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Back again, dear Friends and Readers… Let’s talk about the glorious possibilities of Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio.

As far as the world, further archeological exploration can discover some amazing things about the earth’s greatest mysteries.  These discoveries may be underwater since Scorpio is a water sign, but the use of science and technology and the NASA maps could mean there are great new discoveries buried in the earth, too. I love reading about people in England discovering ancient treasures from the Vikings, and  the beautiful tile work discovered consistently all over the MidEast and around the Mediterranean.  Depending on where you live, you could have great fun with a metal detector, or digging for rocks and gems.  For those who like shopping, you can use Jupiter to find hidden treasure at garage sales, junk stores, and antique stores, too.

Medicine will continue to make great discoveries. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. The medical research will be like a snowball, gaining traction and momentum. We are on the verge of huge breakthroughs to cure diseases and bring better health to people. There are a lot of ethical questions to be decided with the research into the very keys of life. Switch off the Alzheimers gene, or the cancer gene? Sounds pretty good.  Start tinkering with designer babies?  Not so good. I think it was Edgar Cayce who said when we started playing God, look out world! Expect the great debates on this, with people very divided on how far the scientists should be allowed to experiment.  Animal research is one example.  IS it fair to the animals? I see both sides of the argument.  At the very least, all animals in captivity should be treated kindly.

Jupiter in Scorpio will sextile Saturn in Capricorn. This is a great year to invest in your future. This could mean retirement accounts, or education, or simply trying to get some savings together. With finances, Scorpio is anything of yours that someone else has a hand in or an interest in. Scorpio rules inheritance, insurance, taxes and government money, big corporate money, and investments like mutual funds.  I’m not a big fan of mutual funds, especially the ones with a high front-end load. But the closed end funds and ETF’s have their place in a portfolio. Those are the ones you can buy and sell on the exchanges and not have to wait to the end of the day.  If you’re young enough, and have the time to weather the ups and downs, then the Vanguard funds are a good example of the lower fees and decent returns over time. The older you get the less you should have in risky investments, so for you that might mean this is a great year to start studying bonds. For those with young children, this Jupiter transit could mean you begin investing in a 529 plan, which is college money for your children or grandchildren. But investing begins after you have some emergency savings in liquid cash. And the way things are going, achieving that is harder than it used to be! Read Suzie Orman for practical financial advice.

If you have Jupiter transiting your 8th house this year, it will be easier to get credit or a loan. Just don’t go overboard. Loans have to be paid back!  A business partnership would be governed by both the 7th and the 8th houses.  In general, this could be a good year to start a business with a partner, but much would depend on the individual charts.

Looking at the long-term trends, tech, biotech, robotics, and cyber safety are going to be front and center for a while…

Maybe we should look at a few not so glorious possibilities….Jupiter transits in trine to Neptune. While this transit is good for medicine and healing, it’s not so good for taking action regarding the sea. We are killing the ocean as if we had no care for the generations to follow. I say this on a world level, not pointing the finger at any country in particular, though I dearly wish the USA would do more to protect the oceans and the fish and sea creatures. There are inventive young people who have won grants and they are building filters that suck the tiny particles of plastic out of the ocean. There’s already some in Baltimore harbor that collects the larger garbage. It’s a start, but considering how much toxic waste, sewage, garbage, etc. is dumped daily….there are floating islands, miles long, of nothing but garbage.  There’s a big dead zone in the Gulf where nothing lives. Watch the coral, folks, the coral reefs are  the canary in the coal mine of the ocean.  And, sadly, they are dying at an unprecedented rate.

I think what bothers me about this trine is the possibility that people just sit around and daydream and do nothing. Granted, daydreams are valuable, too, but sometimes it takes a square to get anything done.  Squares are challenging, but they can also represent huge accomplishments.  Watch and see what happens next summer and fall when Mars in Aquarius squares Jupiter. We’ll see… I hope enough people work together globally to demand that the clean-up begins. For example, why should ships be allowed to dump their garbage in the ocean?  Why can’t all ships have composting toilets?  There are small islands in the Pacific that are doing more to help the ocean than the bigger countries. They are miles ahead of us. They plant mangroves to protect against erosion. They limit fertilizers in certain places so the run off doesn’t feed the algae,  and algae smothers the coral. They prohibit commercial fishing in some areas but they still make the money with tourists and scuba diving. The reason Cuba’s reefs are in better shape is they don’t use the commercial fertilizers that are causing the nitrogen run-off.  TG!  The most hated company in the world is Monsanto. With good reason.

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. Jupiter in Scorpio could go either way. Bullying could increase and hurt more children, or enough people could stand up and stand together that schools and communities put new rules and laws in place to stop it.  Have you noticed the trend ever since Pluto entered Capricorn? That high profile people with skeletons in their closets are getting exposed?  It’s in the news almost every day — politicians, celebrities, athletes, corporate Ceo’s and Cfo’s.  Expect this to increase even more as Saturn joins Pluto and Jupiter in Scorpio makes research even easier. The truth will come out. IMO, all parents should keep an eye on what their kids are doing on the internet and on social media. I tell my young clients that they might want to be mayor at 40, so they better keep their lives clean now, because if not, it WILL come out.  The young don’t always have perspective; I’m not sure if they believe me.  Watch and see what happens in the next year or two. Meanwhile, we ordinary people should live our lives as if WE will be  tomorrow’s headlines.  I didn’t make that up; my Dad told me that many years ago.  It was good advice…keep it clean, folks, these are tricky times we live in…karma seems to be speeding up.

If you want to write in and tell me where Jupiter in Scorpio is transiting in your chart, post a message, and after you tell me what you think it might mean, then I’ll share my opinion, if you like. Even though I write these posts, I enjoy dialogue more than monologue. Till next time,  best wishes, Jenae…




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Hello dear Friends and Readers, it’s been quite a while since I posted. I’ve been busy, as I know you have, too. Life seems to be roaring by these days.  I’m a 6th house Sun and I like to be of service to others.  A few people requested that I post again, so here it is…

First, let’s remember one very important principle about Scorpio. This sign symbolizes shared power, shared money, love and intimacy. Everyone has Scorpio somewhere in their chart. Wise use of power and/or wealth requires that we evolve past the win-lose philosophy, the adversarial mind-set so prevalent these days. People who are insecure, who bully, who gnaw on imagined slights and wrongs like a dog with a bone, who want revenge at any cost, even if it takes them years and they end up with colon cancer because they insisted on holding onto old crap — both figuratively and literally — these people are not using their Scorpio energy in a positive way. We get back what we put out.  How can we expect positive results? By aligning our individual will with the Universal Will. By doing our best to ask for Heavenly guidance when making decisions. By truly wanting to make decisions that allow everyone concerned to benefit.  True, this can be very challenging. We live in challenging times. I didn’t make the rules; I just do my best to point out how to make the magic happen. The positive people are seeing miracles every day by using this principle. Better authors than I have written much about how to achieve the life you want.  I think Pope Francis said something like the more power a person has, the more serious responsibility on his shoulders, and the more humble he should be…

SO… the positive use of Scorpio, evolving past the scorpion, is the snake and the white eagle. The snake symbolizes healing and transformation. Check out the medical license plates on cars. There’s a snake entwined on a wand, a caduceus. The symbol of the healing profession since the ancient times in Greece and Rome. The white eagle  symbolizes Scorpio as the defender of the weak and helpless…power used wisely and well.

My experience with Scorpios is they tend to be suspicious at first, testing people to see who they really are. IF a Scorpio decides you are worthy of their trust, there’s no better friend to have in an emergency. They are very protective of those they love.  They also tend to take good care of their possessions, especially their tools. NEVER  casually borrow something that belongs to a Scorpio. Ask first…

You may be asking, Jenae, what do you mean, sharing power with the Universal? Here are some examples.  Martial arts would be one. Even though the Asian cultures are ruled by Libra, I classify martial arts under Scorpio and this has been my experience with the clients’ charts.  At the dojo, the students are taught not to resist, but to use their opponents’ energy in their favor.  Reike would be another example; the practioner surrenders their will and energy to the Universal Energy in order to be a channel  of healing for the client. Prayer and meditation also illustrate that process of being open to the Higher Wisdom in order to receive guidance and inspired solutions.  As soon as I post this, I’ll probably think of other examples, but for now think of the Universal Energy as a flowing river. We don’t need to be a salmon fighting our way upstream. Neither do we need to be a beaver, blocking the river to build our home. The easiest way to be in tune is to imagine ourselves as a little leaf or a feather, floating along and not being too concerned with the destination, but enjoying the journey.

Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches. Jupiter is considered a benevolent planet — luck, growth, expansion, abundance, generosity and tolerance. Jupiter in Scorpio will increase the Scorpio qualities. Going along with our water analogy, I think we will have a wet winter.  Add in Saturn entering Capricorn on 12-20-2017 and that gives us a cold winter, probably a lot of snow in places that usually get it, and maybe some snow even in places that don’t normally freeze. Oh, how I wish it were otherwise !!  We had so much snow AND  ice last winter that we couldn’t even leave the house for a couple weeks at a time.  Mother Nature is reacting to all the imbalances we humans have caused.  If we want less ferocious weather, we must start being less ferocious ourselves.  Jupiter is offering us some fabulous opportunities this year to begin turning things around. There’s only two ways I know to change the world. Change ourselves, and plants seeds of kindness with the children.

Do I think things will get worse before they get better? Yes. Do I have any faith in government or political solutions? No. Personally, I think things are such a mess that I’m not going to feed it or waste my time by commenting about politics. The best and only lasting solutions are spiritual. One human heart at a time…

Tomorrow I will write about the opportunities I see coming with this transit of Jupiter in Scorpio. Stay tuned…Thanks for reading.  Jenae


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Good evening dear Friends and Readers,  Let’s take a look at Venus transiting through Scorpio, a general overview and then we’ll cover some specific transits during this time period.

If you have beneficial aspects from Venus to your natal, this is definitely the time to buy those silk boxers or lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, maybe even try some perfume with phrenomes  in it. Venus energy works through attraction.  With Mars, we go out and go after what we want.  With Venus, we attract what we desire TO us.  Venus symbolizes love, art, beauty, affection, social life, and money since Venus rules Taurus as well as Libra.  Scorpios in particular may be the recipients of kindness, good will, and money during this transit.  With Venus money can also mean shopping.  If you have Venus on your Sun, and Mercury is in fwd motion, by all means go shopping.  You will find items you love and at good prices, too.

I review on my blog site the search terms people use to find my posts.  There have been a couple that seem to indicate some Scorpios are having  trouble with confidence and self-esteem.  One reason is that Scorps are so honest with themselves, even brutal in exploring the dark side of human nature in themselves and others that they forget to balance the energy by affirming their strengths and talents.  Venus in your Sun Sign can help you be a little kinder and gentler with YOURSELF.  REMEMBER, please, that we create our reality through our beliefs and expectations.  IF you think everyone is out to get you, then that’s what you’ll attract.  Complicating your life at the moment is Saturn also moving through Scorpio, much more slowly than Venus, putting pressure on you to be aware of your weak points and start fixing them.  You have such a better chance than many other signs; if anyone can reinvent themselves, it’s a Scorpio.  Venus can help you with this process.  Begin by beautifying yourself and your environment.  Get a haircut, take care of your skin (our largest organ).  Get off the couch and take a short walk after dinner or put some dance music on if you want to start reinventing your body.  Put something beautiful in each room of your home.  These can be simple things, the point is you are expressing your will by allowing something you love into your life.  Same thing if you want a mate or partner — make room in your home and your life as the first step.  Make a wish list of the qualities you are seeking in a mate.  If you have someone in your life who is critical of you, understand that it is a reflection that you are being too hard on yourself.  As you change inside, your life will also reflect those changes.

For all of us, Venus in Scorpio offers a good opportunity to cleanse, fast, and purify our bodies.  All processes that release toxins are favored.  This doesn’t have to be a radical process, though some will go in that direction.  Try drinking more water, or putting some lemon in each glass that you drink.

Same thing with our closets — a great time to release the old and make room for the new…

Venus in Scorpio is also a great time to study sexuality and the arts of love.  I like to read historical stuff from various cultures as well as the latest research.  There’s always something new to learn…

OK, looking at specific Venus transits, Venus trines  Neptune and is semi-sextile the Sun on the 22nd.  Looks like fairly pleasant holiday, though on the quiet side, with the Sun square Neptune  we are reminded that so many are suffering at this time.  Might be nice to invite someone who is new to the area or alone to share your meal.  Movies look good for a quiet activity after dinner.

On November 26th – 28th, Venus conjoins Saturn.  I like to allow usually 1 day on either side for orb with Venus transits.  This is a potentially very difficult period, with Full Moon and Mars-Pluto.  I already wrote about that in another post.  What does Venus-Saturn at 4 degrees Scorpio mean in light of all the other transits?  Well, it’s a good time to have serious conversations, or make purchases that are practical, and/or work related — office supplies, cleaning supplies, etc.  It’s probably safer to order online rather than go out into the crowds.  Some people are going to find it difficult to express their feelings with this transit.  Others could feel lonely or misunderstood.   The positive expression would be a serious and satisfying conversation or agreement about partnerships, financial plans, loans and funding, career goals, etc.  as long as these plans are well thought out and not some risky idea with no research to back it up.

Venus sextiles Mars on the 29th — nice for love, for art, for  socializing — small groups rather than big ones.  You have to remember that Venus in Scorpio is more private in nature.  Put Venus in Gemini and they’re bopping all over the neighborhood.  Keep studying the nature of the different signs…

Venus is inconjunct Jupiter on December 1st.  This is a 150 degree aspect that often indicates a lack of clear communication or even someone trying to guilt-trip you into helping them.  People could have a harder time today trying to keep to a tight schedule.  Allow extra time if you can…

Moon conjunct Venus on December 11th — nice for a lunch or party with female friends.  Actually, with Mercury square Neptune the same day, someone may really need to confide in you about some problem in their lives.  Be attentive and discreet. This might be a better day for a lunch with ONE friend.

Venus square Neptune on December 15th — really folks, I keep looking for the goodies and I’m not finding them.  Your individual chart may contain some super Venus transits, though. This square is asking us to stay clear and truthful and not live in illusion. Trust your instincts if you feel uncomfortable around someone or think they might have a hidden agenda, consciously or even  unconsciously.  This square transit is good for showing compassionate love to the ill and afflicted, that could be a pet rather than a person.  The important thing to remember is Venus is at 29 degrees, a critical degree.  If you’ve been putting off calling someone to wish them a happy holiday, or tell them you love and miss them, PLEASE don’t put this off !!!  If someone comes into your mind when you doing to dishes, or folding laundry or whatever, and you think, earlier in December, I really should call or visit or check in with them, then DO IT !!!  I regret to this day several letters I never sent…

Well, just in time, Venus enters Sag and the atmosphere will be a little lighter…I’ll cover that later, Blessings, Jenae

P.S.  Those of you who know me know I’m not a Debbie downer type — if anything I tend to see the star in people and seek the positives.  Frankly, these challenging transits puzzle me, too.  Do I think the world is about to end?  NO !!!  Earth is a very valuable school, we’re in training here.  But I DO think that the lag time between cause and effect is speeding up and we ALL need to be more conscious about what we’re doing and the choices we make.  That phrase, walk with a lighter footprint, keeps coming into my mind.  This holiday season it’s not about what we can buy, it’s about what we can DO — as individuals, as groups, as nations, and as fellow residents on this planet.

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