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WISH UPON A STAR  — MARS IN CAPRICORN  — November 17 through December 25, 2012

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, I want to explore this Mars transit with you as there are some major alignments at the end of November in particular.  Let’s begin by looking at Mars in general.  Mars is the symbol for our physical energy, as Pluto is the symbol for will power.  Mars qualities are impatience, temper, good survival instincts, leadership and initiative, and competitions.  Someone with Mars in Gemini might enjoy the debate team at school, while someone with Mars in Virgo is usually good at baseball.  Both men and women with Mars prominent in their charts have a great need to meet new challenges.  This could be sports or endurance challenges, but it also means they get bored easily and NEED new projects to immerse themselves in.  Mars in Capricorn might symbolize someone who enjoys competition in business;  getting ahead in career would be important.

At this time in the evolution of earth and humanity, hurting the competition to get ahead of the pack can have unforeseen consequences.  I feel some concern about this when I see that Mars will conjoin Pluto on Tuesday November 27 at 12:18 pm PST.  Note that the Full Moon is the next day in Gemini/Sag.  And an eclipse, too, at 6 degrees Sag/Gemini which means the effects will be evolving over the next 6 months.  Allowing orb for Mars it looks like the weekend after Thanksgiving to around December 3rd or  4th is the time to be most cautious.  I usually like to allow a week  of orb for Mars transits; this time I’m extending it to around 10 days.

Every aspect or transit has potentially both a positive and negative expression of energy.  The most powerful aspect is a conjunction, the union of 2 forms of energy.  Put Mars and Pluto together and the energy is potent indeed.  Capricorn is a symbol for career, authority figures, the governments we create, and the need for structure, responsibility, and manifestation — ie. bringing ideas and creations into physical reality.  While Capricorn traditionally symbolizes the father, the truth  is it’s  the parent who teaches us about the rules of the outside world that is the Capricorn parent and this can be either our father or our mother.

OK, putting all this together here are some of the possibilities I see…looking at the geology of the earth, volcanos and earthquakes could be very active during the influence of Mars-Pluto because Capricorn is an EARTH sign.  The positive side would be some fabulous discoveries deep in the earth — minerals, water, oil — even some kind of breakthrough in agriculture.

On the business level, Mars-Pluto in Cap is the ultimate strategist.  They are so concentrated, focused and ambitious that they will go to great lengths to achieve success and recognition.  This is where it gets a little tricky.  While this is a great time to plan business strategies and campaigns, promotions, launch new products, etc. it is also a time to reflect on the ethics and business policies that contribute to the win. Beating out the competition is acceptable in our current society but at what cost?  It’s very important not to sacrifice our ethics and our conscience just to win.  With the current Saturn transit in Scorpio, perhaps a “Miracle on 34th Street”  belief system would be better than dirty deals, bribery, corruption, and the Machiavellian belief system which translates as the end reward justifies the means to get there, no matter how dark and/or diabolical.  Machiavelli obviously didn’t understand the law of karma.  Personally, I don’t think governments understand this either.  Some sports teams have gotten caught for just exactly this kind of behavior.  What more lies under the surface?  Don’t be surprised if there are some major revelations and exposures of buried stuff during this transit. New covert operations launched, too.  Looking at a more positive expression of the energy,  I also think there will be some very clever marketing campaigns launched at this time to boost sales at Christmas.  Wonderful new products that can change our lives for the better.  Technology is just galloping ahead these days.  There could also be some innovative changes in the role of governments helping  business —in the USA that might be rule changes, tax code changes, maybe a tax holiday to bring the overseas tech money home or something announced  to solve the fiscal cliff dilemma.

Mars-Pluto is great for practicing marital arts and for being security and safety conscious at work, at home, and when out in public.  This conjunction is the day before the Full Moon on November 28th at 6:47 AM PST.  Remembering that the Full Moon effects start the day before and last through the day after, Tuesday the 27th looks especially difficult.  Lock your car, your house, your purse or briefcase.  Keep alert and aware of potential hazards or crimes.  There could also be some accusations put forward about stealing intellectual property.

Getting back to just the Mars in Cap transit through Christmas Day, overall this transit is good for fulfilling our responsibilities at work and with loved ones.  There’s enough physical energy with Mars to take care of business and accomplish both goals and extra projects and chores for the holidays.  Ambitious and talented Dads with building skills might design a playhouse and present the picture as the gift and build it later when the weather is better.  This is a wonderful time for awakening children to the wonders of earth science — weather, geology, grow ant farms or worms or tabletop greenhouse vegies, crystallize sugar on strings from super-saturated solutions, or even those magic rocks that grow in water.   I know they still sell the kits and they don’t cost a lot.

Mars-Pluto is heavy enough.  I  don’t see any other major Mars transits, other than a conjunction with the Moon on December 15th — emotions won’t run as high as usual since Capricorn is a reserved sign.  That’s a Saturday, the New Moon is Thursday, so maybe Friday will be a lot of office Christmas parties.  Thoughtful bosses might want to consider one big gift that enhances the work environment for ALL employees.

Stay safe and I’ll be back soon with some lighter stuff.  We could use some happiness, November has been a heavy month so far…Blessings, Jenae


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Dear Friends and Readers, It has come to my attention with the clients this week that people with early Capricorn emphasis in their natal chart are feeling the pressure that Pluto has been building up.  You people born just after Christmas, or with an early Capricorn Moon or Ascendant have been dealing with Pluto conjunctions all year.  Now Pluto will resume forward motion at 6 degrees Capricorn on 9-18-12.  Many of you would like to change jobs or even change careers.  This has not been a simple process, partly because the economy is weak but mostly because Pluto rules Scorpio and your decision is not as simple as just doing what you want to do as an individual.  The Scorpio flavor of this particular  Pluto conjunction means that you have to consider all the other people in your life.  The best decisions under this kind of transit allow all parties involved to benefit.  Win-win, rather than an adversarial situation.  Many of you have partners and dependents that need your help and need stability in their lives and this is complicating your decision. 

On the other hand, Pluto is about transformation and regeneration.  The energy is slow, subtle, and manifests with an increasing sense of pressure.  Usually internal pressure, but it could be outside pressure like Saturn — depends on which houses are involved.  SO… you need to reinvent yourself and if you don’t do SOMETHING toward that aspiration, WILLINGLY,  the Universe will kick into high gear and force the issue.  Example— years ago I knew a nurse that didn’t like her job.  She kept saying she didn’t like her job but she wasn’t doing anything about it, and after a few months she broke her leg and that particular job was over.  It would be much better for you to take a step, even a small step, toward your goal.  That might mean online classes, volunteer work in the field that you really want, possibly cutting back on current  hours to free up time to take a second  part-time job, asking for the support of your family toward achieving your goal, etc.  There are many more possibilities. Again, how this conjunction might manifest depends on your personal chart.

The point is to realize that Pluto in forward motion soon means IT’S TIME !!!  IT’S TIME to take that first step so you don’t implode internally.  You don’t need health problems and the stress needs to be relieved.  Pluto is like the magma rising inside a volcano.  It won’t work to seethe with repressed anger, and then explode at the boss in a hissy fit like a petulant child. Capricorn gains success through acting maturely.  If you need a change in the current job, you need to use Pluto as STRATEGY, pointing out to the boss, or your family, or whoever — that the change you are proposing will benefit them as well as you.  Really, folks, with this kind of transit, you can become quite adept at strategy; if your motives are positive you will see positive results.  And you’ll have plenty of time to perfect these skills as Pluto moves quite slowly through Capricorn.  You may have other planets in Cap, too. 

Just remember this is a once in a lifetime conjunction, time to begin your transformation process and best wishes to all of you !!! Blessings, Jenae  …and comments and suggestions are welcome…

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