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Hello again dear Friends and Readers, this is one of my favorite transits, Venus through Aquarius, and I hope to entertain you with a few good stories as well as help you understand how the transits work in real life.  My late Dad was my friend as well as my Dad.  One day I thought, “Gee, Dad and I haven’t been out to lunch in a couple of months.”  Within 30 seconds the phone rang and Dad said, “Want to go to lunch?”  We had a good laugh — these little psychic connections make mundane life  much more fun !!! … fast forward about 30 years and my sweetie has the same degree Ascendant as my Dad had his Moon in — 3 degrees Aquarius.  One day a few years ago we were driving in town and I thought, “Gee, it would be nice to go out to dinner, we haven’t done that in quite a while.”  I ran through the options in my head, Mexican, American, Thai, etc. and I thought Thai sounded good.  Before I could even say a word, my sweetie voiced my exact thoughts and we ended up having a very nice meal at the Thai restaurant :)…

So, folks, this is the transit to realize that your thoughts are powerful, they’re creative, and they run on electricity and we are all linked together on what I like to call “the invisible grape-vine”.  If you’re folding laundry and your Grandma comes to mind, probably a good idea to call or visit.  If you’re at home and your husband is out and you realize you need something from the store, try projecting it first and  wait 5 minutes and see if he doesn’t check in with you before he heads home.  I think it’s even easier to communicate on the psychic level with girlfriends and/or sisters, and brothers can often do it, too.  This is the transit to guess who is on the phone before you pick it up.  Try turning a deck of cards and see if you know which one will be next.  There’s all kinds of little tricks you can practice.  And believe me, these skills will come in very handy if the power goes out and you need to contact a loved one, or some other kind of emergency arises.

In the examples above, I forgot to mention that my Sun is conjunct my late Dad’s Moon and my sweetie’s Ascendant.  Naturally, these kinds of conjunctions make it easier to get on the same wave length. I have noticed that I usually feel close to Taurus women, because that is where my Moon is. Also, since my Venus is in Aquarius, I have many wonderful friends who are Aquarian, too.  Take inventory of the people in your life and look for those kinds of connections with your own chart. Sun on Moon, Ascendant, Venus, etc.  Uranus rules Aquarius and rules electrical systems in the body, along with Mercury.  I have a daughter living on the other side of the world and we share a Taurus Moon.  I’ll think of her and she will call within just a few minutes, or vice versa. We have proven to ourselves that a mental message can travel thousands of miles in an instant.  If only I could figure out how to teleport myself over there for dinner and a visit, and then back home to start my regular day J..… Aquarius, and particularly Venus in Aquarius, is very much about brotherly love, humanitarian love, friendship with great passion and loyalty and this love goes beyond any mundane boundaries of time, space, distance.  Love is love…

People who have mostly air and fire planets in their charts are more likely to experience this transit easily and with great benefits.  Earth can find Aquarius stimulating but potentially disruptive, so if you have a lot of earth planets, this transit will be easier if you stay flexible and open to innovation. People who have mostly water planets may feel a little put out by friends who don’t show enough sensitivity.  I have noticed Venus squares often have to do with difficulty finding agreement about social or cultural matters.  For example, a Scorpio is going to prefer a different movie than an Aquarian.  A Cancer might disagree with an Aquarian’s choice of restaurant; a Pisces might be a little frustrated with an Aquarian’s musical choices.  We Aquarians are not known for our sensitivity; our style is more direct and blunt and we rarely pussy-foot around.  We are friendly and we are kind, but I would suggest to you during this transit to SLOW DOWN a bit when suggesting social activities — make some room in the conversation and encourage quieter or more passive people to contribute their wishes and opinions, too.

This transit is fabulous for meetings and gatherings that are not purely social, that have a purpose beyond the pleasure of the moment.  Barn-building, quilting-bee energy — could be work-related, charitable, volunteering, community action — cooperation for the greater good is highly favored.

OK, let’s check out the coming transits to Venus in Aquarius this month…On Sunday February 3rd, Venus is semi-sextile (30 degrees) from Neptune.  Very good for healing, prayer circles, support groups of all kinds. This transit favors one on one conversations where one trusted friend helps another with a painful or troubling or confusing issue.  Sometime just listening helps the other person clear their head.

On the 4th, Moon in Sag sextiles Venus — great for gathering with friends, socializing, maybe discussing world events or philosophy.  If you’re a student, this one helps if you study in a small group.  On the 6th, Venus is sextile Uranus — sextile means helpful with a little effort or elbow grease required to get the best results.  This one is fabulous for psychic communication, both sending and receiving.  And if you have a question about your life, reach out to your guides, the invisible ones, for help and you  may find the answers come to you in a very surprising way. This transit often symbolizes unexpected good news.  Pay attention to your dreams, too, as Mercury conjoins Neptune the same day.

On the 7th Venus trines Jupiter — one of the luckiest transits in astrology.  I always tell my clients to make use of these trines, don’t just expect the prize to fall into your lap, though sometimes it DOES.  Do something to affirm your dreams and goals.  A great  day for writing and communication of all kinds, bopping around the neighborhood and connecting with people, receiving information that makes a positive change in your life.  This would also be a good day to enter contests, buy a lotto ticket, post items online for sale, or begin some kind of advertising campaign.  On the 9th the Moon conjoins Venus — wonderful for gatherings of women, or kindred spirits.  A great day for a shower, a party, a special ceremony or service.  Really folks, after the kinds of transits we’ve been having since last October, this week is a real positive and it is special — make it count !!!  New Moon is late Saturday night.

Monday the 11th is a square between Venus and Saturn.  This one can be a pain, an irritation, or something a lot more serious, depending on your individual chart.  People might feel sad, or wanting love and affection and not finding it.  There can be issues between friends, or between lovers. Hurt feelings.  If someone says they will do something and then they blow it off and don’t come through, the could be a deal-breaker in a close relationship.  Act with integrity and keep your promises.  Better to say no than to say yes and then wish you hadn’t…whatever it is, any misunderstanding could take a few days to straighten out, assuming it’s not terribly serious.  Try for a fresh  start when Moon in Aries sextiles Venus late on Wednesday the 13th.  Sometimes talking a walk with someone helps clear the air…

There’s a bunch of minor but potentially glitchy transits with Venus for the next 2 weeks, culminating in Moon opposition Venus on the 24th-25th.  Moon in Leo — ego? Pride? The blame game?  Oppositions can go either way — you could achieve a great rapport or find yourself in opposing corners.  I don’t see this particular transit as being about male-female relationships, though an individual chart could change that.  Unless as a couple, you are arguing about friends and/or social life,  I see this as more between parents and children (Leo) or between friends (Aquarius).  Remember, too, that it’s the Full Moon is Virgo/Pisces and this can amplify emotions. Be very careful if you’re trying to make a point that it is not interpreted as criticism.  Teenagers, in particular, tend to be very defensive. Parents will need to exercise self-discipline. True communication should come from the heart if there’s an issue you feel very strongly about — it will help to remember the ancient words…love is patient, love is kind, love is not puffed up…

Sorry to end the post with a difficult transit, but I didn’t write the book, I only interpret it…Blessings, Jenae


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Good Evening, dear Friends and Readers, tonight we’ll explore the Venus in Cap transits.  All you Capricorns out there — Cap Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, too, you have the best transits of the year for personal shopping, beautification, and transformation.  Mercury is forward so it’s all systems go for a major purchase if you need one.  Some of you may be making beneficial changes in career, even starting or expanding your own business.  There are some very helpful planet positions to help you achieve a large and serious goal.  Pluto is also in Capricorn and running sextile to Saturn in Scorpio, the ruler of Capricorn.  Caps are famous for wanting quality as opposed to quantity, so make your purchases count toward long-term goals and needs, rather than the impulsive shopping of the moment.  Think substantial rather than trivial.  Transform your office, whether at home or at work.  It’s a great time to upgrade the tools you need; Mars in Aquarius is mildly helpful if you need new technology.  Mercury in Cap is favorable if you need a new approach to paperwork and it’s also a good day on Friday the New Moon on the 11th to approach the boss for a favorable reception.

When Venus is in our Sun sign or in our 1st house, people tend to be kindly disposed toward us.  You may receive unexpected favors, gifts, little treats that make life sweet.  Those of you with this position should consider creating beauty in your life.  Starting with the physical, it’s a great time to start a self-improvement program for better health and beauty.  Exercise for flexibility,  take care of your teeth and get good dental care, add something pretty to your office and dress for success.  Good grooming counts this month as you will be attracting more attention than usual.  On the mental level, it will be easier to be gracious to others and make amends if you’ve had a recent disagreement with someone.  Beautiful speech as well as beautiful penmanship can aid you in getting your point across.  By beautiful, I don’t mean flowery phrases, I mean kind and thoughtful words.  Send a card if you’re not sure what to say. On the emotional level, this period is very special when dealing with seniors.  A GREAT time to visit or call elderly relatives, neighbors, people who could benefit from a visit.  Those of you who have major Cancer planets can also interact with seniors.  Consider recording the family history and stories they know because you will have something priceless to share later with the younger generations.

It’s just as important to be patient and kind to YOURSELF.  I know one Cap who is currently taking a well-deserved vacation in the sun, and another who is about to go skiing.  Not all Caps are going on vacation; some of them will be using Venus to make progress in career and relationships.  IF you happen to be in promotions and marketing, you could be exceptionally clever with a new idea or even a small gadget to promote a business.  One of the cutest pens I ever saw had a cow on top of it — it was for a really good steakhouse 🙂   Being kind to yourself can mean that you forgive yourself.  All of us have done things we regret.  You see people all the time who wrap their regrets  around them like their favorite old sweater; they haven’t truly forgiven themselves and they are using that as an excuse for failure or as an excuse for not moving forward in their life.  We’ve all been there…all it achieves is feeling stuck and stagnating, and on this earth, in THIS SCHOOL, if we’re not moving forward we’re moving backwards.  Venus and Pluto can help you break the chains…

People with a lot of planets in Aries and Libra may  find this month a bit more challenging than other times.  It’s not a walk in the park, but there can be rewards for focused work and mature behavior.  With Cancers, it’s more of a mixed bag because oppositions can be either positive or negative.  I know one Cancer with Cap in her 6th and very positive things are happening re: career.  Things that have already been earned, have been in the works for a long time…

It’s important to remember that the Capricorn energy tends to bring the goodies after we have already earned them.  That’s why Capricorn is the sign that rules the elderly;  the older we get the easier it is to achieve the positive expression of this sign — big accomplishments, expertise,  recognition for our contributions, more financial security, etc.

People with a lot of planets in earth and water signs should be doing pretty well this month.  The Capricorn transits are either trine or sextile.  I think it will be the hardest to figure out all the details for people with a lot of Gemini and/or Leo planets because for them the Capricorn transits will be inconjunct — lots of little problems you can get sucked into unless you first ask yourself “Who owns the problem?”  Once you’ve decided who bears the real responsibility, then you can figure out if you need to help, if you want to help, if you want to pass, etc.  All of the above are options — keep an open mind while you determine the best solution.  Inconjuncts tend to come out in the workplace, but there are always exceptions, like a family member who is a master at guilt-tripping the relatives.  People with a lot of planets in either Sag or Aquarius have mild but helpful transits from Capricorn.  Pretty good for making slight adjustments in your daily routine to make more time for spiritual matters — contemplation, meditation, study, etc.

Looking for major Venus transits during this period, January 12-13 sees Venus square Uranus in Aries.  That’s this weekend.  Maybe there’s little too much excitement?  Like plans getting changed at the last minute?  Best to stay  flexible and not attached to any certain outcome or agenda…

Venus is conjunct Pluto in Cap on January 16-17.  All the other transits around that  time are quite pleasant with the exception of the Moon in Aries in square to Cap.  SO I think it will be a favorable period for all the activities mentioned above, with the one exception being it is not a good time to overdo with exercise.  If you pull a muscle or take a fall, it will set you back way beyond the moment, so don’t take on more than you can do just because someone might challenge you.  I would avoid PT and exercise and sports coaches for those two days.  They’re not inside your body and YOU know better what you own limitations are…

Full Moon is January 26-28 and during that time there are some minor transits involving Venus and the Moon, Jupiter and Chiron.  I don’t think these are strong enough to cause problems but it would be helpful to doublecheck all social plans — time, date, place, etc. because there could be some minor glitches.  Mostly I feel that some people will experience disappointment because they wanted to talk to the friend and tell them stuff that they were having to deal with recently, and the friend is self-absorbed and not open to listening well or helping as a friend should.  If this is a true friend, there will be a better time for you to tell them what’s on your mind.  If this is a “friend” who is this way a LOT, then you may decide to pull back a bit if the friendship doesn’t seem fair.  There doesn’t need to be a big confrontation, and particularly so on the Full Moon.  Venus in Aquarius, the sign that rules friendships, indicates you’ll have a better time to get clear communication before February 23rd ( Mercury retrograde again…)

You may have read this post and thought, where are all the exact transits, Jenae?  The strength of January is not in exact transits, it’s in the fact that the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto are concurrently in Capricorn, plus Pluto is in very helpful sextile to Saturn.  An abundance of Cap energy, if you will. It’s a good month to get a lot done.  Any babies born this month will be little power-houses, magnificently able to bring things into physical manifestation……Blessings, Jenae

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OK, dear Readers and Friends, the top search term is for Venus by far.  Not surprising, since the world could use some love as the antidote to war, hate, prejudice, despair, etc.  Venus appears in the sky as either a morning star or an evening star.  What this means in peoples’ charts is Venus will either be in the same sign as the Sun, or one sign ahead, or one sign after.  Once about every two years, Venus   goes into retrograde motion for about 6 weeks.  That’s about a year away from now.

At this time Venus is travelling behind the Sun, so Venus enters Sag just before the Sun enters Capricorn…this transit is less than a month long.  Naturally, people with their Sun in late Sag or in Cap are going to be the main beneficiaries of this transit.  Venus on your Sun, or on other planets in your natal in these 2 signs, means that  life will be a little sweeter and easier for you.  People will be kinder and more cooperative and generous.  Venus works on the attraction principle so it will be easier to draw to you that which you seek.  The first step is knowing what you want.  Try making a wish list.  Write it down and place the paper where you will see it everyday.  For those of you who are seeking love, it is important to know what qualities you are seeking in a partner.  There should be 10 or 12 traits on your list.  Those of you who need more money or money to purchase items you want or need should apply the same principle — make a check to yourself and place it where you will see it a lot.  Same thing with a wish list of items you need.  One time many years ago I needed a bunch of winter clothing for the kids.  We had moved to a colder climate so it was a necessity.  I made my list. About 2 months later a check arrived  for the needed amount.  It was a retroactive pay raise from the job I had just left.  Amazing how this stuff works.  You write down what you need and release attachment as to HOW it might come about — just give it to the Universe…

If it’s artistic inspiration you need — remember Venus is love, art, beauty — then look up the name in mythology of the muse you need and visualize yourself, every day, receiving inspiration.  Think about this also just before you go to sleep each night.  And don’t be specific about where the inspiration has to come FROM, just know that it WILL.  By the way, the great artists that have passed on often function as spirit guides to artists here on earth.  They  help in response to your own focus, concentration and passion for your art.

Venus in Sag is particularly good at attracting information and knowledge for others.  Again, be alert and aware because the information you are seeking can come from your research, but ALSO from a chance encounter in a waiting room, from the TV, from a magazine that falls out of the rack at your feet, etc.  SO… don’t limit yourself.

People with late Gemini or early Cancer rising are going to have Venus transiting through their 7th house of partnerships.  This gives you an opportunity to meet someone special, to come to agreements with partners, to enjoy more love and affection.  So many people don’t seem to understand that love begins over the breakfast table.  It’s putting your hand on your loved one’s shoulder as you pour the juice or coffee or tea.  It’s making the lunches with little surprises tucked inside.  It’s taking the time to tell your sweetie you hope they have a good day before you leave the house, remembering, of course, that they have an important meeting that day and acknowledging it.

People who want more love need to start by honoring and loving themselves.  Doing this in small ways pays off big time.  The Universe  reflects back to us what is inside us.  The outer world mirrors our relationship with ourselves.  Do you have a picky, critical mate and feel stuck and unappreciated?  Maybe you need to be kinder and gentler to YOURSELF first.  Really anchor that in, how you treat yourself, affirm your self-respect and self-esteem daily, and watch the world start to reflect that back to you.  We often meet qualities in ourselves through our partners, aspects of ourselves that we  don’t acknowledge consciously.  I have watched these principles in action over many years and either the relationship will bloom, or the person will bloom and gain the courage and self-respect not to tolerate anything less than REAL love.

Venus doesn’t make too many major transits at this time.  Let’s take a look at what’s happening during this time frame…

Venus squares Neptune on December 16th.  I usually allow orb of a day on either side of the exact transit.  This square could indicate a hangover from excessive partying the night before.  We could feel foggy today, not quite with it.  Not a good day to splurge and break your budget.  Definitely a good day to visit someone who is ill or confined — to show compassion, understanding and emotional support to someone who is having a rough time or a crisis. For some people, their pets are the ones who are going to need the love..

Venus trines Uranus on Wednesday the 19th.  This one is fun for spontaneous rapport and telepathy with other people, including potential partners.  You could receive unexpected good news, information, or a gift.  Don’t be surprised if you think about someone and they call you within a few minutes.  Great for going out with friends or a group situation.

Moon in Aries trines Venus on the 20th — this one is great for going somewhere new, or trying something new.  Initiative can be rewarded.  Nice for social life, particularly with women.  Shopping looks pretty good, too.

Venus opposes Jupiter on December 22nd and 23rd, depending on your time zone.  This is a more major transit and people need to be careful about the famous Sag tendency of too much of a good thing.  Excess would be more likely here, as would people around you who think they can get something for nothing.  How might this manifest in our lives?  I get a couple of impressions here.  For one thing, the scammers and pickpockets will be out in full force.  Pay attention and don’t let your guard down if you’re out and about, last minute shopping, etc.  Donating to official charities is OK.  You can look up online to see which ones have the most reasonable admin fees.  The other impression is more about being in social situations where a part of you feels reluctant or ambivalent about the people you are with.  Maybe this is a family situation involving  in-laws or other relatives?  Rather than resenting the obligation and feeling boxed in, try to accept that you drew these people into your life for a reason and see if you can figure out what reason, what there is to learn from the situation.  If they are pushy, clueless and insensitive,  then be glad you are not !!  Overall, don’t let yourself be talked into doing anything you don’t feel good about.  If you have to say no to something, use the Sag humor to get you through it.  Be very moderate with alcohol so no one can try to take advantage of you.  No drinking and driving !! The weather can make driving more difficult — allow extra time and be a defensive driver.  Some people will be going on a special trip as a gift — they would be the ones with major trines and sextiles  from their natal to this opposition.

The Moon in Gemini opposes Venus the  day after Christmas.  It’s a busy time for most women and you may miss your female friends and also loved ones who have departed this earth.  It’s not a bad day but there seem to be a lot of distractions and less cooperation than you would like.  For male-female relationships, this opposition makes it harder to agree on social plans, especially if there are ex’s involved and step-children.  Do your best to be tolerant.

On January 5th, 2013, Venus sextiles the Moon in Libra.  This is a very nice time to meet someone new or to enjoy the love relationship you have.  Laughter and shared  social plans predominate.  A very nice weekend I would think. Since Venus is in Sag, places to meet someone new might be libraries, bookstores, while travelling, possibly at the local pub, at a church or college function,  even at the horse races or a dog show :)) — Venus in Sag rules horses and large dogs.  The main thing is to follow your own interests and have some fun.  If you don’t like dogs, then why go to a dog show in the hope of meeting someone?

Venus enters Capricorn on January 9th, technically the 8th in US time zones.  So, Venus is at 29 degrees Sag during most of that Tuesday.  Remembering that the last degree of a sign, the 29th, is a critical degree, then pay attention to the Sag tendencies of excess, speed, over-optimism.   There are no harsh or  challenging aspects to Venus at this time.  The 29th degree could just symbolize some kind of philosophical or mystical breakthrough.  It’s also a wonderful transit for writers and musicians, creative types who use words, in the sense of  wrapping up a big project and/or connecting with kindred spirits at a distance.  People who write ads or commercials should plan for a brainstorming session, too.  There could be something spectacular in the news about teachers — let’s hope it’s the positive type of news…

The next Venus post for Capricorn will have quite a lot of major transits…stay tuned…comments and suggestions are welcome…Blessings, Jenae


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