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Good Morning, dear Friends and Readers, I knew I was going to be slow with this series but it’s been a month !! So sorry, the days just seem to roar by…

If you have LIBRA rising, then Saturn in Aquarius is mostly likely moving through your 5th house. The 5th is kids, but also many other things — letting the child in ourselves come out to play, creativity, entertainment and recreation, and doing things with joy and spontaneity the way a child would. A picnic in the park, having pleasure in the moment, is the natural Leo 5th house. What complicates this particular house in that if you have Libra rising, it’s the opposite of Aries, so ALL the houses have their opposite signs on the cusp. This means you may have to work a little harder to bring out the positives and balance everything. Using the 5th as an example, Aquarius is much more about planning for the future, NOT doing things with only pleasure in mind. Ideally, if we are being our best possible version of ourselves, we can find joy in EVERY activity. The 5th is dating and romance, but with Aquarius on the cusp there’s also a strong need to develop a solid friendship and this takes time. That being said, Saturn will be in Aquarius for 2-3 years, so you have time…

Here are some examples of Saturn in Aquarius in the 5th that I’ve observed through the years. You may need to re-define what fun actually means to you. The old activities may not work for you anymore. You may have extra responsibilities for children or young people in your life. The beauty of this one is that Saturn in Aquarius trines Libra, making opportunities so much easier. Young people may need a bit of your wisdom about planning their careers. There may be more than one positive opportunity and they need to weigh the pros and cons of their choices. Taking your time to have these discussions offers you a chance to really build rapport with each other. It’s kind of the same thing with romance — taking your time to really get to know each other as friends will help you decide if you can really build a life together. There may be career glitches, like different schedules, that interfere with social time but this is really a hidden benefit. Remember that Saturn is a symbol for career, as well as responsibilities. Since Aquarius rules technology, connecting with people virtually may play a bigger role than usual. The virus has played a major role in the use of technology.

I saw an interview with the CEO of Khan University (free classes online). He has started a new program that offers tutoring for children. It’s called http://www.school.world. I think that’s it :)) It’s expanding to world wide and whole classrooms are signing up because the children have lost so much — scholastically, emotionally, socially, etc. I know a Mom who was looking for art classes online for her son and she found a free one with a Russian teacher and they did watercolors. There are many other wonderful resources for creativity for all ages. I personally have been watching sewing tutorials on UTube, learning a lot of clever ways to make patterns.

I have a dear friend with Libra rising and she is very much an artist. Any medium she tries is very beautiful. For her, the Aquarius energy has been to find a quilting group and each person makes a square at home. Eventually it will be a whole quilt. Zoom helped her to meet kindred spirits… I think it will be for charity. See how she balanced both the 5th and the 11th ? Find your own unique way to do the same…

If you have VIRGO RISING, then Saturn is moving through your 6th house of health, work and service. The usual is you need to watch your health, but with Jupiter going back and forth in this house, that improves the situation. Still, be very careful to protect your knees, lower legs and ankles (Aquarius) and the usual with Saturn is bones, joints and teeth in general. I was oh so careful not to slip on ice this winter…thank goodness we got through it safely. This transit will be with us next winter and the weather extremes are still continuing, so be careful !! The natural 6th (virgo) rules the intestines, so you may want to eat probiotic foods or take those tablets or powders that help the digestion. Every culture has it’s own version of sauerkraut…

The 6th house is also co-workers, Saturn here may represent a supervisor, or you yourself have increased responsibilities at work. I suppose Saturn in the 6th could mean a lack of a job, but again, with Jupiter here, I doubt it. If anything, I would think it would mean MORE work, and the square to Uranus in the 9th could symbolize some long distance challenges. For example, long distance challenges could mean information coming from a distance changes on almost a daily basis and policies need to be clarified. Maybe it means Zoom meetings at awkward hours due to time zones. The Aquarius in the 6th emphasizes the importance of teamwork and good morale. Expressing empathy can be important but at the same time don’t get too personal at work.

The 6th house also rules who YOU hire. I would be quite cautious about hiring workmen from a large company who is headquartered at a distance from where you live. I knew someone who used a national company to get new windows, but the communication was so garbled between the main office and the local branch that it took months before things were sorted out and completed. Of course, the virus made things difficult, too. You can look on Yelp for local reviews. There are also social media sites that will help you with estimates on what things should cost. If you are buying a new computer for work, consider getting an extended warranty…

The 6th house also rules small pets, small dogs, cats, poultry, and various other birds. The veterinarians have pretty strict rules these days because of the virus. And medical for your pet can cost a lot. Be aware of this and consider pet medical insurance, depending on your situation. Of course, you may need to look into your OWN insurance first — medical, dental, etc. If you pay attention to good nutrition and hygiene, and do some gentle exercise, you should get through this long Saturn transit ok. Saturn is about taking responsibility and in the 6th it means be responsible for your own good health. We have talked about taking responsibility on the physical level, but don’t forget the emotional and spiritual level, too. I allowed myself to get really angry for about 4 hours last fall and immediately got a sinus infection. Taught me a very good lesson. Negative emotions WILL manifest. Eliminate them. Work with your own thoughts and belief systems to neutralize any fear, doubt, worry, and negativity in general. A daily prayer of gratitude is a wonderful way to start. All successful people do this.

Well, that’s it for now. I will certainly try to get back to you guys sooner rather than later. Just remember that Saturn brings up our weak points for a reason…we’re not getting picked on, it’s too help us strengthen ourselves. You can do it !!! :)) Jenae

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Back again, dear Friends and readers…let’s continue with transiting Mars through the houses.  If you have GEMINI rising, then Mars is moving through your 11th house of Friends and Groups, and hopes and wishes for the future.  Mars in this house would mean a lot of activity with people, maybe small, socially distant groups of people these days, but maybe lots of people through using zoom, all the new technology, etc.

Mars squaring your Cap transits in the 8th house is kind of a warning to dot every i and cross every t regarding finances, taxes, insurance, government paperwork of all kinds.  Since the 8th is a financial house, this would be the worst period for you to intertwine friends and money. Don’t loan and don’t borrow.  That could apply to important possessions as well as money.  A small gift to someone desperate, like a $20 or a gift card from the market, is better than a loan.  Don’t give unless you can do it without attachment.  I also have to wonder if these transits mean that some kind of group you are involved in online wants money — it could be dues, or charity, or classes.  Be careful with that kind of thing — there are a lot of scammers out there.  Please pay attention to your feelings and trust your instincts — if a connection to a group doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.  Stand your ground.

My impression is your friends will look to you for leadership, or for the inspiration of new ideas and plans. That is fine, just don’t get in over your head!  I saw a neat thing on the King Arthur Flour website the other day — each socially distant employee made a quilt square with a baking theme. Then one person put them all together into a beautiful quilt.  It IS possible to have fun with your friends and even meet new ones, in spite of the virus!  Maybe you and a small group of friends will plan a vacation outdoors — camping, a picnic, renting separate bungalows for a weekend on the water, etc. If so, do it soon before the weather turns and before Mercury goes retro on 10-13-2020…

If you have CANCER rising then Mars is most likely in your career house, the 10th,  and the Cap transits would be in your 7th house of partners.  Anything on the Cardinal Angles like these are means it’s going to be a very intense period for you.  Hopefully, your Sun is in a sign that takes some of the pressure off — Mars is square your Ascendant and square to Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in the 7th.  This forms a T-Square that makes your 4th house of home and family act like a vacuum to suck all the energy.  Remember that 4th for you is Libra — patience, diplomacy, compromise, and good manners!!  So much stress between work and home, or trying to work at home, or work and kids school at home.  Maybe your partner’s parents or older relatives are having a rough time.  It’s all coming down on you at once — MAJOR stress!!  So…what are you going to do about it?

First of all, you and your partner need to work TOGETHER, cooperate and schedule things so that each of you gets a breather if possible. Second, take vitamins — like Focus Factor, or at least a good quality multiple.  The kids need their gummies, too.  Third, make the meals as nutritious as possible without a lot of work.  Even if you just have a pizza, include a salad or tiny raw carrots/celery/etc for the kiddos.  Roasted vegetables are quick and easy and you can make enough for a couple days.  We eat a lot of homemade tacos, with garlic and peppers and onions cut tiny and sautéed with the meat. We cook beans in bulk and have them in the freezer. I like grated cheese, too; not everybody does.  I cut little cherry tomatoes in 1/4’s to put on top of the meat, then garnish with lettuce. One or both of you might be quite worried about your jobs — where I live, people who work for local government or the state have already had mandatory furloughs one day a week amounting to a 20% cut.  Be kind to one another and try to get enough rest. Fourth, clear communication and leaving notes and messages to remind the family about stuff will help. If you can put up a BIG calendar on the wall of your kitchen, that’s even better than notes.

All you can do is take things one day at a time, reminding yourself you will get through this period, and state out loud what you are grateful for, even if it’s something very simple like being healthy and being able to see, hear, walk, etc. This difficult period in your lives will moderate in mid-December when both Saturn and Jupiter change signs.  Pluto will still be in Cap, though, and if you have planets in late Cancer, or if your rising is a later degree, there will still be some pressure but not as intense. TG!!  There’s free counseling on phone lines if you need it.  Even a friend to vent to can be helpful.  If you or your partner need a different job, try using the new technology and see if you can find something online.  I looked the other day and there’s a lot of delivery jobs. I know a young girl who delivers lunches, mostly sandwiches and the tips were better than when she was working in a food business.  She has an electric car that gets great mileage, though.

If you have LEO rising, then Mars in Aries is moving through your 9th (a trine) and the Capricorn planets are in your 6th (an inconjunct). The 9th is higher education, licensing and certification, metaphysics and philosophy, and all long distance travel and contacts, including foreign contacts.  The 6th is health work and service — who you hire and who hires you, and all the Virgo stuff — organization, cleanliness, diet, nutrition, daily chores, etc.  Paying attention to the details at work is going to be important. Don’t let that Leo pride get in the way of asking questions to understand your job better. Use the trine from Mars to further your education, whether it’s your job or hobbies or other interests you have.

Mars in the 9th is not a good time for long-distance travel,  and information coming from a distance may get garbled when Mars is retrograde (9/9 to 11/13/2020).  Or you may have people you care about who are at a distance and they are going through tough times.  Try your best to be kind and emotionally supportive. Stay off of airplanes, please, but shorter trips, regional travel by car, are ok.  If you need a little break, try exploring interesting places close to home.  One of my daughters has Leo rising and I think she’s seen every outdoor park in 3 counties this year.  It became her family’s favorite kind of recreation because so many indoor places have been closed down. Mars in Aries is a fire sign — outdoor activity is very helpful for you with that trine to your Ascendant.  Take advantage of the remaining good weather.  I know parents who have taken their kids camping, or to the beach. Pretty soon you can take them to corn mazes and pumpkin patches, or to pick apples or berries.  The simpler outdoor pleasures can bring a family together and build happy memories.  Leo is children. Try letting the child in yourself come out to play.  The sunshine kills the virus and it’s relatively safe to be outdoors.

Transiting Mars inconjunct to the Cap planets could mean that you need to implement new health care routines after school begins.  Not all schools are online.  If I were a parent of school age kids, I would be worried about the lack of clear communication from the local school district.  Some parents are tutoring kids in small pods. This only works if the families of the other kids in the pods are not in jobs that increase risk.  If they are, then it’s like letting the fox into the hen house. You are  going to have to decide what level of risk you can be relatively comfortable about. I feel so sorry for all the parents who need daycare.  It’s a nightmare to me. I think children all over the world are suffering from a certain amount of depression — their world as they knew it has been taken away.  They miss their school, their teachers, their friends, their extra-curricular activities — sports, music, birthday parties…

I don’t have any answers for this. All you can do is the best you can do.  If you are an adult who has lost their job, then consider going to school online — Mars in your 9th is a great time for that.  And they say the best place to be in a recession is in school. If you are a parent, then be as protective of your kids as possible.  If you have an illness that makes you high-risk, then school your kids from home. You have legal grounds to protect yourself.   Eventually, there will be remedies and vaccines available that will lessen the danger to us all.. December looks like a turning point to me…

Meanwhile, I hope you stay safe and I will be back with more Mars through the houses tomorrow…Jenae


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Hello Dear Readers and Friends, back again with more Uranus transits. The 8th house is shared money, shared love, shared power and emotional intimacy. It’s the Scorpio house, so achieving balance in these areas will be important over the next seven years.  There’s an old saying about Taurus — “Neither a borrower, nor a lender be…”  Since Uranus is the planet of surprises, this transit could go either way — from rags to riches, or riches to rags. Those of you who have this would be smart to run your progressed chart and check that against your natal to get clues of how things could go.  Ideally, you would want to strive for decisions that allow all parties involved to benefit. Financial opportunities could drop in your lap and your situation could be suddenly much improved.  There could also be sudden setbacks, unexpected expenses, events that play havoc with your security — job, partner’s job, banks changing owners, new tax rules, etc. etc. Insurance is ruled by the 8th house, so be sure to ask questions and read all the fine print before you sign for any policies.  If you are single and meet a new partner, please be cautious about getting involved too quickly.  Uranus is not known for stability.  If you are already in a stable partnership, there may be a lot of opportunities to grow closer, read each other more intuitively, bond closer even if there is a crisis.

Taurus is not just money, it’s our hobbies and talents and gifts. You could suddenly find yourself very passionate about new hobbies and build skills rapidly so there is a positive financial change as a result. Follow your heart in this area and don’t be afraid to try new things.  Maybe it’s sculpture, or you decide to lay tile, or raise orchids, or become an appraiser or an insurance adjuster — the possibilities are infinite.  You could even invent something and get it patented.

The next few years are a little tricky when it comes to lending possessions. Don’t borrow money if you have doubts you can pay it back, and the same goes for lending to others. Of course if you are a banker by profession, this transit is just the new incorporation of technology. For example, I read a story about a robot in China who took the place of a bank teller.  However, lending your favorite books, tools, clothes, etc. is not a great idea because you might not get them back. Gifting someone would be better than loaning during this transit.

Uranus in the 9th is the house of long distance travel and foreign contacts, philosophy and metaphysical studies as well as traditional churches. Uranus rules aviation as well as technology.  Do not fly if there are malefic squares or oppositions to Uranus from Mars, Saturn, or Pluto in your natal.  Do not fly when transiting Mars squares, opposes or conjoins Uranus in the 9th either !!  This transit is great for contacting special interest groups, kindred spirits from all over the USA or all over the world. There are many on-line forums.  Enjoy the learning :)) The 9th is higher ed — a great time to take classes online, too.

You may feel more drawn to world news and events.  This is one of the prophetic houses — you could have flashes of intuition about world events before they happen.  If you travel ( during benevolent transits), you could meet new friends or even find love in far away places. Taurus rules ancient Greece.  Since Taurus has a business connection, the next few years could be a great time to start an online business. This could begin as a side gig but end up as a full time career for you. Your new gig could have to do with learning and teaching, or importing foreign goods for domestic resale, or even something like sponsoring and/or coordinating on-line metaphysical classes.  Those are just a few of potential 9th house meanings.

Artists with this transit will be drawn to foreign, maybe historic, techniques. The use of technology can play a role in helping you produce art that can be mass marketed, like posters, or greeting cards, etc.  Not everyone with this transit is going to feel exceptionally outgoing and ready to rock the world. Introverted people with Uranus in the 8th may be drawn to more meditation and prayer, a quieter life, with time for yoga, Tai Chi, etc. Again, the foreign connection.  Reading and assimilating new knowledge will be important for everyone with Uranus moving through the 9th…

If you have Uranus transiting your 10th, be ready for changes in career and how you view success. I have watched a lot of people take this transit; remember it takes about 7 years no matter what sign you have in your 10th house.  The person grows in the conviction that they need more freedom to do their best work, and they often decide they need a new career altogether.  Sometimes they feel suffocated by a micro-managing boss; sometimes they have mastered their work and are ready for a new challenge.  Sometimes the person feels unappreciated but I have also seen people exit a career when the ethics of that business  do not fit with who they are.

Since we’re talking Taurus in your 10th, it would harder to leave a career if the pay is good, since Taurus prefers comfort and financial security. That is part of the potential problem. Taurus can get into a rut; it’s a habitual sign. Uranus isn’t !! Uranus likes to shake things up — and suddenly!! Remember the 10th is a cardinal house — more impact in your life. Those of you born in the 60’s have some beautiful grand earth trines coming down the turnpike.  The best advice I can give you is embrace the changes, don’t resist.  Even if it was something like losing your job to a robot, or a new boss that no one likes, or disruptive technology makes your company’s product obsolete — there’s a hidden opportunity for you that comes to light and makes your life BETTER if you open your mind to new possibilities.

Meanwhile save money and lighten up the spending on pleasure of the moment stuff. When the changes come, and they will, you will feel better if you have savings tucked away.  If there’s  something you have always wanted to do, use technology to get certified in the field you want.  Don’t bury your head and pretend all is well at work if it isn’t. Investigate online what possibilities are out there that will enhance your life.  You could have a real breakthrough that defines your life in a whole new way.

The 10th house is also a symbol for authority figures. Uranus can be  a rebellious energy. This is not the time to fight — with the boss, or about politics, with City Hall or the Planning Dept., or with your own parents either.  You have a right to have more freedom in your life; your task is to figure out how to get what you want and still keep your life relatively stable.  Take heart…Jupiter enters Capricorn on 12-2-19 and there will be helpful trines to your career house over that next year to help you achieve your goals…

Well, enough for tonight, 2 houses left for next time :))  Stay tuned… Namaste, Jenae

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