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Hello Dear Readers and Friends, Venus enters Taurus today, such an appropriate transit for gardening, landscaping, even sitting under a tree to enjoy the day.  Venus rules Taurus so there is a harmony here, a little easier to be in the flow and attract to yourself  the resources that you most need.  Let’s begin with a short list of Taurus qualities and activities symbolized by this sign.  Remember some of the earlier lessons, too…Venus rules the 2nd house in the natural wheel of the zodiac.

Taurus is art, beauty, sculpture, gardening, forestry and trees in general.  It is one of the music signs.  Taurus is banking, personal money, our earthly possessions, and  developing our talents.  People with a lot of energy in the 2nd house like hobbies and they often and up turning their hobbies into a 2nd (or 3rd) career.  Taurus loves wholesale connections, a good sale, and auctions, yards sales and flea markets.  This sign rules wooden things and upholstery is a possible talent.  They like to shop for the home and decorate their lives, verging on gaudy at times but there’s nothing wrong with gold-gilded cherubs, crystals hanging in the windows,  and gold or silver throw pillows, sequins, etc.   Dolly Parton is a Taurus.

Taurus likes a well-stocked pantry and they like comfort.  Venus in Taurus rules the throat and if the weather is still cold in your area, your neck needs to stay warm but you should use pure fabrics, not polyester — cotton, wool, silk — all these are better to avoid a chill.

So…putting all this together, for the next 3+ weeks, it will be a good time to pursue the above interests and activities.  Most of the transits are pleasant.  A couple are potentially glitchy.  We’ll start with those and get them out of the way…

Bear in mind that if Venus is squaring or opposing a lot of planets in your chart, it will take more effort to manifest your goals.  Taurus is a fixed sign.  They are patient and kind and slow to anger but if they do get mad, look out !!!  The charging Bull is dangerous.  The downside can be laziness and possessiveness, qualities that make healthy relationships a lot more difficult.

I like to allow a day or two on either side of an exact Venus transit.  On April 22nd, Venus opposes Saturn in Scorpio.  This could be a sad time, with people feeling a lonely or a lack of affection in their lives.  It could also be partners opposing each other regarding money, purchases, investments, etc.  I’ve been telling my private clients this year, since Saturn is in Scorpio, that it’s important to update their wills, trusts, medical and/or financial POA forms, advanced health-care directives, and guardianship papers for those with young children.  These are serious matters and some parents have chosen to have the physical and financial guardians be different people, another way of protecting their children.  Nobody likes to think about all these dire things, but advance planning can give us peace of mind.  In general, Venus opposite Saturn is not a time for shopping unless it’s something like office supplies.  However, the serious tone of this transit makes it a good period to deal with the Scorpio issues mentioned above.

Full Moon this month is on April 25th, with the Moon in Libra. There’s an emphasis on independence versus cooperation and partnerships could be stressed.  ANY important one on one relationship. The day after, the 26th, could be the after-ripples and Venus opposes the Moon (in Scorpio) and the Moon conjoins Saturn later in the day.  There could be difficulties with women.  NOT a good day to have  a party, even though it’s on a Friday.  It’s not a good shopping day, either, because you might wish later that night that you hadn’t made the purchase.  Those of you who are caring for an elderly person could find that stubbornness becomes a big issue.  Another version, it’s not a great day to go to lunch with your mother-in-law.  I think some of you will have a heart to heart, serious talk, with a woman you love who is having big problems.  Compassion and empathy.  Be there for her…

The rest of the major Venus transits are really quite pleasant.  On April 19th, Venus sextiles Neptune in Pisces.  Sextiles mean opportunity with a little effort required to make your dreams and goals come true.  This is a great transit for finding peace of mind through the beauty of nature.  There’s an old saying, “Seek beauty for therein lies Eternal Truth.” This transit combines earth and water.  Playing around with it, you can get a mud mask at a spa, visit a park by the sea or by a lake, build a meditation garden in your backyard, even listening to music or a movie that brings out thoughtfulness and insight — all of these could apply.  By now you should have read enough of these posts that YOU are getting the hang of how to interpret the combinations of energy that the planets symbolize.  One of the nicest things about this transit is friendship that is both practical and spiritual.  Treasure your friends…

On the 21st, Venus trines the Moon — great for social times, lunch with females, shopping, too.  With the Moon in Virgo, you can buy vitamins or health products, visit a plant nursery, buy clothes for work, even something like products to clean your home.  You’re likely to find some very good deals.  This is a great day for gardening, too.  Fertile Moon in the 2nd quarter means plant above ground plants with vines — like peas and beans,
cukes if you’re in a warmer climate.

On April 23rd, Venus is 30 degrees, semi-sextile to Uranus in Aries.  Helpful to try new techniques, new products, be innovative.  You can hear some good news, unexpectedly.  Also, intuition is subtle but it’s there, so pay attention.

Venus trines Pluto in Cap on the 24th.  This one is very good for all things financial and practical — shopping for practical items, investments, starting a savings account, too.  You could receive praise at work for a job well done, even a bonus or a raise.  Another way to use this transit is to invest in yourself — spend some time and/or  money on furthering your skills, talents, and hobbies.  Still another way to use this transit would be straightening out your office or paperwork at home, particularly if you can’t find some important papers, because Pluto will help you find them as you organize yourself.  This is also a good day to get repairs done on office equipment or tools that you need for work.

Venus trines the Moon in Capricorn on the 30th — great for shopping and finding bargains of all kinds, a business lunch, socializing with the elderly, decorating your workplace or office.  It’s also good for health appointments re: bones, joints, and teeth (Capricorn).   If you’re planning cosmetic dentistry, you need more than just this simple transit to choose the right day.  The planets MUST  line up with your personal chart.  Sure, if you’re a Taurus or a Capricorn and your Venus is compatable, then go ahead — but remember the beginning of this post — if you are Leo, Scorp, or Aquarius then beauty treatments  are not as favorable on this day.

The Moon in Pisces sextiles Venus on May 5th.  This is the time to focus on your dreams and your wish list.  There is a lot of spiritual support around you, both visible and invisible.  Great for church, counseling, meditation, support groups, etc.  A great time, too, to  visit someone who is ill or confined, bring the love to them.  Music could be very inspiring in your life.  TG most of it is free these days on the internet.  I think the most important thing to remember with this transit is that the heavenly realms are made of such beauty and love that the most inspiring sights and loving experiences  on earth are but a pale reflection.  Still, the veil parts just a bit when Venus and Neptune combine, allowing us  to bring that love and beauty down to earth, if only for a little while…to remind us what awaits us on the other side, and to sustain and encourage us on our path here.  No matter how difficult life may seem, we are not alone.  Our loved ones on the other side are cheering us on…it takes guts and courage to make our way in this world.  Earth is a tough school, no doubt.  Look at today…I looked up Boston and the Moon is 25 degrees Cap — the transiting Mars-Sun conjunction in Aries today was 25-26 degrees.  An exact square.  There’s a lot of slimebuckets in this world.  I HTG they catch them before they can hurt anyone else.  Sometimes when these tragic events happen, the greatest love, brotherhood, and heroism manifest as a result.  Victory in the face of evil…

Stay safe, dear Readers…Blessings, Jenae

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Back again, dear Friends and Readers…the days just roar by, literally, it’s been so windy I wondered if the power would go out, but so far so good….and now Venus is entering Aries for a 3 week transit.  Of course, this is very beneficial for people with strong Aries in their charts.  Venus is Aries is also helpful to the other fire signs, Leo and Sag.  Geminis and Aquarians get the sextile which is a positive.  Libra gets the opposition, and combined with Pluto in Cap, the Aries transits create a T-Square transit with means a lot of energy is impelled and expressed through the empty sign — in this case Cancer.  So people with strong Libra placements could find the next week or so fairly challenging, less so as the Sun progresses further in Aries. People with strong placements in Cancer and Capricorn are taking the square from transiting Aries planets — challenging, and again, more so in the early part of this forecast.  Cardinal signs could be working very hard and getting a LOT accomplished — squares can be positive, too !! Scorpio and Virgo get the inconjunct — a symbol of those sticky situations that are hard to sort out.  Don’t get sucked into thinking you have to solve every problem that might really belong to someone else. Let your conscience be your guide.  Pisces and Taurus take the 30 degree semi-sextile, very mild and subtle.  The interpretation could change A LOT if you know your chart and have natal planets in Aries; then there would be a lot more overt activity going on.

Anyway, Venus is the “attract it to you” energy.  Mars is the “go out and get it, go after it” energy.  Mars is the ruler of Aries, so Venus in this sign is not always comfortable.  Venus in Aries women are usually not traditional.  Every single  woman I ever knew with Aries strong in her chart was good with cars, with tools, with  remodeling homes, and they understand guys better than a lot of other signs.  They’re kind of brassy, ballsy — more aggressive than most women, good muscles and they thrive on sports and physical challenges.  You won’t often find them with artificial nails and a  frilly wardrobe.  They’re usually pretty good at flirting and letting a  guy know they’re interested in getting to know him better.

So, looking at this Venus in Aries transit, you have an opportunity to get more exercise as a path to health and beauty.  You have an opportunity to try new activities, meet new people, to take the initiative,  to grow.  The glyph for Aries is called the Ram’s Horns by some but to me it is the power of the seed pushing its way up out of the ground to the sunlight.  With so much voltage in the air ( so many planets in Aries), you won’t have any  lack of initiative but you might need to moderate yourself a bit.  If you are too impulsive and lack sensitivity to others, you won’t gather the support you want and need.  What you think is  just a spirited and stimulating conversation could be perceived as a fight.  So do remember that Venus by its very nature is receptive — allow yourself to be receptive to others even while you’re out there conquering the world :))…

This transit is fabulous for art involving fire, heat, and/or metals.  Pottery, ornamental iron, glass-blowing — just a few examples.  I know a guy who has a Venus-Mars conjunction in Aries and he’s a great welder.  He also loves hunting and fishing.  Since he has that artistic conjunction, he was hungry to do more than weld farm equipment.  He started making gun safes and THEN he started carving gun stocks — beautiful scrimshaw designs where it has to be perfect. And he was truly an artist in his work with guns.  Note that Aries people are often very adept with sharp tools — surgeons, carvers, butchers, and artists, too….

OK, let’s looks at some of the Venus in Aries transits coming up shortly…I’m posting the exact day of the transits, but you should also allow a day on either side of the exact time, to allow for orb.  The Full Moon is March 27th and the Libra Moon will oppose Venus as well as the Sun.  Handle the female relationships in your life carefully.  Things could fly off the handle too easily now.  Think of teenage daughters around 13- 17 years’ old.  Well, all of us have a teenager still inside us somewhere J).   People around you may not be totally  rational.

The very next day. March 28th exact, and the 29th,  Venus conjoins the Sun AND Uranus at 7 and 8 degrees Aries.  This is pretty interesting, don’t you think?  The planet of love combining with the planet of the unexpected, the intuitive and speedy Uranus,  also joining with the Sun.  Love is certainly in the air :))  With Uranus, sometimes it’s a brief relationship, a catalyst that helps us grow, though what we learn may stay with us for years, sometimes the person is not meant to walk off into the sunset WITH us…  This triple conjunction — powerful, YES !!! Stable, NO !!!  Fabulous for the arts and inspiration — creativity comes in many forms…

SO enjoy the dance, protect yourself a bit, and see what happens with your love after this transit passes…  The same thing with beauty — please forgo anything too radical in the tattoo department because you could easily change your mind once this transit passes.  Clothes are fine — they’re not permanent like tattoos or cosmetic surgery.

Spiritually, this year it’s Good Friday heading into Easter.  What a beautiful conjunction to  gather with kindred spirits and celebrate the miracle.  VERY uplifting !!!  Seek beauty for therein lies Eternal Truth…you go to church to go to church, but these transits could mean love finds YOU at church :))

Continuing with this theme of love, art, and beauty — getting outdoors is highly recommended when Venus is in Aries.  The beauty of nature may inspire you in new ways.  On April 7th there is an exact conjunction of Venus and Mars.  See the Mars in Aries post for more details.  The New Moon in Aries is April 10th — that means both Sun and Moon in Aries and Venus will also conjoin the Moon.  Usually, in a woman’s chart, Venus on the Moon means lunch with the ladies, or some kind of party.  You could give a party with these transits, or attend a party to celebrate an event — wedding, anniversary, baby shower, new home, etc.  I could be wrong — maybe it’s just a party to have a party — there doesn’t have to be a reason to gather and have some fun…

In a man’s chart Venus on the Moon would be emphasizing his relationship with females — Moms, daughters, sisters, wife, etc.  The beauty theme might express as building something or some kind of home project.  Landscaping, yard work,  or getting the patio ready for the season would fit, too.  I had a client a long time ago and he had 8 daughters — yes, he had Jupiter on his Moon J)  Can’t remember what sign, probably Leo :))  An abundance of children…  I knew another male client who had 4 sisters and he had Jupiter on his Moon in Cancer…an abundance of family…

On April 14th, Venus will be at the 29th degree of Aries and semi-square Jupiter in Gemini.  Use some caution and moderation with driving, sports, physical activities in general.  AND CONVERSATIONS — take the long-range view and don’t get sucked into the heat of the moment.  There’s a pressure and an intensity when a planet reaches 29 degrees because there’s nowhere to go but into 0 degrees of the next sign.  Kind of like taking a final exam before moving on to the next grade or class.  Be sensible…

Well, that’s it for now…stayed tuned…Blessings, Jenae

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WISH UPON A STAR — VENUS IN PISCES — 2-26 — 3-21-2013
Hello dear Friends and Readers, now that Venus has entered Pisces that gives us 5, yes 5, planets in Pisces until the Spring Equinox March 20-21 depending on your time zone. AND, Mercury is retrograde, you’re probably noticing it by now…with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune all transiting through Pisces, it would be a good thing for you to note which house in your chart has Pisces on the cusp. We all have Pisces somewhere in our chart and often in 2 houses depending on the degree of the cusp. Pisces is very much about our spiritual aspiration and matters of conscience, so it’s important to be honest with yourself as well as other people, particularly now. If you feel ambivalent, then say so, don’t push yourself into a premature decision that you may regret later.
The mutable signs ( Gemini/Virgo/Sag) are going to be feeling the heat, especially since transiting Jupiter in Gemini is making squares to the Pisces planets, except for Neptune which has already happened and won’t come around again for approximately 12 years. Please try to slow down and doublecheck yourself, looking for mistakes in communication, paperwork, electrical matters, travel, transportation, etc. Virgo would be taking the oppositions — this could be a mystery involving someone close, someone you’re trying to figure out. Remember, too, that these are the health signs, so paying attention to your health is important right now. One more Virgo possibility would be issues with co-workers. The negative side of all this Pisces energy could be passive-aggressive behavior, avoid all behind the scenes gossip, rumors, innuendo. The people who participate in less than honest communication and behavior will pay penalties for it later. For Pisces natives, Happy Birthday!! You will be very busy for sure!! The positive side of such a concentration of Pisces energy is a sincere desire to help the planet, or animals, or people who are hurting. If you ask the Universe each morning, “OK Universe, where do you want me?” you will be guided to some amazing and very wonderful experiences. These could be spiritual or mundane, and really there is no difference. Be prepared for guidance through your dreams and meditations. Those of you who are creative could produce some very special art, music, writing, dance, photography, etc. Pisces people will do best during the next few weeks by allowing themselves some alone time each and every day for creativity. Your centers are so wide open right now that you may need to protect yourself from negative emotions radiating off of people. Learn how to clear yourself, through will, through affirmation, and a shower is a great help, too…
Pisces people may be working through something from the past, old hurts or trauma. Pisces can emerge from these transits stronger (Mars), clearer (Mercury), more at peace through forgiveness and letting go of pain (Venus and Neptune). When Venus is in our Sun sign, people are usually kind and remark often how beautiful you are — it’s because you are letting your inner light shine forth and being your true self. If Mercury wasn’t retro I’d suggest you go shopping when Venus conjoins your Sun. Keep your purchases on the small side in case you change your mind — yes, I hear you, one pair of shoes or a pedicure would be OK  :)) … This year just isn’t the right transits for major shopping, Pisces, unless you have good Venus transits from March 17th to 21st.
The other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, should be feeling very much in the flow — good sense of intuition, timing, when to reconsider and when to approach the people in their lives. They should also be blossoming in their understanding of how to apply metaphysical principles to everyday life. Enjoy these Pisces trines now because the energy changes to Aries in late March…
The other earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn will be taking sextiles from the Pisces transits. A sextile means opportunity with some elbow grease required to maximize the positive potential. My impression is that the practical, down the earth nature of these signs will be softened by the Pisces energy and they can be more aware and appreciate the intangibles in life. With business deals, a good decision will FEEL right and you will know it. All parties involved need to benefit and if you have to make some concessions, you will KNOW that you are creating good karma for yourself. The items you need and imagine can appear in your life almost magically, so make your wish list. This is a great period to let some culture into your life — music, movies, tour the art museum, etc. Water benefits earth — it helps the garden grow  :))  Grow some sprouts at home so you know they are safe and add them to your salads for an early spring tonic… If you have houseplants, this is a great time to mist them with a small amount of liquid food in the water — the Sun is beginning to return to the north and the plants are waking up and ready to be fed  :))…
Leo and Libra people will take inconjunct (150*) transits from the Pisces planets. Always ask yourself first, with an inconjunct transit, who owns the problem? People can try to guilt-trip you into committing your time and energy to help them and it isn’t even your issue. Doublecheck yourself and make sure it isn’t you who is unconsciously inviting these inconvenient requests. Inconjuncts usually manifest at work and since Mercury is retro, be sure and ask astute questions to clarify the issues BEFORE you make your decision. If someone you love is hurting, of course you’re going to help them, but the point here is to help in a way that makes the person able to meet their own ordeal, helps them be stronger, not weaker. Sometimes if we charge in on the white horse, it weakens the person because they need to learn new skills and we rob them of that opportunity.
Aries and Aquarius people experience very mild, but helpful semi-sextile transits from Pisces planets for the next few weeks. These are 30 degree transits and use a tight orb, no more than 2 degrees. For Aries people, their usual vitality may be a little lower since it’s not quite their BDay yet. They like action and yet these Pisces transits  are encouraging planning and preparation BEFORE plunging into action next month. This would be a great period to begin strengthening your body, getting some exercise but MODERATION is a must at this time and watch your feet! If you are spacey, not your usual alert self, you could trip over something. Wear shoes appropriate for your activities and consider getting shoes repaired in advance of more action starting late March. These same suggestions would also apply to your pet. I know an Aries man who hikes with goats — his “Kids” — they need to get ready for the hiking season, too, after lounging around in the winter. Pay attention to your pets’ feet…
I know another Aries man who is determined to order a large amount of building materials while Mercury is retro… I mentioned to his wife that maybe she could get him to hold off for a few weeks but she said he wouldn’t listen. This is NOT the period to begin NEW projects, better to plan and doublecheck and do more research now.
Aquarians are also taking the semi-sextiles from Pisces but they’ve already had their BDay so their vitality is good. This is the time to move forward in small ways only and all the doublecheck for errors advice still applies to all of us. Since I am an Aquarian, I’ve been careful to doublecheck all the data for my clients, including correct addresses and phone numbers. I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone lately, both friends and clients. I’ve been clearing up loose ends on old cleaning and organizing projects and tentatively planning my schedule for March and April but staying pretty flexible and waiting for more information on a couple of larger projects and trips coming up after Mercury goes forward. I find myself being sensitive to the subtle clues that are there to guide my days — if I run into opposition I don’t push the river. I have some new subjects I want to write about and also some sewing projects lined up for the next few weeks, but I find myself waiting for it to really gel in my mind before I begin. I’ve had a few whopper dreams but once I got over the emotion of them I found some clues to help my family. I’ll be writing the Moon signs on the calendar for gardening season and starting seeds at the right time is a priority for me. My treat for getting work and chores done is to go outside and get the soil ready and feed the perennials. Naturally, other Aquarians would have different lives, activities and goals, but distill it down and this stands out — keep things simple and flexible for now and leave space in your schedules for new opportunities and people who want to connect with you…
That’s it for now…best wishes, Jenae

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