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Good Evening, dear Readers and Friends, tonight let’s begin to fine-tune this very long Mars transit which lasts until 1/6/2020.  If you have Aries rising, then Mars is most likely transiting your 1st house. If you know your chart and you have late Aries rising, in the late 20 degrees, then you should also be reading Mars in the 12th in order to get a more accurate interpretation.

Mars forward, backward (retro), and forward again in your 1st house AND in it’s OWN SIGN gives you a real opportunity to reinvent yourself.  You may have to re-assess and fine-tune the impulses of this summer. For example, if you decided you are physically weak, then embarking on an exercise program makes sense. However, if you go whole hog, you may pull a muscle or injure yourself.  You may end up spending time at PT during the retrograde to heal yourself before you can proceed again. Your original decision was a positive but without some moderation and discipline you will not be successful.

Since Mars in Aries rules the head, pay particular attention to your eyes. Maybe a check-up is in order. The same with chronic headaches. Use the retrograde to do some research and you may find some answers that will help you.

Here’s another example on the intellectual/emotional level. Maybe you decide you have been too assertive. Maybe you have alienated people who you care about. Mars retro will offer you an opportunity to really examine your own behavior, motives, and style of speaking. The 1st house is our personality, how we present ourselves to the outside world.  Some people will love your blunt, to the point, style of communication.  Other people will take offense. Use this retrograde to teach yourself how to be more versatile. There’s an old phrase I love — “Good manners are the wheel that turns civilization.”  If you are in the habit of swearing, learn how to control it. Swearing is better as occasional punctuation than as habitual vocabulary.

Mars in the 1st is courageous. A great time to take First Aid and CPR. You could save a life.  Spiritually, you are meant to manifest heroic qualities.  Think about how you could be an example for others. Lead by actions rather than words. Fire signs make a big impression through their physical actions.  Especially when Mars is in its own sign and its own house.  This position has great presence of mind in emergency situations.  Be grateful for your gifts.

If you have Taurus Rising, then Mars is currently making a long transit through your 12th house. This is a little tricky, with all the squares to Capricorn. And your desire for more freedom is also accented by Uranus currently transiting in Taurus.  Freedom on the outside of your life starts by freeing yourself internally (12th) from old ghosts, unresolved issues with authority figures, overcoming insecurity, and having the courage to be very honest with yourself. This is a much more private Mars transit than in other houses. Other people may have no idea that you are wrestling with old issues, grief, anger, irritation, fear of being alone/abandonment, etc. In general, in natal astrology, when someone is born with Mars in their 12th it can be a sign of unconscious anger.  Of course you have to look at the whole chart. If Mars in the 12th is trine Neptune then it cold be a real gift with dreams.  So, that’s why these Mars squares to the transiting Capricorn planets can be so serious. Are you mad at a father or grandfather or a boss, or something connected with the government?  (Boy, that one was easy! Who isn’t mad at the Congress these days?)

You might want to seek some private counseling over the next 6 months.  EMDR can be very helpful for overcoming past traumas. What is important for healing is that you find the courage to look at past hurts in a new way, without emotional attachment, and to seek the treasure that came from these difficult experiences.  When I see a quality I don’t like in someone else, I say to myself, Gee, that’s pretty awful! And I try really hard to see that same quality in myself and take great care to express the opposite.  I knew someone who made very sarcastic and judgmental remarks about other people.  It bothered me but I knew better than to put the person down for it. If I can see it, then it is a part of myself. So I made a really conscious effort not to say mean things about people.  When someone is mean, they are at war with themselves.  They will never find peace until they want peace more than they want their ego to be right and everyone else to be wrong.

So, this Mars transit in your 12th is great for working in private, for teaching yourself new skills. And if someone in your past has hurt you, find the courage to forgive them because that frees and empowers YOU!!  When we die, our guides don’t say, Oh, you poor dear, you had such hard experiences!  They say, yeah, that was a toughie, so what did you learn from it?  Why postpone the inevitable? Do that work NOW and find the good qualities that you developed in yourself as a result. I know someone that was beaten every day as a child. She had the courage to forgive the abuse, the alcoholism, the whole thing, and she is the kindest, yet most honest person — I consider her an angel disguised as a human. One of many that I have the honor of knowing…

OK, the tomatoes are calling. I will continue with Mars in a couple days…stay safe!! Jenae

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Good Morning, dear Readers and Friends,

Today’s post is technical but this is the info you need before we go through Mars in the houses.  I always allow about a week for Mars transits — roughly 3 or 4 days on either side of the exact date. So you need to know your chart because if Mars is within 2 to 3 degrees of a conjunction, opposition, or square to your NATAL planets, you will want to pay particular attention to these dates.  It doesn’t matter if your birthday is not Aries/Cancer/Libra or Capricorn — you may have other natal planets in these signs. If you don’t then at least be aware of what houses in your chart contain these signs. These are potentially malefic planets; it will take work and awareness on your part to bring out a positive potential.  If you were my private client, I would advise you to put safety first — these dates are not good for risky or impulsive behavior.  Discipline your thoughts, too. Positive thoughts keep our immune system stronger…

Remember these are transits; the mood of the day’s transits can affect everybody…

Mars square Jupiter 19 degrees Aries/Cap — 8/4/2020 ( the full moon was exact on the 3rd)

Mars square Pluto 23 degrees Aries/Cap — 8/13/2020

Mars square Saturn 26 degrees Aries/Cap — 8/24/2020 (Wisconsin tragedy and riots)

Mars retrograde square Saturn 25 degrees Aries/Cap —9/29/2020 (Saturn direct 9/28)

Mars retro square Pluto 22 degrees Aries/Cap — 10/9/2020 (moon in Cancer)

Mars retro square Jupiter 19 degrees Aries/Cap — 10/18/2020 (Sun square Saturn at 25       degrees Libra/Cap plus Mercury is retrograde)

Mars direct motion 15 degrees Aries 11/13/2020

Mars square Pluto 23 degrees Aries/Cap — 12/23/2020

BTW, the Full Moon is on Election Day, with Mercury going fwd that day — 11/3/2020 — what a mess!!

You will notice that the next square between Mars and Saturn is in January in Aquarius. Different energy. You’ll have to wait till I write posts for both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. However, there is a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at 0 degrees Aquarius on 12/21/2020 — the winter Solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn.   This is why I asked you to think about community yesterday.  All the other astrologers I’ve read are very negative about this year’s  holiday season, saying the virus is coming back with a vengeance. Yes it is the cold and flu season but there are lots of things you can do to protect yourself. The Aquarian energy is all about computers and technology and also humanitarian love.  Form communities of kindred spirits and the whole of society will be the better for it. Physical or online — find a way to express your heart energy and let all the new technology help you.

Meanwhile, with these Mars transits, if it was me, I would avoid going downtown or even out anywhere that isn’t truly necessary.  The potential for rage and violence is higher than usual.  If you have to send really important papers through the mail, at least insure or certify their delivery.  Lock your car, your home, your purse, and don’t take risks. Be confident, yet polite.  These transits also seem to be manifesting physical emergencies — fires, wind, hurricanes, flooding, etc. Do what you can to prepare and be self-sufficient.  Safety first !!

I hope all this info is helpful  for you. Tomorrow I will start writing Mars through the houses…be well :)) Jenae


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Dear Readers and Friends, You can take any transit and interpret it on a mundane level, on the physical level, which can include personal stuff or how the transit might manifest in the outside world. You can also interpret on the mental level, or on the emotional/spiritual level, too.  Today I want to take a look at Mars in Aries more on the psychological level.  Before I get to that part, I want to tell you what I’ve been observing with these Cardinal transits this year…

First of all, anyone with Cardinal planets in their natal is getting hit hard.  We all have Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn energy somewhere in our charts, but those of you with birth planets in these signs are getting hammered. This is due to Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto transiting through Capricorn, as well as Mars in Aries since end of June, and also Mercury and Venus have just made their annual transit through Cancer during July, though Venus is running behind due to it’s retrograde in May/June, so it is in Cancer right now.  Lots of squares and oppositions make for an abundance of challenges…

For example, I have over a dozen clients that are  dealing with health and safety issues for older parents.  This is challenging at any time, but can you imagine how much more difficult it is with the virus issues running concurrently?  Just getting to where the elders live can be a challenge, they won’t let you in the hospital — you have to drop them off at the door, getting help and medical appointments is never easy and now it is so much worse!!  Nursing homes are dangerous, even caregivers can be risky because they are in and out of numerous peoples’ homes, what is a concerned adult child to do?  Every choice has consequences and they are painfully aware of it.  The responsibilities are weighing on them very heavily.  They need some R+R but there IS NO R+R. Not where Pluto is concerned — it is inexorable — all you can do is embrace the pressure as gracefully as you can — resistance is futile. Trust me, I have been there — I lost 17 people in the 8 years that Pluto in Scorpio squared just about everything in my chart.  Years later I realized that it had prepared me to do hospice work for others…

OK, I know you guys already know that Cap represents seniors, but it is  also a symbol for career.  So, yeah, there are a lot of problems with jobs these days. Just having a job has become a HUGE issue. Or working from home and trying to parent kids at the same time. Or working from home and trying to provide education for your kids at the same time. Or working and how do you keep your kids safe when you are at work?  Elizabeth Warren said it so well — we will not be able to fix the economy without safe and affordable daycare.  They are intertwined.  Not everyone can work from home. If you can, consider yourself blessed. In spite of all the problems…

The shifting to more stuff online is going to continue — astrology says that’s a no brainer as both Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius this coming December.  I have often heard it said that the best place to be in a recession is in school.  So, those of you having job problems might consider going to school online to further your current career or even shift to a new one.  Since single parents have it even tougher right now, consider what community means to you — neighbors, friends, a roommate who doesn’t gallivant all over town — keep your home as safe as you can, but consider how much small communities of people can do to make life easier for each other.

OK, back to Mars…Mars is the God of War in mythology. Cap is a symbol for government/power/authority.  The squares from Mars in Aries to the Cap transits are pretty obvious out in the world.  Squares = challenge/frustration/the need to make adjustments.  Protests and marches can turn violent.  There are groups that consider themselves to be at war with the government. It doesn’t look like it’s going to resolve very soon, but maybe when Mars goes retrograde, these groups will realize it’s better to be a community activist and get something positive done to change society.  Like backing candidates for government at the local level who will truly help their community. Jobs, childcare, better education and health care. etc.

But I don’t want to discuss Mars in the outer world. There are lots of astrologers writing about that stuff. Read as much as you can.  There will be many different points of view.  What I see at this time is the urge to do things in a new way, to reinvent ourselves (Mars) is at odds with the status quo.  There’s reason Cap rules old age — people get stiff and lose flexibility and this happens in the mind, too.  They get rigid and resist change. Exercising to keep ourselves flexible is a really good thing because it also helps the mind stay open to learning and growing.  We all need that right now. Adaptablity and flexibility will get us through this crisis.  A sentence came to me this morning — “We have the right to change our mind.”  I think that’s a good use for Mars retrograde 9/9/20 to 11/13/20 — plans that are not working out well can be adjusted. Instead of doing things impulsively (Mars), we need to be deliberate and clear about the steps that will get us to our goals.  It’s going to take a bit more patience, too.  That’s the square to the Cap transits. Capricorn works hard to achieve success and likes to dot every i and cross every t — and they don’t give up until they succeed.  Mars loves a good challenge but when it’s been mastered they tend to get bored.  Mars has no trouble starting new things but sometimes completing them is a problem.  The squares are asking us to look at these discordant qualities and find a way to do both to free ourselves from restriction and allow ourselves to have the courage to try new things.  My personal challenge is technology.  I have to walk my talk. For me it means an updated phone and computer. I’m not buying impulsively; I’ve been doing research. I will either move forward now before Mars goes retro or wait till the end of the year.  Part of it is the money but I can feel that internal resistance, the fear of making a mistake.  Which is ridiculous because I have lots of skilled people in my life who will help me.  I’ll keep you guys posted on how this works out :)) And I wish you good luck on meeting your own challenges, whatever they are…

Tomorrow I’ll start going through the houses for the Mars transits…stay tuned…XO, Jenae


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