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Hello dear Friends and Readers, It’s been awhile since we had an exact Uranus- Pluto square and certainly last April was no picnic.  I was saying to my private clients the last couple weeks that even though Mercury is not retrograde in December, this year they should avoid travelling in December due to unsettled conditions.  We have seen this square before.  Hurricanes, tornados, geological activity, riots, protests, tragedies involving children last April, and in general unusual weather both hot and cold.  So…once again, I urge you to have some batteries and candles on hand, drinking water, enough propane in the BBQ to cook if necessary, and some extra food that is easily prepared.  This is just common sense.  I am not a “prepper”.  Outdoor heaters and camping stoves can kill if used indoors because they generate carbon monoxide.  Staying warm in the winter could end up being a big problem.  Some people are lucky to have a woodstove or a fireplace.

Actually there are some fairly pleasant transits at this time from the inner planets.  The Moon will be in Virgo this coming weekend and makes a trine to Pluto in Capricorn.  Sun in Sag is trined by Jupiter in Leo.  Bear in mind that this square is slow moving and lasts for awhile.  It’s just exact for a couple of days but allowing orb means allowing several weeks on either side.  There are BIG storms already forming.  What a winter !!  As if it wasn’t cold enough last year…

The other transit that makes me want to caution you all to stay safe and be cautious is that Saturn has reached the 29th degree of Scorpio.  I will write the Saturn in Sag blog starting next week.  Meanwhile, those of you who have studied the earlier posts will remember that the 29th degree of anything in astrology is considered a critical degree — a lot of pressure and no where to go but into 0 degrees of the next sign.  Kind of like labor and birth.  Or at least a final exam before graduation.  I feel some concern about nuclear stuff with Saturn since Pluto rules Scorpio.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see some new scandal emerge into daylight regarding the safety of the various nuclear programs run by various governments.  By the way, have you noticed how public figures are crumbling with the skeletons coming out of their closets?  That’s Pluto in Cap.

Hawaii and Alaska are both Capricorn and I read that they are having a lava flow problem in Hawaii.  That’s Pluto in Cap.  Uranus in Aries is more the sudden lightning bolt, the catalyst that triggers events, protests, accidents, etc.  One positive things you can do with Uranus in Aries is review First Aid, talk to your children about FIrst Aid, and practice a safety drill at home.  Even children as young as 5 have saved lives with the Heimlich maneuver and CPR.  A positive use in Pluto in Cap is to review your career and if you feel compelled to change your work, then take appropriate steps to reach your goal. If you are in a public position or a high profile life, then keep it clean — SQUEAKY CLEAN.   Saturn in Sag will put a huge emphasis on education and the “big picture”.  More on this next week…  Stay safe and have the most thankful holiday you can….Jenae

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Hello dear Friends and Readers, last night I fell asleep thinking about the new little angels from Oklahoma, and those from Sandy Hook, and reaching back, the children caught in the Oklahoma City bombing many years ago. When I woke up this morning, in my mind was a picture of a school, a new school that would be a lot safer. I read in the news that some of the buildings needed for safety and shelter were themselves damaged. There’s a company in Texas that makes domes, sprayed concrete reinforced with rebar.  They are very energy efficient, too, and I’ve seen pictures of some big enough for a gym or a church.  The wind would blow over the curves instead of tearing the roof off. They’re fireproof, too, which would save the school districts on fire insurance. If any of my readers are from OK, I wish you would plant this idea with the people that will be rebuilding the schools.  Additionally, if they were set part way into the earth, like a half-basement, that would give additional safety.  There would still be plenty of room for windows and a concrete ramp with good drainage would give access to all and make it even easier for the handicapped, too. Schools can be rebuilt, lost lives cannot. 

This, my friends, was one more manifestation of the Uranus square Pluto energy.  There are a total of 5 and one was exact on May 20th( yesterday). The whole planet is in upheaval and I have addressed this in earlier posts, but I would like to point out the symbolism of these planets as far as the tornado.  Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, which is an air sign. WIND… Uranus is a fast, unexpected, and spasmodic energy.  This monster tornado came out of nowhere and very quickly tore peoples’ home and lives apart.  Uranus is also the ruler of computers and technology inventions, and social media, too. Group stuff… Years ago, in one of the Seth books, he said the reason people live in Tornado Alley, or places that are prone to  disasters, is for the experience of brotherhood.  Some very wonderful things are happening on Facebook that are new.  There’s a FB page, and people post pictures of pets they’ve found, pictures and sentimental items that  turned up in their yard, anything of value that can help those who have lost everything.  And Joplin, MO, sent help to OK as a way of giving back. True expressions of brotherly love…some people are at their finest when things are at their worst. 

Pluto in mythology was the god of the underworld.  As the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto is often symbolized as the phoenix rising from the ashes. Pluto, The Destroyer, is also the symbol for transformation and regeneration. The tornado (Uranus square Pluto) has had the result of destroying a whole town.  Some souls are gone and some peoples’ lives will never be the same, but others will be determined to rebuild and renew, to give some hope to the victims.  And hopefully, out of this tragedy, will come inventions,  and continuing improvements in forecasting weather and building techniques, too.  Maybe someone will do scientific experiments with hurricane glass, to see its limit and if it can stand the force of a tornado. 

So you see, you guys, there are many potential manifestations of powerful transits.  If we can think of 10 meanings, the Universe can produce 1000 and they still all fit into the definitions of particular transits.  Unfortunately, these squares are not over and these are tough times. Squares, as I’ve written before, are the symbol for challenge, frustration, and the need to make adjustments. Without a square or two, or three, in a natal, it would be hard to get anything accomplished.  Hard to accept this when we see the devastation all over the world as well as in the USA. I urge you to know your natal chart, study it, and take note of the houses in YOUR chart where these two planets are in square and also any aspects FROM them TO your natal planets. 

That’s it for now…more soon…Blessings, Jenae


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