Good Morning, dear Friends and Readers, hope you all are staying safe out there! BTW, you need to be aware that Uranus in Taurus (and Mars this winter) will be squaring both transiting Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Beware of the hackers !! Taurus rules money and banks. Keep an eye on your accounts and don’t fall for scammer emails, texts, or phone calls. Check out other astrologers and see what they are saying…

OK, back to the more personal transits…if you have LEO rising then Jupiter will be moving through your 7th house this year. Pay attention to the degree on your 7th cusp. Be aware of the entry date and also keep an eye on Saturn’s entry, too. (More on that when I start the Saturn series…) The 7th is marriage and partnerships. People that have Aquarius energy in the 7th in the birth chart need to have a solid friendship with their partner. Since it’s an air sign, they need plenty of mental stimulation. Friends are very important. If you have this position and you want your partnership to work then you need to like your partner’s friends and vice versa. Aquarius also indicates a partnership that is very intuitive. Such fun to read each other’s mind and communicate telepathically :)) Yes, you guys, I know I already did Leo but I re-read it and decided to add some lighter stuff…

If you have CANCER rising then Jupiter will be transiting through your 8th house of shared money, shared power, love and intimacy. The 8th rules group money like insurance, mutual funds, insurance accounts, retirement accounts, wills and trusts, taxes, etc. Keeping in mind the Jupiter principle, expansion, most people with this transit will find it easier to get a loan, a credit card, or just have access to more funds. You want to be careful not to go too far out on that limb, since Saturn (contraction) is also saying be serious this year, not frivolous. Loans have to be paid back. Those of you who are planning a loan or a re-fi can probably count on low interest rates for a couple more years, according to what the Federal Reserve has said publicly. After that it’s anybody’s guess. The square from transiting Uranus can add an element of instability. If it was me, I wouldn’t go near any long term loans with adjustable rates, but if you want to buy bonds, consider the I Bonds which are adjusted for inflation periodically. Young people who had fun this year trading in and out of stocks could be in for a wake up call. Buying on margin is also a loan. The market can turn nasty in a second. There’s an old saying… “The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” SO… be careful and be prudent. The long term trends are pretty obvious with the new administration — electric vehicles, clean up the planet, recycle, alternative energy, work at home tech, and ongoing inventions will be huge — robotics, etc.

Looking at the 8th as love, sex, and deep emotions, the Aquarian energy is kind of a mandate that mental stimulation and shared ideals need to be the foundation for a deeper partnership. People tend to forget that any text or email or phone call is recorded for eternity, so be prudent about hot and heavy phone conversations, photos, etc. The truth about Aquarian energy is that it can be a catalyst to personal growth but there is an element of instability. Friends to lovers, then suddenly back to platonic friends. I’ve seen this happen many times with single people who have a lot of Aquarius planets in their birth chart. You may choose to side-step all the drama. You may already be in a committed partnership in which case there may be some experimentation with each other, but not with other people.

The study of martial arts falls into the 8th house. Other hobbies you might want to explore would be dousing for water with rods, or using metal detectors. 8th house, solving mysteries and finding buried treasure. This could be stuff like rock hunting, or even going on an archaeological dig. This house is very good for developing psychic abilities with pets. There are actually classes for this, possibly online.

If you have GEMINI rising, then Jupiter in Aquarius is moving through your 9th house of metaphysics and philosophy, higher ed, long distance travel and communication, and foreign contacts. The 9th is more than college degrees; it is the house of licensing and ceremonies. Saturn also in Aquarius would put even more emphasis on studying to fulfill a long-term goal. There are great deals for online study and courses these days. If you are already bi-lingual, you could find a dynamite job. One interesting thing about the pandemic is that every aspect of our lives took a huge leap to digital/virtual. If the virus was over tomorrow we would not be going back to the old ways. Of course we would all rejoice because we could see our loved ones, party, travel, go out to eat, etc., but all the government business, meetings, conferences, and probably a lot of classes would still remain on line simply because it’s quicker, cheaper, and more efficient. You people with Gemini rising have a very positive opportunity to tune into the future and position yourselves accordingly. The Aquarius transits trine your Ascendant. A trine is lucky and flows almost effortlessly. I don’t know if you will meet someone online, or form a connection with a group of people online, but it will be favorable and it will open up your life to new possibilities.

This is a great time for you to think seriously about your life, especially future career goals. Analyse your current job or career field and see if it allows you to maximize your potential in terms of satisfaction and fulfillment as well as financial needs. Even if learning has not come easily to you in the past, you have a special period ahead to either retrain yourself or advance to the next step in your career. Computers, science, medical, engineering, robotics and the newer technology are fields that need MORE people. I don’t have that kind of scientific mind. It’s all I can do to use the basics — phone, computer, etc. But I still try to learn one new trick each day. If that sounds like you, consider teaching others skills that you already have. People who have either Gemini Sun or Gemini Ascendant are really good multi-taskers. They usually have good vocabulary and language skills. You could teach as a side job or get an ESL degree while still working. My knowledge may be out of date but it used to take less than 6 months to get an ESL degree — English as a Second Language. This would enable you to teach online, to tutor privately, to teach overseas later on, or even teach at a community college later. It’s a very versatile type of certification. With the world getting smaller and people emigrating everywhere, language skills will be in demand.

The 9th house is also comparative religious philosophy and metaphysics. Anything you want to study or teach in those areas has a better chance for success for the next couple years. Maybe you like handwriting analysis. Maybe you can read cards. Or tea leaves. Or teach yoga. Yoga takes a few years to get the credentials needed. If it’s something you LOVE, then take that as a sign to proceed. I have done readings for over 50 years and I’m never tired of it, because I love what I do. I learn something new from every person I meet. What a blessing !!

The 9th is writing and publishing but the formal part of this industry seems to be in fluctuation. Yes, there are magazines and books still being published, but there’s a lot of stuff online, too. It’s not that you can’t succeed in the field, but sometimes I think people are getting so bombarded by information that they go on overload. So the formal writing of the 9th would be my last recommendation. There are other paths to satisfaction. Though I did a woman’s chart who had great birth planets in her 9th and she wrote Christian romance novels. She had contracts and used a nom de plume. She was paid about 10K for each book plus a royalty fee. Not bad if you love what you are doing :))

Well, folks, that’s it for now. I’ll be back in a day or two with more houses. Only 3 more to go…then on to Saturn. Life seems heavy enough already !! Stay safe, everyone :)) Jenae

Good Morning dear Friends and Readers, Mars at 29 degrees Aries was absolutely crazy for me, and for the rest of the country, too. There was a very unexpected adventure with the neighbor’s forklift/backhoe, resulting in no internet right as I was about to begin writing this post. The next day, yesterday, the same neighbor with the same large equipment came to our rescue while the internet guy was here moving the antenna. We had to make a sudden decision to take down a tree, and there he was at the perfect moment to help us. By 3 pm we had internet again, but we are grieving our tree… Mars in Taurus now…and Taurus rules trees.

Anyway, back to this blog…If you have VIRGO rising, then transiting Jupiter in Aquarius will be moving through your 6th house of health, work, and service. The 6th rules employment and co-workers — who you hire and who hires you. It is also the house of physical health, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation. Since the 6th is the natural Virgo house, the Mercury rulership also accents bookkeeping and accounting. Domestic pets are part of the 6th, as are birds in general. Don’t forget all the fabric arts, too, stuff like weaving, beading, quilting, applique, embroidery, etc. A great year to make beautiful things for yourself or as gifts…

A lot of people I’ve talked with are using Jupiter in the 6th to improve their health, starting with better nutrition and the plan to grow more vegetables for themselves. In general, this transit can bring you excellent medical care, whether you need to change doctors or not, or maybe you find a specialist. Since Saturn is also in Aquarius, take especially good care of bones, joints, and teeth, and REALLY be protective of your knees, lower legs, and ankles!! Depending on where you live, winter can be tricky — ice, ice under snow, even wet pavement can be slippery. Wear the right shoes for the weather!!

Most people with Jupiter in their 6th will get a raise or a positive increase in employment. You will probably have all the work you can handle and then some…ie. the expansionary nature of Jupiter. Saturn, too can bring extra responsibility. I know someone with this position and all of the above has just happened to her. First a raise, then the realization that she would soon be working a lot of extra hours due to a co-worker leaving. If you need to change jobs or get a better job, Jupiter can help you accomplish this. There could even be a situation where your employer pays for classes or training.

The use of gadgets/electronics/computers should be all about functionality and saving time or in some way making your life be more organized. I’ve seen ads about smart appliances. That might be one example. I don’t feel ready to turn on my oven or start the laundry if I’m away from home, but that might appeal to some people. Just being willing to organize your office or your workshop would be enough to start the luck and expansion flowing in your life :)) I think Mars now in Taurus is saying baby steps WILL lead you to positive changes. The square to the Aquarian planets from Mars means move too fast and you will probably have to backtrack anyway. Mars in Gemini by early March bring trines to Jupiter and Saturn in your 6th — much easier and more fun, too :))

If you have LEO rising, then Jupiter transiting through Aquarius is going through your 7th house of marriage and partnerships. The 7th is a cardinal house so there’s more oomph to this transit. I must tell you that having either Saturn OR Jupiter ( and this year you will have BOTH) entering your 7th can signal either a marriage or a divorce. Let’s say maybe it’s not either one, since I don’t want you to get panicked. Let’s look at it in a more subtle way…the 7th is any important one on one relationship. It can be a love commitment, it could be a business partnership, teacher/student, etc. One way or another, there is change in the most important relationships in your life. Here’s some examples…a young couple might marry but then they have to sort out how much time to spend with each other vs. time with friends, and possibly friends who are still single. So adjustments have to be made. Good communication is essential is healthy relationships. Or maybe you’re with a partner whose employment has been jacked around by the virus. They could get a new job, but it could require a relocation, or some travel on a regular basis. See? More adjustments. If you are almost done raising kids and they are either moving out or moving to a college further from home, you will find this makes a huge change in your marriage or partnership. They call it the empty nest syndrome. Either you and your partner will find new activities or new hobbies to enjoy together, or you find you are in the same house but living more and more separate lives. This kind of change can be tricky to navigate. Either you make the necessary adjustments to keep growing in love or you will drift apart. Marriage counseling can help but the responsibility to communicate honestly and respectfully is on each of you. There is a good website called MarriageBuilders.com. I also recommend watching “Married at First Sight” because the experts are SO good at explaining the work it takes to have a healthy marriage.

I have a client who has Leo Sun and Leo rising with an Aquarius 7th house. He is close to retirement. This is a happily married man who has a lot of hobbies. When you have Jupiter transiting through the 7th, it can mean your luck comes through your partner. He and his wife know what’s coming and they are already talking about what kind of lifestyle will work best for them. Making small changes now to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

If you have a business partnership with someone, there will probably be unavoidable changes. It could end or it could grow. Maybe your partner wants to sell and you don’t. Maybe your partner has health changes and can’t work as actively at the business (Saturn). It could mean you bring a 3rd person into the business as a compromise. It would be important to have legal papers drawn up and that BOTH of you agree about the 3rd person.

Another possibility is that you, or you and a partner, decide to join some kind of marketing plan, or a co-op or a group. Aquarius rules group activities with a lasting purpose beyond the moment. Be SURE to read ALL the fine print before you commit !! And just to be a little quirky, maybe you and partner believe so strongly in your business and/or your product that you apply to go on Shark Tank and that 3rd person is one of the Sharks who gives you a loan and becomes your mentor !!! Remember, Jupiter is the planet of luck, growth, and expansion. So why not? Saturn says be prepared to work hard to make that big success a reality !!

Ok, I guess I’m done for now….more soon, Jenae

Good Morning dear Readers and Friends, If you want the overview and the dates, then read Part 1.

If you have SCORPIO rising, then Jupiter in Aquarius will transit through your 4th house of home and family. Usually Jupiter in the 4th will bring good news and expansion to you and your family. Some examples would be remodeling your home or adding something to it, a family reunion or celebration of some kind, and more people in your home. The family could expand through a marriage or a new baby. Often, graduations or the younger members buying their first home will coincide with Jupiter in the 4th. Since Jupiter is a planet that rules travel, relatives may travel long distance to come and visit you. I have seen it work the other way, too, that you travel to see them. Let’s get that virus tamed ASAP so we can enjoy visits safely again.

Since Aquarius rules friends and groups, setting up outdoor space for visits would be a good idea. There will be more people in and out of your home. This may be casual, but there could also be meetings or classes at your home. One time when Jupiter was in my 4th, a number of friends moved in with me. One family had a work contract in my town and needed a place to stay. Another just wanted to rent a room for short term. And there were a number of spontaneous gatherings, potlucks, etc. It was a very social year. Remember, with Saturn also in Aquarius, you don’t want to buy a home unless you plan to stay there for a very long time. Since Aquarius is in an air sign, keep an eye on ducts and HVAC systems, all the wiring and electricity, and remove or prune trees that could hurt your house if there’s a big windstorm.

The 4th house is unconditional love, the family history and genealogy, nurturing the young, and the next couple years in particular there may be additional responsibilities for seniors (Saturn). I have seen people set up daycare businesses when Jupiter was in their 4th, as well as tutoring school-age students. Tutoring could also be done online (Aquarius). If you are isolated or living alone, connecting online with friends and groups would be even more important. The 4th house is also one of the food houses. What you eat will be more important this year to help you stay strong and healthy.

If you have LIBRA rising then Jupiter in Aquarius will be transiting through your 5th house. The 5th is kids, letting the child in yourself come out to play, creativity, entertainment, and spontaneous socializing. Romance and casual dating would be the 5th, a more formal partnership would be the 7th. So, let’s go through the possibilities in more detail…

If you have kids, expect positive growth in the sense that they discover what they love — new hobbies, a particular subject at school, new friends, etc. There’s a passion for learning. Support that. For adults, they often have to re-define what fun means. Maybe the old activities seem stale and you’re ready for something new. This could be learning to play an instrument, watching different kinds of movies, being more creative with hair (the 5th is the Leo house). There’s the most amazing styles with braids now. Using the Aquarius electronics for making music, singing, etc., even at a distance with others, could be very satisfying. A lot of entertainers have prominent 5th houses.

Writing and publishing are ruled by Jupiter. Maybe this is the year you write your memoirs, or a romance novel, an adventure story, or childrens’ books. All of these categories are appropriate to the 5th house. The point is to have FUN !! If your life is dark and you are stressed, Jupiter can bring you long distance friends and groups that offer comfort and support. There are so many groups out there — about every breed of dog or cat in America, every state has an unemployment group where the members help each other navigate through all the red tape, Art America — an online forum for artists of all kinds, grief counseling, OA/AA/NA, etc. etc. Even church is virtual these days.

Romance with both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius is a little tricky. You could find yourself suddenly madly in love with a friend, but then suddenly it switches back from romance to platonic friendship. Or you could meet someone who is more of a catalyst in your life — they introduce something important into your life, but they either move away or leave. There are nice trines to your Libra rising that should make relationships and romance easier, but the nature of Aquarius is a little quirky. There has to be a mental and intuitive rapport. So…matters of the heart would also depend a lot on the rest of your chart. I would say, though, that you might want to watch the budget on how much you spend for entertainment and/or romance. Uranus in Taurus in your 8th squaring the 5th can be disruptive with finances. More on that when I write about Saturn…

OK, I must close for now…more coming soon, enjoy your Sunday :)) Jenae

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