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Back again, dear Friends and Readers…there’s a lot of writing involved with this particular transit.  But I want to be sure you have the information you need since I may take a break during canning season.  Let’s pick up where we left off…

If you have LIBRA RISING,  Jupiter in Cancer is transiting  through your  10th house of career,  reputation, and public life.  There’s a lot going on in your life since you have planets on the Cardinal angles of your chart.  This adds some pressure and intensity.  Uranus in your 7th and Pluto in your 4th form a T-square which exits out the sign without a planet — in this case YOUR Libra Ascendant.  Good communication with partners is essential.  Remain diplomatic, even if other people are flipping out.  You’re going to have to exercise a lot of discipline to handle all the needs of  the people around you and keep things moving smoothly.  Your leadership abilities are very important this year.  It’s a heavy year but it can bring out your best.

Jupiter in your career house could bring a new opportunity.  It could be a raise or promotion at work, or something in your current career improves.  You could change fields, possibly start a business, or perhaps your boss will change and this brings the improvements.  Increased responsibility usually comes along with more money, and you may even feel that your family and/or partner are not being as supportive about the extra time spent on career.  A little sabotage at home?  It’s up to you to make that list of chores or groceries and be clear about what needs to be done.  That way there’s no room for “oh, I forgot” from the people you are counting on to cooperate with the plan.  Put up a big bulletin board with a calendar in the kitchen.  If your loved ones eat well, there will be less crankiness.  Buy the items you know will be eaten, buy them in bulk.  Pluto in the 4th doesn’t have to be sabotage, overall it’s a sign of transformation of the home or  within the family — people moving in, people moving out, etc.  But you DO need meals in the freezer ready to heat at a moment’s notice…

The food theme also applies to your boss.  Feeding people at work or having some trail mix on your desk — something with protein — will make them more cooperative.  Sure, it’s not your responsibility to feed them (unless you’re in the restaurant business J) but we’re talking how to make YOUR life smoother this year, and food is one of the keys.

This is a great year for you to expand your career skills.  Short classes or workshops may be offered by your employer or there may be some reimbursement for training.  See what’s out there and what you might need to add.  Be on the lookout for continuing education  in your field.  Jupiter in your 10th could also symbolize foreign language training or some travel out of town.  Another possibility would be you setting up the  technology IN your home to work FROM home one day a week, still in your current job.  At the very least, Jupiter in Cancer in your 10th is suggesting that you improve your office area at home.  Maybe you need a bigger filing cabinet, or a pretty desk, or a more comfortable chair, or a computer upgrade.  If you want to have a home business, the same would apply — an attractive and efficient place to meet with customers.  Naturally, there are a lot of variables.  If you’re marketing a cookbook, you don’t need to have customers at home, but you do need a well-organized shipping area.  You get the picture.  LIBRA RISING is sensitive to color.  Make sure you like the colors in your office, wherever it is.  Add touches of your favorite colors…

If you have SCORPIO RISING, then Jupiter in Cancer is moving through your 9th house of foreign contacts, higher education, long distance travel, and philosophy.  You get more of the benefits of the Grand Water Trine this year and even next year, Saturn and Jupiter will still make trines, which is great for finances and economics and making important long-term purchases or investments.

Usually Saturn in the 1st lowers the vitality.  You may be working so hard that you don’t  get enough rest or eat well.  Jupiter in  Cancer in trine helps smooth that out.  This transit can bring you more travel, or friends and family travel to see you.  Often it’s both.  Besides travel, some kind of schooling is indicated.  Of course, they say travel is the best education, but anything that expands the mind is favored.  You may be thinking quite a bit about your future this year and next, trying to formulate some long-term plans.  The real power and magic in life happens  when we put our individual will in the hands of the Universal Will.  So try thinking about your plans, and then letting it rest for awhile.  See what happens, what new information comes in.  Re-formulate or discuss plans again in light of the new info, and let things rest for awhile again. These water trines really help you with the intuitive connection  and as long as you don’t get fixated that things HAVE to be a certain way, I think you’ll be amazed and surprised and very grateful at how well things come together for you.  The key is to be humble and flexible and not push yourself to make immediate decisions about long-range important stuff.  Sometimes what appears to be an obstacle is  really an opportunity in disguise.  The great thing for you is you will actually get to SEE that; it’s not just philosophy, you’ll get the direct experience.  And this is the time in your life that you’ll really assimilate  what you have learned.  Metaphysics is simply the hidden structures supporting our physical reality.  I guess we could call it the hidden physics.  You have a terrific opportunity to expand your awareness of the more subtle energies guiding you and the clues to help you make good decisions.

There is a lot of information out there if you stay alert — lots of synchronicities. The “coincidences” will be both fun and interesting.  My Moon is in the 9th and is the same sign as my cousin’s Moon.  The other day I was about to push the button on the phone to call him and before I could, he called me :))  And we don’t talk that often.  It made us laugh.  The 9th house is one of the spiritual houses.  Studying comparative religion and/or foreign philosophers can be helpful.  The Jupiter in Cancer transit isn’t so much an indicator of going to church or doing yoga every day — it’s more to do incorporating new spiritual concepts and ideas into your everyday mind and life activities. The 9th is the Sag house in the natural wheel of the zodiac.  You’re at your best when gathering information and sharing with the people who need it. This process also enriches you…

Foreign food is indicated with Jupiter in its own house and in Cancer — sign of food.  Eating lower on the food chain is generally considered healthier — less meat, more vegies,  combined grain/legume proteins.  The newest research indicates so many health benefits from fermented foods.  Many cultures have known this for centuries — the science only confirmed what they already knew.  Anyone with  strong Scorpio placements can benefit from fermented foods — sauerkraut is one example.  The fermentation process is ruled by Pluto — transformation.  Liquors are ruled by the 9th, too.  Maybe you’ll decide to have some  fun making your own beer or liqueurs…

If you have SAGGITARIUS RISING, the Jupiter is your chart ruler.  This gives it added importance in your chart and you should study the nature of Jupiter thoroughly.  Jupiter transiting through Cancer is moving through your 8th house now.  The 8th, the natural Scorpio house, rules shared money, shared power, love and intimacy.  Jupiter in the 8th usually makes it easy to get a loan or credit; Jupiter is only negative through excess, so don’t go overboard and max out your debts.  People with natal planets in this house often work for the government or very large companies.  Jupiter in the 8th will usually bring an increase in funds for you.  It could be a raise or an insurance settlement;  inheritance is also 8th house, though I would think in Cancer this might mean land, a house, antiques and collectables come to you, not necessarily cash.  Since the 8th house is shared finances, your life could improve due to a partner’s luck.  If you want to play the lotto, go for the local contests and share the numbers you pick — you pick some and your partner picks some and play them over and over.

This is a pretty good transit to buy or sell a home.  Another possibility is your children are getting ready to move out of the family home.  It might be hard to let your chickies fly from the nest, since as a parent, the 8th house tends to be VERY protective.  Maybe you have children about to leave for college and you worry are they ready?  Are YOU ready?  Maybe not.  You have an opportunity to focus less on the physical plane and develop your intuition like a muscle — sending your mind to where your children are and tuning in.  Practice now by sending mental messages back and forth while they’re still in the home.  Make it a fun thing and pretty soon you’ll see yourselves improving.  At the end of the day, they are God’s children, as are we, and we are only the very temporary earthly custodians.  We only have control over our own attitudes, thoughts, and responses to events.  Another possibility is an grown child wants to move back IN, or you are considering  an elder’s needs and making plans to move them in with YOU.  The best decisions with the Scorpio energy of the 8th mean all parties involved see benefits.  Win-lose does not work and will incur karma.

Your mate or closest partner is symbolized by the 8th house in sense of shared decisions and being stronger together than you would be apart.  You could have some very special love experiences if you are tuned into the more subtle energies together.  You might want to read together about tantric practices.  I know a guy that fell in love with a girl that was somewhat younger than he was.  Their relationship was proceeding and he was happy and so was she.  One night they both had a mutual past life experience, simultaneously, and saw they had been in love and separated by war, both killed by the enemy.   He started crying, my Scorpio friend who was such a tough guy.  He got so in touch and in tune with his emotions as a result of this experience, he was the better for it.  Deeper, wiser,  more thoughtful.  She, on the other hand, was maybe too young and moved away.  He was crushed and called me.  I didn’t know what to say about how to get her to come back.  I said, maybe she can’t handle a long-term relationship with you  at this time. Maybe she needs time to mature.  Maybe the point was to show you we’re never truly separated from those we love.  There’s a lot of mysteries connected with the 8th house.  A deep rapport is possible with those you love.  Jupiter symbolizes kindness and generosity.  Affirm how precious the trust is between you.  Guard it and nourish it.  Protect each other.

Well, we’ll finish up tomorrow…Blessings, Jenae

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Back again, dear Friends and Readers, with more on Jupiter in Cancer.  Picking up where we left off…

If you have CANCER RISING, then Jupiter is now moving across your Ascendant and into your 1st house, depending on the degree of your Ascendant.  From the earth’s point of view, planets appear to move backward in their orbit from time to time, so you need to know that Jupiter will go retrograde at 20 degrees Cancer on November 7, 2013, and then in direct motion (forward) again at 10 degrees Cancer on March 5 & 6, 2014.  Which day depends on your time  zone.  So if the degree of your Cancer Ascendant is from 10-20 degrees, then you’re going to have Jupiter move over it 3 times, which is important.  Some background… the meaning of the 12th and 1st houses are VERY different.  The 1st house is a public house — your personality, your physical body — the mask worn over the soul — the “you” that other people see.  The 12th house is a spiritual house, a hidden house, a house of mysteries and souls lessons and the reservoir of the collective unconscious.  I see a musician is now following this blog so let’s use music as an example.  Let’s say you’ve written a beautiful  song, inspired by a dream or daydream.  Channeling inspiration from the heavenly realms down to earth through the arts is one definition of the 12th house.  To publish this song, or perform it publicly, you would want Jupiter in your 1st house, for sure.  So, you can use astrology to pick your moment for optimum reception by making sure Jupiter is in your 1st house in forward motion with some supportive transits from other planets.  This applies to ANY important project — publishing, a business meeting, filing building plans for a house, starting a new business, signing up for school, etc.   Since Jupiter is in Cancer, you would also want the Moon in a compatible sign.  People who have Cancer rising have the Moon as the chart ruler, so study the Moon — there’s lots of books and articles about this, not hard to find.

For the purpose of this blog, we’re going to assume that Jupiter in Cancer is in your 1st house,  since that will be true sometime in the next year, depending on your Ascendant degree.  The Jupiter retrograde just means you may need to backtrack, review, and  fine-tune your plans.  Not a problem.

Remember, Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts.  Jupiter in the 1st can expand your waistline, especially with Cancer rising because they are usually great cooks.  So watch the calories :))  Since Cancer rules home and family, it can expand your waistline through pregnancy, too :))  On a more subtle level, your role within the family may change…Jupiter is the planet of teaching — your family may listen to you more closely and seek your advice and opinions more often.  This can be both a blessing and a burden, depending on the particulars. It’s a great transit to teach classes, too.  Good for elementary teachers especially.  Jupiter symbolizes generosity and optimism.

Whatever you begin with Jupiter in your 1st will grow in importance over the next 12 years.  Here’s an example.  A college student  called me and shared some information — she had signed up for three different possibilities at school — a group that did political surveys on campus, a seat on the council for the Greek system (sororities and fraternities), and helping the foreign student club.  I told her Jupiter was on her Ascendant and moving into her 1st house, so it looked like the foreign student club.  I reminded her that she had Jupiter in Sag, very strong in its own sign, too.  Sure enough, the foreign student  club picked her.  And she went on to travel the world and work overseas as the years passed…and she learned a lot of foreign languages, too.

With Jupiter in Cancer in your 1st house, you are encouraged to grow, to try new things, to be a bit more public, or possibly open your home to the public — like a tour, or a book club group, or meetings, even something like a boarding house or a B&B would work well.  Maybe it’s a quilting club or a scrapbooking club that rotates where they meet.  I don’t want to limit you, these suggestions are only a drop in the bucket…

Day care or foster parenting would be a strong possibility,  along with arranging play dates for young children if you are a stay at home parent.  Elder care, or a part-time job nurturing the elderly could also work.  If you wish to adopt a child from far away, Jupiter in Cancer is favorable.

New activities can lead you in directions you never imagined and prove very satisfying over the years.  Anything that fits with food, kitchens,  home and family, sentimental art, geneolgy and antiques, and unconditional love is a winner for you…Jupiter in  Cancer — what a great combo for a food blog J)…

If you have LEO RISING, then Jupiter in Cancer is moving through your 12th house of the unconscious mind, spiritual aspiration, and behind the scenes activities.  Jupiter in the 12th is the best transit for getting in touch with your own guides and teachers, both visible and invisible.  This transit is great for meditation, self-examination, journaling, counseling, and learning from your dreams.  The 12th is considered a private house and Jupiter expands your inner life.  It’s great for writers and artists and people who need alone time to do their best work.

I read years ago that Jupiter in the 12th is help at the 11th hour, or at the last minute when all seems lost.  There’s a beautiful opportunity here,  with the Grand Trine of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all in your water houses in 2013, to understand yourself better, and to understand nature and animals.  If you ever wanted to be a pet psychic, now is the time to develop your skills.  I’ve seen a set of tapes on this and there may even be classes.   It is important, with this transit, to incorporate some kind of spiritual practice into your everyday life.  Meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, etc.  For best results you should be on a search for truth and spend some time examining any assumptions and neutralizing biases.  In order to receive information from the heavenly realms, we need to be open, receptive, and as clear a channel as possible.  If we were perfect we wouldn’t need to be here, so do your best and don’t beat yourself up over your mistakes.  Regret about the past can actually be a convenient block to keep from growing and moving forward.  The 12th house is all about our motives, whether conscious or unconscious.  Hidden agendas create karma that is eventually going to backfire.  Self-honesty and sincerity count 100%.  People that spend a lot of time getting their head straight and cleaning up their thoughts may not have fancy certificates hanging on the wall, but their accomplishments are every bit as important.  We are tested rigorously before we graduate; it’s the same thing with the 12th house.  In the ancient Egyptian system, their art showed this process as a pair of scales, with a human heart on one scale, and the white feather of truth and purity on the other.  No dummies, those ancient Egyptians…and what did the ancient Greeks  say ?  KNOW THYSELF.

Another way to look at Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th is to understand the family dynamics better.  IF there’s any heartache from your past, forgiveness empowers you and sets you free.  Spiritually, it’s important to forgive those who have played the role of the evil villain in our lives, too.  What if those roles were reversed the last time around?  Wouldn’t you want to be forgiven?  Jupiter is helping you resolve karma.  I think one of the hardest things we have to deal with in this life is to learn how to love and forgive ourselves.  But it CAN be done, and you have a lot of help to get there this year. J)

If you have VIRGO RISING, then Jupiter in Cancer is moving through your 11th house of friends and group activities, and hopes and wishes for the future.  This is one of the prophetic houses and Jupiter is comfortable here.  You may have lots of insight about the overall trends in the world, or your country, or the town you live in.  You may be able to tell what those trends will be far in advance of their manifestation.  You have an instinct this year for what will become popular.  You can use this for fashion trends, home trends, car trends, vacation ideas, new forms of education — limitless possibilities — but what comes to mind here for me is health care.  For many years now, the alliopathic model of health care has been opposed to the naturopathic model, and finally, this is starting to change.  There are illness and conditions that NEED traditional medicine — surgery, pills, etc. but now we are seeing that sometimes the simpler, less invasive healing arts can be more effective and there’ s less danger of adverse drug reactions, side effects and crossovers ( one prescription working against another).   I think the key here is to be versatile.  Even insurance companies are now funding massage, chiro, acupuncture, etc.  Some hospitals now allow midwives in the birthing centers.  There will be such a need in the near future to keep medical costs down that there will be more emphasis on wellness in the first place.  IMO, doctors should be bonused for keeping patients healthy, not for how many surgeries they perform.  But I am speaking generally here — doctors that perform the miracles for children, like fixing cleft palates or clubbed feet — they are the heroes and you want to reward them for how many children they help.

Anyway,  along the lines of these trends will be a new emphasis on the food we eat as a path to wellness and good health.  Jupiter in Cancer celebrates food, herbs, and recipes from around the world.  The scientists are finding out just how helpful various foods are — superfoods  — kale, seaweed, mung beans, blueberries, goji  berries — those are just a few.

Jupiter in the 11th is the best transit to either take a class or teach a class outside the mainstream classrooms, to join with kindred spirits who are interested in the same subjects — this helps you build new friendships and a sense of community during Jupiter’s transit of Cancer.  People with Cancer on the 11th cusp often find their friends feel more like family than their own family.  Sometimes it DOES mean you are  good friends with your family, but not as often.

It’s curious to me, what I see going on in the world with food these days.  It’s almost like there are two different  worlds existing simultaneously.  Real food and fake food?  I’m not sure what to call it.  On the one hand, there are some terrific advances in fighting hunger in the world, though we still have a long way to go.  There’s a new form of what we would call an energy bar — made from combined proteins and using legumes and grains familiar to the culture that needs the help.  The world hunger agencies can air-drop these to people and they don’t need cooking.  The poorest cultures often do not have access to fuel for cooking, so these protein bars are a big help.  If a child does not receive adequate protein in the first 5 years of life, their brains never develop to their fullest potential.  And some agencies are trying solar cookers in places where the sun is strong, to save fuel.

Then there’s the GMO seed issue.  I think the GMO foods are potentially very harmful to human and animal health.  I  think of the companies that produce them as the evil villains of the world, megalomaniacs  who want to control the world to make more money for themselves and rob the common people of the power of choice.  Of course they see themselves differently.  They think they’re on a mission to combat world hunger and by filling a need they will make money, just like any other business.  Europe has banned some foods but do they realize that they’re still consuming GMO through the animal feeds  they import?  In the USA, consumers want the foods that have GMO labeled clearly, and the producing companies are making very sneaky end-runs around the situation, with the result that we are all consuming these foods without realizing it.  Reports are coming in from other countries about long-term health effects, and the news is not good, particularly for people already suffering from chronic illness.  I read one article last week that said they tested people from many different  European countries and found the glycophage in their bodies.  And the bees are in very grave danger. Kill the bees and you kill the chance for many of our food crops to be pollinated.  Save the bees to save our crops.   Probably we need to move on to cover the astrology, but I urge you all to educate yourselves about what you eat.  There are groups that list prepared food products using GMO crops; you can find this on the Internet.  You can raise plants yourselves that bees like.  Use less chemicals to kill weeds — white vinegar and a little Dawn sprayed in full Sun is a lot safer.  Regular hybrid seeds are not GMO seeds; raise a garden if you can and please support your local farmers’ markets.

I know all these Mom’s and they are very conscientious about what they feed their children.  And there’s people like me who grow as much as they can and share the garden with others.  And then, particularly in the cities, there are people who never cook, who never eat together as a family, and they’re living on fast food.  And they  think this fake food they eat has no effect on their body, mind and emotions?  No wonder things are breaking down…

There IS a point to all this digression — Jupiter in Cancer is about protecting and saving our land, our food.  Food co-ops come under the rulership of the 11th house.  VIRGO rising is at its best when bringing better health and hygiene to others.  NUTRITION should be taught in every  school, at every parenting class, and you should share recipes and knowledge with your friends.  Start a potluck club — when you eat with people you like, the food digests better.

Regardless of where Jupiter in transiting in YOUR chart, you are going to see these food issues come to the forefront over the next year.  Very serious crises are brewing and we all have a role in protecting this planet we call home.  You heard it here…

Another possibility with the 11th house is labor unions.  Those of you with VIRGO rising may be employed in the health care field.  Expect a lot of union activity for the next year.  Collective bargaining could actually bring some beneficial changes to your workplace.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow…Blessings, Jenae

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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, back again with more info on Jupiter’s transit through Cancer.  Yesterday, I wrote about some of the general stuff.  Today we’ll begin looking at the specific houses, so you need to know your rising sign, or Ascendant.  There’s lots of sites on the internet with free charts these days.  Your Ascendant is based on your TIME of birth.

If you have ARIES rising, then Jupiter is transiting through your 4th house of home and family.  This is the natural Cancer house looking at the wheel of the zodiac.  People with Aries rising will have an easier time understanding how the houses work in astrology since the meanings of their houses fit  with the signs on the cusp of their houses.  Where it starts getting more complicated, for example, would be a passive sign like Pisces on the Ascendant, on the cusp of the 1st, which has an Aries definition.  There a million possibilities but in this example, the person might be competitive but the tendency would be to be secretive about it, or the ambivalence of Pisces could manifest as shy and retiring one minute and in the next  minute they’re a heroic lifeguard saving a child from drowning.  This is why astrology has fascinated me for so many years — each person, each chart, is like a snowflake — unique and irreplaceable.  Always something new to learn, too…

OK, back to ARIES rising…Jupiter in your 4th will expand the home and family.  Part One from yesterday would especially apply to you.  Typically, there are new homes or remodeling the current home, weddings, engagements, new babies.  On the emotional level, Jupiter can solidify family ties and loyalty, but it can also magnify family members’ emotions to the point of irrational melodrama.  IF you see this happening in your home, one of the best things you can do is see that everyone has a good meal together — make it nutritious food — protein, salad, some veggies.  Often that will be enough to settle things down. 

You’re likely to be quite busy on all fronts, Aries rising, since you have Pluto in Cap bringing big projects and the desire for change  to your career house, Uranus in Aries in the 1st  seeking excitement and  more free time to do your own thing, and Jupiter symbolizing family who need you and want to spend more time with you.  Squares are signs of challenge and the need to make adjustments.  Uranus can inspire you with solutions to problems and help you figure out your priorities.  IF you have grown children moving OUT of the house, since Jupiter can also symbolize wider horizons, be sure to keep the lines of communication open with your partner.  If you assume that your partner is fine with little time and attention from you, there could be trouble down the road…

Yes, you could feel over-booked this year, but the worst way to play it would be to pick a fight just to get some space.  Selfishness will backfire while leadership and TEAMWORK will transform the problems into wonderful opportunities.  You DO have a right to enough alone time to recharge your batteries —  try going to the gym or putting gym equipment in at home.  Power naps help, too…

Watch your head this year — be aware of your thoughts and inner monologues and self-talk, and protect your head on the physical level — safety helmets, bike helmets, no diving in shallow water, avoid motorcycles, etc.  If you have headaches, get your vision checked.  There is a  strong connection this year between how you feel and what you eat.  Be more aware of how various foods make you feel; the information is there if you look for it and pay attention.  If food allergies run in your family, then get this checked out, too…

One of the roles you may play this year is the protector of the home, in the sense of holding fire drills, buying a fire ladder, seeing that you have a first aid kit at home, going over safety procedures of all kinds.  We’ve been having such weather emergencies — this could lead to helpful  discussions  as well as better preparedness.  Make sure hazardous materials are locked safely away from children, and do the same with sharp tools.  If you HAD to evacuate, what would you do and what would your family do?  Let’s hope and pray that this never happens to you, but if you read the news just in one week many thousands of people faced this  calamity —both fire and water.  Aries is the sign of the pioneer — strong, courageous, prepared and calm in the face of emergencies.  

If you have TAURUS rising, then Jupiter in Cancer is transiting through your 3rd house of communication, the neighborhood, childhood education and technical education,  siblings, local travel and regional transportation.  In general, Jupiter in the 3rd is a pretty good time to buy a car, but you need other supporting transits and also avoid Mercury retro.  You may be in the car and on the go more than usual for the next year, lots of short trips.  People in the transportation business will have lots of work  — trucks, trains, limos for rent, etc. 

This is a great transit to either take or teach a cooking class, or even publish a cookbook.  I have a client with Taurus rising and she designs kitchens — not a doubt in my mind that she will be very busy this next year and I told her to make the most of it…

This can be a profitable year for people with Taurus rising.  Just remember to save some of the money for later.  There needs to be a balance between spending and saving.  Taurus energy tends to want a well-stocked pantry.  This is fine as long as you can use up what you buy.  If you buy too much food and it doesn’t get used and spoils, then you’ve incurred a loss.  I have Taurus Moon and this has happened to me in the past and more than once.  One of my resolutions this year was to avoid wasting food.  Then I read that the new Pope said wasting food is like robbing poor people.  Made me want to try even harder…  really good cooks find creative ways to use left-overs…

There’s some interesting energy for you around siblings.  There’s a few different possibilities.  Some people with Jupiter in their 3rd will experience a new closeness with a sibling or siblings.  They could physically move to the same neighborhood,  purchase property together, or maybe it’s closeness on the emotional/spiritual level.  Others could experience the opposite since Pluto and Uranus are still in square in your 9th and 12th. In addition Saturn in Scorp is in your 7th.  There could be bitter battles over money, property, wills, estates, etc.   Much would depend on your personal chart, whether you harvest reunion or betrayal.  Just because Saturn is in your 7th,  it’s not cast in concrete that you’re going to have problems with partners.  Saturn is about completion and bringing things into physical manifestation.  I’ve seen a lot of people get married when Saturn is in their 7th, and happily so, too.  Making good long-term decisions together, financial and otherwise, is important and Jupiter in trine from your 3rd will help you achieve clear communication and solid future plans.  The goal should be long-term protection and security, for yourselves, each other, and any dependents in your care.   One more possibility is some kind of family meetings concerning the care and long-term well-being of elderly dependents.  We have to remember that Cancer represents the nurturing of both the very young and the elders, too.

If you have GEMINI rising, then Jupiter has just left your 1st house of how you project yourself to the outside world and now it is in the 2nd house — YOUR money, YOUR values, and the gifts and talents available to you.  This house has the Taurus flavor; the 2nd rules your possessions, finding deals and bargains, turning a hobby into a part-time business or even a new career.  I can see some pretty cool possibilities for Jupiter in Cancer in the 2nd house — a cake decorating business, or catering, re-purposing flea market finds into beautiful furniture, learning to upholster or re-finish furniture, taking ANY class that teaches you how to make a beautiful home, a beautiful kitchen, or beautiful  food. 

Since we have a Grand Water Trine this year, what about making novel and inventive  flies for fly-fishing?  Anything to do  with  water is favored this year and the houses would be the 2nd, 6th, and 10th, which is encouraging you to express your talents and expand those potential career skills.  If you like fishing and boats, think of something clever that boaters would want and use.  GEMINI rising usually has excellent manual dexterity, so maybe it’s painting the boats, painting the names with  fancy lettering.  People paint their cars with all kinds of art — why not boats?

Jupiter in Cancer in your 2nd points to an expansion and an increase in the funds available to you.  Most likely, it means you can earn more,  but the sign of Cancer represents the legacy that you inherit from your ancestors, so besides talents you pursue on your own, this  placement could symbolize antiques.  Cancer is the sign of the collections of beloved objects, whether it’s baseball cards, porcelain tea cups, shot glasses or sewing thimbles, etc. etc.  You could inherit some kind of collection or even recover stuff you saved from YOUR childhood that is now worth money, and you could use that as a springboard to fund a new business idea or career.  The opposite is also a possibility.  You may invest in something now that will increase in value over time.  Cancer has a good eye for art.  Collect what you love,  though.  You could begin some kind of investment program — stocks, real estate, coins, stamps, musical instruments — whatever…just keep in mind that conditions changes and we have all  learned that these are not without risk.

Looking at Jupiter in your 2nd on a more subtle level, there should be a comfort and a sense of solidity through living in harmony with your core values.  You’re more attuned to ethics in everyday life and  wiser about who you want to hang out with — kindred spirits who also respect themselves and seek to manifest their full potential.  There may be some opportunities to mentor the younger people in your life. You could even teach them about nature.  Did you know that Taurus rules trees?  Jupiter in your 2nd is a good time to plant trees and work with the land available to you.  Jupiter in Cancer in the 2nd is great for outdoor time and enjoying nature, for trips to the seashore, and for making a kitchen garden — herbs, greens, etc. 

The bottom line with this transit is the time and effort you spend in building your skills will reward you for many years to come…

More tomorrow…Blessings, Jenae

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Good Morning dear Friends and Readers…  now that Jupiter is in Cancer, a  Grand Trine is in effect by transit for July 2013 as Jupiter trines both Saturn and Neptune.  Water signs are in the sweet spot and hopefully all of us will get some relief from the pressure.  It is not easy to live in the AGE OF KALI — destruction.  It helps me to remember that destruction leads to CONSTRUCTION…

We’re going to take Jupiter in Cancer by signs through the houses.  This post will be most helpful if you KNOW your Ascendant — which will help you dial in the interpretation more closely  than just using solar info.

OK, let’s start with the general background and work on out to the particular…Jupiter expands and enlarges whatever it touches.  Jupiter is a benevolent planet but can be negative through excess — too much of a good thing.  An interesting experience for me the day transiting Jupiter conjoined the Sun  on June 19th…I was taking care of 3 young children and it was like a Full Moon — minor meltdowns every 15 minutes all day long.  This was puzzling to me since Jupiter is considered the lucky planet.  I kept meditating on what had happened that day and finally saw that every issue was greatly exaggerated with all 3 kids, leading to fights, tears, and melodrama in the extreme.  None of it was serious, it was just the JUPITER energy magnifying everything.

Jupiter in general encourages us to stretch our boundaries and horizons.  This is why Jupiter (the ruler of SAG) symbolizes foreign contacts, foreign travel, and higher education that expands the mind.  Jupiter takes about a year to transit through a sign, so all of us will have Jupiter conjunct our Sun once every 12 years.  This year it’s Cancer’s turn.  What we begin in our lives on a Jupiter-Sun conjunction will grow in importance over the next 12 years.  This would also apply to Jupiter on our Ascendant or on our Moon.  I watch the people in my life because I have their charts.  Family, friends, my private clients — it’s a great source of education.  I’m old enough to have watched these cycles for awhile now and the passage of time has brought a bit more perspective.  In the Tarot, Jupiter rules the FORTUNE card.  When we’re in a good cycle, we think it will always be that way, but it won’t.  When we’re in a difficult cycle, it feels like everything will be terrible forever, but it won’t.  People with major Cancer placements need to move forward on the goals and plans most dear to them.  Don’t wait for things to fall in your lap.  Put out the energy to achieve your dreams and Jupiter will help you for the next year.
You can attract supportive energy through your focus, concentration, and enthusiasm.  And don’t make the mistake of thinking of support only on the physical plane — support means on all levels — mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.

Cancer is the sign that rules home and family, unconditional love and nurturing the young and also the elderly.  Cancer rules islands, history, geneology, antiques and archeology, the stomach.  Cancer is one of the signs ruling nutrition along with Virgo.  Cancer rules food, the kitchen, and domestic life.  Cancer is also the ruler of the USA and CANADA.  Places like Scotland and Madagascar are also assigned to Cancer, though I’m not sure if it’s due to the birthday or because they are islands.

Cancer people love to be home and they are very protective of their families.  They don’t like to be far from food and drink and they like to snack.  They like to socialize around a meal.  They do well when they get a good proportion of their nutrition through liquid, like the other water  signs — juice, soups, stews, smoothies, etc.

JUPITER in CANCER expands the home and family.  People may  remodel or move to a new home.  There can be engagements, weddings, new babies on the horizon.  This transit is excellent for improving your diet and being healthier through what you eat.  Remembering that Jupiter rules excess, don’t eat so many carrots that you turn orange :))  I actually knew a guy who did that; he was Aquarian, definitely a  radical…

It’s a fun cycle to teach  children the joy of cooking, to try new foods and recipes, to bring the best of foreign foods into your home.  Sometimes I think if we appreciate the food from other countries, it will help us appreciate  and celebrate other cultural differences instead of fighting about them.

Since I study the USA chart, it would be  so nice to be able to tell you guys that Jupiter in the USA 2nd house will improve the economy and the crops and bring good harvests.  Looking at the trines to Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, you would think that there would be enough water.  We seem to be in a cycle where there is too much water in some places and not enough in others.  In addition, you need to remember that the Uranus-Pluto square is lurking strongly in the background and even though Jupiter in Cancer would seem favorable, the reality of the whole picture is that Pluto in Cap  is opposing the USA Cancer planets and Uranus in Aries is squaring them, setting up a T-Square that sucks a lot of energy through the empty spot — Libra.  The bottom line for food and crops is not nearly as favorable.  This is definitely the year to watch what you eat and try to grow your own garden or shop at the local farmers’ markets.  If you don’t have garden space, maybe there’s a senior nearby who has the space and would share with you in exchange for some fresh produce.  If you live in an apartment, you can still plant a cherry tomato in a large pot or bucket on the balcony.   We used to get those 5 gallon plastic buckets from restaurants and use a hot nail to poke drain holes in the bottom.  You can grow two peppers or one zucchini in those buckets.  The newest research shows walls with thin metal trays hung together with chain all the way down a south-facing wall and people grow lettuce and greens and spinach and the shallower crops in them.  If I was more computer literate I’d post a picture.  There’s the whole issue of the GMO seeds which I will address later.  Bear in mind with the exit of the T-square in Libra, that there are going to be major problems with our trading partners over this issue.

Tomorrow we’ll begin going over Jupiter through the houses.  Blessings, Jenae

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Good Morning, dear Friends and Readers,  all you Cancers should find yourselves  in the catbird seat at the moment, the sweet spot with Venus now moving through Cancer.  Other water signs should feel like their life is flowing pretty well, too, since we have Grand Water Trine transits setting up with inner planets in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune moving very slowly through Pisces.

Venus in Cancer symbolizes unconditional love and nurturing.  Cancer people are very protective of home and family.  Cancer represents the home but especially the kitchen and cooking and socializing  around food.  It’s a great month for potlucks and celebrating various occasions with a nice meal together.  Lots of Cancer women are good at catering, decorating cakes, publishing cookbooks, etc.

Venus in a man’s chart symbolizes women, love, and attraction.  When Venus in in Cancer, the women theme still applies, but can include female relatives, too — the mother, sisters, in-laws, daughters…so there may be a lot of interaction with them this month.  Venus in a woman’s chart symbolizes socializing with women, but also shopping for items for family and the home, particularly the kitchen.  For example, if you wanted to buy a juicer, this would be the time to do it, but before the 26th when Mercury goes retro.  Painting and remodeling the home are also favored at this time.  This is a great month for weddings, family reunions, showers, graduations, celebrations of all kinds…

I’ve covered a lot of the conjunctions in earlier posts, so let’s see what else Venus is doing this month.  I like to allow a day on either side of an exact Venus transit for orb.

On June 7th, the  day before the New Moon, Venus trines both Neptune and Saturn.  Grand trines mean  people can be self-sufficient and don’t need other people to jump-start them.  So this  period is a  time when water signs especially can really be in the flow with their life’s events.  What this means is you can feel very stable and grounded, lucky, too.  There’s some challenging transits leading up to the Full Moon but most people should be able to sail right around any difficulties.  An old phrase comes to mind…”you can keep your head straight when all about you are losing theirs”…  This is a good time to teach children to swim or start swimming lessons, to enjoy water activities  in a sheltered environment, not the open sea (Mars square Neptune).  Great for  groundbreaking for a pool in your yard, or a fountain, or even installing a new sink or shower or bath.

I like June 10th,  when the Moon in Cancer conjoins Venus.  Wonderful for a party, a celebration, for shopping,  for hanging out with women.  I will be cleaning my home getting ready for a family reunion.  Probably go to the grocery store that day, too, since the items I will need are likely to be on sale :))…

The 11th and 12th look a bit challenging as Venus opposes Pluto and then squares Uranus.  These transit form a T-Square which pushes a lot of energy out the empty spot — Libra.  This means people want their own way and are not in a mood to compromise.  Do your best to remain calm and diplomatic.  If it was me, I wouldn’t be signing any kinds of important paperwork or legal agreements or contracts on these days.  Mostly, though, I think you’ll find that people either aren’t in a mood to commit to social plans, or they keep changing their minds at the last minute.  Frustrating, but not a problem if you just stay flexible.  Using my own life as an example, the 12th is my family’s arrival date and I figure just have food cooked and whenever they show up is fine.  I fully expect them to show up late and hungry.  That’s one of the keys with Cancer, and ESPECIALLY with people with Cancer planets in their natal.  They need to snack frequently and they don’t like to get too far away from food and drink.  When my family leaves, I will be sending a care package with them.  Good thing I understand astrology :))  And now you do, too :))…

The 14th is a good day for medical as Venus trines Chiron.  The 15th is a good day for gatherings of women or a party as Venus sextiles Moon in Virgo.  That’s actually a fabulous time to learn more about diet and nutrition, too.

On June 20th and 21st, Mercury conjoins Venus and the Sun enters Cancer.  A sweet time for a wedding or family reunion with lots of laughter, jokes and affectionate speech.  A wonderful time to visit parents and grandparents.  It’s an interesting thing about Cancer, that while it rules babies and the love and nurturing required to care for them, Cancer also symbolizes the later years, too.  Not death like Scorpio, but more the cherishing and reviewing the family legacy — memories, antiques, the family history and geneology, passing on the treasures of the family to the next generation.  This is a great transit to “interview” the elders in your family and catch the memories, the details, the family history on video or cd.   There’s a  reason that Cancer natives are usually the ones   to inherit the family antiques, and that is because they treasure them and take care of them properly.  Those of you who like  scrapbooking could find this is a  great time to put collections of photos together to pass on to the younger generations.

The Full Moon is the 23rd at 2 degrees Cap/Cancer.  I think these mellow transits should smooth out the prelude, but the day AFTER the Moon will oppose Venus, which can be disruptive.  This transit reminds me of brides-to-be fighting over wedding dresses at a big sale in a department store.  Mostly, though, people may not be able to agree on social plans, like which movie or which restaurant to go to, or even who to socialize WITH.   A few people, with helpful aspects in their natals, will be able to have a heart to heart talk and clear the air of any misunderstandings.

Looking at  the month overall, if you need to buy a new home or move to a new one, this is probably your best time to find a great fit.  Try to schedule showings on the 10th, and the 19th to the 21st.  If you’re buying, plan to close after July 20th for best results…

People who work in the restaurant or food business should do well, also people in retail businesses that supply home and kitchen items, appliances, and baby items.  Same with farmers and ranchers — a busy time and remember the weather will continue to be unsettled.  Jupiter in Cancer should increase harvests and productivity, but with the lurking squares between Uranus and Pluto and the stress they put on Jupiter in Cancer, all bets are off.  More on this and the US chart in another post to come…

Venus enters Leo on June 27th and since Mercury is retro, Leos will need to postpone any major shopping and/or beauty treatments.  So get your hair or nails done early :))

More soon, Blessings, Jenae

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Hello dear Friends and Readers, yesterday was some more wild and damaging weather here in the USA.  Mercury at 29 degrees Gemini and then moving into Cancer.  You’ll remember from earlier posts that the 29th degree of anything is considered a critical degree.  Plus there’s the ever looming square between Uranus and Pluto, it’s still in a very tight square and these tornados seem to be never ending.  Be aware that there will be a lot of discussions about sustainable food and sustainable housing as Jupiter enters Cancer.  More on that in upcoming posts.  But for now, Mercury leads the planetary energy moving into Cancer.  Note that Mercury will go retrograde at  23 degrees Cancer on 6-26 and into direct motions again at 13 degrees Cancer on 7-20.  By now you all should know the routine…doublecheck all dates, times, meetings, paperwork,  etc. when Mercury is retro.  Not the easiest time for travel, however this particular retro would be very good for looking up old school friends and for family reunions, and for visiting the places of your childhood.  So if there’s someone you miss from your past, there’s a lot of tools available to help you find your loved ones — Red Cross adoption website, Facebook, etc.

The Mercury  transits this time mostly take place early in the cycle.  This time there are not the repeated transits — fwd, backward, fwd that you see so much.  Remember that I write about the transits in a general way as they occur,  but this is NOT the same as the transits to YOUR PERSONAL CHART.  For example, I wrote about Jupiter conjoining the Sun on May 27, but this doesn’t mean Jupiter conjoined YOUR SUN — unless you are a 22-23 degree Gemini.  I do hope you understand the difference.  EVERYONE should have a copy of their personal birth chart and seek to understand it thoroughly because it is a map.  For all of us, the journey is different but the destination is the same…      

 Mercury in Cancer is all about food, home and family, protecting the family, having  conversations in the kitchen, fixing up the house, and nurturing the young.  I had a Cancer friend once who came for a visit, and he put his bare hands in the soil around my vegetable plants and fluffed the soil and the next day the plants  grew an inch !!  Water signs are healers and Mercury in Cancer would also underline that theme of using the electricity in our hands.  Mercury in Cancer is a great transit to study healing, diet and nutrition, early child development and education, and DIY home repairs.  Since Mercury rules the local neighborhood and short trips, you could use this transit to visit a Home and Garden show and see the latest inventions, building techniques, kitchen improvements, etc.

OK, let’s take a look at some of the Mercury transits…Mercury trines Neptune and Saturn on June 3rd  & 4th. These are good days to be in the flow spiritually.  Excellent for healing, for medical, for meditation and/or spiritual practices.  I have the impression that some of you will be writing down memories — family history, geneology, memoirs, a tribute to someone who has passed….there is a good current of inspiration at this time.  Could be good for writing music and lyrics, too…

I have noticed that there are glitchy and challenging transits around the New Moon this month and again around the New Moon in July.  In my experience, the day BEFORE the New Moon acts almost like a Full Moon — wacky, unsettling, out of control people acting very emotional.  The day before the New Moon is June 7th and Mercury is opposed by Pluto.  Defintely not a time to get into an argument with someone who has to have the last word and be right all the time.  Additonally, Mars is square Neptune ( possible deception and hidden agendas)  and the 8th, the New Moon in Gemini, features Mercury square Uranus.  In view of the current weather events, this time frame could have a lot of wind, lightning, and rain, causing emergencies.  I hope you guys realize I want to be wrong about this — my preference is gentle weather and great crops.  I write what I see in the hope you will be sensible and make preparations for yourself and your loved ones.  Remembering that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, there will probably be more transportation problems, too.  To sum up, if you will be travelling, get there early and leave late, on June 10th when Mercury is conjunct the Moon in Cancer.  MUCH easier… Looking at this more on the psychological level, these challenges mean keep your ears open and mouth closed.  People around you will be excitable and not particularly cooperative because they’re distracted.  Just try to be helpful and postpone important discussion and/or decisions.  On a practical level, back up your computers to protect from possible power  outages.  I know some people who turn off the TV when they’re going to be gone, to protect from power surges…  Just to be clear, people who are having family reunions, gatherings, graduations, etc. — these can go well, but you’re going to have to stay sharp and observant. Your event can go well, but you may see a lot of news reports from other places that are experiencing  difficulties.  I’m a big believer in taking food with me when I leave home.  I always have a cooler in blue ice in my car.  Comes in very handy in emergencies…pack stuff that can be eaten without cooking it first…

Mercury conjoins Venus in Cancer on June 20th and 21st.  This should be quite pleasant — happy conversations with affectionate people.  Wonderful for shopping for food or kitchen equipment, planning menus, hosting a party or a potluck.  This conjunction may ease the Full Moon on the 23rd.  Really folks, I don’t see much problem this time with the Full Moon ( Sun 2 degrees Cancer/Moon 2 degrees Capricorn), it’s the period  around the next 2 NEW Moons that look difficult.  You’re going to see a lot of energy building over the next year around food, nutrition, new positive ways to feed the planet.  Jupiter in Cancer stuff…

New Moon in Cancer on July 8th with Mercury retrograde conjunct the Moon , too.  No problem there, other than seeking clear communication and practicing active listening techniques to work with the retrograde. This conjunction just means don’t have important conversations when people are hungry.  People can be illogical when they are hungry.  Food first, talk later.  People with Cancer energy need to have frequent snacks close by and they stay healthy by getting a lot of their nutrition through liquids — smoothies, soup, vegetable juices, stew, etc.  This is a good time to clear up left over chores and details that were postponed previously.   Mercury retro means it’s fine for research and planning, just not the right time to start NEW projects.  The problem with this New Moon comes the next day when Moon moves into Leo and squares Saturn in Scorpio while Mercury conjoins the Sun.  Remember, the Cancer energy is unconditional love and emotional security as well as a  stable home.  So children are featured even more strongly on the 9th.  Sometimes when people get divorced there are problems about raising the children.  Mercury retro means this is NOT the time to get into power struggles about how to raise the kids.  Even couples who live together in the home should watch what they say in front of the kids at this time.  Looking at it another way, a united front will actually let a manipulative child know that divide and conquer doesn’t work.  Most families are on tight budgets these days.  Your children may want to decorate their room and do some kind of art projects.  Saturn challenges YOUR creativity to come up with innovative but less expensive ways to help your children express themselves. 

On July 11th, Mercury is semi-sextile Venus in Leo.  Mild but helpful.  This continues the theme of communication at home with families and children.  A lot would depend on which houses are taking the transits in YOUR chart.  For example, if it was your 4th and 5th houses, your kids might be happily composing their own  show to present on a pretend stage in the backyard.  But if it was your 8th and 9th houses, you might be budgeting for a family trip that included education along with the fun — historical parks, museums, week-long summer camps for kids that take place at a college, etc.

Mercury is again conjunct the Moon on August 5th, in forward motion. New Moon in Leo on the 6th, but this time without the challenging transits of the previous cycles.  Great for drama in the creative sense    — art, music, theatre, dancing — it’s party time :))  There’s still a lot of accent on family life, children, and encouraging children to play creatively.  Imagination is a gift.  I watched a little boy playing a superhero with an apron as a cape and a stick for a sword.  I made him a blue and red satin cape and spray-painted a stick with gold.  Really, folks, I think he preferred the imaginary costume that HE came up with, rather than my humble efforts… taught me a good lesson :)) 

In a general sense, Mercury on the Moon means giving voice to feelings.  It’s not just conversation; it could be writing songs, poetry, letters, journaling, or even writing a creative lesson plan if you happen to be a teacher.  Lots of possibilities…

Well, that’s it for now, next up is Mars in Gemini…Blessings, Jenae

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