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Hello dear Friends and Readers, yesterday was some more wild and damaging weather here in the USA.  Mercury at 29 degrees Gemini and then moving into Cancer.  You’ll remember from earlier posts that the 29th degree of anything is considered a critical degree.  Plus there’s the ever looming square between Uranus and Pluto, it’s still in a very tight square and these tornados seem to be never ending.  Be aware that there will be a lot of discussions about sustainable food and sustainable housing as Jupiter enters Cancer.  More on that in upcoming posts.  But for now, Mercury leads the planetary energy moving into Cancer.  Note that Mercury will go retrograde at  23 degrees Cancer on 6-26 and into direct motions again at 13 degrees Cancer on 7-20.  By now you all should know the routine…doublecheck all dates, times, meetings, paperwork,  etc. when Mercury is retro.  Not the easiest time for travel, however this particular retro would be very good for looking up old school friends and for family reunions, and for visiting the places of your childhood.  So if there’s someone you miss from your past, there’s a lot of tools available to help you find your loved ones — Red Cross adoption website, Facebook, etc.

The Mercury  transits this time mostly take place early in the cycle.  This time there are not the repeated transits — fwd, backward, fwd that you see so much.  Remember that I write about the transits in a general way as they occur,  but this is NOT the same as the transits to YOUR PERSONAL CHART.  For example, I wrote about Jupiter conjoining the Sun on May 27, but this doesn’t mean Jupiter conjoined YOUR SUN — unless you are a 22-23 degree Gemini.  I do hope you understand the difference.  EVERYONE should have a copy of their personal birth chart and seek to understand it thoroughly because it is a map.  For all of us, the journey is different but the destination is the same…      

 Mercury in Cancer is all about food, home and family, protecting the family, having  conversations in the kitchen, fixing up the house, and nurturing the young.  I had a Cancer friend once who came for a visit, and he put his bare hands in the soil around my vegetable plants and fluffed the soil and the next day the plants  grew an inch !!  Water signs are healers and Mercury in Cancer would also underline that theme of using the electricity in our hands.  Mercury in Cancer is a great transit to study healing, diet and nutrition, early child development and education, and DIY home repairs.  Since Mercury rules the local neighborhood and short trips, you could use this transit to visit a Home and Garden show and see the latest inventions, building techniques, kitchen improvements, etc.

OK, let’s take a look at some of the Mercury transits…Mercury trines Neptune and Saturn on June 3rd  & 4th. These are good days to be in the flow spiritually.  Excellent for healing, for medical, for meditation and/or spiritual practices.  I have the impression that some of you will be writing down memories — family history, geneology, memoirs, a tribute to someone who has passed….there is a good current of inspiration at this time.  Could be good for writing music and lyrics, too…

I have noticed that there are glitchy and challenging transits around the New Moon this month and again around the New Moon in July.  In my experience, the day BEFORE the New Moon acts almost like a Full Moon — wacky, unsettling, out of control people acting very emotional.  The day before the New Moon is June 7th and Mercury is opposed by Pluto.  Defintely not a time to get into an argument with someone who has to have the last word and be right all the time.  Additonally, Mars is square Neptune ( possible deception and hidden agendas)  and the 8th, the New Moon in Gemini, features Mercury square Uranus.  In view of the current weather events, this time frame could have a lot of wind, lightning, and rain, causing emergencies.  I hope you guys realize I want to be wrong about this — my preference is gentle weather and great crops.  I write what I see in the hope you will be sensible and make preparations for yourself and your loved ones.  Remembering that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, there will probably be more transportation problems, too.  To sum up, if you will be travelling, get there early and leave late, on June 10th when Mercury is conjunct the Moon in Cancer.  MUCH easier… Looking at this more on the psychological level, these challenges mean keep your ears open and mouth closed.  People around you will be excitable and not particularly cooperative because they’re distracted.  Just try to be helpful and postpone important discussion and/or decisions.  On a practical level, back up your computers to protect from possible power  outages.  I know some people who turn off the TV when they’re going to be gone, to protect from power surges…  Just to be clear, people who are having family reunions, gatherings, graduations, etc. — these can go well, but you’re going to have to stay sharp and observant. Your event can go well, but you may see a lot of news reports from other places that are experiencing  difficulties.  I’m a big believer in taking food with me when I leave home.  I always have a cooler in blue ice in my car.  Comes in very handy in emergencies…pack stuff that can be eaten without cooking it first…

Mercury conjoins Venus in Cancer on June 20th and 21st.  This should be quite pleasant — happy conversations with affectionate people.  Wonderful for shopping for food or kitchen equipment, planning menus, hosting a party or a potluck.  This conjunction may ease the Full Moon on the 23rd.  Really folks, I don’t see much problem this time with the Full Moon ( Sun 2 degrees Cancer/Moon 2 degrees Capricorn), it’s the period  around the next 2 NEW Moons that look difficult.  You’re going to see a lot of energy building over the next year around food, nutrition, new positive ways to feed the planet.  Jupiter in Cancer stuff…

New Moon in Cancer on July 8th with Mercury retrograde conjunct the Moon , too.  No problem there, other than seeking clear communication and practicing active listening techniques to work with the retrograde. This conjunction just means don’t have important conversations when people are hungry.  People can be illogical when they are hungry.  Food first, talk later.  People with Cancer energy need to have frequent snacks close by and they stay healthy by getting a lot of their nutrition through liquids — smoothies, soup, vegetable juices, stew, etc.  This is a good time to clear up left over chores and details that were postponed previously.   Mercury retro means it’s fine for research and planning, just not the right time to start NEW projects.  The problem with this New Moon comes the next day when Moon moves into Leo and squares Saturn in Scorpio while Mercury conjoins the Sun.  Remember, the Cancer energy is unconditional love and emotional security as well as a  stable home.  So children are featured even more strongly on the 9th.  Sometimes when people get divorced there are problems about raising the children.  Mercury retro means this is NOT the time to get into power struggles about how to raise the kids.  Even couples who live together in the home should watch what they say in front of the kids at this time.  Looking at it another way, a united front will actually let a manipulative child know that divide and conquer doesn’t work.  Most families are on tight budgets these days.  Your children may want to decorate their room and do some kind of art projects.  Saturn challenges YOUR creativity to come up with innovative but less expensive ways to help your children express themselves. 

On July 11th, Mercury is semi-sextile Venus in Leo.  Mild but helpful.  This continues the theme of communication at home with families and children.  A lot would depend on which houses are taking the transits in YOUR chart.  For example, if it was your 4th and 5th houses, your kids might be happily composing their own  show to present on a pretend stage in the backyard.  But if it was your 8th and 9th houses, you might be budgeting for a family trip that included education along with the fun — historical parks, museums, week-long summer camps for kids that take place at a college, etc.

Mercury is again conjunct the Moon on August 5th, in forward motion. New Moon in Leo on the 6th, but this time without the challenging transits of the previous cycles.  Great for drama in the creative sense    — art, music, theatre, dancing — it’s party time :))  There’s still a lot of accent on family life, children, and encouraging children to play creatively.  Imagination is a gift.  I watched a little boy playing a superhero with an apron as a cape and a stick for a sword.  I made him a blue and red satin cape and spray-painted a stick with gold.  Really, folks, I think he preferred the imaginary costume that HE came up with, rather than my humble efforts… taught me a good lesson :)) 

In a general sense, Mercury on the Moon means giving voice to feelings.  It’s not just conversation; it could be writing songs, poetry, letters, journaling, or even writing a creative lesson plan if you happen to be a teacher.  Lots of possibilities…

Well, that’s it for now, next up is Mars in Gemini…Blessings, Jenae

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Hello, dear Friends and Readers, in mythology Mercury/Hermes was the winged messenger.  Well, Mercury in Gemini this year certainly has wings because this is a speedy transit !!  2 weeks with a whole lot of Gemini energy — busy, yes!  Intellectually stimulating with lots of people buzzing in and out, yes!  You’re likely to be bopping all over the neighborhood, lots of short car trips.  Just remember to drive carefully and not too fast — you don’t need a ticket.  Try really hard to leave a little space in your schedule.  This is easier said than done since this is  a busy time of year with lots of school activities, field days, graduations, etc.  Gemini rules kindergarten through high school, as well as technical classes.  Very possible to have more contact with young people at this time.  By the last 1/3 of May there will be FOUR planets transiting through Gemini.  Encourage young people; ask them about their plans, their goals, their hopes and dreams.

You can use this transit to think about education in your own life.  This doesn’t have to mean formal or  traditional education, just make a list of things and areas of knowledge that you’d like to know more about.  You could really luck out in the last part of May and answers to your inner questions may show up in very original ways :))  Metaphysically speaking, we are all each other’s teachers.  Keep your mind and your ears open and you could learn a lot.  People will surprise you…

Today, May 15th,  is Moon sextile Mercury, a reasonably good day for conversations with others and within yourself, too.  Emotions and mental processes blend well.

Around the 18th, there could be quite a bit of confusion as Mercury squares Neptune, plus the Moon in early Virgo also squares Mercury.  This sets up a T-square configuration by transit, which impels a lot of energy out the empty spot — Sag.  Mercury is also inconjunct Saturn and if that wasn’t enough the Sun and Moon are also square.  Feel like hiding?  Maybe you should.  At the very least, avoid heavy conversations that can be misconstrued.  Practice damage control if gossip, rumors, and innuendos are running rampant in your world.  You could also find that someone close to you is grumpy and critical and rather than fighting back, try playing private detective to find out what is really going on…most likely it has absolutely nothing to do with you, but the person has some major worries and is scared.  They are hurting and need a shoulder and a hug, but instead of asking upfront, they act all prickly.  What can we learn from this situation?  Vow to be a clear and present communicator…and TG you’re not in that person’s shoes…  I have noticed that a lot of people are unable to say they are grieving.  How many of us bottle it up inside, thinking we have to be strong?  REAL strength is the ability to be honest about our feelings.  It takes courage to share the deep stuff…all in all, not the easiest weekend…

A couple real nice highlights this month as Mercury conjoins Venus on May 24th, and conjoins Jupiter on the 27th.  Allowing for some orb, just figure the last part of May can be very special.  With so much energy in Gemini, people with planets in the other mutable signs should be a little cautious about packing too much into their schedule, but overall this a special and delightful time.  Even the Full Moon on the  25th seems to help us celebrate some good times.  Parties, gatherings, Birthdays, weddings, graduations, family reunions — all of these are very probable.  Lots of fun, laughter, jokes and affection and the spirits will be  flowing freely :))  YES,  I mean that BOTH ways :))  First of all, don’t think your loved ones that have passed on aren’t right there with you sharing the  celebrations  and the good times.  THEY ARE !!  Love is eternal.  In the physical world,  in the adult beverage department, PLEASE exercise some moderation and have safe drivers available as escorts.  These transits expand the party mode, perhaps too much.  We all need to be careful and protective of each other, especially young people who don’t know enough about the world and think they’re invincible.   Hide the car keys if necessary.  Arrange for guests to sleep over.

The  month ends with Mercury at 29 degrees Gemini semi-sextile Mars at 29 degrees Taurus.  Mild transit, critical degree.  The 29th is a finishing degree, like taking a final exam, because there’s nowhere to go but into 0 degrees of the next sign.  Think about all that you have learned this spring, what goals have come into sharper focus for you.  Assess how you’re doing with walking your talk.  To me, the Mercury means mental flexibility, while the Mars indicates stability and core values that don’t get compromised.  This transit can also be interpreted that we can avoid getting into a rut by being willing to grow and learn new things.

The last part of May is great for buying a book or getting some from the public library, and for taking a short class or even trading your skills with someone else’s in an exchange or barter.  Nourish your curiosity.  And have some fun, too :))  Blessings, Jenae

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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, I’ve been busy outdoors and so far the spinach and lettuce and peas are up.  Very satisfying, putting one’s hands in the earth.  It’s a good conduit to release stress and/or nervous energy.  Great therapy and it’s FREE :))

Mercury has entered Aries and it’s a rapid transit, a little over 2 weeks.  I’ve noted before that Aries people treat the right to disagree as their sacred duty.  They thrive on adrenalin and what some would see as a fight, to them it’s just a stimulating discussion.  I would suggest that for this transit, that you avoid making snap decisions and refuse to get drawn into disagreements by validating the other person’s view but saying you need more time to think about it, whatever the issue is…

Aries people have very good responses in emergencies.  They can be heroes and save lives.  Mercury in Aries is excellent for education along these lines.  Parents can hold emergency fire drills, go over 911 info — even little kids can use more info like asking them to  memorize their address, phone number, etc.  Older kids and adults can really use this energy to review First Aid and CPR.  Consider buying a book (Mercury) about dealing with home emergencies or a used copy of a First Aid manual.  These things don’t have to be expensive, the point is to use this transit to educate yourself and be prepared to be more self-sufficient.  Here at home, I keep an eye on the basic supplies — rubbing alcohol, peroxide, band-aids and bandages, sterile gauze, etc.  If you see these items getting low, then re-stock.  In the old days when I was on the farm, I used to keep supplies for the animals, too.  I just read an article about a woman delivering a baby on an airplane.  The flight attendant used vodka to sterilize some scissors and shoestrings to tie off the umbilical cord.  Mercury in Aries energy can be very innovative.  Aries people have courage and they’re not afraid to try something new.  We all have Aries somewhere in our charts and that is the area to face a challenge and learn to thrive from it…

Those of you who are builders and/or contractors should find this a great period to get plans approved and possibly use some new and innovative materials or techniques for your projects.  There’s a couple of glitchy transits that will affect all of us and people should be careful.  Builders need to be very careful around sharp tools, and all people need to travel politely — avoid being a rude driver and ticking someone off.  There’s a lot of crazies out there and you don’t need to incite road rage.  Be patient with your neighbors, too.

The potentially difficult transits are as follows:  (With Mercury transits, I usually allow a day on either side of the exact date.)  Mercury inconjunct Saturn on 4-19-13; Mercury conjunct Uranus on 4-20, and Mercury square Pluto on 4-21.  Now these 3 transits do not have to indicate a big problem, but they ARE symbolic of situations that need to be handled well.  For example, with builders, this is NOT the time to meet with the planning department or ask officials for favors.  Depending on your personal chart, you could find yourself getting sucked into a power struggle to have the last word, and this situation could arise suddenly.  Remember that Uranus is the planet of the unexpected.  You may have brilliant ideas but other people will not be supportive at this time.  Write down those great ideas and present them to others at a better time.  I would expect to see some stuff about labor unions in the news, conflicts with the powers that be regarding contracts, working conditions, etc.

I personally have picked the 24th to travel, since I don’t want to be on the road during the Full Moon on the 25th.  Mercury is sextile Jupiter on the 24th and on the 29th Moon in Sag trines Mercury in Aries — good for the return trip home. These two  transits are both good for travel, education, and for communication, both in person and at a distance.  The Full Moon often carries over into the next day and on Friday the 26th, Mercury is semi-square Neptune and also Mercury is inconjunct the Moon in Scorpio.  That combo is kind of subtle with passive-aggressive exchanges and some attempts at guilt-trips, and inconjuncts often come out in the workplace, so do your best to side-step fussy people and if you ask someone what is wrong, be prepared to hear the whole blow-by-blow description of how difficult their life is at the current moment.  Sincerity could inspire you to suggest some choices for the person in need.  Just remember to turn the conversation to solutions rather than a laundry list of problems.  If you’re married or in a partnership (Full Moon in Libra), this is NOT the time to air grievances.  The 29th is a much easier day and you might get the chance to get outdoors and take a walk while you’re talking things over — Moon in Sag — go to the park or a trail.  Doing something physical together will really help achieve the rapport you seek.

Venus enters Taurus tomorrow and I’ll post that one next…Blessings,  Jenae

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Dear Friends and Readers, hopefully you are enjoying Venus in Aquarius as much as I am; it’s been fun so far…Today’s post is about Mercury in Pisces, but we’ll also define what Mercury retrograde can mean in our daily lives.  Naturally, this transit will affect Pisces and the other mutable signs the most.  Let’s begin by defining the areas of life where Mercury has the most influence.  Mercury as the ruler of Gemini rules transportation, regional travel, electricity, early education and short classes that focus on specific skills, the neighborhood, siblings, and communication.  Gemini can be meetings; so can Virgo but the type of meetings would be more different — more to do with work, health, organizational details.  Mercury as the ruler of Virgo would put the emphasis on health, hygiene, diet and nutrition, co-workers, accounting and bookkeeping.  Mercury was the messenger and the scribe in mythology.  People with strong Virgo and Mercury in Virgo in their charts often end up in middle management, as the one communicating from the boss to the workers.  Troubleshooting and fixing problems come naturally to people with strong 6th house placements.

So…when Mercury goes retro, which is does for roughly 3 weeks and 3 times a year, it would be a good idea to doublecheck all paperwork, communication, appointments, addresses and phone numbers — make sure there is no mistake and be prepared to find mistakes and make corrections.  When I used to see a lot of local clients in person, someone would call for a palm reading and we’d schedule it.  Mercury retrograde usually manifested as that appointment being changed 3 times before it actually happened.  Scheduling conflicts, car problems, travel delays, electrical things not working correctly — these things are VERY common during a Mercury retro transit.  Regarding interpersonal communication, the chance for misunderstandings is higher during this transit.  You can try using the active listening technique to enhance communication…”Let me tell you what I heard you say and you tell me if I understood it correctly…”  This side-steps accusatory or defensive statements and seeks clarity without being judgmental — it’s a  very useful skill to have under your belt, ESPECIALLY when Mercury is retro :))

This rule of 3 times also applies to conversations where a decision needs to be made.  You’ll often find it takes 3 meetings or conversations to get enough clarity, info, etc. to make a decision.  Reviewing is a great use of a Mercury retro, as is research and  gathering additional info.  The time to move forward on projects is after Mercury goes direct ( in this post that would be March 17th).  Let’s use a fantasy example of how to plan your time for maximum effectiveness…right now Mars is in Pisces.  Maybe that means you want a fountain, a  waterfall,  or a pool in your yard.  Maybe you go down to City Hall and the Building/Planning Dept. and you apply to get your permit. You do this when Mercury is making the initial forward transit in Pisces, asking about the rules, setbacks, variances, fencing, depth, etc.  IF you submit your building plans during a Mercury retro, there’s a better than 80% chance they will want corrections.  Use the retrograde to research the materials, the style, who you want to hire, etc.  It will be a lot easier to move forward and do the actual submitting of plans, hiring help, purchasing materials, AND the groundbreaking, if you wait until after March 17.  Taking it a bit farther, please note that Mars, the ruler of Aries, rules iron ( think rebar), excavations, sharp tools, welding, etc.  Mars is currently in Pisces, which would be fine for water projects, BUT — if you wait until the SUN is in Aries and then look for a good Mars day after March 21 — then your GROUNDBREAKING — your initial PHYSICAL action on this project —  is now timed for maximum smoothness of execution.  Any problems encountered would be more easily solved. In this fantasy example, the real life date to begin would be April 5, 2013.

OK, you guys, I’ve been very busy with the clients and so now am running a few days later than I wanted for this post.  I’ve also been mulling the right way to approach it and now I have decided to just show you a FEW Mercury transits in action.  If you are a poet, or doing chemistry research, or calling on major pharmaceutical customers to make a sale, or having foot and/or shoe problems — all these things would be Pisces — then you’re better off getting your chart done as a planning tool.  There are a LOT of Mercury transits during this transit through Pisces.

For example, Mercury squares Jupiter in forward motion on 2-9 at 6 degrees Pisces.  Retrograde, Mercury again squares Jupiter on 3-10 at 8 degrees Pisces, and the wrap-up in forward motion will be the same square on 3-29 at 11 degrees Pisces.  Naturally, people with planets from 5 – 12 degrees in ANY mutable sign will feel the frustration of this square most acutely.  Be prepared to work hard and compromise if necessary.  Very difficult if you let over-optimism about timing put you in a situation where you promise more than you can deliver.  Looking at this square another way, be a bit skeptical about people promising things to YOU.  Be vigilant to spot errors and make corrections with any important paperwork, meetings, even personal conversations and family plans.  Don’t space out when you are driving either.  I usually try to avoid long trips when Mercury is retro, but if you must go somewhere, then  doublecheck everything, allow extra time, and be prepared for delays.  People in the entertainment industry will run into all kinds of glitches with the organizational  details of concerts, movies, live theatre, etc.  This transit is reasonable good for editing work that you have done previously, but take your time and extend deadlines if necessary.

Mercury trines Saturn at 10 degrees Pisces/Scorpio on 2—12.  The retrograde trine is 3-7 at 11 degrees and the last pass, in forward motion is 3-28 at 10 degrees Pisces.  Trines are lucky and flow easily.  These transits are great for creative writing, private detective work and solving mysteries, research in areas ruled by these two signs, and for medical issues.  Healing and improvement of health is very possible if you work with these transits.  Scheduling a medical appointment on a Mercury retro is only OK if it’s follow-up on previous issues — like a post-op appointment or lab work to check on an existing condition.  Combining natural healing and traditional medical could have very nice results…Pisces rules the unconscious mind.  If you have to have anesthesia, be sure to have the doctor say out loud that your surgery was a terrific success and that you can heal quickly, easily, and perfectly.  I actually wrote out a script for my doctor when I had surgery some years ago.  He cooperated,  good man, and all went well.  The idea here is you want to use these transits to put positive messages into your unconscious mind.  No matter what you need to read or study, these trines will make concentration and focus come a little easier and strong possibility to channel info from spirit to help you.  Ask for what you need before sleeping at night.  Pisces rules dreams…

Moon is conjunct Mercury at 8 degrees Pisces on 2-11, retro at 16 degrees Pisces on 3-10, and forward at 21 degrees Pisces on 4-8-2013. Mercury on the Moon gives voice to feelings, so these transits offer you the opportunity to express your emotions.  You may have the same conversation with a loved one  3 times but each time more understanding, clarity, and wisdom are  gained.  Good decisions will result from taking your time with this particular transit and letting things unfold as they will. I’ve written before about intention is the bottom line with Neptune/Pisces/12th house matters.  My impression about this transit is that people can uncover some hidden expectations that they were  carrying around and becoming aware and  releasing any hidden agendas will allow your closest relationships to blossom.

These are great transits to initiate spiritual practices, therapy, release old pain and move forward with your life.  Remember that the conjunctions are the most powerful transits because two planets in union produce a lot of energy.  Give voice to the deeper parts of yourself — keep a journal, confide in a  trusted friend, join a prayer or meditation group — all these are possibilities.  Sometimes when I am jammed up, talking to a friend does wonders!  No sooner are the words out of my mouth than I can see where my thinking is off-track so I can correct it.  Of course, for me it would be a friend, since I am Aquarius.  A mate, a sibling, any relative that you have a loving relationship with can be of great help to you  during this transit.  Maybe you need some help this time with figuring something out, but it could be that YOU are going to help another with this same process.  That’s what Pisces is about — alleviating pain and suffering and expressing spiritual love…

A client comes to mind…she had some catty relatives that said mean things.  I reminded her that their behavior said more about them than her.  She had a breakthrough and realized she didn’t want them in her life anymore; they were like the fake version of family instead of the real deal.  She had the  courage to let go of the  pain they had caused and move forward with her life.  Most of us will release the problem and then back-slide, chewing on the old hurts like a dog with a bone.  The thing with Pisces being a spiritual sign, letting go really MEANS letting go.  I struggle with this; I think we all do.  At this time in our evolution, there is no compromise.  You’re either on the side of the Light or feeding the darkness that is trying to envelop our planet.  Make your choice.  Letting go means letting go with love, blessing the experience, no matter how painful, because it has helped you become who you are today.  And maybe there was no other  way to get there…maybe it was really a shortcut in disguise…Blessings, Jenae

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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, Remembering that Mercury rules Gemini in the natural wheel will help you understand this particular transit.  It means that Aquarians need as much mental stimulation as Geminis.  That’s what the element of air is — ideas and communication, reading and learning, too, but especially this month it will be sharing ideas with other people.  Let’s start by noting that the SUN enters Aquarius today, too, and MARS is still transiting through Aquarius.  So there’s a lot of voltage, high energy being directed wherever you have Aquarius in your chart.  The next few weeks are quite good for sharing ideas with friends and groups.  It’s a great time to join a group and contribute your ideas and skills.  An example would be Toastmasters, if you need to build skills in public speaking.  Students should feel a renewed vigor re: their studies and may find it quite help to gather in small groups to work together.  If you’re into self-study, this is a good transit to study astrology, since it is ruled by Aquarius.  People at work may be preparing for a lot of meetings, conferences, reports, etc.

This is a fabulous period to exercise your intuition.  Words and ideas may pop into your head quite suddenly and this is to help guide you, so pay attention.  You will probably find that you know what someone is going to say before they say it.  This happened to me this am — a friend called and there was something in her voice, some slight change of tone and I suddenly knew she was going to tell me something sad had happened.  And she did.  You can also have a lot of fun, too,  with your closest friends and your intution.  MERCURY in Aquarius likes to change subjects rapidly and their joy comes when the people around them can make the leap right with them :))  Intuition, not logic,  at work here…it’s a lot harder during this transit  to slow down and outline things in a logical way for those of a different temperament.  Particularly this month since Mars is adding speed to conversation.  Aquarians can talk a good revolution but the reality is this is a fixed sign and they resist pressure from outside.  If fixed signs decide to change, they will.  I have to wonder, watching the US news and the polarization of viewpoints in this country.  Sun, Mercury, AND Mars in a fixed sign ?  Doesn’t look like much compromise or even careful listening is possible.  There’s a lot of groups that are very passionate about what they believe in and many groups opposing each other.  A lot of emotion and not too much logic.  I would recommend that people speak their truth to their nearest and dearest, but with other people this month, about all you can do is avoid difficult subjects or risk fanning the flames.  If you’re into group activities then focus on the task at hand and don’t let yourself get drawn into arguments.

This Mercury in Aquarius transit is also good for engineers and scientists because the analytical side of this sign is accented by Mercury.  Good for data, running tests, diagnostics, innovative applications and experiements.

There ARE some  Mercury transits this month, so let’s take a look at what’s coming down the pipeline…

(I got this far and I was ahead of the time and now I am behind the curve due to an out of state emergency that I had to deal with.  And the situation is still unstable and could require my presence again.  Good lesson in astrology — Saturn is square my Sun and opposite my Moon — not the easiest transits for sure…)

OK, looking at late January, Mercury squares Saturn this Friday and the Full Moon is the 27th.  Not the easiest period to reach agreements or consensus decisions, but things should be reasonably ok if you stick to light banter and jokes and create more of a party atmosphere.  Sun trine Jupiter will help, too…

Moon in Libra trines Mercury February 1st which is a Friday.  Fun, possibly romantic, harmony with partners and friends.

Moon squares Mercury Monday morning the 4th, and there are a lot of other squares.  Probably means people will be a bit grumpy at work.  Don’t schedule important meetings at that time.  And if you pry into people’s moods just out of curiosity you may find they are vengeful later when you might need their help.  So be discrete and leave people alone if they are moody.  You could say something like “I’m available if you need to talk” but then be prepared for an earful, so only say this if you are sincere.

By the 5th Mercury enters Pisces, so this was a quick journey through Aquarius.  Remember that Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces from 2-23 through 3-17.  More on this later.  I’m sorry I had to miss writing about the lovely Mercury trines and sextiles on the 22nd and 23rd — they were my best days to take care of business and health appointments and it all went well.  Hopefully, for you guys, too.  More soon, Blessings, Jenae


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Good Morning dear Friends and Readers,  just in time for the holiday season Mercury enters Sagittarius from December 11th  through the 31st.  After all the heaviness and problems in November we need a little light hearted fun and laughter.  Since Venus also enters Sag on the 17th, the two planets together are symbolic of laughter,  jokes, and affectionate speech.  Venus and Mercury are not conjunct but close enough to help create a jovial atmosphere.  After all, Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sag — generous, tolerant, able to see the big picture.  What does this mean for us?  We’ll take a look later at some specific transits, but let’s start with the overall tone, the flavor of the month :))…New Moon in Sag on the 13th means Sun AND Moon are in Sag, too.  I think we’ll hear about some very generous donations at that time — individuals, corporate, etc.  If you look for it, there will be some stories in the news that are very inspiring, about people helping people, reaching out to alleviate suffering.  There will be some wonderful parties; some will be kindred spirits, friends, family, etc. but there will also be some with very diverse people attending, giving you a real opportunity to learn new things and make new connections.  So don’t be shy — if something new sounds fun and interesting, you should probably step out and attend the event.  Cultivate Jupiter qualities within yourself — be friendly and welcoming to others.

Sag is a sign that has to watch going overboard. Too much of a good thing.  Drinking and driving don’t mix.  There could be a lot of DUI’s unless people who are celebrating practice some moderation.  This is less likely with all the Sag energy in the air.  I would like to caution people to avoid travelling by car at night if possible.  Stay alert, particularly around Monday the 17th as Mercury opposes Jupiter, and again from the 29th – 31st — there are some critical transits at that time — Mercury at 29 degrees Sag and a Sun-Pluto conjunction.  More about that later…

Mercury in Sag this year is a great time to take stock of your life.  Philosophical and mystical breakthroughs are possible on the spiritual level.  Pay attention to the clues for answers to your questions.  It’s not an accidental Universe — the answers can come through the media, through strangers, through something you happen to read, as well as your own dreams and flashes of insight.  You can be helpful to others needing more information, too.  There is no better sign than Mercury in Sag for gathering  information and relaying it to the people who need it.  If you have this position in your natal you could be a great spokesperson for a business or organization.  On the mundane level, this transit is just as fabulous for gathering the info and the help you need in your life right now…

Let me share a couple recent examples…I have a client with Sun in the 9th and Libra rising.  She was an art major in college but ended up in a different field.  Her art gets expression in her personal life.  At work, she was cruising toward retirement and feeling pretty confused about whether to stay or go.  She was ready to leave the job but unsure about the medical/insurance aspects of retirement.  It was starting to stress her out.  I reminded her that she always made good decisions in her life by using the Libra pattern — research, discuss the options, let it rest for awhile, revisit the issue again — a leisurely and relaxed approach.  An Aries could probably make a split second decision and never look back, but my client was Cancer and more concerned with stability and security.  Once she took the pressure off of herself to make a quick decision, a most interesting thing happened.  Another department at her job asked for her services with publishing, using some new software.  She realized she could stay for another year, have fun, learn new programs that she could use after retirement by working part-time, and give the government some time to get their ducks in order re: the Medicare snafu.  When she made the decision to be open to new information regarding her decision, everything lined up beautifully within a week.  What I think is so cute astrologically about this is she’s a 9th house Sun and that is the SAG house and rules publishing !!

The key to this process with Sag is to be OPEN to new information and not attached as to HOW the information comes to you…

Here’s my own breakthrough that happened quite recently.  I had voiced out loud on many occasions, my wish to gift my daughter with child care money.  I had been specific, too, it was 10k, most of a year’s worth.  Mainly due to Saturn having been in my 2nd house the last 3 years, it was not possible for me to do this. Here’s what happened….nothing to do with me physically, but the money for child care that my daughter needed came to her anyway !!! It came to her in 3 different ways.  Miracles, big and small, are still happening in this world on a daily basis.  My breakthrough was I realized it didn’t have to be me — I held the INTENTION in my heart and mind and my speech, and that was enough…I didn’t need to be attached as to HOW the solution would come about.  I hope you guys see this as important to you, TOO !!!  You can use your INTENTION to help the world…you can hold positive intentions as small or as big as you feel called to do…for yourself, family, friends, the world…  I would like to add, though, that since there is so much energy in Sagittarius right now, it’s very appropriate to THINK BIG :))  I’m sharing my personal breakthrough with all of you in the hope that it will help you, too…

Looking at some specific Mercury transits,  Mercury trines Uranus on the 14th.  This is great for learning new things quickly, for using technology in new ways.  You could have a lot of fun with psychic communication with your friends; try guessing who is on the phone before you look at it.  It’s good training to recognize different peoples’ energy.  There’s electricity in the air and a lot of quick mental energy today.

On the 16th/17th the Moon sextiles Mercury.  Another good period for communication and intuitive empathy for others.  It’s easier to talk about feelings with this transit, especially if you add humor into the mix.  A fun time for socializing with groups of friends.

On the 17th Mercury opposes Jupiter after dinnertime, PST.  Sometimes with this transit, people promise more than they can deliver.  Overbooking your schedule can lead to transportation problems, and everyone needs to be cautious about out of control  drivers.  Some people will tend to be quite boastful under the influence of this transit, annoying for sure, but best to take stuff you hear with a big grain of salt.  In general, people tend to be over-optimistic with this transit, so you can balance it by using some moderation today.

Those of who have read earlier posts already know that the 29th degree is a critical degree.  This month Mercury will transit the 29th degree of Sag on December 30th, the same day that the Sun is conjunct Pluto.  Note also that the Full Moon is December 27-28th Capricorn/Cancer (square Uranus).  My feeling is that the days after Christmas may not be pleasant compared to the transits during the 2 weeks before the holiday.  Party before Christmas but be cautious as we approach New Year’s Eve. Mercury at a  critical degree can mean trouble with foreign countries due to a lack of diplomacy — remember the energy of Sag is to lose their temper but let it go right away and not stay mad — there could be some kind of dispute due to hot heads taking over the microphone.  ?  As to who it could be, I have no clue.  Egypt is a mess and Syria is a disaster…maybe it’s just some new scandal involving politicians?   Long distance transportation problems, people drinking too much, people over-reacting with fear and prejudice rather than tolerance and appreciation of our unique differences — all these are possibilities.  For the most part people should be able to avoid direct consequences of these transits by staying away from crowds of people that can veer out of control.  If you are working in a public business, do your best to be polite, attentive and diplomatic.  If you are working in emergency service occupations, get ready for a busy weekend.  If you are working in security on ANY level, stay alert !  Taverns, pubs, and clubs should increase their security over the last weekend of December.  You get the picture…now we have to add Sun conjunct Pluto into the mix.  On the purely geological level, this would be symbolic of magma rising up to the surface.  There are already a number of places with active volcanos and these should continue and even new ones begin to erupt.  The earth is unsettled these  days.  The next possibility would be earthquakes from deep underground.  Capricorn rules Mexico and Central America, as well as Hawaii and Alaska, plus Texas and New Mexico are also Capricorn.

Looking at Sun-Pluto on the human level, there are a number of possibilities…a deep release and healing would be possible with health and wellness issues.  There’s probably some kind of list that comes out at the end of the year rating various businesses in categories concerning social responsibility.  Look for some surprises on the list this year.  I think we’ll see or hear quite a bit about business policies and ethics — both the positive and the negative.  This would include the sports world, too, looking at it as big business. The government is currently playing brinksmanship and this conjunction would accent coercion and manipulation as the players position themselves for personal reasons instead of seeking and finding the compromise that the citizens want.  I personally think they should not be allowed to go home for Christmas unless they get their assignment done.  They are acting like petulant children instead of adults… I should amend that statement…SOME of them are acting like children…there are a few sincere ones…very few…evidently most of them have failed to study the history of Rome…

OK, back to our lives and Sun-Pluto…some of you with Birthdays around the end of December have felt pressure to change careers or at least job conditions all year.  By now you should have solved this, or at least have taken the  first concrete steps.  Now the energy slowly begins to shift to people born in early January, Pluto on YOUR SUN is asking you to transform and revolutionize your life, your career, your health, etc.  This is a fabulous transit for all of us to focus on a list of our goals for the new year. And depending on what house is Capricorn in your natal chart, you can figure out what to start on first.  Pluto is will power, transformation and regeneration.  This is a great transit to use our will power and concentration to renew our bodies, minds, and spirits…Blessings in this Holiday Season, Jenae




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Good Morning, dear Friends and Readers, we are still feeling the effects of the Full Moon and the Mars-Jupiter opposition.  Now to complicate matters more, Mercury will go retro on 11-6-12, a transit that happens approximately 3 times each year for 3 weeks at a time.  For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with this, start by remembering that Mercury in the natural zodiac is the ruler of both Gemini and Virgo.  So the areas in general would be communication, transportation, paperwork, electricity.  Unfortunately, we see these areas very stressed in our country for millions of people right now.  The transits are suggesting things will take a while to straighten out.  These must be exceptional times, to affect so many on such a large scale…

Let’s begin by defining a NORMAL Mercury retrograde transit.  Meetings often will be cancelled and rescheduled.  The plane doesn’t necessarily crash but your luggage could go astray.  It’s important to back up your computer more often.  Clear communication can be elusive.  Appliances can break.  Construction and/or road closures can delay travel, best to allow extra time.  Especially THIS year at Thanksgiving.  Paperwork can get lost, have mistakes, have to be re-written.

Mercury retrograde is NOT a favorable time to move forward on new projects, sign contracts, meet new people, make major purchases, close on real estate or begin a groundbreaking, schedule medical appointments  or take new medicines  — you get the picture.  It’s not ideal for travel either but we can usually muddle through.  Mercury retro IS favorable for going over the past, making corrections, making plans and researching them — just don’t implement until Mercury is forward.  It can be a great time to connect with old friends or find people you knew but lost contact.  When it’s love and people meet under a Mercury retro, they either recognize each other on a soul level and take up where they left off, OR people meet and change their mind about the relationship  when Mercury moves forward.  Same thing with Venus, by the way.

One time I took my car to the mechanic 3 times and finally on the retro they figured it out and fixed it!!  It’s a good transit to clear out your junk drawer, organize your closet, your filing cabinet, etc.  It’s amazing what you can find on a Mercury retro — things you thought were lost can return to you.  One time I found a ring in my garden that I had lost a year or more before !!

OK, let’s look at THIS particular Mercury transit.  It begins at 4 degrees Sag and heads backwards to 18 degrees Scorpio, going direct on 11-26 at 2:51 PST.  By mid-December it’s back to the same place in Sag where it was on 11-6.  Those of you with your Sun or other planets within these degrees may notice that you have the same discussion or meetings  3 times before decisions or results are achieved.  Great for writing and editing, though somewhat disconcerting for other paperwork.  Still, be on the lookout for mistakes.  SO much depends on your individual charts…for example, Gemini-Taurus will have Mercury opposing, putting more emphasis on relationships and possibly financial paperwork.  Pisces-Aquarius and Virgo-Leo will be taking squares, challenging you to adjust your STYLE of communication and seek consensus for best results.  Looking at  current events, those of you on the EAST COAST and further west, too, will have to dot every “I” and cross every “t” with all the paperwork , applications, and forms required for you to get the help you need after the storm.  Scorpio rules insurance.  In order to avoid delays and/or misunderstandings, please doublecheck everything twice before you sign and be SURE to read the fine print and ask questions, ask for explanations if things aren’t clear to you.  Start now with a pad of paper and make lists of items damaged, or a list of repairs needed, or a to-do list of who you will need to contact.  Hopefully, you already had a video of your house and furnishings and took it with you if you had to evacuate.  Most people have that these days for insurance purposes.  Sag rules churches.  It wouldn’t hurt a bit to write down a wish list of things you need.  Kindness and the generosity of strangers tend to manifest when big disasters occur.  Brotherhood and a sense of community can actually be strengthened…

Since Mercury rules electricity, things could take longer to get up and running with this retrograde.  For the rest of us, we can learn from the national experience and prepare ourselves for winter.  Use Mercury to go over your home emergency list.  Pretend you’re a pioneer in historical times.  Strive for self-sufficiency with a modern twist — batteries and flashlights in addition to candles.  Food, water, space blanket, BBQ or woodstove for cooking, etc.  A big box of baby wipes comes in pretty handy when there’s not much water. 🙂

I heard one state saying 7 to 10 days without electricity.  Looking at these transits, I would guess things could even take a little longer.  Who knows what they’ll do about the election.  Maybe they should wait until Mercury goes forward !!! 🙂

Since we are now in the sign of Scorpio, I think I’ll begin working on the Saturn in Scorp transit.  Could take awhile…till then, Blessings, Jenae




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