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Hello dear Friends and Readers, last night I fell asleep thinking about the new little angels from Oklahoma, and those from Sandy Hook, and reaching back, the children caught in the Oklahoma City bombing many years ago. When I woke up this morning, in my mind was a picture of a school, a new school that would be a lot safer. I read in the news that some of the buildings needed for safety and shelter were themselves damaged. There’s a company in Texas that makes domes, sprayed concrete reinforced with rebar.  They are very energy efficient, too, and I’ve seen pictures of some big enough for a gym or a church.  The wind would blow over the curves instead of tearing the roof off. They’re fireproof, too, which would save the school districts on fire insurance. If any of my readers are from OK, I wish you would plant this idea with the people that will be rebuilding the schools.  Additionally, if they were set part way into the earth, like a half-basement, that would give additional safety.  There would still be plenty of room for windows and a concrete ramp with good drainage would give access to all and make it even easier for the handicapped, too. Schools can be rebuilt, lost lives cannot. 

This, my friends, was one more manifestation of the Uranus square Pluto energy.  There are a total of 5 and one was exact on May 20th( yesterday). The whole planet is in upheaval and I have addressed this in earlier posts, but I would like to point out the symbolism of these planets as far as the tornado.  Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, which is an air sign. WIND… Uranus is a fast, unexpected, and spasmodic energy.  This monster tornado came out of nowhere and very quickly tore peoples’ home and lives apart.  Uranus is also the ruler of computers and technology inventions, and social media, too. Group stuff… Years ago, in one of the Seth books, he said the reason people live in Tornado Alley, or places that are prone to  disasters, is for the experience of brotherhood.  Some very wonderful things are happening on Facebook that are new.  There’s a FB page, and people post pictures of pets they’ve found, pictures and sentimental items that  turned up in their yard, anything of value that can help those who have lost everything.  And Joplin, MO, sent help to OK as a way of giving back. True expressions of brotherly love…some people are at their finest when things are at their worst. 

Pluto in mythology was the god of the underworld.  As the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto is often symbolized as the phoenix rising from the ashes. Pluto, The Destroyer, is also the symbol for transformation and regeneration. The tornado (Uranus square Pluto) has had the result of destroying a whole town.  Some souls are gone and some peoples’ lives will never be the same, but others will be determined to rebuild and renew, to give some hope to the victims.  And hopefully, out of this tragedy, will come inventions,  and continuing improvements in forecasting weather and building techniques, too.  Maybe someone will do scientific experiments with hurricane glass, to see its limit and if it can stand the force of a tornado. 

So you see, you guys, there are many potential manifestations of powerful transits.  If we can think of 10 meanings, the Universe can produce 1000 and they still all fit into the definitions of particular transits.  Unfortunately, these squares are not over and these are tough times. Squares, as I’ve written before, are the symbol for challenge, frustration, and the need to make adjustments. Without a square or two, or three, in a natal, it would be hard to get anything accomplished.  Hard to accept this when we see the devastation all over the world as well as in the USA. I urge you to know your natal chart, study it, and take note of the houses in YOUR chart where these two planets are in square and also any aspects FROM them TO your natal planets. 

That’s it for now…more soon…Blessings, Jenae


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WISH UPON A STAR — VENUS IN PISCES — 2-26 — 3-21-2013
Hello dear Friends and Readers, now that Venus has entered Pisces that gives us 5, yes 5, planets in Pisces until the Spring Equinox March 20-21 depending on your time zone. AND, Mercury is retrograde, you’re probably noticing it by now…with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune all transiting through Pisces, it would be a good thing for you to note which house in your chart has Pisces on the cusp. We all have Pisces somewhere in our chart and often in 2 houses depending on the degree of the cusp. Pisces is very much about our spiritual aspiration and matters of conscience, so it’s important to be honest with yourself as well as other people, particularly now. If you feel ambivalent, then say so, don’t push yourself into a premature decision that you may regret later.
The mutable signs ( Gemini/Virgo/Sag) are going to be feeling the heat, especially since transiting Jupiter in Gemini is making squares to the Pisces planets, except for Neptune which has already happened and won’t come around again for approximately 12 years. Please try to slow down and doublecheck yourself, looking for mistakes in communication, paperwork, electrical matters, travel, transportation, etc. Virgo would be taking the oppositions — this could be a mystery involving someone close, someone you’re trying to figure out. Remember, too, that these are the health signs, so paying attention to your health is important right now. One more Virgo possibility would be issues with co-workers. The negative side of all this Pisces energy could be passive-aggressive behavior, avoid all behind the scenes gossip, rumors, innuendo. The people who participate in less than honest communication and behavior will pay penalties for it later. For Pisces natives, Happy Birthday!! You will be very busy for sure!! The positive side of such a concentration of Pisces energy is a sincere desire to help the planet, or animals, or people who are hurting. If you ask the Universe each morning, “OK Universe, where do you want me?” you will be guided to some amazing and very wonderful experiences. These could be spiritual or mundane, and really there is no difference. Be prepared for guidance through your dreams and meditations. Those of you who are creative could produce some very special art, music, writing, dance, photography, etc. Pisces people will do best during the next few weeks by allowing themselves some alone time each and every day for creativity. Your centers are so wide open right now that you may need to protect yourself from negative emotions radiating off of people. Learn how to clear yourself, through will, through affirmation, and a shower is a great help, too…
Pisces people may be working through something from the past, old hurts or trauma. Pisces can emerge from these transits stronger (Mars), clearer (Mercury), more at peace through forgiveness and letting go of pain (Venus and Neptune). When Venus is in our Sun sign, people are usually kind and remark often how beautiful you are — it’s because you are letting your inner light shine forth and being your true self. If Mercury wasn’t retro I’d suggest you go shopping when Venus conjoins your Sun. Keep your purchases on the small side in case you change your mind — yes, I hear you, one pair of shoes or a pedicure would be OK  :)) … This year just isn’t the right transits for major shopping, Pisces, unless you have good Venus transits from March 17th to 21st.
The other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, should be feeling very much in the flow — good sense of intuition, timing, when to reconsider and when to approach the people in their lives. They should also be blossoming in their understanding of how to apply metaphysical principles to everyday life. Enjoy these Pisces trines now because the energy changes to Aries in late March…
The other earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn will be taking sextiles from the Pisces transits. A sextile means opportunity with some elbow grease required to maximize the positive potential. My impression is that the practical, down the earth nature of these signs will be softened by the Pisces energy and they can be more aware and appreciate the intangibles in life. With business deals, a good decision will FEEL right and you will know it. All parties involved need to benefit and if you have to make some concessions, you will KNOW that you are creating good karma for yourself. The items you need and imagine can appear in your life almost magically, so make your wish list. This is a great period to let some culture into your life — music, movies, tour the art museum, etc. Water benefits earth — it helps the garden grow  :))  Grow some sprouts at home so you know they are safe and add them to your salads for an early spring tonic… If you have houseplants, this is a great time to mist them with a small amount of liquid food in the water — the Sun is beginning to return to the north and the plants are waking up and ready to be fed  :))…
Leo and Libra people will take inconjunct (150*) transits from the Pisces planets. Always ask yourself first, with an inconjunct transit, who owns the problem? People can try to guilt-trip you into committing your time and energy to help them and it isn’t even your issue. Doublecheck yourself and make sure it isn’t you who is unconsciously inviting these inconvenient requests. Inconjuncts usually manifest at work and since Mercury is retro, be sure and ask astute questions to clarify the issues BEFORE you make your decision. If someone you love is hurting, of course you’re going to help them, but the point here is to help in a way that makes the person able to meet their own ordeal, helps them be stronger, not weaker. Sometimes if we charge in on the white horse, it weakens the person because they need to learn new skills and we rob them of that opportunity.
Aries and Aquarius people experience very mild, but helpful semi-sextile transits from Pisces planets for the next few weeks. These are 30 degree transits and use a tight orb, no more than 2 degrees. For Aries people, their usual vitality may be a little lower since it’s not quite their BDay yet. They like action and yet these Pisces transits  are encouraging planning and preparation BEFORE plunging into action next month. This would be a great period to begin strengthening your body, getting some exercise but MODERATION is a must at this time and watch your feet! If you are spacey, not your usual alert self, you could trip over something. Wear shoes appropriate for your activities and consider getting shoes repaired in advance of more action starting late March. These same suggestions would also apply to your pet. I know an Aries man who hikes with goats — his “Kids” — they need to get ready for the hiking season, too, after lounging around in the winter. Pay attention to your pets’ feet…
I know another Aries man who is determined to order a large amount of building materials while Mercury is retro… I mentioned to his wife that maybe she could get him to hold off for a few weeks but she said he wouldn’t listen. This is NOT the period to begin NEW projects, better to plan and doublecheck and do more research now.
Aquarians are also taking the semi-sextiles from Pisces but they’ve already had their BDay so their vitality is good. This is the time to move forward in small ways only and all the doublecheck for errors advice still applies to all of us. Since I am an Aquarian, I’ve been careful to doublecheck all the data for my clients, including correct addresses and phone numbers. I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone lately, both friends and clients. I’ve been clearing up loose ends on old cleaning and organizing projects and tentatively planning my schedule for March and April but staying pretty flexible and waiting for more information on a couple of larger projects and trips coming up after Mercury goes forward. I find myself being sensitive to the subtle clues that are there to guide my days — if I run into opposition I don’t push the river. I have some new subjects I want to write about and also some sewing projects lined up for the next few weeks, but I find myself waiting for it to really gel in my mind before I begin. I’ve had a few whopper dreams but once I got over the emotion of them I found some clues to help my family. I’ll be writing the Moon signs on the calendar for gardening season and starting seeds at the right time is a priority for me. My treat for getting work and chores done is to go outside and get the soil ready and feed the perennials. Naturally, other Aquarians would have different lives, activities and goals, but distill it down and this stands out — keep things simple and flexible for now and leave space in your schedules for new opportunities and people who want to connect with you…
That’s it for now…best wishes, Jenae

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