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Good evening dear Friends and Readers,  Let’s take a look at Venus transiting through Scorpio, a general overview and then we’ll cover some specific transits during this time period.

If you have beneficial aspects from Venus to your natal, this is definitely the time to buy those silk boxers or lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, maybe even try some perfume with phrenomes  in it. Venus energy works through attraction.  With Mars, we go out and go after what we want.  With Venus, we attract what we desire TO us.  Venus symbolizes love, art, beauty, affection, social life, and money since Venus rules Taurus as well as Libra.  Scorpios in particular may be the recipients of kindness, good will, and money during this transit.  With Venus money can also mean shopping.  If you have Venus on your Sun, and Mercury is in fwd motion, by all means go shopping.  You will find items you love and at good prices, too.

I review on my blog site the search terms people use to find my posts.  There have been a couple that seem to indicate some Scorpios are having  trouble with confidence and self-esteem.  One reason is that Scorps are so honest with themselves, even brutal in exploring the dark side of human nature in themselves and others that they forget to balance the energy by affirming their strengths and talents.  Venus in your Sun Sign can help you be a little kinder and gentler with YOURSELF.  REMEMBER, please, that we create our reality through our beliefs and expectations.  IF you think everyone is out to get you, then that’s what you’ll attract.  Complicating your life at the moment is Saturn also moving through Scorpio, much more slowly than Venus, putting pressure on you to be aware of your weak points and start fixing them.  You have such a better chance than many other signs; if anyone can reinvent themselves, it’s a Scorpio.  Venus can help you with this process.  Begin by beautifying yourself and your environment.  Get a haircut, take care of your skin (our largest organ).  Get off the couch and take a short walk after dinner or put some dance music on if you want to start reinventing your body.  Put something beautiful in each room of your home.  These can be simple things, the point is you are expressing your will by allowing something you love into your life.  Same thing if you want a mate or partner — make room in your home and your life as the first step.  Make a wish list of the qualities you are seeking in a mate.  If you have someone in your life who is critical of you, understand that it is a reflection that you are being too hard on yourself.  As you change inside, your life will also reflect those changes.

For all of us, Venus in Scorpio offers a good opportunity to cleanse, fast, and purify our bodies.  All processes that release toxins are favored.  This doesn’t have to be a radical process, though some will go in that direction.  Try drinking more water, or putting some lemon in each glass that you drink.

Same thing with our closets — a great time to release the old and make room for the new…

Venus in Scorpio is also a great time to study sexuality and the arts of love.  I like to read historical stuff from various cultures as well as the latest research.  There’s always something new to learn…

OK, looking at specific Venus transits, Venus trines  Neptune and is semi-sextile the Sun on the 22nd.  Looks like fairly pleasant holiday, though on the quiet side, with the Sun square Neptune  we are reminded that so many are suffering at this time.  Might be nice to invite someone who is new to the area or alone to share your meal.  Movies look good for a quiet activity after dinner.

On November 26th – 28th, Venus conjoins Saturn.  I like to allow usually 1 day on either side for orb with Venus transits.  This is a potentially very difficult period, with Full Moon and Mars-Pluto.  I already wrote about that in another post.  What does Venus-Saturn at 4 degrees Scorpio mean in light of all the other transits?  Well, it’s a good time to have serious conversations, or make purchases that are practical, and/or work related — office supplies, cleaning supplies, etc.  It’s probably safer to order online rather than go out into the crowds.  Some people are going to find it difficult to express their feelings with this transit.  Others could feel lonely or misunderstood.   The positive expression would be a serious and satisfying conversation or agreement about partnerships, financial plans, loans and funding, career goals, etc.  as long as these plans are well thought out and not some risky idea with no research to back it up.

Venus sextiles Mars on the 29th — nice for love, for art, for  socializing — small groups rather than big ones.  You have to remember that Venus in Scorpio is more private in nature.  Put Venus in Gemini and they’re bopping all over the neighborhood.  Keep studying the nature of the different signs…

Venus is inconjunct Jupiter on December 1st.  This is a 150 degree aspect that often indicates a lack of clear communication or even someone trying to guilt-trip you into helping them.  People could have a harder time today trying to keep to a tight schedule.  Allow extra time if you can…

Moon conjunct Venus on December 11th — nice for a lunch or party with female friends.  Actually, with Mercury square Neptune the same day, someone may really need to confide in you about some problem in their lives.  Be attentive and discreet. This might be a better day for a lunch with ONE friend.

Venus square Neptune on December 15th — really folks, I keep looking for the goodies and I’m not finding them.  Your individual chart may contain some super Venus transits, though. This square is asking us to stay clear and truthful and not live in illusion. Trust your instincts if you feel uncomfortable around someone or think they might have a hidden agenda, consciously or even  unconsciously.  This square transit is good for showing compassionate love to the ill and afflicted, that could be a pet rather than a person.  The important thing to remember is Venus is at 29 degrees, a critical degree.  If you’ve been putting off calling someone to wish them a happy holiday, or tell them you love and miss them, PLEASE don’t put this off !!!  If someone comes into your mind when you doing to dishes, or folding laundry or whatever, and you think, earlier in December, I really should call or visit or check in with them, then DO IT !!!  I regret to this day several letters I never sent…

Well, just in time, Venus enters Sag and the atmosphere will be a little lighter…I’ll cover that later, Blessings, Jenae

P.S.  Those of you who know me know I’m not a Debbie downer type — if anything I tend to see the star in people and seek the positives.  Frankly, these challenging transits puzzle me, too.  Do I think the world is about to end?  NO !!!  Earth is a very valuable school, we’re in training here.  But I DO think that the lag time between cause and effect is speeding up and we ALL need to be more conscious about what we’re doing and the choices we make.  That phrase, walk with a lighter footprint, keeps coming into my mind.  This holiday season it’s not about what we can buy, it’s about what we can DO — as individuals, as groups, as nations, and as fellow residents on this planet.

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