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Hello again, dear Friends and Readers, let’s begin by remembering that Mars symbolizes action, physical energy, sports, fights, accidents, leadership, initiative and new projects.  Mars in Gemini could imply some duality, so to use an old pun J) , it’s pretty important with this transit to let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.  Good communication (again Gemini) and following through on plans will be essential for the next 6 weeks.  We’re going to have to compensate for the Mercury retro from June 26th through July 20th, too.

Mars in Gemini  is great for people who are natural multi-taskers.  Gemini energy gets bored with routine and Mars also seeks new challenges, new mountains to conquer.  Playing with the energies, here are some possibilities :  This could be a good period to seek new ways of doing old tasks.  This combination of Mars and Mercury energy is great for innovation and experimenting.  Large projects can be broken down into smaller components for positive results.  Surgeons, dentists, watch makers,  and people who need good manual dexterity should do well.

This could be a very active period for people working with printing, advertising, community relations, and public information campaigns.  On a more individual level, Gemini rules siblings, the neighborhood, local community activities, kindergarten through high school and technical education, magazines and newspapers, and communication in general.  Mars in Gemini would accent those areas. Transportation issues could be stressed by this transit — more on that later…

One potential problem that could happen in communication is that Mars adds impatience and excitement to Gemini.  Angry words?  Not listening patiently to people?  Getting enchanted with your own monologue instead of fostering  a true dialogue?  Seeking to get someone riled up and fighting mad just because you’re bored?  These would be things to be careful to avoid.

The actual transits look pretty OK, not A + but not horrible either.  I don’t like Mars square Neptune on June 7th and Mars inconjunct Saturn on the 8th which is the New Moon at 18 degrees Gemini.  I think people who work on the water need to be very careful.  Same thing with chemists and  people handling chemicals and oils.  When I had young children, I was an anxious, over-protective parent.  I had girls, so it was more culturally acceptable than if I’d had boys.  No skiing when Saturn was in Sag, etc. etc. Looking back, I don’t regret it.  As an astrologer, I wouldn’t  go, and/or let children go on boat trips or swim in the sea with these kinds of transits.  Swim lessons at the YMCA would be OK.  Check out the lifeguard, though, make sure his/her attention is focused where it should be — on the kids. Keep an eye on your basement, too, (Scorpio), in case there’s heavy rain.  The weather patterns are unsettled and unfortunately, this will continue.

Back-tracking just a bit, on the 6th, Mars is semi-sextile Venus, which is helpful for the arts and for romance.  Mars in Gemini is playful, they like little jokes and puns and also using old words in new ways.  Geminis often double their words  (“hello, hello”) and they’re especially fond of alliteration.  One time I was at dinner with a bunch of people and they were talking about some ex-hippies who lived on a farm and one Gemini  guy said, “Oh, you mean the Patchouli People…” and we all burst out laughing because it was the perfect description…

You should also allow some orb for Mars transits.  I usually 3 days on either side, making for about a week, but you also have to check out the energy.  Some Mars transits are more intense than others.

For example, exact on June 15th, the Moon in Virgo squares Mars AND Mars inconjuncts Pluto.  These transits are more minor so you could allow less orb.  However, with the Moon in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, AND the inconjuncts tend  to come out in the workplace anyway — OK, you guys, do you see where this is heading?  We have the Moon in the sign of employment and Pluto in the sign of career.  It may be minor but it could certainly be glitchy at work for a few days and the reverberations could come back to haunt you if you indulge in gossip, rumor, and innuendo.  Probably someone at work is in a big frumpy mood.  Just stay cool, try to be nice, and stay out of their way…

Exact on June 17th, Mars sextiles Uranus and trine the Moon.  This should be quite good for sports, outdoor adventures, trying new activities.  You also get your adrenalin going by watching a scary movie, if that is your preference.  Occupational therapists could be quite inventive with this transit, figuring out new ways to help people cope with daily life. People who work in emergencies will really be in tune with themselves and the other team members (hospitals, dispatch, military, law enforcement, etc.)  Courage and heroism will be in the news around this time.

Exact on June 22nd, Moon in Sag opposes Mars in Gemini.  These two signs rule travel.  We’ve already seen when Mercury went through Gemini, all it took was a difficult transit and there were accidents — bridges, railroads, all kinds of stuff, not even counting all the tornados and storms.  It’s been really  terrible.  There’s a lot of voltage when Moon and Mars combine, no matter what the aspect or angle.  So I would venture a guess that there will be more storms close to this date and people need to be careful as the Full Moon is the very next day !!!  The day before, the day of, and the day after — the times to be very careful with Full Moons because you can never tell when it will hit.  I’ve been doing research along those lines and this one looks like it’s the day before.  Just be careful and protect yourself and your loved ones.  Not the time to go hang out at the mall, or make frivolous trips just because you’re bored.  Try having a house party instead, a potluck with sleeping bags :))  Sag rules adult beverages; people who party shouldn’t drive…

Exact on June 28th, Mars is inconjunct Saturn, Moon  is inconjunct Saturn and Mars is square the Moon.  This has a similar flavor to the 15th except with the Moon in Pisces and the culmination late on a Friday night, it’s not likely to be a problem at work so much as a problem at a pub or tavern or with some kind of social plans.  Like someone is putting pressure on you to do a certain thing, or go to a certain place, and you don’t really want to.  In a case like that, it might be better to just say no, or suggest other plans.  If you are a caregiver, this would be a time when you could really use a day off or some respite care.  When people aren’t feeling well, they get pretty whiney/fussy and there’s really no pleasing them.  You can be empathetic and still know your boundaries.

On July 1st, Mars is semi-sextile Mercury — mild but helpful and very good for a private conversation that stays private.  This transit is also helpful for tasks requiring good manual dexterity.  If you’re a writer, this could be great for mysteries, puzzles, identifying with your characters and getting inspiration on where the plot is heading, almost like they ARE talking to you !!  Don’t get freaked out; it’s just your guides helping you :))

Exact on July 6th, Moon is conjunct Mars in late Gemini.  There’s a lot of voltage in this conjunction…when I see this in a private client’s chart in their 4th house,  I usually warn them to slow down and avoid home accidents.  The vulnerable areas would be hands, arms, and shoulders.  In general, watch the driving and the transportation issues.  If you KNOW your  car needs repairs, you should get it done BEFORE Mercury goes retro 6-26.  On the other hand, if you’ve had your car in the shop and they haven’t solved the problem, you can try taking it in on the retrograde since it would be fixing and correcting something from the past.  Just put your concerns in writing and keep a copy, too, so there’s no misunderstandings.  I had that happen once…

In general, Moon on Mars means your emotions and your actions are aligned.  You can get a lot done though other people might find you a little pushy.  It’s a great time to sort and file paperwork.  You might find stuff that you thought you lost :))…

Just as an example of how transits work, I had a client with transiting Mars conjoining her Moon-Mars in the natal, in her 4th.  I went through the usual stuff, and we spoke about safety, new batteries in the smoke alarms, safety drills with the kids, home repairs, etc.  Well, her house and family were fine but she happened to make a short trip with the kids and stayed in a hotel in a different city.  And in the middle of the night, the hotel alarms went off and there was a fire and everyone had to evacuate.  They were safe but not much sleep.  Mars can be disruptive at times.  A little drama to get the adrenalin going …:))

More soon, Blessings, Jenae

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Hello, dear Friends and Readers, in mythology Mercury/Hermes was the winged messenger.  Well, Mercury in Gemini this year certainly has wings because this is a speedy transit !!  2 weeks with a whole lot of Gemini energy — busy, yes!  Intellectually stimulating with lots of people buzzing in and out, yes!  You’re likely to be bopping all over the neighborhood, lots of short car trips.  Just remember to drive carefully and not too fast — you don’t need a ticket.  Try really hard to leave a little space in your schedule.  This is easier said than done since this is  a busy time of year with lots of school activities, field days, graduations, etc.  Gemini rules kindergarten through high school, as well as technical classes.  Very possible to have more contact with young people at this time.  By the last 1/3 of May there will be FOUR planets transiting through Gemini.  Encourage young people; ask them about their plans, their goals, their hopes and dreams.

You can use this transit to think about education in your own life.  This doesn’t have to mean formal or  traditional education, just make a list of things and areas of knowledge that you’d like to know more about.  You could really luck out in the last part of May and answers to your inner questions may show up in very original ways :))  Metaphysically speaking, we are all each other’s teachers.  Keep your mind and your ears open and you could learn a lot.  People will surprise you…

Today, May 15th,  is Moon sextile Mercury, a reasonably good day for conversations with others and within yourself, too.  Emotions and mental processes blend well.

Around the 18th, there could be quite a bit of confusion as Mercury squares Neptune, plus the Moon in early Virgo also squares Mercury.  This sets up a T-square configuration by transit, which impels a lot of energy out the empty spot — Sag.  Mercury is also inconjunct Saturn and if that wasn’t enough the Sun and Moon are also square.  Feel like hiding?  Maybe you should.  At the very least, avoid heavy conversations that can be misconstrued.  Practice damage control if gossip, rumors, and innuendos are running rampant in your world.  You could also find that someone close to you is grumpy and critical and rather than fighting back, try playing private detective to find out what is really going on…most likely it has absolutely nothing to do with you, but the person has some major worries and is scared.  They are hurting and need a shoulder and a hug, but instead of asking upfront, they act all prickly.  What can we learn from this situation?  Vow to be a clear and present communicator…and TG you’re not in that person’s shoes…  I have noticed that a lot of people are unable to say they are grieving.  How many of us bottle it up inside, thinking we have to be strong?  REAL strength is the ability to be honest about our feelings.  It takes courage to share the deep stuff…all in all, not the easiest weekend…

A couple real nice highlights this month as Mercury conjoins Venus on May 24th, and conjoins Jupiter on the 27th.  Allowing for some orb, just figure the last part of May can be very special.  With so much energy in Gemini, people with planets in the other mutable signs should be a little cautious about packing too much into their schedule, but overall this a special and delightful time.  Even the Full Moon on the  25th seems to help us celebrate some good times.  Parties, gatherings, Birthdays, weddings, graduations, family reunions — all of these are very probable.  Lots of fun, laughter, jokes and affection and the spirits will be  flowing freely :))  YES,  I mean that BOTH ways :))  First of all, don’t think your loved ones that have passed on aren’t right there with you sharing the  celebrations  and the good times.  THEY ARE !!  Love is eternal.  In the physical world,  in the adult beverage department, PLEASE exercise some moderation and have safe drivers available as escorts.  These transits expand the party mode, perhaps too much.  We all need to be careful and protective of each other, especially young people who don’t know enough about the world and think they’re invincible.   Hide the car keys if necessary.  Arrange for guests to sleep over.

The  month ends with Mercury at 29 degrees Gemini semi-sextile Mars at 29 degrees Taurus.  Mild transit, critical degree.  The 29th is a finishing degree, like taking a final exam, because there’s nowhere to go but into 0 degrees of the next sign.  Think about all that you have learned this spring, what goals have come into sharper focus for you.  Assess how you’re doing with walking your talk.  To me, the Mercury means mental flexibility, while the Mars indicates stability and core values that don’t get compromised.  This transit can also be interpreted that we can avoid getting into a rut by being willing to grow and learn new things.

The last part of May is great for buying a book or getting some from the public library, and for taking a short class or even trading your skills with someone else’s in an exchange or barter.  Nourish your curiosity.  And have some fun, too :))  Blessings, Jenae

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Good Morning, dear Friends and Readers…I’ve been very, very busy…in my glory with all the energy in Taurus…planted a couple hundred  plants both  flowers and vegetables.  Now I’m up to the seeds and some of the pressure is off.  Time to write again…

Venus is now transiting through Gemini and this month offers some glitch transits as well as a couple of VERY pleasant ones.  Let’s start with an overview of Venus in Gemini, remembering that Jupiter expands the Gemini tendencies through June 27th.  This is a very social time, and busy.  Gemini rules education from kindergarten through high school, as well as  technical classes.  So students may be almost busier than they can handle; parents need to be supportive.  Not only are there term papers due and finals to take, but the end of the year field trips, outdoor days,  graduations, etc.  Gemini also rules the neighborhood.  You may  find you’re out in the car more than usual.  Great for short trips, even regional trips.  There are often neighborhood clean up days and group yard sales at this time.  And the wedding season is beginning, too.  Gemini rules the arms and hands and shoulders.  Those of you who are interested in calligraphy will find this an excellent time to practice the art — if you don’t have a business opportunity to use it, try bartering your skills.  People that paint signs will also find this a good month for work and for promotions and advertising.

Gemini rules siblings and cousins;  there may more get togethers and conversations than usual, and pleasant, too.  Lots of laughter, jokes, puns, and affectionate speech.  Probably a lot of family reunions and gatherings, too, more than usual.  Memorial Day, plus graduations, etc.  IF you need to get a Gemini a gift, try pretty  writing paper, interesting pens,  books of jokes, and/or word puzzles and games.

Transiting Venus conjoins the Moon is early Gemini on the 10th and 11th and this is nice for a party or lunch with the ladies.  New Moon at 19 degrees Taurus was on the 9th in PDT and was also an eclipse, which means the effects last around 6 months, so people should note if they have natal planets in the 19th degree and what aspects they have to the New Moon.  Remember that the New Moon means BOTH the Sun and Moon are in the  same degree, they are conjunct.

I like to allow an orb  of a day or two on either side of an exact transit.  Keeping that in mind, Venus is square Neptune on the 13th.  This one can be a toughie — it could symbolize grief and missing someone so deeply it hurts.  It can symbolize confusion or some kind of a mystery that is hard to clear up.  This would be a good time to visit someone who is ill or confined, to show  compassion, but it is not a great time for parties, shopping, trips, or practical matters.  Don’t lose things because you’re spacey and not paying attention.  IMO, it’s not a good day for medical either because there is a stronger possibility of negative reactions to new medicines.

Roughly the 15th to the 18th (Mercury enters  Gemini, it’s own sign, on the 15th), there are 2 inconjunct transits.  First Venus inconjunct Saturn and then Venus inconjunct Pluto.  You guys know from earlier posts that this particular transit often comes out in the workplace.  Remembering that Mercury moves fast and Neptune is in early Pisces, so they are  square — you MUST AVOID gossip, rumor and innuendo in the workplace or there will be repercussions.  Someone may try to place blame or try to make you responsible for something they should have taken care of — protect yourself by using emails rather than conversations and make every effort to promote clear and positive communication.  Another possibility is you are asked to do something extra on the job, maybe somewhat of an imposition.  IF you can do it with a good heart, down the road there may some benefits but not immediately.  Intuitively, I feel that this YOD formation via transit means some things may happen in the world that are so painful that major populations will be outraged.  (Come on, Jenae, aren’t things bad enough already?  Yeah, it makes me very sad what is happening out in the world.  Study the Hindu — the age of KALI — the earth as whole is in a very difficult long-term cycle.  Conversely,  though, there are miracles happening on a daily basis in the lives of individuals.  Remember that every great movement in history  first began as an idea in one person’s mind — as individuals, we need to plant seeds of goodness …)  I don’t know if it’s just me but so many things in the news seem to be about Saturn in Scorpio bringing to the surface the evils we need to clean up and fix — the enslavement and trafficking and abuse — people, women, children, animals, honeybees even, plants and the notorious actions of Monsanto.  Collectively, we have a huge task to accomplish…

OK, back to Venus…Venus and Mercury are conjunct on May 24th — VERY pleasant for socializing, writing, public speaking, publishing, all kind of advertising and promotions.  The Full Moon in Gemini is the next day — this period is great for parties, just don’t go overboard.  A little moderation will ensure a positive outcome.  Full Moon means the Moon is in Sag — too many adult beverages and a happy occasion could turn into a fight since the Moon opposes Venus on the 25th. IF you need to buy a car, the 24th could be the day you find the right one.

Be sure to write this one on your calendar — Venus conjoins Jupiter on May 28th, which is a Tuesday.  This is a very lucky transit.  You can interpret luck on the mundane level,  such as lotto, betting the horses, finding the perfect gifts or purchases, winning a prize of some kind, winning at sports or an election, or even as finding the parking space you need.  On the mental level, luck could mean a breakthrough in studies or research, passing tests or certifications easily, or even something like tracking down books or information you’d been looking for.  Particularly with Gemini, the intellect should be quick and sharp at the end of May.  Play to win at games that require a good memory for data, or word games — stuff like Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune.  Emotionally, this transit can bring sweet rapport and kindness.  This is a great transit for having lots of fun and maybe taking a short trip either with people you like a lot or to visit someone dear to you.  Remember that Jupiter expands and exaggerates — it IS a beneficial planet, but don’t drive too fast or book your schedule too tight.  Jupiter as the ruler of Sag would also suggest that you be moderate with eating and drinking.

Spiritually, Venus conjunct Jupiter suggests tolerance, generosity, and kindness.  Forgiveness empowers the forgiver.  IF you’ve had a disagreement with someone, and Gemini could be siblings, cousins, neighbors, or even a local club or group — this could be a good time to mend fences.  I happen to have Venus conjunct Jupiter in my natal and I notice people are especially kind to me when other planets conjoin that position.  I tend to seek and build rapport and consensus with others.  It’s just not my nature to teach through confrontation or aggression.  One of the things that built my core values early was I grew up in a miniature United Nations — my father employed people from all over the world.  Jupiter gives you a chance to know people from very different backgrounds.  One of the fun things for me was comparing notes and asking questions about what their lives were like before they came to the USA.  The Christmas party potlucks  were such a delight !!! We all expressed appreciation for the food and goodies from all over the world.  Watch and see how food creates rapport as Jupiter enters Cancer for a year — I’ll have more to say about food next month :))…

Moon in Aquarius trines Venus on May30th — continuing the theme of the week about bonding with people and celebrating together.

On June 1st and 2nd, Venus squares the Moon in Pisces, so Saturday night isn’t as much fun, but Sunday looks OK.  People may say dumb things without thinking, and sensitive people can get their feelings hurt.  Saying less might be better than saying more…  Women  could be going through some emotional changes at this time, too.  Try and sort your feelings out by yourself before saying anything you could regret later.

So there you have it, and I hope all of you get to have some good times…Blessings, Jenae

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