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Hello again dear Friends and Readers, this is one of my favorite transits, Venus through Aquarius, and I hope to entertain you with a few good stories as well as help you understand how the transits work in real life.  My late Dad was my friend as well as my Dad.  One day I thought, “Gee, Dad and I haven’t been out to lunch in a couple of months.”  Within 30 seconds the phone rang and Dad said, “Want to go to lunch?”  We had a good laugh — these little psychic connections make mundane life  much more fun !!! … fast forward about 30 years and my sweetie has the same degree Ascendant as my Dad had his Moon in — 3 degrees Aquarius.  One day a few years ago we were driving in town and I thought, “Gee, it would be nice to go out to dinner, we haven’t done that in quite a while.”  I ran through the options in my head, Mexican, American, Thai, etc. and I thought Thai sounded good.  Before I could even say a word, my sweetie voiced my exact thoughts and we ended up having a very nice meal at the Thai restaurant :)…

So, folks, this is the transit to realize that your thoughts are powerful, they’re creative, and they run on electricity and we are all linked together on what I like to call “the invisible grape-vine”.  If you’re folding laundry and your Grandma comes to mind, probably a good idea to call or visit.  If you’re at home and your husband is out and you realize you need something from the store, try projecting it first and  wait 5 minutes and see if he doesn’t check in with you before he heads home.  I think it’s even easier to communicate on the psychic level with girlfriends and/or sisters, and brothers can often do it, too.  This is the transit to guess who is on the phone before you pick it up.  Try turning a deck of cards and see if you know which one will be next.  There’s all kinds of little tricks you can practice.  And believe me, these skills will come in very handy if the power goes out and you need to contact a loved one, or some other kind of emergency arises.

In the examples above, I forgot to mention that my Sun is conjunct my late Dad’s Moon and my sweetie’s Ascendant.  Naturally, these kinds of conjunctions make it easier to get on the same wave length. I have noticed that I usually feel close to Taurus women, because that is where my Moon is. Also, since my Venus is in Aquarius, I have many wonderful friends who are Aquarian, too.  Take inventory of the people in your life and look for those kinds of connections with your own chart. Sun on Moon, Ascendant, Venus, etc.  Uranus rules Aquarius and rules electrical systems in the body, along with Mercury.  I have a daughter living on the other side of the world and we share a Taurus Moon.  I’ll think of her and she will call within just a few minutes, or vice versa. We have proven to ourselves that a mental message can travel thousands of miles in an instant.  If only I could figure out how to teleport myself over there for dinner and a visit, and then back home to start my regular day J..… Aquarius, and particularly Venus in Aquarius, is very much about brotherly love, humanitarian love, friendship with great passion and loyalty and this love goes beyond any mundane boundaries of time, space, distance.  Love is love…

People who have mostly air and fire planets in their charts are more likely to experience this transit easily and with great benefits.  Earth can find Aquarius stimulating but potentially disruptive, so if you have a lot of earth planets, this transit will be easier if you stay flexible and open to innovation. People who have mostly water planets may feel a little put out by friends who don’t show enough sensitivity.  I have noticed Venus squares often have to do with difficulty finding agreement about social or cultural matters.  For example, a Scorpio is going to prefer a different movie than an Aquarian.  A Cancer might disagree with an Aquarian’s choice of restaurant; a Pisces might be a little frustrated with an Aquarian’s musical choices.  We Aquarians are not known for our sensitivity; our style is more direct and blunt and we rarely pussy-foot around.  We are friendly and we are kind, but I would suggest to you during this transit to SLOW DOWN a bit when suggesting social activities — make some room in the conversation and encourage quieter or more passive people to contribute their wishes and opinions, too.

This transit is fabulous for meetings and gatherings that are not purely social, that have a purpose beyond the pleasure of the moment.  Barn-building, quilting-bee energy — could be work-related, charitable, volunteering, community action — cooperation for the greater good is highly favored.

OK, let’s check out the coming transits to Venus in Aquarius this month…On Sunday February 3rd, Venus is semi-sextile (30 degrees) from Neptune.  Very good for healing, prayer circles, support groups of all kinds. This transit favors one on one conversations where one trusted friend helps another with a painful or troubling or confusing issue.  Sometime just listening helps the other person clear their head.

On the 4th, Moon in Sag sextiles Venus — great for gathering with friends, socializing, maybe discussing world events or philosophy.  If you’re a student, this one helps if you study in a small group.  On the 6th, Venus is sextile Uranus — sextile means helpful with a little effort or elbow grease required to get the best results.  This one is fabulous for psychic communication, both sending and receiving.  And if you have a question about your life, reach out to your guides, the invisible ones, for help and you  may find the answers come to you in a very surprising way. This transit often symbolizes unexpected good news.  Pay attention to your dreams, too, as Mercury conjoins Neptune the same day.

On the 7th Venus trines Jupiter — one of the luckiest transits in astrology.  I always tell my clients to make use of these trines, don’t just expect the prize to fall into your lap, though sometimes it DOES.  Do something to affirm your dreams and goals.  A great  day for writing and communication of all kinds, bopping around the neighborhood and connecting with people, receiving information that makes a positive change in your life.  This would also be a good day to enter contests, buy a lotto ticket, post items online for sale, or begin some kind of advertising campaign.  On the 9th the Moon conjoins Venus — wonderful for gatherings of women, or kindred spirits.  A great day for a shower, a party, a special ceremony or service.  Really folks, after the kinds of transits we’ve been having since last October, this week is a real positive and it is special — make it count !!!  New Moon is late Saturday night.

Monday the 11th is a square between Venus and Saturn.  This one can be a pain, an irritation, or something a lot more serious, depending on your individual chart.  People might feel sad, or wanting love and affection and not finding it.  There can be issues between friends, or between lovers. Hurt feelings.  If someone says they will do something and then they blow it off and don’t come through, the could be a deal-breaker in a close relationship.  Act with integrity and keep your promises.  Better to say no than to say yes and then wish you hadn’t…whatever it is, any misunderstanding could take a few days to straighten out, assuming it’s not terribly serious.  Try for a fresh  start when Moon in Aries sextiles Venus late on Wednesday the 13th.  Sometimes talking a walk with someone helps clear the air…

There’s a bunch of minor but potentially glitchy transits with Venus for the next 2 weeks, culminating in Moon opposition Venus on the 24th-25th.  Moon in Leo — ego? Pride? The blame game?  Oppositions can go either way — you could achieve a great rapport or find yourself in opposing corners.  I don’t see this particular transit as being about male-female relationships, though an individual chart could change that.  Unless as a couple, you are arguing about friends and/or social life,  I see this as more between parents and children (Leo) or between friends (Aquarius).  Remember, too, that it’s the Full Moon is Virgo/Pisces and this can amplify emotions. Be very careful if you’re trying to make a point that it is not interpreted as criticism.  Teenagers, in particular, tend to be very defensive. Parents will need to exercise self-discipline. True communication should come from the heart if there’s an issue you feel very strongly about — it will help to remember the ancient words…love is patient, love is kind, love is not puffed up…

Sorry to end the post with a difficult transit, but I didn’t write the book, I only interpret it…Blessings, Jenae


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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, Remembering that Mercury rules Gemini in the natural wheel will help you understand this particular transit.  It means that Aquarians need as much mental stimulation as Geminis.  That’s what the element of air is — ideas and communication, reading and learning, too, but especially this month it will be sharing ideas with other people.  Let’s start by noting that the SUN enters Aquarius today, too, and MARS is still transiting through Aquarius.  So there’s a lot of voltage, high energy being directed wherever you have Aquarius in your chart.  The next few weeks are quite good for sharing ideas with friends and groups.  It’s a great time to join a group and contribute your ideas and skills.  An example would be Toastmasters, if you need to build skills in public speaking.  Students should feel a renewed vigor re: their studies and may find it quite help to gather in small groups to work together.  If you’re into self-study, this is a good transit to study astrology, since it is ruled by Aquarius.  People at work may be preparing for a lot of meetings, conferences, reports, etc.

This is a fabulous period to exercise your intuition.  Words and ideas may pop into your head quite suddenly and this is to help guide you, so pay attention.  You will probably find that you know what someone is going to say before they say it.  This happened to me this am — a friend called and there was something in her voice, some slight change of tone and I suddenly knew she was going to tell me something sad had happened.  And she did.  You can also have a lot of fun, too,  with your closest friends and your intution.  MERCURY in Aquarius likes to change subjects rapidly and their joy comes when the people around them can make the leap right with them :))  Intuition, not logic,  at work here…it’s a lot harder during this transit  to slow down and outline things in a logical way for those of a different temperament.  Particularly this month since Mars is adding speed to conversation.  Aquarians can talk a good revolution but the reality is this is a fixed sign and they resist pressure from outside.  If fixed signs decide to change, they will.  I have to wonder, watching the US news and the polarization of viewpoints in this country.  Sun, Mercury, AND Mars in a fixed sign ?  Doesn’t look like much compromise or even careful listening is possible.  There’s a lot of groups that are very passionate about what they believe in and many groups opposing each other.  A lot of emotion and not too much logic.  I would recommend that people speak their truth to their nearest and dearest, but with other people this month, about all you can do is avoid difficult subjects or risk fanning the flames.  If you’re into group activities then focus on the task at hand and don’t let yourself get drawn into arguments.

This Mercury in Aquarius transit is also good for engineers and scientists because the analytical side of this sign is accented by Mercury.  Good for data, running tests, diagnostics, innovative applications and experiements.

There ARE some  Mercury transits this month, so let’s take a look at what’s coming down the pipeline…

(I got this far and I was ahead of the time and now I am behind the curve due to an out of state emergency that I had to deal with.  And the situation is still unstable and could require my presence again.  Good lesson in astrology — Saturn is square my Sun and opposite my Moon — not the easiest transits for sure…)

OK, looking at late January, Mercury squares Saturn this Friday and the Full Moon is the 27th.  Not the easiest period to reach agreements or consensus decisions, but things should be reasonably ok if you stick to light banter and jokes and create more of a party atmosphere.  Sun trine Jupiter will help, too…

Moon in Libra trines Mercury February 1st which is a Friday.  Fun, possibly romantic, harmony with partners and friends.

Moon squares Mercury Monday morning the 4th, and there are a lot of other squares.  Probably means people will be a bit grumpy at work.  Don’t schedule important meetings at that time.  And if you pry into people’s moods just out of curiosity you may find they are vengeful later when you might need their help.  So be discrete and leave people alone if they are moody.  You could say something like “I’m available if you need to talk” but then be prepared for an earful, so only say this if you are sincere.

By the 5th Mercury enters Pisces, so this was a quick journey through Aquarius.  Remember that Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces from 2-23 through 3-17.  More on this later.  I’m sorry I had to miss writing about the lovely Mercury trines and sextiles on the 22nd and 23rd — they were my best days to take care of business and health appointments and it all went well.  Hopefully, for you guys, too.  More soon, Blessings, Jenae


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MARS IN AQUARIUS — DECEMBER 25, 2012 — February 2, 2013

Dear Friends and Readers, hopefully everyone had a nice holiday.  I took a break, baking cookies and feeding a houseful for a few days,  but now the house is quiet again and it’s back to work with clients and writing.  I’m so glad the days are getting longer again.  I miss the Sun…up here in the north we cherish every sunny day…

Mars is now in Aquarius and there are a number of transits to look at but first we’ll explore the nature of Mars while it’s moving through this sign.  Mars is interesting  in Aquarius, not necessarily incompatible but Mars tends to be a solo act, (excepting in Libra :)) and Aquarius is all about sublimating the ego for the good of the group.  Group can mean friends, family, co-workers, volunteer and/or charitable organizations.  Mars can be a symbol of leadership and a call to action.  If you are trying to motivate a  group be sure to lead through action, not words, since Mars is involved.  If you can ACT on your ideals and promote cooperation within the group you can accomplish a lot this month.  Being bossy won’t work and it is also important to remember enlightened principles of leadership — delegate, give praise where due, share the glory, etc.   I know a  couple of Aquarians with Mars on their Sun natally and they tend to be feisty.  Fond of instigating rebellion in the ranks, yet stubborn and resistant to outside pressure.  If they decide to change fine, otherwise, forget it.

This is a great transit for inventive people to move forward with their goals and ideas, especially inventions that save time/money/labor/energy and can benefit large groups of people.  There are more Aquarians in the Hall of Fame than any other sign, and also more lunatics, too.  Mars is not a patient planet and sometimes it’s hard for Aquarians to wait for the world to see the value of their ideas.  They tend to understand what is or will be popular way before it actually happens…

Mars in Aquarius encourages you to take initiative and reach out to others.  Make contacts, network, gather friends and groups together to work or socialize.  Just remember that the social angle will go far better if there’s also a purpose beyond the fun of the moment.  Habitat for Humanity is a perfect example of this transit.  The volunteers work with sharp tools (Mars), they gather together to help others (Aquarius), they work hard and quickly (Mars), and the good they do lasts far beyond the moment (Aquarius).

Looking at specific transits, I notice that transiting Mars and Saturn are in square, exact on January 7th — allow a few days of orb on either side.  On the physical level,  since ½ the world is in winter, guard your legs from the knees to the ankles and be careful about slipping on wet or icy surfaces.  On the mental level, this is not the time to get into an ideological war of words with someone who has a weak ego, is insecure, and always has to be right.  Gee, that sounds just like DC these days !!!  Still, unless you have no choice, like being locked in a room with a jury, let things slide until a better time to get your point across.  On the spiritual level,  this square may present you with a dilemma regarding your needs and that of others.  With some effort on your part, you could actually come up with a brilliant solution.  Ask the heavenly realms for help, clear your mind, and be receptive to inspiration…

A more minor, but pleasant day would be around the 4th as Mars trines both the Moon and Jupiter — that’s a Friday and very good for socializing, sharing ideas, and having some fun.  After that, it’s better to wait out that square from say the 6th through the 10th

The New Moon in Capricorn is also on a Friday, the 11th, so if you need to begin new projects, or have work-related meetings, this is the time. Mars provides a mild but helpful semi-sextile (30 degrees) to the Moon — not much energy but at least Mars is not stirring up issues.  Friday afternoon, the boss may be more approachable if you need a favor or some help.  It’s a perfect day to schedule dental work, if that applies to you.  Also good for bones and joints — stuff like PT appointments.

Mars conjoins Moon in Aquarius on the 13th.  Combined with transiting Venus square Uranus, these energies are fine for hanging out with friends, but not helpful with emotional intimacy re: male/female relationships.  People could do some odd things to gain space; their behavior is really saying they are nervous about getting too close.  Give your loved ones some breathing room and wait for a better time for being comfy-cozy together.

The 15th is interesting…there’s the same semi-sextile between Mars and the Moon but this time it’s on the other side, Moon is in Pisces.  This is very good for meditation, group or solo, and for paying attention to your dreams.  A great time to figure out the symbolism of dreams…again you can do this by yourself, but it’s really a great day to discuss metaphysical themes with your kindred spirits.  Those of you who use subliminal tapes and work with different brain-wave patterns — a great day for progress in these matters, too.

The 17th through the 19th might be kind of a heavy time, Mars is not involved, TG, but there could be a lot of events, possibly geological, too, since Sun and Mercury will be moving into the 29th degree of Capricorn and then into Aquarius.  I don’t see a lot of other transits supporting  more crisis, but on Friday the 18th there could be a big announcement in the news — Capricorn — big business?  Churches? Government?  The 18th is actually a great day for writing, if you are so inclined.  The Moon sextiles Mars on the 18th, too, good for action, trying new things.  With the Moon in Aries, exercise looks good, too…

Mars squares the Moon in Taurus on Sunday the 20th so you need to move more slowly and deliberately at home and guard against  careless accidents and ALSO careless and stubborn speech.  Not a good day to use angry or impatient words with your loved ones.  The Aquarian tendency to jump from subject to subject without understandable segues could be very irritating to people who think in more predictable patterns.  Since Taurus is money and shopping, those might be good subjects to avoid…

On Wednesday, January 23rd, Mars trines Moon in Gemini and there’s also a Mercury trine Jupiter that day.  So there’s definitely a positive accent on communication and the exchange of ideas.  This is a positive for students, for teachers, for computers and technology, and most of all for groups who need to formulate a plan of action.  A great day to launch a campaign — fundraising, marketing, public information, etc.  People who  work in advertising could be particularly inspired with clever ideas.  Keep a notebook or a digital recorder handy…

Friday evening the 25th, transiting Mars inconjuncts the Moon.  This is a 150 degree angle that often manifests as co-workers or other people trying to get you to be responsible for what is really their issue or problem.  First of all, don’t even talk to someone who is hungry — with the Moon in Cancer people won’t even be rational if their blood sugar is low.  Second, use active listening techniques and strive for clear communication.  You can be empathetic but don’t allow yourself to be guilt-tripped.  The usual solution for an inconjunct is to help the other person help themselves.  Total bail-outs may backfire and cause a worse situation for the person who needs help.  The idea is to help strengthen them to meet their own responsibilities.  As far as domestic life, it would be helpful to doublecheck who is doing what chores, so things don’t get mixed up and/or forgotten.

This inconjunct appears again, on the other side, this time when Moon is in Virgo on the 30th.  Most likely an issue with a co-worker who is not meeting some kind of deadline,  or they are having a technology problem.  Again, do what you can to help with a glad heart but know your limits, too.  Reiterate to the person that ultimately it is their responsibility.  If we help someone but we feel resentment then we don’t win any brownie points, so you will need to stay clear within yourself about what you are willing to do cheerfully.  Otherwise, it’s better to say no.  Remember the inconjunct is YOUR challenge, the inept or needy person is simply presenting you the opportunity to know yourself more deeply…

BTW, when we help another, I  do not believe we have the right to expect THAT same person will help us back. That would be a hidden agenda and contaminate the purity of the help we give.  But we DO have the absolute right to expect that the help we need will come from somewhere when we most need it.  Random acts of kindness count for a lot on the other side…here, too, as recent events have shown us…this is an area of life where Mars in Aquarius can really shine.  Aquarius is the sign of friendship and brotherly love — agape — with Mars here it’s not what you SAY, it’s what you DO…

That’s pretty much it for Mars.  Mars enters Pisces early on the 2nd of February, 2013.  Happy New Year to all…Jenae

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