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Good Morning dear Readers and Friends, Made it !! Today is the day Mars retrogrades and this will be the last post of this series.  I would have liked to have been earlier with the information.  The truth is there are friends and family in very serious fire situations.  I live on irrigated ag land, which is safe, but there are fires all around us and the air quality is terrible.  An additional layer of stress…good thing this is the last post of the series because the blogsite is not working well at all. Won’t let me start new paragraphs, the whole post disappears…so here it is with NO paragraphs.  If you have AQUARIUS rising, then the Capricorn transits are in your 12th house and Mars squares them from your 3rd house of communication. There is a positive sextile from Mars to your Ascendant. Aquarians are famous for saying things that shock people, and since the Ascendant can represent the mask of personality, that trait may apply to you. I should know since it’s my Sun sign.  When I was young I deliberately tried to shake people up by saying unexpected things. It’s a very bad habit and I worked on myself to correct it.  Most people  don’t take kindly to abrupt changes in subject, either. Not everybody likes to leap from peak to peak in conversation.  You need to focus on being less impulsive in your conversations for the next few months.  Aries can be very argumentative.  Please take a look at that during this retrograde and strive for communication, NOT debate.  All the Cap transits in your 12th are about integrating your spiritual life into your everyday life — no separation — including career. It’s about being honest with yourself and being open to guidance from your teachers, both visible and invisible.  It’s not about church, it’s about the values you live by and these need to translate into how you conduct yourself at work.  Some people with Cap in the 12th work alone or work behind the scenes. My impression with your transits is something about your current career does not sit well with you spiritually, nor does it fit in with your long term goals.  Be a little secretive, no irritable venting at work or to people you don’t know well enough to trust. DO make a list of what your most satisfying career would be — writing it down is the first step toward manifesting your goals and dreams.  You should be doing some kind of spiritual practice every day.  Maybe yoga, maybe martial arts, maybe meditation — doesn’t really matter as long as you are consistent and sincere.  A BIG Breakthrough is coming to you when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin your Ascendant.  Depending on the degree, the early degrees will be as soon as this winter — December 2020 and into 2021. Then Jupiter moves ahead faster than Saturn so the mid and later degrees of Aquarius won’t have the double conjunction, but they will still have powerful changes that offer new opportunities and more freedom.  For now, don’t tell yourself everything is fine when it’s not. Dig DEEP and figure out what you most need!!     If you have PISCES rising then the Capricorn transits are in your 11th house of Friends and Groups, and the retrograde Mars transit is in your 2nd house of money, hobbies, possessions and resources.  These transits don’t put a lot of stress on your Ascendant but the houses involved would indicate a disconnect between your friends and your values. I have seen people with Saturn in their 11th either having no time for friends, or their friends are older, or there is some kind of service you do for a group. Jupiter expands whatever house it is moving through, so that would show new friends or a wider circle of kindred spirits, perhaps at a distance from where you live. There are online forums for every group imaginable these days.  Pluto would mean your needs and expectations regarding friends are changing. This could be that friends you’ve known a long time are growing in a different direction than you are, making things less satisfying and forcing you to really examine whether you share important values.  In a worst-case scenario you could lose a friend, they depart the earth, not a fight. These  transits are not favorable for starting a business with a friend, or for borrowing or lending possessions and/or money with friends.  Another impression I have is that certain friends want to do very expensive activities and that you wish to put your money in a different direction.  Maybe they want to buy shoes every week and you want to take classes.  Or they want fancy food and you are saving for a major purchase.  Whatever it is, I think you can dodge any major confrontations by being kind to all but sticking with what works for you.  The worst way to play these transits would be to donate money to a cause and then feel resentful about it.  No brownie points for that!!  Strive for unity and integrity.  Not to complicate your life, but if you study astrology then you already know that Neptune is in Pisces and if it’s within 3 degrees of orb to either side of your Ascendant then the Neptune conjunction supersedes every other transit in terms of its importance in your life.  I think you should read all about Neptune in its own sign Pisces and what that means in your chart.  It’s a once in a lifetime transit!!  Neptune can be confusion but it can also be spiritual breakthroughs.  It’s  time to be an angel disguised as a human :))  Don’t get me wrong — you’re not going anywhere, but it IS time to express your spiritual self on a daily basis !! Namaste…can’t even make this site work properly so adios for now.  Stay safe ad be prepared for some glitches from Mars…good luck :)) Jenae

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Good afternoon dear Friends and Readers, back again…

If you have SCORPIO rising then Mars is making a long transit through your 6th house.  I know people with this position and some of them have pulled ligaments and/or torn muscles.  The 6th is health, work, and service.  Most of them have a million small chores every day that is somewhat exhausting.  So we can figure that taking good care of your health is going to be important for the next roughly 4 months.  Work will probably be extra busy.  I would caution you that if you are looking for a new job, avoid one that is too physical for your capabilities.

Actually the Capricorn transits are making a nice sextile to Scorpio, so this could be a pretty good time for your career — either changing careers or finding new ways to do your work remotely, or even starting some kind of side gig.  Since the Cap planets are in your 3rd house, this is a good year for technical training, short classes, workshops, etc.  If you use your car for work, keep a mileage log and accurate records.

So, the Mars transit is forming an inconjunct aspect to Scorpio, which can be difficult as far as co-workers.  Maybe they don’t have the same work ethic as you do, or maybe it’s just chaotic because of communication or schedule glitches.  Just don’t get mad about it, or that will make the situation worse.  Try to find workable compromises that don’t hurt morale.  I love that old cliché — don’t win the battle but lose the war.  Very appropriate with this transit.  One more thing about health… Mars rules Aries and is strong here — it rules the head. Get your eyes checked if you need glasses or are having headaches.

If you have SAGITTARIUS rising, then Mars is making a nice trine to your Ascendant, especially if your rising is in the later degrees of Sag.  Phew!!  You don’t have near as much pressure on you as some other people. Even the Cap planets are making a mild but subtle 30 degree semi-sextile aspect to Sag.  True, you still have to deal with the Mars squaring the Capricorn planets.  That would be your 2nd house of money and values, possessions and resources and hobbies — and Mars would be in your 5th house of kids, creativity, having fun, being spontaneous.  (Gee, who gets to do that these days?)  Hopefully, the kids do, but I don’t know many adults who are lighthearted at the moment.  Pretty hard to be happy when the world is falling apart.

Anyway, my impression of these houses is that maybe you have kids and they want toys or they need things for online school that add extra costs to your budget.  Most school districts are providing tablets or laptops and hot spots to help with wifi.  If your district isn’t, start by writing on social media to the schools’ Superintendent, then your local representatives in State Legislature, then the Governor.  If that doesn’t get you what you need for your kids, then start a Go Fund Me page for your kids’ school.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the little girls on the sidewalk in front of Taco Bell in Salinas.  The employees filmed them and it went viral and everyone got involved to help kids across that District.  Big time. One of the few pieces of good news out there.

OK back to you…maybe you don’t have kids… then my impression is you have a big goal or a dream at this point — something you want to do that is creative, something you have a passion for and you don’t know how to get there.  Anything you do to develop your talents and hobbies this year will pay off in time, especially if you have natal planets in your 2nd — a strong sign of turning hobbies into careers.  Right now there is no community theater or singing groups, but you can still train at home or online with others.  If you are an artist, keep producing beautiful things.  Utube artists can be very inspiring.  My granddaughter used to watch something called 5 minute Crafts — amazing what people can do with very simple materials.

Mars is good with sharp tools and fire — maybe you want to carve wood, or learn the Marquetry technique (mosaics out of very thin sheets of wood). Maybe you are into welding and ornamental iron, or glass blowing, or pottery.  If you are serious, start small and buy one tool at a time.  It is often possible to share workspace or kilns.  Most towns have communities of artists.  Maybe just pay for one lesson?  Or barter could work.  The  point is to be patient with yourself because these times aren’t easy.  Keep your eye on the long-term goal and don’t give up.  If you keep practicing and trying your best, a break-through will happen in response to YOUR efforts, sincerity, and dedication.  Good luck :))

If you have CAPRICORN rising, you’ve already been slogging through ordeals for awhile now.  Before 2020 and before Mars even entered Aries.  I could tell you about a dozen people with Cap rising, but I will keep it brief…just a couple.  Mostly,  something tumultuous happened to force a change in career — not something they  wanted or were seeking.  They  have managed to build a new success from what was forced on them.

First they had to accept what happened.  Then they had to get very determined to make something work, even if it wasn’t their first choice.  Then a new opportunity presented itself and they realized it was a much better situation after all…phew!!!  Not easy!!  Now you know why Caps are young when they are old and old when they are young.  They bloom because age doesn’t stop them.  All these Cap transits in your 1st house — people are watching and you are making a big impression on other people.  Conduct yourself appropriately, professionally.

Mars in Aries is in your 4th house of home and family.  Maybe just getting enough breathing room to work at home is a problem. Or maybe you are trying to remodel or improve your home.  Mars retrograde, starting tomorrow 9/9/20, is a terrible time to begin a ground-breaking or any major construction project.  Please do yourself a favor and wait until the new Moon in November.  Maybe there is an ongoing emergency with an older relative and/or there is anger in your home. Then the retrograde gives you a chance to deal with it in a new way, or to understand your role in the family better.  Another possibility is a change in diet. This could be for medical reasons, or just because you want to improve your health.  Food safety is more important than usual.  Don’t leave foods sitting around that are supposed to be kept either hot or cold.

A few of the people I know with Cap rising have moved long-distance to follow the new career opportunity.  Then the Mars was all the cleaning and packing to move.  And of course there were a few glitches with the whole process but it worked out well in the end.

The main point to work on is if there is bullying or anger coming at you at home, to find a way to confront it without getting mad.  Maybe it’s a teenager acting out.  It’s hard not to take it personally but really it’s just hormones.  If someone in the home is being disrespectful to another family member, then you may have to step in and assert yourself on their behalf.  There are hotlines and there are family counselors working online.  Spiritual practices at home can help, too.  Simply beginning a conversation about what you feel grateful for can open up communication and improve morale at home.  Right now, with the Sun in Virgo, and next spring when the Sun is in Taurus — these are more positive times for you…and December will be a big month.

This is not your easiest year, but there are benefits coming.   Be productive and precise with a good work ethic and you will end up much happier and satisfied with life and with yourself.  Of all the Cardinal signs, Cap is more suited to weathering the storm than the other signs…

Well, that it for now.  Two more signs to go :))  Stay tuned and stay safe…Jenae

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