example.  For me it would be the 3rd and 9th houses.  So I will stay home, work in my garden, and avoid travel, and doublecheck anything related to communication or finances for accuracy.  Most likely I will use the energy for writing and studying, which would fit with the houses involved.   For those of you in a partnership based on absolute respect and good communication, whether business or personal, this is actually a good period for financial planning and discussions.  Oppositions CAN symbolize the gaining of awareness through partnerships.

By May 4th, there’s a more pleasant but minor transit as Mars semi-sextiles Uranus, which is a 30 degree aspect.  This one is pretty good for using your intuition and repairs — mechanical, electronic, fixing tools themselves.  You could be quite innovative today.

Continuing the above theme, Mars trines Pluto on May 5th.  Remember, you’re allowing some orb  so you’re not limited to this day only.  This is a “get results” transit.  Shrewd, practical, very focused.  Those of you in research, tracking people, finding missing objects, police work and forensics and investigations of all types should be having a great time — quite productive and satisfying.  Those of you at home could still find something that was missing, and it’s great  for cleaning out closets, etc.  For fun,  try a metal detector and/or go digging for rocks and gems.  To me, that’s great fun, but others would rather dig around in a thrift store and that’s good, too.  You’ll notice the underlying theme here — finding the hidden treasure — just apply it where it fits into YOUR life.

There is A LOT going on as we enter the 2nd week of May.  Mercury is conjunct Mars and sextile Chiron on the 7th and 8th and the New Moon is the 9th and 10th, depending on your time zone.  Additionally, on the 9th Moon in Taurus is conjunct Mars and Venus is at the 29th degree of Taurus.   I have noticed through the years that the day BEFORE a New Moon often feels like a Full Moon, with people and events being glitchy and out of control.  Mercury conjunct Mars can symbolize hot head people who shout rather than converse, so you may want to be at your most diplomatic this week.  A Mercury-Mars conjunction is good for coordinating your mind and your body — manual dexterity, sports, etc. so there could be some positives.  There’s less accident potential in Taurus than if it were in Aries.  The problem here would be with people who are fixed in their viewpoint, stubborn, resistant to change.  A “this is the way it’s always been done”  kind of mentality.  The energy of Mars in Taurus tends to be slow and steady.  The positive is that reliability; the negative is getting in a rut.  Taking all this into consideration, I would say that medical appoints look OK on the 7th and 8th.  A  surgeon or a dentist needs  good manual dexterity.  Taurus is also the sign the rules touch, so massage would be great.  By the 9th the energy changes and people want to be more self-indulgent.  DON’T eat the whole box of chocolates !! :))  And don’t blow your budget on shopping.  This New Moon is an eclipse at 19 degrees Taurus.  Eclipses affect us for about 6 months.  Be sure to check if you have any planets at 19 degrees and what aspect is being created in your chart by this transit.  Make a note of the events of these 2 days in your life and watch and see what happens  related to them in the months ahead.  The best way to play this New Moon is to be patient and kind with your loved ones.  The worst way would be selfishness.

Actually, I think these transits are very special if you’re an artist.  Great inspiration and Venus in the last degree might symbolize the culmination of a large project.  Musicians, too.

On May 19th, Mars is semi-sextile Jupiter.  Nice for a short trip.  You might even stay in your own town but be busy hitting all the hot spots.  A lot of socializing.

The 20th is big — Uranus squares Pluto AGAIN.  5 of these over several years and the influence is ever present.  I’m just giving you the day of the EXACT square.  Really, you have to figure on years for this one.  The Sun enters Gemini and the Moon trines Mars the same day.  Uranus – Pluto is large groups of people protesting against the corruption of the established order and wanting more freedom and more respect in their lives.  And also better economic opportunities.  A well-fed and prosperous people have no need for rebellion.  There’s just too many people hurting these days and they deserve a chance at a better life.  That makes them vulnerable to manipulation by people with a radical agenda.  You’d think these repressive governments would understand that and help people get jobs and education, but NO —-  they are dumb and selfish and they hurt their people instead of helping them.  This is the great tragedy of our times…that it doesn’t have to be this way.  Pray for peace…daily…

There’s another Full Moon building…on May 22nd, Mars is inconjunct the Moon in Libra early in the morning.  Probably means some grumpy people at work that want you to help them.  Don’t allow yourself to be guilt-tripped.  If you want to help sincerely, then do so.  On the 24th the Moon is opposite Mars and the Full Moon is exact on the 25th.  Gemini-Sag — lots of stuff going on with education and the end of the school year is in sight.  Lots of pressure on kids, and older students, too.  Remember to take your vitamins when you are studying for exams and finishing term papers J.    Parents — this is the time to feed your children well, no junk food, so they can concentrate better.  Small protein snacks are good — sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts, cheese and crackers, celery and peanut butter, etc.   If you smell peppermint oil when you study and then take it with you when you take a test, the peppermint increases memory 20% — very helpful.

The potential problems with this Full Moon show up more the next day with transit and transportation problems.  Drive carefully, be polite, and be prepared for detours and/or delays.  Sun square Jupiter, Moon inconjunct Mars from Sag, and Mars semi-square Uranus.  This last one could symbolize mechanical breakdowns.  Really, folks, if you can avoid travel the 26th, then do so.  Smart people see this coming and will get their car in for servicing earlier in the month on a better day, like the 4th or the 5th.

There’s a lot going on as this Mars in Taurus transit draws to a close.  Mercury is semi-sextile Mars at the 29th degrees of Gemini  and Taurus, respectively.  Mars enters Gemini and Mercury enters Cancer the same day, the 31st. Adaptability is coming with the planets changing signs, but just before that there could be a major confrontation.  I’m not sure if this is out in the world or that we as individuals need to side-step angry people ( Mars at 29 Taurus) or con artist people (Mercury at 29 Gemini).  My advice here would be don’t commit to anything long term unless you have ALL the facts.  I feel like there’s hidden elements to stories we are told.  Probably a good day to be skeptical.  If you are mediator or a labor contract negotiator, this is going to be a tough day because neither side wants to compromise.  There may still be a lot of pressure on students.  If there are young people in your life, be gently encouraging and help them keep perspective.  One poor test result is not the end of the world.  There are so many people in history that did not do well in formal education but went on to accomplish great things in life.

Well, that’s it for now…Stay safe, Jenae

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Hello dear Friends and Readers… Spring is here, the killdeers are back and I’m a little behind the curve with this post due to gardening season gearing up.  The Spring Equinox is March 20th — that’s the day the Sun enters Aries.  Do take note that Mars squares the Moon in Cancer early in the morning on the 20th.  Depending on your domestic situation, the energy builds to a conjunction between Mars and Uranus, EXACT on March 22nd but you need to allow some orb for this powerful transit, so from now through the 25th should work.  OK, I hear you guys — “What does this MEAN, Jenae?”  Let’s take things step by step…

Mars rules Aries and in its own sign, there’s an abundance of vitality, intiative, leadership.  Taken too far, Mars here would exhibit risky behavior, bossiness, someone who’s looking for a fight just to get their adrenaline going.  You need to look at the aspects from Mars in your NATAL chart.  Some people don’t handle Mars energy too well.  If you have a lot of challenging Mars aspects within your NATAL, then slow down, count to 10, and really think about what you’re doing and how best to accomplish your goals.  Why win the battle yet lose the war?  People with easier Mars aspects in their NATAL, like trines and sextiles, maybe a conjunction with Venus — these people will find they have lots of energy and a desire for more physical activity, plus leadership opportunities arise because they know how to motivate people rather than alienate them.

SO…look at your NATAL — where is transiting Mars in your chart?  If you have Aries rising, by all means use the energy to start a new fitness program, a new hobby, go after your personal goals to renew and recharge yourself.  If it’s in your 7th (Libra rising) for example, a partner may push you out of some misguided sense of enthusiasm; you may have to stand your ground and remind them to show more sensitivity to what other people want to do.  If Mars is currently transiting in your 4th or 5th,  you may be knocking down walls, cleaning house, building a patio or doing some kind of outdoor work on your home.  Kids  could be a bit  rambunctious, but they just need to run around and get outside after being cooped up in the winter.  If transiting Mars is in your 10th, then career matters require both initiative and careful relationships with bosses.  The  transiting conjunction of Mars and Uranus can symbolize sudden changes, even crises.

It’s important to remember that Uranus takes 7 years to go through a sign or a house.  Mars takes 2 years to transit around the wheel of the chart.  The first week of April 2011, the 4th week of March 2013, the 2nd week of March 2015, the 4th week of February 2017, and the middle of February 2019 (critical degree) — all these are transiting Mars conjunct Uranus.  Uranus is the planet of the unexpected.  Put these  2 together and explosive situations can arise with no warning.  The Challenger blew up in front of a generation of school children when these 2 planets conjoined ( though in another sign).  So let’s start by avoiding aviation, ruled by Uranus.  Book your flights for other, safer times.

One of my fellow bloggers felt that there could be a giant solar storm and this kind of event would affect electricity ( ruled by both Mercury and Uranus).  We ARE in a period of heightened solar activity, so keep an eye on the news about the SUN.  On a more mundane level, families could use Mars-Uranus to have safety drills with their children — fire drills, earthquake drills, etc.  Floods are less likely — these 2 planets are in Aries, which is a fire sign.  The accent would be more on explosions, fire, earthquakes, electrical malfunctions, civic emergencies…

Looking at the positive, this is such a great transit for emergency service providers — this is what they train for, are prepared for, heroes — all of them.  Firemen, ambulance crew, dispatch, etc. — be prepared to save lives — it’s going to be a very active cycle. No matter what your career — are YOU prepared?  On the news this am, 2 little boys helped a mother save her baby’s life because they knew CPR.  Each and every one of us should have First Aid and CPR knowledge.  Let’s go back to the example of Mars-Uranus in your 10th…what if your boss has a heart attack?  Would you know what to do?

The beauty of Mars in Aries is such a strong presence in emergencies and a good survivor instinct.  People with this position in their natal make great soldiers, doctors, nurses, firemen, etc.

I knew a woman who had 17 sheets of plywood fall on her at home ( broken ribs, etc.) when Mars was in her 4th.  One year when  transiting Mars conjoined my natal Uranus in Cancer, every male relative on my father’s side of the family was either ill or injured  within a week.  Believe me, I was kind of spooked and 2 years later when the same transit came around again, I held my breath — AND NOTHING HAPPENED :)…  That’s the thing with these 2 planets, you just never know…

OK, going back to the beginning, the reason we should pay attention to our domestic situation on the Equinox with the Moon in Cancer, is whatever is going on could escalate to a crisis during the following week.  If you’re taking care of an elder, keep a close eye on their safety.  Walkers, grab bars, eliminate hazards at home, etc. I’ll be reminding my Cancer daughter about my Aries granddaughter  tonight on the phone — safety at home and moderation in diet — this conjunction is 2 degrees from opposing her Moon.

Mars  squares Pluto on the Full Moon on the 27th — cardinal sign people are going to feel this the most.  Pretty much continues the theme of being careful,  deliberate, safety conscious as we go about our daily lives.  Relationships at home would continue to be a little tricky, lots of room for drama, but also for changes that bring solutions to long-term problems.

On the world level, more spontaneous and massive protests by people demanding more freedom from corrupt leaders.  A continuation of the long-term square between Uranus and Pluto….

I spoke with another astrologer about the cardinal transit, Uranus square Pluto, lasting for a few more years yet,  and she shared an interesting viewpoint.  Especially with Pluto in Capricorn, it’s time to let go of what we don’t need anymore.  It will weigh us down and we need to make room for the new stuff (Uranus).  Cleaning house can be done on the mental/emotional level as well as the physical dwelling…

Here’s a special one — the 2nd week of April Mars will conjoin Venus exact on the 6th and 7th and the New Moon on the 10th conjoins both Venus and Mars.  Love is in the air !!!  Allowing for orb, April 5th through the 13th should be lovely.  Remember, Readers, look at your chart and see where the late degrees of Aries fall — what house is activated.  This will give you clues as to what kind of love and what kind of creativity.

As far as Art, Aries is a fire sign so people working with pottery, metals, welding, ornamental iron, jewelry, wood-burning as a form of design, cloisonné, glass-blowing — all ARTS that involve the use of fire and heat are favored.  This is a great transit to take a workshop, lessons, try something new.  People already working in the arts should find inspiration and MAJOR creativity.  A great transit to submit work for jury and/or to enter contests or art shows.

As far as love,  already established relationships could find a new chapter is beginning.  Couples should try new activities together.  Outdoor time is as important as indoor activities, too.  The nature of Aries favors NEW relationships beginning at this time, so if you’re single, don’t be shy — it’s OK to take the initiative and say hello to someone new.  New meetings at outdoor gatherings would be favored, or at sports events, or simply at the park or the beach or the town plaza.  Don’t forget HOME AND GARDEN SHOWS either — a great place to see new ideas and products and maybe new people, too. The energy is changing from Aries to Taurus and this would also favor plant nurseries.  Anything that accents the beauty of the outdoors is highly favored at this time.  Personally, I don’t believe it works to go looking for a partner as  well as just living your life and doing what is fun and interesting to YOU.  The ideal is to meet someone who shares the same hobbies and interests as you.  The places I’ve mentioned are only the beginning of an astrological definition.  Sports events — maybe you go to play miniature golf, or sign up for tennis lessons, or join the local baseball league…so MANY possibilities here, please don’t let anything I write limit you.  It’s simply a wonderful time to do what you love the best…

SO…at least we end up on a happy note, TG.  Just remember I didn’t write the playbook, I only report the plays :)…  Blessings, Jenae

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Good Morning dear Friends and Readers, I was thinking about this blog the other day, imagining various combos of the Mars-Neptune energy and found myself mentally composing a sentence that started with “All people working in these fields — chemicals, pharmaceuticals,  explosives, oil fields both on land and on sea, are going to need to use a lot of caution around this conjunction.”  Before I could even finish this blog two men sat on top of an oil storage container and the thing blew up and hurt them !!! Talk about sitting on a powder keg and lighting a match …SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL for the next few days !!!  I like to allow Mars about a week’s worth of orb for a major transit like a conjunction, so Mars and Neptune are conjunct February 4th, so we’re in that transit NOW.  I would add metal work and welding to the areas to be very cautious.  Let’s say you’re a soccer mom and you want to know how this transit might apply to you.  Think CARS — get that safety check — all fluids — Mars as metal and Neptune as fluids — chemicals, oil, water, etc. Check the oil, the brake fluid, the water pump, the radiator, the battery fluid, de-icer  in the windshield reservoir,  and the lines that feed or transport the  fluids.  This applies to all of us.  I was doing my young cousins’s chart the other day and he wanted to buy a car for his sweetie — he has a lot of Pisces in his chart.  I reminded him that Mercury was about to go retrograde IN Pisces, and square transiting Jupiter in Gemini several times between now and late March.  Forget it, cuz, test drive, compare, do your research but don’t buy until late March or April.  He already bought a rig during a Mercury retro transit and had nothing but trouble and repairs.  I reminded him of that, too.  He wasn’t happy with me about waiting, but I told him the truth.  We’ll see what he does…sometimes I think my name should be Cassandra (mythology), the people I love the most rarely listen while total strangers do and thank me later…

Let’s look at the spiritual side of this transit.  If Mars is action and Neptune in its own sign of Pisces is aspiration, compassion, and Universal love — what a great time to put what you most believe in,  into practices of some form — yoga, meditation, dream analysis, charitable actions directed at both people AND animals…these are just a few possibilities.  Taking a First Aid class would also fit because it would prepare you to aid others in an emergency.  Looking at spiritual intent directed to actions in the real world, this is a great transit to have a home safety drill for parents and children. And to go through the house and garage and eliminate hazards.  I have a feeling we’ll hear a lot about firemen and health practitioners  helping in emergencies this month…

On the intellectual level, this could be a creative time but also Mars could be interpreted as impatience with the ambivalence and potential confusion of Neptune.  Mars likes to take action but with both of these planets in a dual sign (2 fish swimming in opposite directions) there could be a lot of endless debating over the options.  Ultimately, the best decisions come from taking some quiet time to hear what your heart knows.  If you push to decide, just to be done with the situation, you could find that you have to re-do everything again later this month, or worse — regretting the decision you made impulsively.  So whatever you are dealing with, take your time and try to be patient.  Just for the record, here are the 3 conjunctions of Mars and Mercury — February 8, retro February 26, and May 8 (in Taurus) so the same issue could arise 3 times before resolution during the May period.  Of course if you’re doing chemistry research then you can use the retro to review test results and come up with creative solutions and then the confirmation of your work should arrive in May. Hard to know on what level these transits are going to affect your life without having an individual chart to study and meditate on…

Mundane possibilities are endless — a great time to take a yoga class or dance lessons, get your shoes repaired, be careful walking on icy streets, learn photography, take your pet to the vet, buy a  water purifier, doublecheck all medications you are taking, help and/or visit someone you love who is ill or confined, study chemistry or marine biology, use subliminal tapes or self-hypnosis to reprogram your life…

We should look at the other Mars transits as it moves through Pisces.  Do keep in mind to allow about a week of orb around the exact dates.  I already mentioned Mercury conjunct Mars on 2-8 and again with Mercury retro on 2-26.  Mars is action and Mercury is words, ideas, communication of all kinds.  Put these two together and a lot of voltage is possible.  Rather than an out and out fight, since Pisces is involved it’s more likely to be passive-aggressive, more covert in nature.  It’s always a good idea to avoid gossip, rumor, and innuendo, but particularly so when the mutable planets are involved.  So watch what you say and do or it will come back to bite you.  Looking at the positive possibilities of this conjunction, pay attention to the house position in your chart.  When we “walk our talk” we can get a lot accomplished.  My impression is you can begin some kind of major decision process at this time — it may take a while to complete, but this is good for starting lists or discussions of all the various pros and cons.  Another possibility would be fixing plumbing around the 8th — if you KNOW you need something repaired, don’t delay — get it done before 2-23 (Mercury retro).  And pay attention to your dreams !!  If you are making excuses to yourself about something or someone, your dreams will probably bring it to the surface.  You know, Pisces is a compassionate sign.  The very qualities of Pisces that shine as a light to others can also make a Pisces more vulnerable to the liars, cheats, and con artists roaming around looking for a victim.  If someone says all the right words, but you feel uncomfortable and your gut tells you something is off — TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!! You have protection but you need to pay attention to those signals.  One time when I was pretty young, I didn’t do that and I had an heirloom ring from my Grandma stolen from me as a result. It was a very painful lesson…

Mars  squares Jupiter exact on 2-10.  Squares can symbolize hard work, big accomplishments, and also challenge/frustration and the need to make adjustments.  Don’t space out when you are driving and pay attention to any signals that your car needs attention.  Not the best day to argue about philosophy or religion either.  Mostly this period is more about managing time and expectations instead of giving in to the over-optimism of this combination. Students could so quite well at this time if they apply themselves.  The same with writers.  People in physical occupations will need to be a little cautious, reminding themselves they are not Superman :))…

Mars conjunct Chiron exact 2-12 — good for pedicures and medical appointments in general.  This is particularly good for investigating the psychological basis for any illness or pain in your life.  If you heal the “dis-ease” on the mental/spiritual level, the body will heal in response.  A friend posted something wonderful on my FB yesterday — we should forgive not because the people who hurt us deserve forgiveness, but because WE DESERVE PEACE !!  Long-term carrying of anger and grudges leads to illness.

Mars sextiles Pluto on 2-15 exact and Mars trines Saturn on 2-16.  Keep in mind that Pluto and Saturn are currently in mutual reception to each other (each in the other’s signs) and the 3rd week of February could be very productive and satisfying.  Focus, discipline, and digging deep to unlock secrets will be rewarded.  Career matters are favored, but really this transit could apply to many different areas.  Where is the mystery in your life?  What do you wish to learn more about?  I watched a show called DIGGERS — two guys with metal detectors helping people find stuff at historical sites.  Lots of people use them at the beach or at construction sites.  A great week to go digging — literally, too :)).

Mars inconjunct Moon 2-23 and 24 and again on 2-28 and 3-1 — Don’t allow other people to manipulate you into doing something you’d rather not.  This could especially apply at work but be on the watch in other areas, too.  Better to say no than say yes and wish you hadn’t.  There’s a particular scenario I call “the tyranny of the weak” where someone tries to persuade you to help them through pretending incompetence.  Stay alert !!

Mars trine Moon on 3-3.  The transits from Mars to the Moon are more fleeting; obviously you don’t need to allow a week of orb since the Moon changes signs every 2 ½ days.  But this is a fun one so I thought I’d mention it.  Moon will be in Scorpio for this trine.  This transit is good for mysteries, good for close encounters of the romantic kind. It’s also good for healing people, animals, and the environment.  Action and emotions flow easily together at this time…

Mars in 135 degrees from Saturn exact on 3-7.  This transit can annoy some people if a lot of small things being glitchy  add up to a bummer day.  It will tend to affect people who are fussy about details.  Try and keep the big picture in mind and side-step the eccentric or fussy people if you can.  The one exception would be any seniors that you care for directly.  It will help you keep your balance to remember that people who are confined or ill or whose world is very small tend to fuss about the little things because they feel that loss of control so deeply. Compassion helps. And your actions NOW are teaching your children how to care for YOU when you are older…

Full Moon is 2-25 at 7 degrees Virgo.  Pisces-Virgo Full Moons often bring health issues to the surface, as well as people who tend to criticize and project it outward onto others  rather than acknowledge they are being too hard on themselves. Jupiter squares, too, forming a T-square that pushes a lot of energy out the empty sign — Sag this time — so keep the big picture in mind…easy to say,  quite hard to do sometimes… that’s all for now…more soon…Blessings, Jenae

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MARS IN AQUARIUS — DECEMBER 25, 2012 — February 2, 2013

Dear Friends and Readers, hopefully everyone had a nice holiday.  I took a break, baking cookies and feeding a houseful for a few days,  but now the house is quiet again and it’s back to work with clients and writing.  I’m so glad the days are getting longer again.  I miss the Sun…up here in the north we cherish every sunny day…

Mars is now in Aquarius and there are a number of transits to look at but first we’ll explore the nature of Mars while it’s moving through this sign.  Mars is interesting  in Aquarius, not necessarily incompatible but Mars tends to be a solo act, (excepting in Libra :)) and Aquarius is all about sublimating the ego for the good of the group.  Group can mean friends, family, co-workers, volunteer and/or charitable organizations.  Mars can be a symbol of leadership and a call to action.  If you are trying to motivate a  group be sure to lead through action, not words, since Mars is involved.  If you can ACT on your ideals and promote cooperation within the group you can accomplish a lot this month.  Being bossy won’t work and it is also important to remember enlightened principles of leadership — delegate, give praise where due, share the glory, etc.   I know a  couple of Aquarians with Mars on their Sun natally and they tend to be feisty.  Fond of instigating rebellion in the ranks, yet stubborn and resistant to outside pressure.  If they decide to change fine, otherwise, forget it.

This is a great transit for inventive people to move forward with their goals and ideas, especially inventions that save time/money/labor/energy and can benefit large groups of people.  There are more Aquarians in the Hall of Fame than any other sign, and also more lunatics, too.  Mars is not a patient planet and sometimes it’s hard for Aquarians to wait for the world to see the value of their ideas.  They tend to understand what is or will be popular way before it actually happens…

Mars in Aquarius encourages you to take initiative and reach out to others.  Make contacts, network, gather friends and groups together to work or socialize.  Just remember that the social angle will go far better if there’s also a purpose beyond the fun of the moment.  Habitat for Humanity is a perfect example of this transit.  The volunteers work with sharp tools (Mars), they gather together to help others (Aquarius), they work hard and quickly (Mars), and the good they do lasts far beyond the moment (Aquarius).

Looking at specific transits, I notice that transiting Mars and Saturn are in square, exact on January 7th — allow a few days of orb on either side.  On the physical level,  since ½ the world is in winter, guard your legs from the knees to the ankles and be careful about slipping on wet or icy surfaces.  On the mental level, this is not the time to get into an ideological war of words with someone who has a weak ego, is insecure, and always has to be right.  Gee, that sounds just like DC these days !!!  Still, unless you have no choice, like being locked in a room with a jury, let things slide until a better time to get your point across.  On the spiritual level,  this square may present you with a dilemma regarding your needs and that of others.  With some effort on your part, you could actually come up with a brilliant solution.  Ask the heavenly realms for help, clear your mind, and be receptive to inspiration…

A more minor, but pleasant day would be around the 4th as Mars trines both the Moon and Jupiter — that’s a Friday and very good for socializing, sharing ideas, and having some fun.  After that, it’s better to wait out that square from say the 6th through the 10th

The New Moon in Capricorn is also on a Friday, the 11th, so if you need to begin new projects, or have work-related meetings, this is the time. Mars provides a mild but helpful semi-sextile (30 degrees) to the Moon — not much energy but at least Mars is not stirring up issues.  Friday afternoon, the boss may be more approachable if you need a favor or some help.  It’s a perfect day to schedule dental work, if that applies to you.  Also good for bones and joints — stuff like PT appointments.

Mars conjoins Moon in Aquarius on the 13th.  Combined with transiting Venus square Uranus, these energies are fine for hanging out with friends, but not helpful with emotional intimacy re: male/female relationships.  People could do some odd things to gain space; their behavior is really saying they are nervous about getting too close.  Give your loved ones some breathing room and wait for a better time for being comfy-cozy together.

The 15th is interesting…there’s the same semi-sextile between Mars and the Moon but this time it’s on the other side, Moon is in Pisces.  This is very good for meditation, group or solo, and for paying attention to your dreams.  A great time to figure out the symbolism of dreams…again you can do this by yourself, but it’s really a great day to discuss metaphysical themes with your kindred spirits.  Those of you who use subliminal tapes and work with different brain-wave patterns — a great day for progress in these matters, too.

The 17th through the 19th might be kind of a heavy time, Mars is not involved, TG, but there could be a lot of events, possibly geological, too, since Sun and Mercury will be moving into the 29th degree of Capricorn and then into Aquarius.  I don’t see a lot of other transits supporting  more crisis, but on Friday the 18th there could be a big announcement in the news — Capricorn — big business?  Churches? Government?  The 18th is actually a great day for writing, if you are so inclined.  The Moon sextiles Mars on the 18th, too, good for action, trying new things.  With the Moon in Aries, exercise looks good, too…

Mars squares the Moon in Taurus on Sunday the 20th so you need to move more slowly and deliberately at home and guard against  careless accidents and ALSO careless and stubborn speech.  Not a good day to use angry or impatient words with your loved ones.  The Aquarian tendency to jump from subject to subject without understandable segues could be very irritating to people who think in more predictable patterns.  Since Taurus is money and shopping, those might be good subjects to avoid…

On Wednesday, January 23rd, Mars trines Moon in Gemini and there’s also a Mercury trine Jupiter that day.  So there’s definitely a positive accent on communication and the exchange of ideas.  This is a positive for students, for teachers, for computers and technology, and most of all for groups who need to formulate a plan of action.  A great day to launch a campaign — fundraising, marketing, public information, etc.  People who  work in advertising could be particularly inspired with clever ideas.  Keep a notebook or a digital recorder handy…

Friday evening the 25th, transiting Mars inconjuncts the Moon.  This is a 150 degree angle that often manifests as co-workers or other people trying to get you to be responsible for what is really their issue or problem.  First of all, don’t even talk to someone who is hungry — with the Moon in Cancer people won’t even be rational if their blood sugar is low.  Second, use active listening techniques and strive for clear communication.  You can be empathetic but don’t allow yourself to be guilt-tripped.  The usual solution for an inconjunct is to help the other person help themselves.  Total bail-outs may backfire and cause a worse situation for the person who needs help.  The idea is to help strengthen them to meet their own responsibilities.  As far as domestic life, it would be helpful to doublecheck who is doing what chores, so things don’t get mixed up and/or forgotten.

This inconjunct appears again, on the other side, this time when Moon is in Virgo on the 30th.  Most likely an issue with a co-worker who is not meeting some kind of deadline,  or they are having a technology problem.  Again, do what you can to help with a glad heart but know your limits, too.  Reiterate to the person that ultimately it is their responsibility.  If we help someone but we feel resentment then we don’t win any brownie points, so you will need to stay clear within yourself about what you are willing to do cheerfully.  Otherwise, it’s better to say no.  Remember the inconjunct is YOUR challenge, the inept or needy person is simply presenting you the opportunity to know yourself more deeply…

BTW, when we help another, I  do not believe we have the right to expect THAT same person will help us back. That would be a hidden agenda and contaminate the purity of the help we give.  But we DO have the absolute right to expect that the help we need will come from somewhere when we most need it.  Random acts of kindness count for a lot on the other side…here, too, as recent events have shown us…this is an area of life where Mars in Aquarius can really shine.  Aquarius is the sign of friendship and brotherly love — agape — with Mars here it’s not what you SAY, it’s what you DO…

That’s pretty much it for Mars.  Mars enters Pisces early on the 2nd of February, 2013.  Happy New Year to all…Jenae

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WISH UPON A STAR  — MARS IN CAPRICORN  — November 17 through December 25, 2012

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, I want to explore this Mars transit with you as there are some major alignments at the end of November in particular.  Let’s begin by looking at Mars in general.  Mars is the symbol for our physical energy, as Pluto is the symbol for will power.  Mars qualities are impatience, temper, good survival instincts, leadership and initiative, and competitions.  Someone with Mars in Gemini might enjoy the debate team at school, while someone with Mars in Virgo is usually good at baseball.  Both men and women with Mars prominent in their charts have a great need to meet new challenges.  This could be sports or endurance challenges, but it also means they get bored easily and NEED new projects to immerse themselves in.  Mars in Capricorn might symbolize someone who enjoys competition in business;  getting ahead in career would be important.

At this time in the evolution of earth and humanity, hurting the competition to get ahead of the pack can have unforeseen consequences.  I feel some concern about this when I see that Mars will conjoin Pluto on Tuesday November 27 at 12:18 pm PST.  Note that the Full Moon is the next day in Gemini/Sag.  And an eclipse, too, at 6 degrees Sag/Gemini which means the effects will be evolving over the next 6 months.  Allowing orb for Mars it looks like the weekend after Thanksgiving to around December 3rd or  4th is the time to be most cautious.  I usually like to allow a week  of orb for Mars transits; this time I’m extending it to around 10 days.

Every aspect or transit has potentially both a positive and negative expression of energy.  The most powerful aspect is a conjunction, the union of 2 forms of energy.  Put Mars and Pluto together and the energy is potent indeed.  Capricorn is a symbol for career, authority figures, the governments we create, and the need for structure, responsibility, and manifestation — ie. bringing ideas and creations into physical reality.  While Capricorn traditionally symbolizes the father, the truth  is it’s  the parent who teaches us about the rules of the outside world that is the Capricorn parent and this can be either our father or our mother.

OK, putting all this together here are some of the possibilities I see…looking at the geology of the earth, volcanos and earthquakes could be very active during the influence of Mars-Pluto because Capricorn is an EARTH sign.  The positive side would be some fabulous discoveries deep in the earth — minerals, water, oil — even some kind of breakthrough in agriculture.

On the business level, Mars-Pluto in Cap is the ultimate strategist.  They are so concentrated, focused and ambitious that they will go to great lengths to achieve success and recognition.  This is where it gets a little tricky.  While this is a great time to plan business strategies and campaigns, promotions, launch new products, etc. it is also a time to reflect on the ethics and business policies that contribute to the win. Beating out the competition is acceptable in our current society but at what cost?  It’s very important not to sacrifice our ethics and our conscience just to win.  With the current Saturn transit in Scorpio, perhaps a “Miracle on 34th Street”  belief system would be better than dirty deals, bribery, corruption, and the Machiavellian belief system which translates as the end reward justifies the means to get there, no matter how dark and/or diabolical.  Machiavelli obviously didn’t understand the law of karma.  Personally, I don’t think governments understand this either.  Some sports teams have gotten caught for just exactly this kind of behavior.  What more lies under the surface?  Don’t be surprised if there are some major revelations and exposures of buried stuff during this transit. New covert operations launched, too.  Looking at a more positive expression of the energy,  I also think there will be some very clever marketing campaigns launched at this time to boost sales at Christmas.  Wonderful new products that can change our lives for the better.  Technology is just galloping ahead these days.  There could also be some innovative changes in the role of governments helping  business —in the USA that might be rule changes, tax code changes, maybe a tax holiday to bring the overseas tech money home or something announced  to solve the fiscal cliff dilemma.

Mars-Pluto is great for practicing marital arts and for being security and safety conscious at work, at home, and when out in public.  This conjunction is the day before the Full Moon on November 28th at 6:47 AM PST.  Remembering that the Full Moon effects start the day before and last through the day after, Tuesday the 27th looks especially difficult.  Lock your car, your house, your purse or briefcase.  Keep alert and aware of potential hazards or crimes.  There could also be some accusations put forward about stealing intellectual property.

Getting back to just the Mars in Cap transit through Christmas Day, overall this transit is good for fulfilling our responsibilities at work and with loved ones.  There’s enough physical energy with Mars to take care of business and accomplish both goals and extra projects and chores for the holidays.  Ambitious and talented Dads with building skills might design a playhouse and present the picture as the gift and build it later when the weather is better.  This is a wonderful time for awakening children to the wonders of earth science — weather, geology, grow ant farms or worms or tabletop greenhouse vegies, crystallize sugar on strings from super-saturated solutions, or even those magic rocks that grow in water.   I know they still sell the kits and they don’t cost a lot.

Mars-Pluto is heavy enough.  I  don’t see any other major Mars transits, other than a conjunction with the Moon on December 15th — emotions won’t run as high as usual since Capricorn is a reserved sign.  That’s a Saturday, the New Moon is Thursday, so maybe Friday will be a lot of office Christmas parties.  Thoughtful bosses might want to consider one big gift that enhances the work environment for ALL employees.

Stay safe and I’ll be back soon with some lighter stuff.  We could use some happiness, November has been a heavy month so far…Blessings, Jenae


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Dear Readers and Friends, When the Mars-Jupiter opposition happened October 28, 2012 and I wrote about travel problems, the news was all about Sandy, the big storm that caused and is still causing problems for so many.  I never saw anything international, and my concern was also about trains.  Well, one part of the Gemini energy seems to be that 250,000 cars were lost in that storm.  There was a  train problem in Kentucky during that time.  I didn’t see anything else.

The 29th degree is considered a critical degree in astrology — no where to go but into O degrees of the next sign.  This weekend transiting Mars reached the 29th degree of Sag and the news about trains is just terrible, both in the US and overseas.

Mars takes approximately 2 years to transit around the wheel of the zodiac.  Mars will again be at 29 degrees Sagittarius the weekend of October 24, 2014.  Please note that time frame and take precautions.  There are good times to travel and good times to stay home.  Light a candle in rememberance of those who were lost…Blessings, Jenae

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