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Back again, dear Friends and Readers,  let’s take a look at Venus in Libra this year.  Those of you born in Libra or with Libra Ascendant may find this transit a welcome bit of sweetness in your lives after 3 grueling years of Saturn transiting through Libra.  The whole time Saturn was in Libra, more of my clients were in cardinal signs than not.  Now that Saturn is in Scorpio, I’m getting more fixed sign clients again.  I expected it.  My cardinal sign clients are stronger, wiser, more resilient as a result of Saturn and now they deserve a treat.  Venus in Libra is also in harmony with the other Air signs, Gemini and Aquarius.  SO Venus in Libra for you three signs will offer lots of possibilities for social life, people who are fun and interesting to talk to, and more affection and beauty in your lives.  If you’re a Libra or have Libra rising, this is a great time to consider a make-over.  You could change your bedroom, add new colors to your wardrobe, change your hair or make-up.  Libras have a very good sense of color and they know how to harmonize a room as well as a  relationship.  Depending on your individual chart, it could be love that comes to you.  At the very least you should be the recipient of kindness, affection, and little gifts.  Receive those compliments graciously, you deserve them 🙂  …

Those of you who are Capricorn, Cancer, or have these signs rising may have to meet partners in the middle when it comes to choices in art, beauty, cultural activities and social life.  Venus in Libra squares are not necessarily negative, but they do suggest that you be aware of different preferences between yourself and partners and/or friends.  These difference become even more prominent if you are Aries or have Aries rising.  The opposition from Venus is a chance to get to know your partner even better but you will have to stay open-minded to do so.  The opposition is a symbol for gaining awareness through relationships.  The worst  way for you cardinal signs to play this Venus transit is to overspend to try and impress someone.  Keep it simple…

Venus in Libra is kind, polite, socially adept, and very willing to smooth the path of near and dear ones.  Venus in Libra is a wonderful time to bring the small gestures of love into your life — candles, pretty flowers on the table, a beautiful card sent to someone who needs a bit of cheering up, buying something artistic to improve your home, etc.  It’s a good month to improve your wardrobe but major shopping is under some stressful transits this time so it would be better to buy one or two classic things  and call it done for now.  On November 3rd, Venus squares Pluto in Capricorn.  Those of you who are taking direct hits with this square could find that work obligations interfere with your love life or social plans.  On a general level, this can be a sign of manipulation.  Could be some kind of subtle pressure at work.  Venus in Libra is very sensitive to what is fair and just.  A person could use this transit to confront injustice that has become intolerable.  In general, all of us should avoid trying to orchestrate life 11-2 through 11-4; much better to go with the flow — if you’re running into opposition, there’s a reason for it.  Step back and re-examine the situation.

November 9th, Venus trines Jupiter.  This is one of the lucky transits in astrology.  11-8 to 11-10 is fine for buying a lotto ticket, socializing, nailing down a meeting  or interview with someone who has been inaccessible up to this point.  Remember that Mercury is retro 11-6 through 11-26 — this period is great for going over the past, looking up old friends, doing additional research but not necessarily moving forward with any NEW projects.  I have met with new people when Mercury is retro but usually the meeting has to be re-scheduled a couple of times.  SO, I think that the luck of Venus-Jupiter this month is more connected with social life and cultural things.  This is NOT a good time to sign major   contracts or important paperwork.  If you must, then please proof-read VERY carefully because there are likely to be errors, misunderstandings, even someone trying to slip something past you.

November 11th, the Moon conjoins Venus — a pleasant day for a party or socializing.  Same thing with the 15th when the Moon sextiles Venus.  Just keep things fairly small and simple in view of the Mercury retro.

The other Sun and/or rising signs that I haven’t mentioned — Pisces and Taurus will take inconjuncts from Venus — you guys really need to doublecheck all times, dates, places for appointments and meetings while Mercury is retro.  Inconjuncts can denote misunderstandings.  Strive for clear communication and use active listening techniques.  Repeat important addresses and phone numbers back to the other person to make sure you have written it down correctly.

Virgo and Scorpio people are taking semi-sextiles from Venus, a 30 degree transit.  Mild but helpful.  Good for inner work, analysis, and meditation.

Sag people are getting a sextile from Venus, pleasant for social life and particularly so while Mercury is briefly in Sag 10-29 to 11-15.  After Mercury goes retro November 6th, you have the chance to reconnect with old friends.  Go ahead and reach out.  If you are trying to locate someone from your past, you have pretty good transits to be successful.  Use Mercury retro in Scorp to play private detective…

I don’t see other Venus transits of note.  Of course, your individual chart could offer more info.  Venus enters Scorpio 11-21 and there will be more important transits during that period.

The thought occurs to me, since I am primarily a USA astrologer, that this monster storm on the East Coast could be rather difficult for so many people and families to sort out the legalities and the insurance paperwork afterwards.  I don’t like the aspects.  I want you who are affected to use Venus, be polite and diplomatic, but BE PERSISTENT (Mercury in Scorp) about your claim and getting the help you need.  Expect delays but  in the long run I think you will also find some hidden benefits in the disaster. The transits are indicating that if you are rebuilding you can end up stronger than before.  This would apply to relationships and businesses as well as homes.  Stay safe, Blessings, Jenae



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A reader asked me to write about the Full Moon.  So, dear friends and readers, here it is…

Wherever the Sun is, the Full Moon is in the opposite sign.  New Moon means Sun and Moon in the SAME sign.  Tomorrow’s FULL MOON is 7 degrees Aries, with the Sun at 7 Libra.  Transiting Pluto is tightly square these two at 6 degrees Capricorn just before the exact Full Moon.  This configuration is called a T-Square and pushes energy out the empty space, in this case Cancer.

Early Sunday morning is a time to stay home and lay low, in my opinion.  Fights, disagreements, and power struggles are a possibility because of the Pluto square.  Do what you can to be polite, calm, and defuse any tensions at home.  Consider some exercise or dancing to take the pressure off. The Full Moon increases pressure on the natural environment and we could see increased geological activity.

There are other Full Moons with more pleasant transits, but this one only has one positive transit and in afternoon there’s a nice sextile between the Moon and Jupiter.  Now that’s the time to go out and about — short trips (Gemini), visiting family, some shopping, maybe a fun local outdoor event.  Jupiter in Gemini is a positive for siblings, cousins, and the local neighborhood.

My observation is the Full Moon is in effect for about three days.  I have watched for years and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to predict whether  it’s going to hit the day before, the day of, or the day after.  But it WILL hit and people will notice it.  Especially people who deal with the public.  My experiences have taught me to be a little cautious during these periods.  I have found that some Cancers, who are ruled by the Moon, actually like Full Moons and feel energized by them.

If I notice anything important about tomorrow I will add a comment to this blog.  Stay safe…Blessings, Jenae

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WISH UPON A STAR — Saturn in Libra in YOUR chart — Part 2


Back again…dear friends and readers, if you’re beginning to notice that the angles pack more punch, give yourself an “A” because they do, like pulling  a trump in a tarot reading versus a number card.  The Ascendant, 4th, 7th, and 10th cusps are the cardinal angles in the natural zodiac.  If you’re looking at the chart, this would be 9, 6, 3, and 12 noon.  And that brings us to Libra rising…

If you have LIBRA rising, the Saturn is in your 1st house the past few years.  The thing with Libra Ascendant is all the cusps are opposite the natural wheel — instead of being a bold pioneer and defining yourself through your independence  (Aries) — Libra rising finds their identity through partners.  Put Saturn here and it will put pressure you to be more self-reliant, and there is a very real possibility, too, that you will discover that a partner’s feedback is less than accurate anyway.  If you are a person who habitually goes along with what other people want and expect from you, then this transit will force you to take a look at what YOU want for yourself as an individual as well as in partnerships, both business and personal.

Yes, this can be a difficult time for you because you have to be responsible for yourself.  And that may be new to you.  Saturn transiting the 1st can be an amazing time of self-discovery, so you might as well go with the flow. Resistance is futile anyway.  I can tell you that most of the people with Libra rising that I know have had health scares during the last couple years.  Most of them were false alarms, but a few were very real, and the bottom line is all of those people made adjustments in their diet and lifestyle.  Many clients either got divorced, or came close to it.  One lady who is happily married missed her husband and was very lonely during this transit because he worked long hours away from home.  Eating with the people you love is good for your health.  Those of you who are single, consider a once a week potluck with people you enjoy.  Many other people with Libra rising have re-invented their career.  Remember, Saturn is the planet that rules the natural 10th, so there is an underlying career theme when it’s in the 1st.  I know several that started home businesses and others that were forced by outside circumstances to change how they worked, or where they worked.  And it turned out to be a more positive and satisfying  situation for them.  The same Chinese symbol means both crisis AND opportunity and that is what you have with Saturn transiting  your 1st.  Saturn here  is a blessing in disguise…

If you have SCORPIO rising, then Saturn is moving through your 12th house of mental health, spiritual aspiration, and the unconscious mind.  I have clients with this position and they have been spending the last few years seeking to understand the psychology and motivation of their husbands or wives.  Of course, we also need to understand ourselves better, too,  and part of the problem with Libra (don’t get me wrong, I like Libras, I have planets in Libra) is they get hung up on doing what they think they SHOULD, rather than listening  to the wisdom of the heart.  And then they get jammed up.  Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice, the balance needed.  The ancient Egyptians showed it as the human heart on one scale and the white feather of truth and purity on the other.  So having an air sign in a water house plus transiting Saturn there presents a bit of a conflict and a big need to honest with ourselves about hidden agendas.  Libra as a sign has a tendency to keep book — and the 12th is the exact opposite — the unconditional love for the earth as a whole , purity of intention,  alleviating suffering with compassion and not for rewards.  So people with this configuration need to be very honest with themselves about carrying around hidden expectations regarding partners.  Either bring it to the surface and talk about what you want, or realize it’s a bunch of old tapes you don’t need anymore  and give it up to the Universe.  The 12th house is very much about surrender to the Divine.  Like the old A.A. prayer.  Saturn here is a wonderful opportunity to forge a closer connection with nature, pets, art and music. Re-structuring your life to include some  kind of regular spiritual practice — prayer, yoga, meditation, etc. — will help you find peace of mind.  A person could even use this kind of transit to really study their dreams, train in hypnosis, teach Reike,  etc.  If we don’t like being alone, we’re lonely.  If we can be as happy alone as with others, then it’s called solitude.  It takes alone time to face our fears and it takes introspection to find peace of mind…

If you have SAGITTARIUS rising, then you have transiting Saturn in your 11th house of friends, groups, hopes and wishes for the future.  Long ago, Saturn was considered the ruler of the natural 11th (Aquarius) until Uranus was discovered.  The 11th rules all groups, co-ops, fraternal and labor organizations.  If you go on a picnic or play volleyball at the park, that’s 5th house Leo stuff.  If you attend a quilting bee, or a barn-building project, or join a club, that’s the 11th house energy — TEAMWORK.  The ability to sublimate the ego (individuality)  for the  good of the whole group.  I’ve seen Saturn manifest in different ways in the 11th, rarely is it loneliness.  Saturn is pretty comfortable in this house, so unless you’re having a big problem with a particular friend, it’s more likely that you’ll be called to serve a group in some way.  Since Saturn is in Libra, though, there could be issues around you and a partner socializing.  Do you both enjoy the same friends, the same couples?  AS a couple do you do some things together and some with separate people?  Is there a balance and are both of you OK with the activities whatever they are?  Do you have friends that lean on you a little too much for support because they are unhappy in their marriages but unwilling to rock the boat?  Since Saturn will bring up any fundamental weakness, those would probably be the areas to take a look at.  I have seen  a lot of people with Saturn in ANY sign transiting their 11th and quite often they learn a lot from older friends during that time.  Another possibility is socializing that’s somehow connected with you OR your partner’s career — more of an obligation but still necessary.  I had one client years ago who ended up coaching kids’ sports when Saturn was in Libra in his 11th.  He was teaching them about good ethics in sports and the value of  teamwork.


If you have CAPRICORN rising, then  transiting Saturn in Libra is moving through your 10th house, which IS the Cap house of career, reputation and public life.  Another cardinal angle house, dear readers… it’s IMPORTANT to remember the following:  IF YOU HAVE NATAL SATURN, OR TRANSITING SATURN IN ANY SIGN IN THIS HOUSE — you must be thorough at work, start from the ground up laying your foundation for your career.  Usually that means formal education, or at least a period of on the job training and study.  Long hours, hard work — take your vitamins.  I remember one client in particular, she had a very intense and demanding boss for the duration of the transit.  After the transit was over, her boss moved and the work situation changed.   My client looked back at the ordeal and realized it had been good training.  Another client had 2 bosses, and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee were both telling her things to do and contradicting each other in the process.  And there was not much she could do about it; she was caught in the middle of their power struggle.  That client had a dual sign in the 10th and Libra is also a dual sign.  So maybe it will mean you have 2 jobs at once.  A person under 30 is more likely to attract a tough boss or difficult work environment with this transit.  An older person may be in training to BE the boss.  Heavy is the head that wears the crown…  You must guard your reputation with this transit.  Don’t say or do anything that would embarrass you if it showed up on the front page of the newspaper.  Use your computer at work FOR work only.  These things should be obvious to anyone with a desire to excel, but you read all the time lately about people putting dumb things on Facebook and then getting reprimanded or fired.  You can use this transit to study principles of good management and  leadership.  Sleep on your company’s policy manual if you have to, but absorb the information and be very familiar with the rules.  On a more subtle level, this transit is about defining what success means to you.  You may realize you want to work for yourself, or work in a different career, or find a way to change companies within your field.  Since this blog is about Saturn in LIBRA, it is possible that you are experiencing these issues through your mate, who may be having problems at work, or through your business partner.  Career  changes are better made AFTER Saturn has left your 10th

If you have AQUARIUS rising, then Saturn is currently transiting in your Libra 9th house — long distance travel, higher education, religion and philosophy, sometimes law, and also the house of in-laws.  Since it’s Libra, the in-laws might need help, or are a real pain. I remember one client many years ago — Saturn was in her 9th and there was a big brouhaha, BIG fight because the in-laws wanted her to raise her children in THEIR church and not her church.  Really folks, at the end of the day if you distill the essence of various spiritual paths and keep it simple, they all pretty much say the same thing.  But the history of the world could also be summarized as “God’s on MY side, bang, bang!”  There’s a reason polite people say to avoid politics and religion in social conversation.  And so we will…

If you need some education and have Aquarius rising, this transit would be great for on-line education.  This transit is also an opportunity to talk with your mate about philosophy and ethics and to review your childhood experiences together.  You could find that your experiences were so different that by sharing it would help you understand each other better.   Since Libra rules the Asian countries, it’s  also a nice transit to investigate yoga, meditation, feng shui, Chi Kung, etc. Understanding the philosophy underneath the martial arts would also be appropriate.  Another way this transit could manifest is joining some kind of forum online that shares knowledge — that way you have the long-distance connection of the 9th but also the kindred spirit/group energy of your Ascendant.  Physical travel should probably wait for a more favorable time — after all, astrology is an excellent timing tool, and you’d have more fun if Saturn wasn’t in your 9th.  But if it’s business conference or training, that would be ok.

If there’s a legal issue, be very careful and seek a private reading.  Needless to say, obey the law and stay out of trouble.  I knew someone with a lot of Sag energy that got 3 DUI’s in a row.  There’s an ad on our local radio — “Drive hammered, get nailed!”  That’s a pretty good summary of Saturn in the 9th !!


If you have PISCES rising, then transiting Saturn in Libra is in your 8th house of shared money, shared power, love and intimacy, the natural Scorpio house on the wheel of the chart.  This house rules all shared monies — things like taxes, inheritance, insurance, joint investments, etc.  People that work for large companies or the government often have a lot of natal planets in their 8th.  Saturn here is definitely suggesting that you be cautious and conservative with your budget and investments.  Pay your bills and taxes on time.  I don’t want to say not to trust other people but you might need to get two opinions BEFORE signing any binding contracts or agreements.  Pre-nups included since this is Libra. If you are a creative type, please copyright your art, music, etc. Some people who don’t understand the true nature of this house will operate from a win-lose philosophy and either start or attract a lot of contention.  Try your best to avoid those types.  There truly is enough abundance to go around and if you operate from more of a win-win belief system you should get through this transit ok.  Big, enduring, practical purchases could be one manifestation of Saturn in the 8th when there are positive natal aspects to Saturn; I know people with this placement who have bought homes, cars, etc.  There have been some big home repairs, though.  Use this transit to review your insurance policies and make sure they have the endorsements you want or need.

There are a lot of older people with transiting Saturn here who are facing retirement and don’t feel prepared financially.  Learn as much as you can so you can manage your own investments.  Learn about asset allocation and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Update your will. If you’re younger, chose a guardian to protect your children if anything happens to you — not that it will — I’m just stating the facts — the 8th house is useful for making these kinds of decisions.  And Saturn will probably influence you to concentrate on this stuff anyway.  This is the house of birth, death, and sexuality.  Some people will manifest Saturn here as abstinence; others will dig deep into studying sexuality and learn more about themselves and their partner.  Younger people — if you are not in a monogamous  relationship, please protect yourself.  You don’t want to experience Saturn here as long-lasting penalties.  On the emotional level, we have to be willing to be vulnerable in order to really get close to another.  I think Garth Brooks said it well —“You can’t get warm by the campfire if you’re afraid of getting burned”…There’s  people out there who use sex to duck intimacy; they just don’t get it.  Cultivate the wisdom to know the difference.  Have the courage to choose what is real…

Well, dear readers and friends, it’s been another long day.  Sun is opposite Neptune this week…I should probably address that next.  Suggestions for topics and questions are welcomed.  Enjoy your weekend, Jenae


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