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Good afternoon, dear Friends and Readers, Had to make a quick trip out of town and now there’s so much going on astrologically… we’ll cover the Full Moon in this post, but bear in mind the Mars-Jupiter opposition is still in effect (see a previous post).  This coming Full Moon is exact at 7:51 pm Greenwich which would be 12:51 pm PDT.  Mercury enters Sagittarius also on the 29th but not for long, as the coming retrograde transit in November will take it back to 18 degrees Scorpio.  Looking at the transits around this Full Moon, there’s an opposition between the Moon and Saturn early in the am for the USA and this adds a somber tone to the day.  In general, when we have Full Moons in either Taurus or Scorpio there is an emphasis on finances.  I have seen domestic violence increase on these particular Full Moons, just ask anyone connected to hotlines and advocacy for women and they will confirm this.  Research has shown that more couples fight about money than anything else.  Remember, the Full Moon is always in the opposite sign from the transiting Sun.  Taurus, among other things, represents money and possessions under our own personal control, and Scorpio symbolizes, again among other things,  finances that are shared with other people, partners included.  Putting all this together makes me feel that there are a lot of people out there that are worried about the family finances.  Saturn in Scorpio is warning all of us to make good decisions that allow all parties involved to benefit — insecure and immature people who have no clue about what it takes to build a successful partnership are likely to be impulsive, selfish and very shortsighted about their finances under these aspects.  Steer a wide berth around such people.  IF you are in a difficult relationship, please do not fan the flames for the next few days.  Sidestep controversy whenever possible and if you need to have a financial conversation with someone, postpone it until a better time.  There’s an old saying connected with Taurus — “Neither a borrower nor a lender be”… so do your  best to avoid either loaning or borrowing money until Mercury resumes forward motion November 26th.  The biggest problem I’ve seen with Taurus is that they tend to be stuff heavy and cash light; they don’t preserve enough liquidity.   This is not a favorable week to do major shopping either.  Buying small things is ok.  At least Mercury doesn’t go retrograde until the 6th, there’s a Venus-Pluto square on the 3rd, just not the happy holiday shopping time most of us would wish for… the thought occurs to me that these same transits could put a lot of stress on investments, too.   For those of you who are either single or in a healthy partnership, the next month is a great time to review your finances, insurance, pending tax bills, etc.  Have leisurely conversations about the family finances, not pushing for a decision, but more examining the pros and cons of various financial actions and/or decisions.  The right answer will emerge over time and consensus decisions are much better anyway.  If you are financially and emotionally conservative at this time then you’re in line with the current transits and you will probably be very glad later.

Two hours before the Full Moon is exact, Mercury will square Neptune.  This is a challenge to think clearly and carefully; facts could be hard to come by and things could be very confused.  An hour and 15 minutes after the Full Moon, the Moon will trine Pluto, which definitely helps us ground and be more practical — TG !!

Those of you on the East Coast, if you have to evacuate, please remember to take your bank statements and your insurance policies with you, along with all phone numbers, codes, passwords, etc. that you might need.  We have more than a travel emergency with Mars opposite Jupiter.  I knew something was coming and this is so much worse than I had even imagined, so much broader in scale.  Those of you who are staying put, use your time to have safety drills with the kids, prepare emergency food, draw extra drinking water and make sure you have some candles, batteries, propane for the BBQ, etc.  Fill the tank of your car just in case the power goes out for an extended period.  PLEASE be careful and we’ll all pray that you stay safe…

I’m moving right along to the Venus in Libra transit, so that’s it for the Full Moon this month. Blessings, Jenae

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A reader asked me to write about the Full Moon.  So, dear friends and readers, here it is…

Wherever the Sun is, the Full Moon is in the opposite sign.  New Moon means Sun and Moon in the SAME sign.  Tomorrow’s FULL MOON is 7 degrees Aries, with the Sun at 7 Libra.  Transiting Pluto is tightly square these two at 6 degrees Capricorn just before the exact Full Moon.  This configuration is called a T-Square and pushes energy out the empty space, in this case Cancer.

Early Sunday morning is a time to stay home and lay low, in my opinion.  Fights, disagreements, and power struggles are a possibility because of the Pluto square.  Do what you can to be polite, calm, and defuse any tensions at home.  Consider some exercise or dancing to take the pressure off. The Full Moon increases pressure on the natural environment and we could see increased geological activity.

There are other Full Moons with more pleasant transits, but this one only has one positive transit and in afternoon there’s a nice sextile between the Moon and Jupiter.  Now that’s the time to go out and about — short trips (Gemini), visiting family, some shopping, maybe a fun local outdoor event.  Jupiter in Gemini is a positive for siblings, cousins, and the local neighborhood.

My observation is the Full Moon is in effect for about three days.  I have watched for years and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to predict whether  it’s going to hit the day before, the day of, or the day after.  But it WILL hit and people will notice it.  Especially people who deal with the public.  My experiences have taught me to be a little cautious during these periods.  I have found that some Cancers, who are ruled by the Moon, actually like Full Moons and feel energized by them.

If I notice anything important about tomorrow I will add a comment to this blog.  Stay safe…Blessings, Jenae

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