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Good Morning dear Friends and Readers, Do you remember that I said I would update this 7 year transit as events unfolded? There are squares this year and right now, from Mars/Uranus in Taurus to all the transiting planets in Aquarius. I had mentioned the crypto currencies and the blockchain stuff previously. All that seems to be progressing. Some astrologers are predicting hack attacks on financial institutions. I sincerely hope they are wrong. The last thing we need right now is more trouble. But something new and major has occurred !! It seems to be a revolution of young investors taking on the Big Boys on Wall Street…this should open up new opportunities for all people as the old ways doing things are up for review —the settling of transactions, the SPACS, the ease of investing, the rules about shorting, etc. mean that changes are happening now and there will be more…

Have you been reading about the whole situation with Robin Hood and the Reddit investors? It got pretty wild and wooly, but underneath the events, there are forces changing the status quo of the investment world (Taurus). I hope the kids didn’t lose their money: there is risk involved in every kind of investment. They banded together as a group (Aquarius). The squares suggest they incorporate some of the old ways with the new ones to avoid negative results. Old rules like never put more than 4% of your money in any one investment. The kids are moving fast but wealth is also built over time through the power of compounding your dividends. Here’s a couple more very true statements…”The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” AND “Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered!”

Here’s an idea for older and/or more conservative investors. First of all never sell puts unless you are willing to own the stock, and have the cash in your account to buy the shares. Never sell covered calls unless you are willing to lose your shares. If the kids are driving the price down on a stock you are interested in, then there is an opportunity to sell a put at a lower price and pick up the 100 shares at a bargain if it fills. Plus you get to keep the money from the put you sold. If the kids are driving up the price of a stock that you already own, then that’s the time the sell a covered call at a higher price than the current one. And if your shares do get called away, you have extra profit from the call you sold. Don’t try this without considerable study and research. When the kids went after silver the other day, I had the opportunity to sell a nice covered call on some shares I’ve owned for years. I chose a short-dated call because I figured it would come down as fast as it went up. Which it did. So I get to keep the call money AND the shares. Experience has taught me to be a rather timid investor. It’s better for me than getting burned. SOooo… be careful out there. Enjoy the crazy show because I think it’s going to be with us for awhile. Just the latest example of Uranus shaking up the financial world…

Who knows what or when the next update will be ?? Uranus is full of surprises…Stay safe, Jenae

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