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Hello Dear Readers and Friends, back again with more Uranus transits. The 8th house is shared money, shared love, shared power and emotional intimacy. It’s the Scorpio house, so achieving balance in these areas will be important over the next seven years.  There’s an old saying about Taurus — “Neither a borrower, nor a lender be…”  Since Uranus is the planet of surprises, this transit could go either way — from rags to riches, or riches to rags. Those of you who have this would be smart to run your progressed chart and check that against your natal to get clues of how things could go.  Ideally, you would want to strive for decisions that allow all parties involved to benefit. Financial opportunities could drop in your lap and your situation could be suddenly much improved.  There could also be sudden setbacks, unexpected expenses, events that play havoc with your security — job, partner’s job, banks changing owners, new tax rules, etc. etc. Insurance is ruled by the 8th house, so be sure to ask questions and read all the fine print before you sign for any policies.  If you are single and meet a new partner, please be cautious about getting involved too quickly.  Uranus is not known for stability.  If you are already in a stable partnership, there may be a lot of opportunities to grow closer, read each other more intuitively, bond closer even if there is a crisis.

Taurus is not just money, it’s our hobbies and talents and gifts. You could suddenly find yourself very passionate about new hobbies and build skills rapidly so there is a positive financial change as a result. Follow your heart in this area and don’t be afraid to try new things.  Maybe it’s sculpture, or you decide to lay tile, or raise orchids, or become an appraiser or an insurance adjuster — the possibilities are infinite.  You could even invent something and get it patented.

The next few years are a little tricky when it comes to lending possessions. Don’t borrow money if you have doubts you can pay it back, and the same goes for lending to others. Of course if you are a banker by profession, this transit is just the new incorporation of technology. For example, I read a story about a robot in China who took the place of a bank teller.  However, lending your favorite books, tools, clothes, etc. is not a great idea because you might not get them back. Gifting someone would be better than loaning during this transit.

Uranus in the 9th is the house of long distance travel and foreign contacts, philosophy and metaphysical studies as well as traditional churches. Uranus rules aviation as well as technology.  Do not fly if there are malefic squares or oppositions to Uranus from Mars, Saturn, or Pluto in your natal.  Do not fly when transiting Mars squares, opposes or conjoins Uranus in the 9th either !!  This transit is great for contacting special interest groups, kindred spirits from all over the USA or all over the world. There are many on-line forums.  Enjoy the learning :)) The 9th is higher ed — a great time to take classes online, too.

You may feel more drawn to world news and events.  This is one of the prophetic houses — you could have flashes of intuition about world events before they happen.  If you travel ( during benevolent transits), you could meet new friends or even find love in far away places. Taurus rules ancient Greece.  Since Taurus has a business connection, the next few years could be a great time to start an online business. This could begin as a side gig but end up as a full time career for you. Your new gig could have to do with learning and teaching, or importing foreign goods for domestic resale, or even something like sponsoring and/or coordinating on-line metaphysical classes.  Those are just a few of potential 9th house meanings.

Artists with this transit will be drawn to foreign, maybe historic, techniques. The use of technology can play a role in helping you produce art that can be mass marketed, like posters, or greeting cards, etc.  Not everyone with this transit is going to feel exceptionally outgoing and ready to rock the world. Introverted people with Uranus in the 8th may be drawn to more meditation and prayer, a quieter life, with time for yoga, Tai Chi, etc. Again, the foreign connection.  Reading and assimilating new knowledge will be important for everyone with Uranus moving through the 9th…

If you have Uranus transiting your 10th, be ready for changes in career and how you view success. I have watched a lot of people take this transit; remember it takes about 7 years no matter what sign you have in your 10th house.  The person grows in the conviction that they need more freedom to do their best work, and they often decide they need a new career altogether.  Sometimes they feel suffocated by a micro-managing boss; sometimes they have mastered their work and are ready for a new challenge.  Sometimes the person feels unappreciated but I have also seen people exit a career when the ethics of that business  do not fit with who they are.

Since we’re talking Taurus in your 10th, it would harder to leave a career if the pay is good, since Taurus prefers comfort and financial security. That is part of the potential problem. Taurus can get into a rut; it’s a habitual sign. Uranus isn’t !! Uranus likes to shake things up — and suddenly!! Remember the 10th is a cardinal house — more impact in your life. Those of you born in the 60’s have some beautiful grand earth trines coming down the turnpike.  The best advice I can give you is embrace the changes, don’t resist.  Even if it was something like losing your job to a robot, or a new boss that no one likes, or disruptive technology makes your company’s product obsolete — there’s a hidden opportunity for you that comes to light and makes your life BETTER if you open your mind to new possibilities.

Meanwhile save money and lighten up the spending on pleasure of the moment stuff. When the changes come, and they will, you will feel better if you have savings tucked away.  If there’s  something you have always wanted to do, use technology to get certified in the field you want.  Don’t bury your head and pretend all is well at work if it isn’t. Investigate online what possibilities are out there that will enhance your life.  You could have a real breakthrough that defines your life in a whole new way.

The 10th house is also a symbol for authority figures. Uranus can be  a rebellious energy. This is not the time to fight — with the boss, or about politics, with City Hall or the Planning Dept., or with your own parents either.  You have a right to have more freedom in your life; your task is to figure out how to get what you want and still keep your life relatively stable.  Take heart…Jupiter enters Capricorn on 12-2-19 and there will be helpful trines to your career house over that next year to help you achieve your goals…

Well, enough for tonight, 2 houses left for next time :))  Stay tuned… Namaste, Jenae

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“Good morning, Dan, we’re recording this session so you’ll have a record of it.  Today is September 14, 2012 and we’re looking at your chart.  The three most important points in any chart are the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant or rising sign.  The Sun shows the aspiration of our soul in this life, who we are when we’re being our best selves and letting the light shine through.  Your Sun is in Cancer, the sign of home and family, and it’s in your 6th house of health/work/service to others, but pretty close to the cusp of your 7th house of marriage.  Looks like your home and family are pretty important to you.”

“That’s correct, I’ve lived in the same home for 30 years and my kids live fairly close by except for one.”

“Dan, the Moon is the ruler of Cancer and your Moon is in Sagittarius in your 11th house of friends and groups.  Usually with the Moon in Sag, there’s a lot of travel involved.  Often people with this position lived the military life as a child, a lot of moving around.  Sag is the sign most associated with foreign contacts.  Looks like you’ve been a lot of places, and even though you were born in a small town, you don’t have a small town mind — many friends from different places, different backgrounds, different races, religions, etc.”

“That’s very interesting, Jenae.  I spent 10 years in the Navy flying planes all over the world.  I’ve been to many, many foreign countries. I’m not a prejudiced person; I have friends from all races.”

“Cancer as a sign rules the stomach and food.  With your Moon is Sag I would think you would like foreign food?”

“Yes!! I’ve eaten some strange things in my life, just for the experience!!”

“Well, I can sure see the aviation — you have Aquarius rising. Not only that, but the ruler, Uranus, is exactly conjunct Venus in Gemini!  I bet machines talk to you :)…  You have a real good intuition about mechanical things, technology, electronics and good manual dexterity to work on these things. There’s such an interesting interchange between all these planets.  Your Moon is in the 11th, in the natural Aquarian house…how about teaching groups?  Ever done any of that?  The Moon in our charts shows the legacy that we bring with us from the past…you can look at it as biological heredity, or spiritual heredity as in past lives, or both.  I like to think of the Moon as a treasure chest we can dip into at will, to me it can symbolize talents we bring with us.  Are you a teacher? Do you come from a family of teachers?

“Yes, Jenae,  I enjoy machinery and I especially enjoy the challenge of making things work properly.  No teachers  in my family that I’m aware of.  I’m not a teacher in the formal sense, like in a classroom, but I DO enjoy learning new things and have taken many classes myself, and I have trained many people, both individuals and groups, in my life. I was a fire chief for years after I got out of the service.”

“Well that would fit with groups of people working for the common good — the 11th house rules all charitable, fraternal groups, labor groups and organizations.  And that theme is underlined by your Aquarius rising.  The Ascendant is the mask of personality worn over the soul, the “You” that other people see.  I always like to use Magnum P.I. as a good example of male Aquarian energy.  Actually, Tom Selleck IS an Aquarian and they wrote that part true to form — analytical rather than emotional, intuitive, somewhat rebellious and/or eccentric, fanatically loyal to his friends, etc.  Since your Sun is in Cancer I’d say you are probably very loyal and protective of your family and when the kids were little, they couldn’t get away with stuff without you finding out intuitively.  Is that correct?”

“Yes, I always knew when they were up to something…but they were all pretty good kids. I felt the same protectiveness and loyalty to my fire crews, too.”

“Dan, I have to tell you, the way your chart sets up, that Moon in Sag could cause some problems with your digestion.  There’s a tendency to go overboard if you like a food or a drink a lot.  Sag is ruled by Jupiter which is an expansionary energy;  it’s the sign most associated with overdoing things.  In addition you have Saturn in Cancer.  It’s not conjunct your Sun but it IS in your 6th house of health.  Saturn can show a weak point in our chart that needs to be strengthened and Cancer rules the stomach. In addition to that placement, you have your chart ruler in the 4th which IS the natural Cancer house, and your Moon is in wide opposition to that Venus-Uranus conjunction in the 4th.  I’ve seen a lot of Gemini people with allergies but usually it’s airborne stuff like pollen or dander.  In your chart, there would be more emphasis on the things you ingest.  Tell me about your health, Dan.”

“Well, I DO have food allergies and this was from the time I was born. My Mother told me they couldn’t find any kind of milk or formula that I could tolerate, she told me I was raised on chicken broth.  I’m in good health, but there are certain foods  I cannot eat and I am also allergic to other things — Neosporin, latex, any kind of rubber.  Before I knew what it was, my hands used to get blisters and then crack and bleed and it was a long healing process each time this happened.  I didn’t find out about those last three until I was over 40.  I spent years eating foods my body was allergic to and I didn’t know what was wrong since the symptoms were more indicative of a contact allergen.  I just figured I’d touched too many chemicals doing field research on various farms.  And I’ve always had occasional indigestion, but in spite of all of this, I am very healthy.”

“Dan, that sounds very difficult.  Uranus in Gemini  in the 4th, Gemini rules the hands and arms.  You know, every chart I do, I learn something, too.  Your symptoms were in your hands.  I’ll remember that for the future. Did ANYTHING positive happen in your life as a result of this situation?  Venus is a beneficial planet and it’s in Gemini in your 4th, too…”

“Actually, Jenae, the blisters went up my arms, too, up almost to the elbows.  Did anything good happen?  Well, when I got the results of the tests and learned what NOT to do or eat, I guess that was a positive…oh, I did start studying more about health and nutrition.”

“Bingo !!! That was the hidden blessing in the long ordeal you endured. With Saturn in your 6th house of health, that makes perfect sense !!  Hands AND arms…I’ll have to remember that…”

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