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SATURN IN CAPRICORN — 12-20-2017 to 12-16-2020


Happy Solstice, dear Friends and Readers, and Mercury goes forward this evening (12-22) — finally !! With Saturn at 29 degrees Sag and Mercury retro in Sag, I’m sure you’ve been aware of the number of transportation accidents. Hopefully, this will ease up now that Mercury is direct and just in time for the holidays. Still, please drive carefully…

Saturn rules Capricorn, so this long transit will be especially strong and important. First, let’s go over some of the qualities represented by Saturn. If Jupiter is expansion, then Saturn is contraction and restriction. The secret of success with Saturn is to narrow down your perspective, focus and concentrate on dotting every i and crossing every t.  Long hours, hard work, lots of self-discipline and the ability to delay immediate gratification for long-term rewards will enable most of us to accomplish big goals and bring what was just a dream or a fantasy into physical manifestation. Capricorn is an earth sign.

Here’s some little tidbits about Caps…they’re old when they’re young, and young when they’re old. There is often ill health or some kind of restriction of activities when they are young. They just get better and better as they mature. By about 35, they’re doing quite well and basically age slower than other people so by the time they are 50, they  look younger than others. It’s the sign that rules bones, joints, and teeth — all of us will need  to  pay attention and take care with these parts of the body over the next few years.  I expect big breakthroughs in medical with this — research that has been going on for years finally comes to fruition. Capricorn people often start a very successful career late in life.  Jimmy Buffett would be a good example. They don’t just sit around in a rocking chair — old age seems to energize them and they are out and about, doing, accomplishing, and in general the 2nd half of life is lighter, freer, happier.

There was an interesting article a few months ago about scientists figuring out why the Roman concrete in the Mediterranean harbors was still standing and why the modern concrete doesn’t last as long. Evidently the ancients used the same lime, sand, gravel, and rock, but they added volcanic ash and SEA water. And with good results !!! I think we will see Planning Commissions finally get smart about what building materials are needed and how to build to offset the damage from hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc. Building in harmony with the environment will be an expanding theme over the next few years, with breakthroughs in materials used, too. Capricorn, being an earth sign, suggest rock, wood, clay, brick, cement, concrete, etc.  My impression is that innovative scientists, chemists, builders, architects, etc. will take the traditional materials and add something else, tweak them a bit, or use the latest chemistry to increase longevity/durability, the strength, the energy efficiency, etc. Just like they have regular drywall, but also mold-resistant drywall, too. You may wonder why I don’t mention steel and glass? To me, these are more under the Mars rulership because high heat is required to produce them.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, reminding people to live their lives as if they will be tomorrow’s front page headlines, and warning younger people to keep it clean on social media since whatever they post is there forever.  Have you not noticed that the skeletons are coming out of peoples’ closets right and left?  Pope Francis said that the more powerful someone is, the more humble they need to be. Capricorn is a symbol for authority figures and the power structures that rules our lives one way or another — government, church, schools, etc.  I suppose we could add Hollywood to the list, since they influence the culture so heavily.  If people in positions of power and authority think they are above the law and they can do whatever they want with no consequences, then those that are drunk on their own power are going to find out that Saturn in Cap means they will pay a heavy price for their actions.  As Saturn transits further into Capricorn and begins to approach transiting Pluto, this will become a main world theme.  I read the USA news but I suspect the same things are happening world wide. You think the headlines are bad now? “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet !!!”  The corruption that has been hidden for years will emerge.  All of us have done things we’re not proud of…and all of us need to be careful about being overly judgmental of those whose mistakes have ruined their lives and others.  The various authority figures that are in such trouble these days are just reaping their karma. Let’s define karma — for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  The point, people, is to not get on the high horse and look down and those whose corruption has come to light, but let it be a reminder to OURSELVES to act correctly.  All of us are responsible for our own thoughts, words, and deeds. For example, I know bully women and abused men. Yes, this is not the usual pattern, but it does exist. Similarly, there are preachers who live in $20 million dollar mansions while exorting people to give to their church, but there are also preachers who live humbly and witness the Christ daily by living a clean and genuine life.  I personally know many good men who would never, ever, be cruel and abusive to women, children, and animals, etc.  Even with the current corruption in Congress, there are no doubt a few good men and women.

I have a client who has surrounded himself with many diverse therapists who specialize in different modalities. One is a channel medium. Suring a recent session, my client received the information that if we want gentler weather, then humanity must stop being so ferocious to each other. Makes perfect sense to me!  You, dear Readers, have far more power than you think. Use your power for generating positive momentum…the time is now!

In general, the earth signs are  going to have a really productive period in their lives. Uranus enters Taurus in 2018, too, with a retro back into Aries but then forward into Taurus for approximately 7 years.  These trines really help the earth signs accomplish their goals and projects, start new businesses and hobbies, finish their schooling and set up investments that can last a lifetime.  The water signs should do pretty well, too. Sextiles mean opportunities with some elbow grease required to make the best use of the transits’ energy.  You may have to kick yourself into gear, but the rewards for focus and discipline are well worth the effort.

The air and fire signs will have more challenges. Squares and inconjuncts. It will be important to cultivate a flexible viewpoint, to seek a deeper understanding of the situations and emotional dynamics in their lives, and accept that problems are how we learn and grow. For example, sometimes having a bad boss is the quickest way to learn how to be a good boss yourself. It will probably help to understand the laws and rules that govern your profession, your neighborhood, and your finances. For example, a Saturn square is NOT the time to fight with City Hall or your local Planning and Zoning Commission. If you plan to buy a property and Saturn is in your 4th, better check on all those rules BEFORE you buy, and only buy if you plan to be there a LONG time. Saturn symbolizes longevity. If you are dealing with building inspectors, again, follow all the rules — no shortcuts. Since Saturn rules old age, there are some interesting exceptions with property where seniors are concerned. I know someone who had an elderly parent and she got permission to put a 2nd home on her property, though temporary, for the life of her parent. Saturn transiting in the 4th can symbolize responsibility for elders.

Saturn transiting your 7th can mean you will need to take extra responsibility in your marriage or partnership. It’s interesting, though, Saturn in the 7th can often bond people closer together, too. I’ve seen it go either way — a break-up, a separation, a marriage, celebrating a milestone anniversary…

Saturn in the 10th can go either way — a difficult boss or problems on the job and a need to work extra hard, but also can bring the increased responsibilities that come with a promotion.

Saturn in your 1st — take good care of yourself, your health, adequate rest, etc. while you’re out there showing the world how capable and responsible you are. Saturn here can bring recognition and/or awards for your expertise — something you have studied and fine-tuned for years…

The Saturn -Pluto conjunction will be exact on January 12, 2020.  It is in effect the whole month of January, and really, allowing for orb, we could add a month or even two, on either side. Honestly, I don’t know what this transit means…an asteroid or a huge geophysical event? A very big polar vortex?  The voters so mad they kick out all the incumbents?  A war? A credit implosion?  I could see that last one, since the Cap energy in the US chart is in the 8th house of shared resources.  So…hope for the best while you plan for the worst.  For now, I intend to watch things unfold and see if I can get a clearer sense of this conjunction.  So far, it seems like all the power players will either hit rock bottom or slowly begin to transform and regenerate into something better. I do know one thing — no matter how positive an individual’s chart is, we all will be affected by such a powerful conjunction. It could be that a very serious crisis is necessary to overcome the weaknesses and limitations in our current society.  Jupiter will be in the earlier degrees of Capricorn. Maybe we will finally formulate the global agreements that are necessary to save the planet. Like no more plastic in the ocean, for example. Maybe it’s a new way of harnessing energy so there’s enough for everybody and no one has to fight over it….something like that could truly transform everyone’s lives.

I hope you read and study what other astrologers say about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. I’m sure there will be a LOT written about this and the more points of view you read, the better. Yes, these are considered malefic planets but even this conjunction will have a positive potential expression. The pressure created around this conjunction can actually help bring thinking errors and negative attitudes to the surface so that people can release the beliefs and thought patterns that are holding them back from the fully integrated life that their hearts seek.  Forgiveness empowers the forgiver…Namaste, Jenae







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Hello dear Friends and Readers, It’s been awhile since we had an exact Uranus- Pluto square and certainly last April was no picnic.  I was saying to my private clients the last couple weeks that even though Mercury is not retrograde in December, this year they should avoid travelling in December due to unsettled conditions.  We have seen this square before.  Hurricanes, tornados, geological activity, riots, protests, tragedies involving children last April, and in general unusual weather both hot and cold.  So…once again, I urge you to have some batteries and candles on hand, drinking water, enough propane in the BBQ to cook if necessary, and some extra food that is easily prepared.  This is just common sense.  I am not a “prepper”.  Outdoor heaters and camping stoves can kill if used indoors because they generate carbon monoxide.  Staying warm in the winter could end up being a big problem.  Some people are lucky to have a woodstove or a fireplace.

Actually there are some fairly pleasant transits at this time from the inner planets.  The Moon will be in Virgo this coming weekend and makes a trine to Pluto in Capricorn.  Sun in Sag is trined by Jupiter in Leo.  Bear in mind that this square is slow moving and lasts for awhile.  It’s just exact for a couple of days but allowing orb means allowing several weeks on either side.  There are BIG storms already forming.  What a winter !!  As if it wasn’t cold enough last year…

The other transit that makes me want to caution you all to stay safe and be cautious is that Saturn has reached the 29th degree of Scorpio.  I will write the Saturn in Sag blog starting next week.  Meanwhile, those of you who have studied the earlier posts will remember that the 29th degree of anything in astrology is considered a critical degree — a lot of pressure and no where to go but into 0 degrees of the next sign.  Kind of like labor and birth.  Or at least a final exam before graduation.  I feel some concern about nuclear stuff with Saturn since Pluto rules Scorpio.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see some new scandal emerge into daylight regarding the safety of the various nuclear programs run by various governments.  By the way, have you noticed how public figures are crumbling with the skeletons coming out of their closets?  That’s Pluto in Cap.

Hawaii and Alaska are both Capricorn and I read that they are having a lava flow problem in Hawaii.  That’s Pluto in Cap.  Uranus in Aries is more the sudden lightning bolt, the catalyst that triggers events, protests, accidents, etc.  One positive things you can do with Uranus in Aries is review First Aid, talk to your children about FIrst Aid, and practice a safety drill at home.  Even children as young as 5 have saved lives with the Heimlich maneuver and CPR.  A positive use in Pluto in Cap is to review your career and if you feel compelled to change your work, then take appropriate steps to reach your goal. If you are in a public position or a high profile life, then keep it clean — SQUEAKY CLEAN.   Saturn in Sag will put a huge emphasis on education and the “big picture”.  More on this next week…  Stay safe and have the most thankful holiday you can….Jenae

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Good Evening, dear Friends and Readers, tonight we’ll explore the Venus in Cap transits.  All you Capricorns out there — Cap Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, too, you have the best transits of the year for personal shopping, beautification, and transformation.  Mercury is forward so it’s all systems go for a major purchase if you need one.  Some of you may be making beneficial changes in career, even starting or expanding your own business.  There are some very helpful planet positions to help you achieve a large and serious goal.  Pluto is also in Capricorn and running sextile to Saturn in Scorpio, the ruler of Capricorn.  Caps are famous for wanting quality as opposed to quantity, so make your purchases count toward long-term goals and needs, rather than the impulsive shopping of the moment.  Think substantial rather than trivial.  Transform your office, whether at home or at work.  It’s a great time to upgrade the tools you need; Mars in Aquarius is mildly helpful if you need new technology.  Mercury in Cap is favorable if you need a new approach to paperwork and it’s also a good day on Friday the New Moon on the 11th to approach the boss for a favorable reception.

When Venus is in our Sun sign or in our 1st house, people tend to be kindly disposed toward us.  You may receive unexpected favors, gifts, little treats that make life sweet.  Those of you with this position should consider creating beauty in your life.  Starting with the physical, it’s a great time to start a self-improvement program for better health and beauty.  Exercise for flexibility,  take care of your teeth and get good dental care, add something pretty to your office and dress for success.  Good grooming counts this month as you will be attracting more attention than usual.  On the mental level, it will be easier to be gracious to others and make amends if you’ve had a recent disagreement with someone.  Beautiful speech as well as beautiful penmanship can aid you in getting your point across.  By beautiful, I don’t mean flowery phrases, I mean kind and thoughtful words.  Send a card if you’re not sure what to say. On the emotional level, this period is very special when dealing with seniors.  A GREAT time to visit or call elderly relatives, neighbors, people who could benefit from a visit.  Those of you who have major Cancer planets can also interact with seniors.  Consider recording the family history and stories they know because you will have something priceless to share later with the younger generations.

It’s just as important to be patient and kind to YOURSELF.  I know one Cap who is currently taking a well-deserved vacation in the sun, and another who is about to go skiing.  Not all Caps are going on vacation; some of them will be using Venus to make progress in career and relationships.  IF you happen to be in promotions and marketing, you could be exceptionally clever with a new idea or even a small gadget to promote a business.  One of the cutest pens I ever saw had a cow on top of it — it was for a really good steakhouse 🙂   Being kind to yourself can mean that you forgive yourself.  All of us have done things we regret.  You see people all the time who wrap their regrets  around them like their favorite old sweater; they haven’t truly forgiven themselves and they are using that as an excuse for failure or as an excuse for not moving forward in their life.  We’ve all been there…all it achieves is feeling stuck and stagnating, and on this earth, in THIS SCHOOL, if we’re not moving forward we’re moving backwards.  Venus and Pluto can help you break the chains…

People with a lot of planets in Aries and Libra may  find this month a bit more challenging than other times.  It’s not a walk in the park, but there can be rewards for focused work and mature behavior.  With Cancers, it’s more of a mixed bag because oppositions can be either positive or negative.  I know one Cancer with Cap in her 6th and very positive things are happening re: career.  Things that have already been earned, have been in the works for a long time…

It’s important to remember that the Capricorn energy tends to bring the goodies after we have already earned them.  That’s why Capricorn is the sign that rules the elderly;  the older we get the easier it is to achieve the positive expression of this sign — big accomplishments, expertise,  recognition for our contributions, more financial security, etc.

People with a lot of planets in earth and water signs should be doing pretty well this month.  The Capricorn transits are either trine or sextile.  I think it will be the hardest to figure out all the details for people with a lot of Gemini and/or Leo planets because for them the Capricorn transits will be inconjunct — lots of little problems you can get sucked into unless you first ask yourself “Who owns the problem?”  Once you’ve decided who bears the real responsibility, then you can figure out if you need to help, if you want to help, if you want to pass, etc.  All of the above are options — keep an open mind while you determine the best solution.  Inconjuncts tend to come out in the workplace, but there are always exceptions, like a family member who is a master at guilt-tripping the relatives.  People with a lot of planets in either Sag or Aquarius have mild but helpful transits from Capricorn.  Pretty good for making slight adjustments in your daily routine to make more time for spiritual matters — contemplation, meditation, study, etc.

Looking for major Venus transits during this period, January 12-13 sees Venus square Uranus in Aries.  That’s this weekend.  Maybe there’s little too much excitement?  Like plans getting changed at the last minute?  Best to stay  flexible and not attached to any certain outcome or agenda…

Venus is conjunct Pluto in Cap on January 16-17.  All the other transits around that  time are quite pleasant with the exception of the Moon in Aries in square to Cap.  SO I think it will be a favorable period for all the activities mentioned above, with the one exception being it is not a good time to overdo with exercise.  If you pull a muscle or take a fall, it will set you back way beyond the moment, so don’t take on more than you can do just because someone might challenge you.  I would avoid PT and exercise and sports coaches for those two days.  They’re not inside your body and YOU know better what you own limitations are…

Full Moon is January 26-28 and during that time there are some minor transits involving Venus and the Moon, Jupiter and Chiron.  I don’t think these are strong enough to cause problems but it would be helpful to doublecheck all social plans — time, date, place, etc. because there could be some minor glitches.  Mostly I feel that some people will experience disappointment because they wanted to talk to the friend and tell them stuff that they were having to deal with recently, and the friend is self-absorbed and not open to listening well or helping as a friend should.  If this is a true friend, there will be a better time for you to tell them what’s on your mind.  If this is a “friend” who is this way a LOT, then you may decide to pull back a bit if the friendship doesn’t seem fair.  There doesn’t need to be a big confrontation, and particularly so on the Full Moon.  Venus in Aquarius, the sign that rules friendships, indicates you’ll have a better time to get clear communication before February 23rd ( Mercury retrograde again…)

You may have read this post and thought, where are all the exact transits, Jenae?  The strength of January is not in exact transits, it’s in the fact that the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto are concurrently in Capricorn, plus Pluto is in very helpful sextile to Saturn.  An abundance of Cap energy, if you will. It’s a good month to get a lot done.  Any babies born this month will be little power-houses, magnificently able to bring things into physical manifestation……Blessings, Jenae

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