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Good Morning dear Readers and Friends, Made it !! Today is the day Mars retrogrades and this will be the last post of this series.  I would have liked to have been earlier with the information.  The truth is there are friends and family in very serious fire situations.  I live on irrigated ag land, which is safe, but there are fires all around us and the air quality is terrible.  An additional layer of stress…good thing this is the last post of the series because the blogsite is not working well at all. Won’t let me start new paragraphs, the whole post disappears…so here it is with NO paragraphs.  If you have AQUARIUS rising, then the Capricorn transits are in your 12th house and Mars squares them from your 3rd house of communication. There is a positive sextile from Mars to your Ascendant. Aquarians are famous for saying things that shock people, and since the Ascendant can represent the mask of personality, that trait may apply to you. I should know since it’s my Sun sign.  When I was young I deliberately tried to shake people up by saying unexpected things. It’s a very bad habit and I worked on myself to correct it.  Most people  don’t take kindly to abrupt changes in subject, either. Not everybody likes to leap from peak to peak in conversation.  You need to focus on being less impulsive in your conversations for the next few months.  Aries can be very argumentative.  Please take a look at that during this retrograde and strive for communication, NOT debate.  All the Cap transits in your 12th are about integrating your spiritual life into your everyday life — no separation — including career. It’s about being honest with yourself and being open to guidance from your teachers, both visible and invisible.  It’s not about church, it’s about the values you live by and these need to translate into how you conduct yourself at work.  Some people with Cap in the 12th work alone or work behind the scenes. My impression with your transits is something about your current career does not sit well with you spiritually, nor does it fit in with your long term goals.  Be a little secretive, no irritable venting at work or to people you don’t know well enough to trust. DO make a list of what your most satisfying career would be — writing it down is the first step toward manifesting your goals and dreams.  You should be doing some kind of spiritual practice every day.  Maybe yoga, maybe martial arts, maybe meditation — doesn’t really matter as long as you are consistent and sincere.  A BIG Breakthrough is coming to you when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin your Ascendant.  Depending on the degree, the early degrees will be as soon as this winter — December 2020 and into 2021. Then Jupiter moves ahead faster than Saturn so the mid and later degrees of Aquarius won’t have the double conjunction, but they will still have powerful changes that offer new opportunities and more freedom.  For now, don’t tell yourself everything is fine when it’s not. Dig DEEP and figure out what you most need!!     If you have PISCES rising then the Capricorn transits are in your 11th house of Friends and Groups, and the retrograde Mars transit is in your 2nd house of money, hobbies, possessions and resources.  These transits don’t put a lot of stress on your Ascendant but the houses involved would indicate a disconnect between your friends and your values. I have seen people with Saturn in their 11th either having no time for friends, or their friends are older, or there is some kind of service you do for a group. Jupiter expands whatever house it is moving through, so that would show new friends or a wider circle of kindred spirits, perhaps at a distance from where you live. There are online forums for every group imaginable these days.  Pluto would mean your needs and expectations regarding friends are changing. This could be that friends you’ve known a long time are growing in a different direction than you are, making things less satisfying and forcing you to really examine whether you share important values.  In a worst-case scenario you could lose a friend, they depart the earth, not a fight. These  transits are not favorable for starting a business with a friend, or for borrowing or lending possessions and/or money with friends.  Another impression I have is that certain friends want to do very expensive activities and that you wish to put your money in a different direction.  Maybe they want to buy shoes every week and you want to take classes.  Or they want fancy food and you are saving for a major purchase.  Whatever it is, I think you can dodge any major confrontations by being kind to all but sticking with what works for you.  The worst way to play these transits would be to donate money to a cause and then feel resentful about it.  No brownie points for that!!  Strive for unity and integrity.  Not to complicate your life, but if you study astrology then you already know that Neptune is in Pisces and if it’s within 3 degrees of orb to either side of your Ascendant then the Neptune conjunction supersedes every other transit in terms of its importance in your life.  I think you should read all about Neptune in its own sign Pisces and what that means in your chart.  It’s a once in a lifetime transit!!  Neptune can be confusion but it can also be spiritual breakthroughs.  It’s  time to be an angel disguised as a human :))  Don’t get me wrong — you’re not going anywhere, but it IS time to express your spiritual self on a daily basis !! Namaste…can’t even make this site work properly so adios for now.  Stay safe ad be prepared for some glitches from Mars…good luck :)) Jenae

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Good Evening, dear Readers and Friends, Sorry for taking so long but we have tomatoes coming out our ears !!  It’s been a strange gardening year.  Some crops have done really well and others not. Anyway, back to astrology…

If you have VIRGO rising, this is actually a blessing because the Capricorn transits are trine and Uranus in Taurus is trine. You can be really productive and may be in line for a raise or a promotion at work.  A Grand Earth Trine by transit means you are more of a self-starter now and don’t need others to motivate you. Could be you want to start a side gig of your own?  Get started on your new projects NOW and then be a bit more cautious when Mercury is retro 10/13 to 11/3/2020. Extra effort should be well rewarded in 2020 and this trend somewhat continues into January 2021 as Mars enters Taurus. Mars in Aries is forming an inconjunct to your Ascendant and this is more a problem you can fix by adjusting your own inner beliefs and attitudes. 

AN inconjunct often comes out in the workplace with people either overly dependent on you or trying to dump on you and then claim the credit.  The first thing to do with an inconjunct is to ask yourself who owns the problem?  Virgo is so famous for rushing in to help people; maybe you need to rethink those tendencies.  If you want to help a co-worker, meet them part way and seek solutions that make them stronger instead of more dependent on you.  It’s that knee-jerk reaction to help someone out of their troubles that will cause YOU trouble while Mars is in Aries, so allow yourself some time and space to really think things through.

The Capricorn planets are transiting your 5th house — be creative !! You can multi-task quite well even if you are working from home. If you have kids, have a family meeting to get their input on chores, routines, and when to take breaks and have some fun, or some outdoor exercise, or even how to help you with your new project.  The Mars in Aries is most likely in your 8th house which could mean financial loose ends can zap you if you don’t pay attention.  If you are starting a side gig, be sure to do your research re: taxes, licenses, insurance, etc. and also the rules in your city and state.  If you are busy enough with just your regular work, look carefully at how you allocate your money.  We are in tough times. A lot of people are struggling.  A friend of mine said it so well — there is money and help out there but it is almost another full-time job to chase it down, whether it’s food stamps, discounts on prescriptions, help with rent or loans, etc.

If you have LIBRA rising, that’s one of the Cardinal signs so you are most likely getting hammered. One client called me and asked was she ever going to get a break from all the pressure — older relatives, finances, health, sick pets, etc. and I told her probably not for awhile.  (I’m an honest astrologer…) I watched her use her innate grace and diplomacy to navigate through a very difficult family situation.  She ended up taking actions that improved those relationships and even gave her a bit more breathing room.  It was my observation that through all these difficulties she is actually building more trust in her own instincts and more confidence in herself.  Not easy, but it IS possible to turn those negatives into positive results for all concerned!!

The usual interpretation of Saturn transiting in the 4th house of home and family is heavy responsibilities for older relatives, or the house is too small, too dark, roommates are not cooperating, etc. Add Jupiter and Pluto and the whole scenario is magnified.  Mars in Aries is most likely transiting through your 7th house of partnerships — yes, marriage, but any important one on one relationship.  Could be business.  Someone impulsive and possibly selfish is trying  to push you;  they want their own way and have no patience.  If you are single, try to avoid potential partners.  This is not a good cycle to form a partnership, either business or personal.  Here’s a whole list of don’ts: Don’t build a house, do not undertake home repairs until after 11/3 if possible, don’t start legal action, and don’t let someone new move into your house with you. 

Things will get better.  When Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius in December they will form trines to Libra.  Happier times are coming.  You will still have Pluto in Cap in your 4th but that is all the changes that families go through as the years pass.  Depending on your whole chart, you may change houses.  Meanwhile, try to get enough rest and eat your vegetables.  If you acknowledge to yourself  and  to your closest friends that you are under pressure, it may help you to form new routines and habits that are different from your family patterns but are actually better for you.  Do things that bring more light into you home.  Sometimes mirrors can bounce light around a room. Consider full spectrum light bulbs where you spend a lot of time — like your favorite easy chair or at your desk.  Hang some cut crystals in the windows to generate rainbows in the house.  You might even want to study Feng Shui — how to place furniture in a home for better health, positive energy, and prosperity.

I hope to write more tomorrow…good night for now…Jenae




























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Back again, dear Friends and readers…let’s continue with transiting Mars through the houses.  If you have GEMINI rising, then Mars is moving through your 11th house of Friends and Groups, and hopes and wishes for the future.  Mars in this house would mean a lot of activity with people, maybe small, socially distant groups of people these days, but maybe lots of people through using zoom, all the new technology, etc.

Mars squaring your Cap transits in the 8th house is kind of a warning to dot every i and cross every t regarding finances, taxes, insurance, government paperwork of all kinds.  Since the 8th is a financial house, this would be the worst period for you to intertwine friends and money. Don’t loan and don’t borrow.  That could apply to important possessions as well as money.  A small gift to someone desperate, like a $20 or a gift card from the market, is better than a loan.  Don’t give unless you can do it without attachment.  I also have to wonder if these transits mean that some kind of group you are involved in online wants money — it could be dues, or charity, or classes.  Be careful with that kind of thing — there are a lot of scammers out there.  Please pay attention to your feelings and trust your instincts — if a connection to a group doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.  Stand your ground.

My impression is your friends will look to you for leadership, or for the inspiration of new ideas and plans. That is fine, just don’t get in over your head!  I saw a neat thing on the King Arthur Flour website the other day — each socially distant employee made a quilt square with a baking theme. Then one person put them all together into a beautiful quilt.  It IS possible to have fun with your friends and even meet new ones, in spite of the virus!  Maybe you and a small group of friends will plan a vacation outdoors — camping, a picnic, renting separate bungalows for a weekend on the water, etc. If so, do it soon before the weather turns and before Mercury goes retro on 10-13-2020…

If you have CANCER rising then Mars is most likely in your career house, the 10th,  and the Cap transits would be in your 7th house of partners.  Anything on the Cardinal Angles like these are means it’s going to be a very intense period for you.  Hopefully, your Sun is in a sign that takes some of the pressure off — Mars is square your Ascendant and square to Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in the 7th.  This forms a T-Square that makes your 4th house of home and family act like a vacuum to suck all the energy.  Remember that 4th for you is Libra — patience, diplomacy, compromise, and good manners!!  So much stress between work and home, or trying to work at home, or work and kids school at home.  Maybe your partner’s parents or older relatives are having a rough time.  It’s all coming down on you at once — MAJOR stress!!  So…what are you going to do about it?

First of all, you and your partner need to work TOGETHER, cooperate and schedule things so that each of you gets a breather if possible. Second, take vitamins — like Focus Factor, or at least a good quality multiple.  The kids need their gummies, too.  Third, make the meals as nutritious as possible without a lot of work.  Even if you just have a pizza, include a salad or tiny raw carrots/celery/etc for the kiddos.  Roasted vegetables are quick and easy and you can make enough for a couple days.  We eat a lot of homemade tacos, with garlic and peppers and onions cut tiny and sautéed with the meat. We cook beans in bulk and have them in the freezer. I like grated cheese, too; not everybody does.  I cut little cherry tomatoes in 1/4’s to put on top of the meat, then garnish with lettuce. One or both of you might be quite worried about your jobs — where I live, people who work for local government or the state have already had mandatory furloughs one day a week amounting to a 20% cut.  Be kind to one another and try to get enough rest. Fourth, clear communication and leaving notes and messages to remind the family about stuff will help. If you can put up a BIG calendar on the wall of your kitchen, that’s even better than notes.

All you can do is take things one day at a time, reminding yourself you will get through this period, and state out loud what you are grateful for, even if it’s something very simple like being healthy and being able to see, hear, walk, etc. This difficult period in your lives will moderate in mid-December when both Saturn and Jupiter change signs.  Pluto will still be in Cap, though, and if you have planets in late Cancer, or if your rising is a later degree, there will still be some pressure but not as intense. TG!!  There’s free counseling on phone lines if you need it.  Even a friend to vent to can be helpful.  If you or your partner need a different job, try using the new technology and see if you can find something online.  I looked the other day and there’s a lot of delivery jobs. I know a young girl who delivers lunches, mostly sandwiches and the tips were better than when she was working in a food business.  She has an electric car that gets great mileage, though.

If you have LEO rising, then Mars in Aries is moving through your 9th (a trine) and the Capricorn planets are in your 6th (an inconjunct). The 9th is higher education, licensing and certification, metaphysics and philosophy, and all long distance travel and contacts, including foreign contacts.  The 6th is health work and service — who you hire and who hires you, and all the Virgo stuff — organization, cleanliness, diet, nutrition, daily chores, etc.  Paying attention to the details at work is going to be important. Don’t let that Leo pride get in the way of asking questions to understand your job better. Use the trine from Mars to further your education, whether it’s your job or hobbies or other interests you have.

Mars in the 9th is not a good time for long-distance travel,  and information coming from a distance may get garbled when Mars is retrograde (9/9 to 11/13/2020).  Or you may have people you care about who are at a distance and they are going through tough times.  Try your best to be kind and emotionally supportive. Stay off of airplanes, please, but shorter trips, regional travel by car, are ok.  If you need a little break, try exploring interesting places close to home.  One of my daughters has Leo rising and I think she’s seen every outdoor park in 3 counties this year.  It became her family’s favorite kind of recreation because so many indoor places have been closed down. Mars in Aries is a fire sign — outdoor activity is very helpful for you with that trine to your Ascendant.  Take advantage of the remaining good weather.  I know parents who have taken their kids camping, or to the beach. Pretty soon you can take them to corn mazes and pumpkin patches, or to pick apples or berries.  The simpler outdoor pleasures can bring a family together and build happy memories.  Leo is children. Try letting the child in yourself come out to play.  The sunshine kills the virus and it’s relatively safe to be outdoors.

Transiting Mars inconjunct to the Cap planets could mean that you need to implement new health care routines after school begins.  Not all schools are online.  If I were a parent of school age kids, I would be worried about the lack of clear communication from the local school district.  Some parents are tutoring kids in small pods. This only works if the families of the other kids in the pods are not in jobs that increase risk.  If they are, then it’s like letting the fox into the hen house. You are  going to have to decide what level of risk you can be relatively comfortable about. I feel so sorry for all the parents who need daycare.  It’s a nightmare to me. I think children all over the world are suffering from a certain amount of depression — their world as they knew it has been taken away.  They miss their school, their teachers, their friends, their extra-curricular activities — sports, music, birthday parties…

I don’t have any answers for this. All you can do is the best you can do.  If you are an adult who has lost their job, then consider going to school online — Mars in your 9th is a great time for that.  And they say the best place to be in a recession is in school. If you are a parent, then be as protective of your kids as possible.  If you have an illness that makes you high-risk, then school your kids from home. You have legal grounds to protect yourself.   Eventually, there will be remedies and vaccines available that will lessen the danger to us all.. December looks like a turning point to me…

Meanwhile, I hope you stay safe and I will be back with more Mars through the houses tomorrow…Jenae


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