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Hello dear Readers and Friends, I’ve been mulling over Uranus in Taurus for awhile now, sending my mind into the future to see what I could see… Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, the lightning bolt of inspiration, innovation, intuition, and invention. Uranus rules all things that save time, money, and labor for large groups of people. So from that we see Uranus representing aviation, the space program, computers and all things electronic, and many gadgets that are quite clever. A cute example is the robot that cleans your floors.  Uranus rules Aquarius and also symbolizes all friends and groups — informal groups and also labor unions, fraternal organizations, charitable groups, etc.  It’s not about just socializing because the reason those groups come together has a purpose beyond the pleasure of the moment. Think barn-building and quilting bees, historical examples of Uranus in action. Uranus/Aquarius also rules astrology.

Now that Uranus is in Taurus, the first thing I see is that Taurus, slow and steady and a creature of fixed habits, is not comfortable with change, especially the quick and abrupt nature of Uranian change. Taurus rules banks. Look at what happening with them — the world of fintech is forcing the old, conservative banking institutions to adapt or die, to paraphrase Darwin. There’s new ways to move money around the globe, make payments, crypto-currencies, blockchains, etc. We haven’t even seen all the changes that are coming with the speed of light.

Taurus rules hobbies, talents, auctions, wholesale connections, money and resources under our personal control. It also is the symbol for our core values. Scorpio, the opposite sign, is where all the above are shared.  The disruptive technology of Uranus has put many companies out of business already and this is just the beginning, offering new industries to take their place. An example would be the revolt against the cable companies. Roke, Hulu, Sling, and many others have emerged, forcing the cable companies to offer more individual bundles, etc.

Taurus rules trees. I haven’t been able to figure out where this is going but I suspect that there’s already research going on to breed trees that only flourish in a narrow climate zone become more adaptable as the climate changes. Personally, I hope the tree scientists can help us obtain vanilla extract and chocolate at an affordable price — I like to bake!!

Since Taurus rules wood, keep your eye on the Home Shows as new products to replace wood are coming to market. The price of lumber contracts on the commodity exchange is already much higher than just a few years ago. I saw an interesting flooring, a combination of wood, cork, and vinyl, and of course bamboo, a renewable resource,  is regenerated more quickly than trees.  I mentioned hemp in an earlier post, and this, too can be made into paper. Save the trees may indeed become a big issue…

More and more people, especially young people are running side gigs to make their own financial security, using all kinds of new technology to do business remotely. There’s even a child of 7 on U-Tube who made a million reviewing toys for other kids and their parents. Amazing !! And this trend is just beginning. People with a few planets in their 2nd house are often quite successful turning a hobby into a career.

Uranus is freedom. Freedom from what? What makes you feel free? Getting out from under the corporate thumb? More free time to do what you love? Freedom from electrical and gasoline bills?  Money is crystalized time and energy.  What you spend your money on says a lot about who you are. Taurus is about our core values. What are your deepest belief systems? Especially in the areas of friendship and group activities. The implied square of this transit will ask all of us to review our friendships and look for true rapport, not just surface compatibility. Honestly, I don’t know how to predict how this transit will affect each of you personally.  I can tell you things I have observed from watching Uranus transit through the different houses. With Uranus, anything can happen…

For example, having Uranus transit through your 1st house is a little bit like a mid-life crisis, no matter how old you are. There will be a strong desire to be an individual, do your own thing, rebel against the status quo. Maybe you dye your hair green, or quit your safe job and strike out on your own. Maybe you decide to get involved with a social cause dear to your heart. The first house is how we express ourselves to the outside world.  Ben Franklin once said, “The best way to have a good friend is to be one.”  I read another saying — a true friend rejoices with our victories and commiserates with our sorrows.  The classic book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, by Dale Carnegie, is a good resource. There’s also a lot of stuff in it about prosperity, too.

Time to close for now. More Uranus through the houses soon. Blessings, Jenae.


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Hello dear Friends and Readers, Uranus takes approximately 7 years to transit through a sign or a house. Or 84 years to go around the wheel. This year, Uranus entered Taurus on 5-15-2018, but it retrogrades back into the last few degrees of Aries from November 6 to March 7, 2019 when it re-enters Taurus and stays in Taurus for the next 6-7 years.

Uranus is a disruptive planet; it’s the lightning bolt of invention, intuition, and inspiration.  It’s action is quick. In individuals’ charts, this planet often act suddenly. If something is removed or taken away from you, it’s to make room for growth, like pruning a fruit tree. It can work in the opposite way, too, bringing in new ideas, hobbies, new people into your life suddenly as a catalyst for growth. We could say that Uranus rules technology, though Mercury plays a role, too. Uranus rules aviation, the space program, the Internet, and all friends and groups that come together for a common purpose.

I hope to write more later about how individuals can be affected by this transit, but for now I’ve just been observing the world and trying to tune into what’s on the horizon. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far…Taurus rules banks and trees…

We’ve all become familiar with the disruptive technology that is changing the world. Banks tend to be stodgy and conservative. Now they are being forced to change. Adapt or die, said Darwin… Enter Crypto currencies, Pay Pal, Venmo, Square, etc. — all new ways of moving money around digitally. Suddenly banks are having to adapt. Now people can deposit checks into their bank account by phone. All kinds of new things are happening with money and banks and this trend will continue…

Back in the early days of our Republic, the Founding Fathers grew hemp. They depended on it for rope and nets and riggings for ships, etc. In modern times hemp has been illegal but now this, too, is changing. I read a few years ago that every day, our earth is losing trees to deforestation the size of Delaware. That’s 48 square miles A DAY, of trees being cut.  If you factor in the devastation of forest fires, the amount may be even larger. Trees use carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. People need oxygen. People need trees. It takes 20 years to grow trees for harvest in warmer climates and up to 40-50 years in cooler ones.  Pulp is used to make paper and cardboard as well as building materials.  Hemp can also be used to make paper,  which would put less pressure on the forests and also provides another crop for farmers. Hemp can also be turned into fabric, and now it has medicinal applications.

There is a company called GW Pharmaceuticals in England that makes a medicine for epilepsy from CBD oil, which is derived from both cannabis and hemp. It has recently received unprecedented approval from the FDA to market its medicine here in the US. Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS! The scientific evidence is there, this can be a medicine that helps children with the worst kind of epilepsy, children that have hundreds of seizures a week.  There are only about 17 anti-seizure medicines available and if they don’t work for a particular patient, then that patient is out of options. Death is possible from seizures.  The CBD medicine is bringing new hope to these very fragile children. Now research is beginning to test CBD on other illnesses and even to come up with a pain medicine that is not addictive and harmful.  I believe that this is another illustration of Uranus at work — that we will see the laws changed in our country and in the world to make these plant medicines available. In the meantime, the farmers are actually making some money growing hemp as a crop in states that have permitted it. Why cut down trees for paper if you can use a quick growing plant instead? Some farmers are growing for the medical market; this part is more strictly regulated and tested. Some plant breeders are creating either cannabis or hemp that yields 17% CDB oil.  New businesses, new opportunities…

Since Taurus rules trees, I see these trends changing the way we use our forests, and inventive people are finding new substitutes for some of the forest products. I think we will always need wood, but the need to protect the trees will also spur new inventions of building materials, too.  This has been going on for awhile, but the changing of the cannabis and hemp laws will speed this up.  Uranus at work.  I was in a health food store a few weeks ago and a beautiful young woman came in looking for CBD products. She said she had just been diagnosed with MS, which is degenerative and incurable at present. She said she had been taking a capsule with CBD oil and felt so much better, that it was better than anything else to relieve her symptoms.  She came in to buy more and settled on a chewable tablet with the same potency.  Is states that allow sales of CBD products the anecdotal evidence is piling up — that CDB can help people with pain, a variety of illnesses, and it can help animals, too.  And the states that don’t allow sales are at least passing laws to allow medical research.  “The times, they are a-changing…”

I will write more on Uranus in Taurus when I see more.  Meanwhile Jupiter will enter Sag on 11-8-18 for a year and I will write for individuals in that post. Stay tuned…Namaste…Jenae




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Good Morning, dear Friends and Readers,  I hope you are recovering from the events of the week.  Mars conjunct the Sun at 29 degrees Aries is never a walk in the park.  Just in the USA, we had fights, accidents, bombs, explosions, firefights — enough already!!!  There’s a reason they call Mars the Red planet.  Today let’s take a look at Mars in Taurus and some of the main transits Mars makes during this time frame.  Mars in Taurus can be more peaceful but when you look at the stubborn side of Taurus, the slow burn that can ignite into absolute, unthinking rage (think of the Bull blindly charging)  — all of us should remember what we learned this last  week and continue to be observant, vigilant, and cautious.  Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus Sun this month is exact April 25, 2013.  For more on the Full Moons you can look at my FB page, Otter Space Astrology.  EVERY year, this particular Full Moon and its opposite in the Fall, Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio Sun — these 2 seem to bring up domestic violence issues and crimes of passion.  Sometimes the trigger is arguments about money, since these 2 signs rule financial matters.  So take it easy for a few days and don’t push.  Go out and pull some weeds to let off steam, or shovel dirt.  I had a Scorpio friend years ago; he lived in the country.  He had Taurus rising, too.  After a rough day at work he’d go out and push dirt around with his bulldozer…made him feel better :)).   Of course, not all of us own bulldozers, but a shovel will do…

I like to allow about a week for major Mars transits, a few days before and after.  In general, Mars in Taurus is great for art — working with earth materials like dirt, clay, wood, rock.  Sculpture, adobe, pottery, landscaping, making or repairing furniture or musical instruments — all these are favored.  Geology is an earth science, so is farming, and Taurus rules trees so forestry comes into play at this time, too.  Wonderful for getting outside and either creating beauty or appreciating the beauties of nature.  A great time to work with young children and let them plant something easy, like radishes or beans.

Taurus rules auctions, yard sales, flea markets…you can use the Mars energy to make some extra money or find great purchases.  Just don’t get greedy.  Sometime Taurus can get TOO attached to their possessions and their emotions influence the price.  If your goal is to clear out stuff then make the prices attractive to others.  If you have collectors’ items, a yard sale is not the place to sell…find another venue like Ebay or an art auction.

On April 21, Mars is semi-square Jupiter.  Not the easiest day for travel, so work around that date.  It’s a minor transit, more annoying than dire.  Flexibility is not a Taurus quality, but that is what is needed this weekend.

On April 29th,the Moon  trines Mars from Capricorn.  That means that your emotions can flow well and in harmony with your physical energy.  A great day to get a lot done and feel satisfied with your accomplishments.

I want to advise caution when Mars opposes Saturn , exact on 4-30 and 5-1, depending on your time zone.  If you have a lot of planets in fixed signs, then be EXTRA cautious.  The urge to move forward (Mars) is at odds with the need to consolidate (Saturn).  This is a major transit and no doubt will manifest in world events.  The current mood of the stock market ( in the USA) feels unstable to me.  It’s also very manipulated.  Protect yourself from sudden drops.  Those of you who know your personal chart will have a better idea of where to be cautious since you will know which houses are involved.  I’ll use my own chart as an example.  For me it would be the 3rd and 9th houses.  So I will stay home, work in my garden, and avoid travel, and doublecheck anything related to communication or finances for accuracy.  Most likely I will use the energy for writing and studying, which would fit with the houses involved.   For those of you in a partnership based on absolute respect and good communication, whether business or personal, this is actually a good period for financial planning and discussions.  Oppositions CAN symbolize the gaining of awareness through partnerships.

By May 4th, there’s a more pleasant but minor transit as Mars semi-sextiles Uranus, which is a 30 degree aspect.  This one is pretty good for using your intuition and repairs — mechanical, electronic, fixing tools themselves.  You could be quite innovative today.

Continuing the above theme, Mars trines Pluto on May 5th.  Remember, you’re allowing some orb  so you’re not limited to this day only.  This is a “get results” transit.  Shrewd, practical, very focused.  Those of you in research, tracking people, finding missing objects, police work and forensics and investigations of all types should be having a great time — quite productive and satisfying.  Those of you at home could still find something that was missing, and it’s great  for cleaning out closets, etc.  For fun,  try a metal detector and/or go digging for rocks and gems.  To me, that’s great fun, but others would rather dig around in a thrift store and that’s good, too.  You’ll notice the underlying theme here — finding the hidden treasure — just apply it where it fits into YOUR life.

There is A LOT going on as we enter the 2nd week of May.  Mercury is conjunct Mars and sextile Chiron on the 7th and 8th and the New Moon is the 9th and 10th, depending on your time zone.  Additionally, on the 9th Moon in Taurus is conjunct Mars and Venus is at the 29th degree of Taurus.   I have noticed through the years that the day BEFORE a New Moon often feels like a Full Moon, with people and events being glitchy and out of control.  Mercury conjunct Mars can symbolize hot head people who shout rather than converse, so you may want to be at your most diplomatic this week.  A Mercury-Mars conjunction is good for coordinating your mind and your body — manual dexterity, sports, etc. so there could be some positives.  There’s less accident potential in Taurus than if it were in Aries.  The problem here would be with people who are fixed in their viewpoint, stubborn, resistant to change.  A “this is the way it’s always been done”  kind of mentality.  The energy of Mars in Taurus tends to be slow and steady.  The positive is that reliability; the negative is getting in a rut.  Taking all this into consideration, I would say that medical appoints look OK on the 7th and 8th.  A  surgeon or a dentist needs  good manual dexterity.  Taurus is also the sign the rules touch, so massage would be great.  By the 9th the energy changes and people want to be more self-indulgent.  DON’T eat the whole box of chocolates !! :))  And don’t blow your budget on shopping.  This New Moon is an eclipse at 19 degrees Taurus.  Eclipses affect us for about 6 months.  Be sure to check if you have any planets at 19 degrees and what aspect is being created in your chart by this transit.  Make a note of the events of these 2 days in your life and watch and see what happens  related to them in the months ahead.  The best way to play this New Moon is to be patient and kind with your loved ones.  The worst way would be selfishness.

Actually, I think these transits are very special if you’re an artist.  Great inspiration and Venus in the last degree might symbolize the culmination of a large project.  Musicians, too.

On May 19th, Mars is semi-sextile Jupiter.  Nice for a short trip.  You might even stay in your own town but be busy hitting all the hot spots.  A lot of socializing.

The 20th is big — Uranus squares Pluto AGAIN.  5 of these over several years and the influence is ever present.  I’m just giving you the day of the EXACT square.  Really, you have to figure on years for this one.  The Sun enters Gemini and the Moon trines Mars the same day.  Uranus – Pluto is large groups of people protesting against the corruption of the established order and wanting more freedom and more respect in their lives.  And also better economic opportunities.  A well-fed and prosperous people have no need for rebellion.  There’s just too many people hurting these days and they deserve a chance at a better life.  That makes them vulnerable to manipulation by people with a radical agenda.  You’d think these repressive governments would understand that and help people get jobs and education, but NO —-  they are dumb and selfish and they hurt their people instead of helping them.  This is the great tragedy of our times…that it doesn’t have to be this way.  Pray for peace…daily…

There’s another Full Moon building…on May 22nd, Mars is inconjunct the Moon in Libra early in the morning.  Probably means some grumpy people at work that want you to help them.  Don’t allow yourself to be guilt-tripped.  If you want to help sincerely, then do so.  On the 24th the Moon is opposite Mars and the Full Moon is exact on the 25th.  Gemini-Sag — lots of stuff going on with education and the end of the school year is in sight.  Lots of pressure on kids, and older students, too.  Remember to take your vitamins when you are studying for exams and finishing term papers J.    Parents — this is the time to feed your children well, no junk food, so they can concentrate better.  Small protein snacks are good — sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts, cheese and crackers, celery and peanut butter, etc.   If you smell peppermint oil when you study and then take it with you when you take a test, the peppermint increases memory 20% — very helpful.

The potential problems with this Full Moon show up more the next day with transit and transportation problems.  Drive carefully, be polite, and be prepared for detours and/or delays.  Sun square Jupiter, Moon inconjunct Mars from Sag, and Mars semi-square Uranus.  This last one could symbolize mechanical breakdowns.  Really, folks, if you can avoid travel the 26th, then do so.  Smart people see this coming and will get their car in for servicing earlier in the month on a better day, like the 4th or the 5th.

There’s a lot going on as this Mars in Taurus transit draws to a close.  Mercury is semi-sextile Mars at the 29th degrees of Gemini  and Taurus, respectively.  Mars enters Gemini and Mercury enters Cancer the same day, the 31st. Adaptability is coming with the planets changing signs, but just before that there could be a major confrontation.  I’m not sure if this is out in the world or that we as individuals need to side-step angry people ( Mars at 29 Taurus) or con artist people (Mercury at 29 Gemini).  My advice here would be don’t commit to anything long term unless you have ALL the facts.  I feel like there’s hidden elements to stories we are told.  Probably a good day to be skeptical.  If you are mediator or a labor contract negotiator, this is going to be a tough day because neither side wants to compromise.  There may still be a lot of pressure on students.  If there are young people in your life, be gently encouraging and help them keep perspective.  One poor test result is not the end of the world.  There are so many people in history that did not do well in formal education but went on to accomplish great things in life.

Well, that’s it for now…Stay safe, Jenae

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Hello Dear Readers and Friends, Venus enters Taurus today, such an appropriate transit for gardening, landscaping, even sitting under a tree to enjoy the day.  Venus rules Taurus so there is a harmony here, a little easier to be in the flow and attract to yourself  the resources that you most need.  Let’s begin with a short list of Taurus qualities and activities symbolized by this sign.  Remember some of the earlier lessons, too…Venus rules the 2nd house in the natural wheel of the zodiac.

Taurus is art, beauty, sculpture, gardening, forestry and trees in general.  It is one of the music signs.  Taurus is banking, personal money, our earthly possessions, and  developing our talents.  People with a lot of energy in the 2nd house like hobbies and they often and up turning their hobbies into a 2nd (or 3rd) career.  Taurus loves wholesale connections, a good sale, and auctions, yards sales and flea markets.  This sign rules wooden things and upholstery is a possible talent.  They like to shop for the home and decorate their lives, verging on gaudy at times but there’s nothing wrong with gold-gilded cherubs, crystals hanging in the windows,  and gold or silver throw pillows, sequins, etc.   Dolly Parton is a Taurus.

Taurus likes a well-stocked pantry and they like comfort.  Venus in Taurus rules the throat and if the weather is still cold in your area, your neck needs to stay warm but you should use pure fabrics, not polyester — cotton, wool, silk — all these are better to avoid a chill.

So…putting all this together, for the next 3+ weeks, it will be a good time to pursue the above interests and activities.  Most of the transits are pleasant.  A couple are potentially glitchy.  We’ll start with those and get them out of the way…

Bear in mind that if Venus is squaring or opposing a lot of planets in your chart, it will take more effort to manifest your goals.  Taurus is a fixed sign.  They are patient and kind and slow to anger but if they do get mad, look out !!!  The charging Bull is dangerous.  The downside can be laziness and possessiveness, qualities that make healthy relationships a lot more difficult.

I like to allow a day or two on either side of an exact Venus transit.  On April 22nd, Venus opposes Saturn in Scorpio.  This could be a sad time, with people feeling a lonely or a lack of affection in their lives.  It could also be partners opposing each other regarding money, purchases, investments, etc.  I’ve been telling my private clients this year, since Saturn is in Scorpio, that it’s important to update their wills, trusts, medical and/or financial POA forms, advanced health-care directives, and guardianship papers for those with young children.  These are serious matters and some parents have chosen to have the physical and financial guardians be different people, another way of protecting their children.  Nobody likes to think about all these dire things, but advance planning can give us peace of mind.  In general, Venus opposite Saturn is not a time for shopping unless it’s something like office supplies.  However, the serious tone of this transit makes it a good period to deal with the Scorpio issues mentioned above.

Full Moon this month is on April 25th, with the Moon in Libra. There’s an emphasis on independence versus cooperation and partnerships could be stressed.  ANY important one on one relationship. The day after, the 26th, could be the after-ripples and Venus opposes the Moon (in Scorpio) and the Moon conjoins Saturn later in the day.  There could be difficulties with women.  NOT a good day to have  a party, even though it’s on a Friday.  It’s not a good shopping day, either, because you might wish later that night that you hadn’t made the purchase.  Those of you who are caring for an elderly person could find that stubbornness becomes a big issue.  Another version, it’s not a great day to go to lunch with your mother-in-law.  I think some of you will have a heart to heart, serious talk, with a woman you love who is having big problems.  Compassion and empathy.  Be there for her…

The rest of the major Venus transits are really quite pleasant.  On April 19th, Venus sextiles Neptune in Pisces.  Sextiles mean opportunity with a little effort required to make your dreams and goals come true.  This is a great transit for finding peace of mind through the beauty of nature.  There’s an old saying, “Seek beauty for therein lies Eternal Truth.” This transit combines earth and water.  Playing around with it, you can get a mud mask at a spa, visit a park by the sea or by a lake, build a meditation garden in your backyard, even listening to music or a movie that brings out thoughtfulness and insight — all of these could apply.  By now you should have read enough of these posts that YOU are getting the hang of how to interpret the combinations of energy that the planets symbolize.  One of the nicest things about this transit is friendship that is both practical and spiritual.  Treasure your friends…

On the 21st, Venus trines the Moon — great for social times, lunch with females, shopping, too.  With the Moon in Virgo, you can buy vitamins or health products, visit a plant nursery, buy clothes for work, even something like products to clean your home.  You’re likely to find some very good deals.  This is a great day for gardening, too.  Fertile Moon in the 2nd quarter means plant above ground plants with vines — like peas and beans,
cukes if you’re in a warmer climate.

On April 23rd, Venus is 30 degrees, semi-sextile to Uranus in Aries.  Helpful to try new techniques, new products, be innovative.  You can hear some good news, unexpectedly.  Also, intuition is subtle but it’s there, so pay attention.

Venus trines Pluto in Cap on the 24th.  This one is very good for all things financial and practical — shopping for practical items, investments, starting a savings account, too.  You could receive praise at work for a job well done, even a bonus or a raise.  Another way to use this transit is to invest in yourself — spend some time and/or  money on furthering your skills, talents, and hobbies.  Still another way to use this transit would be straightening out your office or paperwork at home, particularly if you can’t find some important papers, because Pluto will help you find them as you organize yourself.  This is also a good day to get repairs done on office equipment or tools that you need for work.

Venus trines the Moon in Capricorn on the 30th — great for shopping and finding bargains of all kinds, a business lunch, socializing with the elderly, decorating your workplace or office.  It’s also good for health appointments re: bones, joints, and teeth (Capricorn).   If you’re planning cosmetic dentistry, you need more than just this simple transit to choose the right day.  The planets MUST  line up with your personal chart.  Sure, if you’re a Taurus or a Capricorn and your Venus is compatable, then go ahead — but remember the beginning of this post — if you are Leo, Scorp, or Aquarius then beauty treatments  are not as favorable on this day.

The Moon in Pisces sextiles Venus on May 5th.  This is the time to focus on your dreams and your wish list.  There is a lot of spiritual support around you, both visible and invisible.  Great for church, counseling, meditation, support groups, etc.  A great time, too, to  visit someone who is ill or confined, bring the love to them.  Music could be very inspiring in your life.  TG most of it is free these days on the internet.  I think the most important thing to remember with this transit is that the heavenly realms are made of such beauty and love that the most inspiring sights and loving experiences  on earth are but a pale reflection.  Still, the veil parts just a bit when Venus and Neptune combine, allowing us  to bring that love and beauty down to earth, if only for a little while…to remind us what awaits us on the other side, and to sustain and encourage us on our path here.  No matter how difficult life may seem, we are not alone.  Our loved ones on the other side are cheering us on…it takes guts and courage to make our way in this world.  Earth is a tough school, no doubt.  Look at today…I looked up Boston and the Moon is 25 degrees Cap — the transiting Mars-Sun conjunction in Aries today was 25-26 degrees.  An exact square.  There’s a lot of slimebuckets in this world.  I HTG they catch them before they can hurt anyone else.  Sometimes when these tragic events happen, the greatest love, brotherhood, and heroism manifest as a result.  Victory in the face of evil…

Stay safe, dear Readers…Blessings, Jenae

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Good afternoon, dear Friends and Readers, Had to make a quick trip out of town and now there’s so much going on astrologically… we’ll cover the Full Moon in this post, but bear in mind the Mars-Jupiter opposition is still in effect (see a previous post).  This coming Full Moon is exact at 7:51 pm Greenwich which would be 12:51 pm PDT.  Mercury enters Sagittarius also on the 29th but not for long, as the coming retrograde transit in November will take it back to 18 degrees Scorpio.  Looking at the transits around this Full Moon, there’s an opposition between the Moon and Saturn early in the am for the USA and this adds a somber tone to the day.  In general, when we have Full Moons in either Taurus or Scorpio there is an emphasis on finances.  I have seen domestic violence increase on these particular Full Moons, just ask anyone connected to hotlines and advocacy for women and they will confirm this.  Research has shown that more couples fight about money than anything else.  Remember, the Full Moon is always in the opposite sign from the transiting Sun.  Taurus, among other things, represents money and possessions under our own personal control, and Scorpio symbolizes, again among other things,  finances that are shared with other people, partners included.  Putting all this together makes me feel that there are a lot of people out there that are worried about the family finances.  Saturn in Scorpio is warning all of us to make good decisions that allow all parties involved to benefit — insecure and immature people who have no clue about what it takes to build a successful partnership are likely to be impulsive, selfish and very shortsighted about their finances under these aspects.  Steer a wide berth around such people.  IF you are in a difficult relationship, please do not fan the flames for the next few days.  Sidestep controversy whenever possible and if you need to have a financial conversation with someone, postpone it until a better time.  There’s an old saying connected with Taurus — “Neither a borrower nor a lender be”… so do your  best to avoid either loaning or borrowing money until Mercury resumes forward motion November 26th.  The biggest problem I’ve seen with Taurus is that they tend to be stuff heavy and cash light; they don’t preserve enough liquidity.   This is not a favorable week to do major shopping either.  Buying small things is ok.  At least Mercury doesn’t go retrograde until the 6th, there’s a Venus-Pluto square on the 3rd, just not the happy holiday shopping time most of us would wish for… the thought occurs to me that these same transits could put a lot of stress on investments, too.   For those of you who are either single or in a healthy partnership, the next month is a great time to review your finances, insurance, pending tax bills, etc.  Have leisurely conversations about the family finances, not pushing for a decision, but more examining the pros and cons of various financial actions and/or decisions.  The right answer will emerge over time and consensus decisions are much better anyway.  If you are financially and emotionally conservative at this time then you’re in line with the current transits and you will probably be very glad later.

Two hours before the Full Moon is exact, Mercury will square Neptune.  This is a challenge to think clearly and carefully; facts could be hard to come by and things could be very confused.  An hour and 15 minutes after the Full Moon, the Moon will trine Pluto, which definitely helps us ground and be more practical — TG !!

Those of you on the East Coast, if you have to evacuate, please remember to take your bank statements and your insurance policies with you, along with all phone numbers, codes, passwords, etc. that you might need.  We have more than a travel emergency with Mars opposite Jupiter.  I knew something was coming and this is so much worse than I had even imagined, so much broader in scale.  Those of you who are staying put, use your time to have safety drills with the kids, prepare emergency food, draw extra drinking water and make sure you have some candles, batteries, propane for the BBQ, etc.  Fill the tank of your car just in case the power goes out for an extended period.  PLEASE be careful and we’ll all pray that you stay safe…

I’m moving right along to the Venus in Libra transit, so that’s it for the Full Moon this month. Blessings, Jenae

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