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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, Let’s get right to it.  This post is based on YOUR Ascendant.  That way the houses are correct when reading about upcoming transits.  Sun Sign astrology is helpful but not as accurate as Natal astrology.  There are lots of sites that offer free charts.  To figure out your Ascendant, you need your TIME OF BIRTH.  Birth DATE, TIME, and PLACE are all components to cast accurate charts.

If you have SAGGITARIUS RISING (SAG Ascendant), then transiting Saturn will move into your 1st house sometime in the next three years.  The 1st house is how other people see you, how you project yourself to the outside world.  The 1st house is also a symbol for the physical body and personality.

You may adopt a  more business-like wardrobe and manner of relating to others.  Saturn, among other things, can represent career.  I have a client with this position and she is a college teacher.  You’ll remember from Parts 1 & 2 of this post that Sag is teaching, learning, philosophy/religion, foreign contacts, travel, and seeing the big picture.  So let’s play with this a moment and think up some possibilities…returning to school, or taking classes OR teaching classes is a great way to express Saturn in Sag because the overall big picture of your life and goals may include more education to stabilize your career.  You could find yourself travelling more for business purposes.  You could decide to participate in martial arts, yoga, etc.(the foreign angle of Sag) or teach yourself a new language in preparation for the trip of a lifetime.  Writing is a strong possibility as is reviewing the religion of your childhood and deciding what works for you and what doesn’t.  You could be an exchange student or host a foreign student in your home.

Saturn brings us what we have earned.  If there is a weak point, something that needs to be fixed, Saturn will show it to you.  Older people have a slightly easier time reaping the rewards of Saturn.  Saturn is bringing long-term ideas, plans, goals, and creations into manifestation, into the physical…

What IS IMPORTANT is to take yourself and your responsibilities seriously and be your own authority.  Self-respect.  Sometimes this transit will bring a period of low vitality, so taking good care of your health is also important.  You may be working hard, and taking care of your health is another aspect of being responsible for yourself.  Sag is the sign most associated with binging.  Be moderate with food and drink or expect repercussions.

The Fire Trine transits the 1st  2/3 of this year will be helpful to launching new projects, ideas, and even for starting an exercise program.  It’s good for creativity of all kinds.  The square to Neptune could be challenging since it could represent a relative with ongoing problems, physical or mental/emotional.  The challenge for you is to find the balance between being compassionate but not getting sucked in.  Another possibility is keeping an eye on the water issues connected with your home.  If you know you have drainage problems or plumbing problems, best to be pro-active and get things fixed.  Some areas have questionable water quality, so investing in a purifier can be beneficial.  If you  are someone about to purchase a home, be sure to have everything connected with water check out thoroughly BEFORE you buy.

I had a client once who I warned about  water issues at home.  She insisted that they had re-done their plumbing and all was fixed and in good repair — roof, etc.  Well, the hill behind them got too much rain and crashed down, destroying her landscaping and burying the back two rooms in mud !!  Some things  can be prevented, others not…they had good insurance.  Which reminds me, if you are in a flood zone, you might want to add flood insurance for the next couple years.  It’s a separate federal program and does not renew automatically.

CAPRICORN RISING :  Saturn is your chart ruler, so pay extra attention to your Saturn transits.  Saturn in Sag in your 12th is great for a period of inner exploration, for working alone or behind the scenes, for implementing spiritual practices into your daily life.  Your dreams can teach you much the next few years, too.  Sometimes Saturn in the 12th forces us to face our own worst fears.  Some people may feel lonely or misunderstood.  While it CAN bring on some isolation, remember this — if you like being with yourself, it’s called solitude, not loneliness.  And some people do their best work when they’re alone — a great transit for a writer…

This is a special transit for getting in touch with your  teachers and guides, both  visible and invisible.   You may need help or additional insight assessing some kind of philosophical change, to learn how to release ideas and belief systems that have been undermining you or holding you back.  There are systems of body work that help liberate the mind.  The fascia of the muscles store buried emotions and/or trauma.  There’s also books like Louise Hay’s work “You can Heal Your Life”, and one called “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” — can’t remember the author…

The 12th house symbolizes places of refuge and confinement.  Those of you in medical or spiritual careers will be quite busy.  The Fire Trine transits could bring more contact with young people.  For example, Saturn in SAG in the 12th would be a great transit to teach Sunday School.

The challenge of Neptune in your 3rd could mean there are communication problems or medical problems with a sibling, neighbor, or cousin.  Not a great transit to buy a car.  Try to avoid this for the next couple years.  Also, pay close attention to the water systems in your car, all fluids — water pump, brake fluid, radiator, etc.  Don’t forget to use antifreeze, and in the windshield washer, too :))

If I had this transit, I would be paying particular attention to the neighborhood, too.  People move. Neighborhoods change.  Neighbors needs to look out for one another.  A great transit to start a neighborhood watch program.  Keep your car safer by locking it.  Assess your neighborhood.  Are there factors undermining its safety and security?  Take your time getting to know new neighbors, and trust your instincts.  Probably a good idea to refrain from discussing politics and religion over the next couple years…

AQUARIUS RISING:  Saturn in Sag in your 11th is very at home here, in the sense that the 11th IS the Aquarian house on the natural wheel and Sag and Aquarius are the 2 signs most tuned in to the  future.  The standard meaning of Saturn in the 11th is take a class/teach a class, but there’s more when Sag is involved.  It could be finding kindred spirits, a real sense of teamwork and brotherhood through some kind of group activities.  It could be a club, a fraternal service organization, a study group, a church group, a writers’ group, etc.  Don’t let me limit you — if you love quilting, or welding, or St. Bernards, then look for a group to join — in person or even a forum online.   ETC. ETC.

I have seen Saturn in the 11th work out 3 different ways. The person has a lot of older friends and very positive relationships with them.   The person has no time for friends either because they’re working all the time, or they are too shy to make the first move and be welcoming. The person is either elected or appointed to a position that represents a group.  So those of you with Saturn in your 11th can watch and see what happens.  Be on the lookout for those chance encounters that lead to a lifetime of friendship.

The prophetic nature of Sag combined with the intuition of Aquarius — you can know in advance what will be popular in future years, you can spot the trends.  You may understand technology better than most people, and be willing to embrace all the changes — the latest gadgets, time savers, etc.  This would be a good position for inventive people.  You could have a great idea for a new invention.  Be sure to follow the patenting process; there are different kinds of patents.  Using technology to create music is another possibility.  Technology has created music studios in peoples’ homes — amazing, the changes we have seen since the last time Saturn was in Sag.  The freedom to be creative is yours with the Fire trines this year.  Relationships both in person and at a distance should flourish.

The challenge of the Neptune square from your 2nd house is a bit of a warning not to be naïve and gullible in money matters for the next couple of years.  On the one hand, the positive side of this square is great for actually manifesting and producing your creative efforts.  Squares can be a sign of big accomplishments.  If I were you, I think I might be a bit secretive about my creative plans, and work on them without interference.  I read somewhere that talking about what we want to do dissipates the energy.  It takes time and effort to develop our skills and talents.  Call it a labor of love…

The negative potential of this square would be something like discovering your friend does not share the same ethics and/or core values, or loaning money or possessions to friends and then they either disappear or damage your stuff.  Or you could become dis-enchanted with a group that veers off in the wrong direction.  I remember one group I was in, and there was a person there who was on a guru trip.  Had to be right, had to be the boss, had to pontificate about everything — very annoying and very silly.  Every person in a  group has truth to communicate.  No one person has it all…

Well, folks, it’s dinnertime and I am starved.  Writing makes me hungry :))  More soon.  Stay safe, Jenae



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Hello Dear Friends and Readers,  When I meet with my private clients, I sometimes use key words to help them understand the nature of the planets and signs. Of course they are all more than just one word, but it will help with this post to understand that Jupiter expands and Saturn contracts.  Every planet, or aspect, or transit can have both a positive and negative side.  Jupiter can be too expansionary — trouble through excess.  Saturn can get rigid instead of productive.  Saturn rules the bones, joints and teeth.  I think as we age, we need to make a conscious effort to keep the joints flexible.  That’s the physical, but it’s the same thing on the mental level — we need to make an effort to grow, learn new things, embrace new ways of looking at life.  A flexible mind keeps us young.  That’s one reason that crossword puzzles are recommended for seniors — it stimulates the mind to think in new ways.

Saturn enters Sag, the sign ruled by Jupiter in the natural zodiac.  So…we have a contracting, manifesting energy moving into an expansionary, visionary sign.  Should be interesting :))  Except for a brief retrograde back into Scorpio summer 2015, Saturn will transit through Sag for the next 3 years.

Sagittarius is the sign that rules religion and philosophy, and the overall direction and evolution of humanity.  It is one of the future-oriented signs. Sag rules foreign contacts and long distance travel, higher education, ceremonies and licenses, Jupiter, the ruler,  is “jovial”, tolerant, generous, lucky, and fond of learning new things.  Saturn is all about shoring up weaknesses to build a strong foundation, fixing problems, being productive and bringing ideas into physical  mantifestion.  Saturn is a symbol for the institutions in life — authorities — government, church, our parents when we’re young.  Saturn likes to nail things down.  I don’t think Saturn is particularly comfortable in Sag.  Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts and slows time down and forces us to be accountable.  Another keyword for Saturn is pressure.  Think about the pressure needed to create sedimentary rocks.

Saturn brings us what we have earned. You pay your ticket, hop on this planet for the ride, and like it or not, we are all interdependent and what one does affects the whole.  I like to predict economics and weather patterns based on the transits of Saturn and Jupiter. I see extremes coming…

Trying to put all this together, I get the sense that long overdue reforms will be forced on humanity because it will be seen ever more clearly that certain systems that have been in place for a long time are simply not working. A quick example.  In Africa, the ebola virus has spread partly because hundreds of years of religious tradition are in total conflict with science.  The funerals and burial traditions are actually making the virus kill more people. Any illness has a much greater capacity to spread across the globe due to foreign trade, foreign travel which have greatly accelerated over the last decade or two.  Saturn was last in Sag around 1987.  Big changes since then.

One thing that may make things easier is Saturn is trined by Jupiter in Leo briefly this   winter and spring, and trined by Uranus for the next 3 years  Fire trines express through action rather than words.

There will be a square between Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sag.  Squares are challenging. The psychiatric meds that are given to young people have not been fully tested on the young re: the dosages and the effects and side-effects.  The mental health problems and the lack of resources to help is placing all of us in jeopardy.  The news is sadly full of examples.

I believe this square also symbolizes the stress humanity is putting on our ocean resources.  The sea is not limitless.

The religious extremists of all kinds — the rigid thinking that propels their Machiavellian actions is Saturn in Sag.  The  opposite of Jupiter — see?  Jupiter embraces the planet as a whole, is tolerant and kind unless the negative of excess takes over and again, you have extremism.  More on this as we continue Saturn in Sag tomorrow….I just wanted to start with a bit of an overview.  Have to break this long post into sections…Stay tuned……More soon… Jenae

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Good Morning dear Friends and Readers,  just in time for the holiday season Mercury enters Sagittarius from December 11th  through the 31st.  After all the heaviness and problems in November we need a little light hearted fun and laughter.  Since Venus also enters Sag on the 17th, the two planets together are symbolic of laughter,  jokes, and affectionate speech.  Venus and Mercury are not conjunct but close enough to help create a jovial atmosphere.  After all, Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sag — generous, tolerant, able to see the big picture.  What does this mean for us?  We’ll take a look later at some specific transits, but let’s start with the overall tone, the flavor of the month :))…New Moon in Sag on the 13th means Sun AND Moon are in Sag, too.  I think we’ll hear about some very generous donations at that time — individuals, corporate, etc.  If you look for it, there will be some stories in the news that are very inspiring, about people helping people, reaching out to alleviate suffering.  There will be some wonderful parties; some will be kindred spirits, friends, family, etc. but there will also be some with very diverse people attending, giving you a real opportunity to learn new things and make new connections.  So don’t be shy — if something new sounds fun and interesting, you should probably step out and attend the event.  Cultivate Jupiter qualities within yourself — be friendly and welcoming to others.

Sag is a sign that has to watch going overboard. Too much of a good thing.  Drinking and driving don’t mix.  There could be a lot of DUI’s unless people who are celebrating practice some moderation.  This is less likely with all the Sag energy in the air.  I would like to caution people to avoid travelling by car at night if possible.  Stay alert, particularly around Monday the 17th as Mercury opposes Jupiter, and again from the 29th – 31st — there are some critical transits at that time — Mercury at 29 degrees Sag and a Sun-Pluto conjunction.  More about that later…

Mercury in Sag this year is a great time to take stock of your life.  Philosophical and mystical breakthroughs are possible on the spiritual level.  Pay attention to the clues for answers to your questions.  It’s not an accidental Universe — the answers can come through the media, through strangers, through something you happen to read, as well as your own dreams and flashes of insight.  You can be helpful to others needing more information, too.  There is no better sign than Mercury in Sag for gathering  information and relaying it to the people who need it.  If you have this position in your natal you could be a great spokesperson for a business or organization.  On the mundane level, this transit is just as fabulous for gathering the info and the help you need in your life right now…

Let me share a couple recent examples…I have a client with Sun in the 9th and Libra rising.  She was an art major in college but ended up in a different field.  Her art gets expression in her personal life.  At work, she was cruising toward retirement and feeling pretty confused about whether to stay or go.  She was ready to leave the job but unsure about the medical/insurance aspects of retirement.  It was starting to stress her out.  I reminded her that she always made good decisions in her life by using the Libra pattern — research, discuss the options, let it rest for awhile, revisit the issue again — a leisurely and relaxed approach.  An Aries could probably make a split second decision and never look back, but my client was Cancer and more concerned with stability and security.  Once she took the pressure off of herself to make a quick decision, a most interesting thing happened.  Another department at her job asked for her services with publishing, using some new software.  She realized she could stay for another year, have fun, learn new programs that she could use after retirement by working part-time, and give the government some time to get their ducks in order re: the Medicare snafu.  When she made the decision to be open to new information regarding her decision, everything lined up beautifully within a week.  What I think is so cute astrologically about this is she’s a 9th house Sun and that is the SAG house and rules publishing !!

The key to this process with Sag is to be OPEN to new information and not attached as to HOW the information comes to you…

Here’s my own breakthrough that happened quite recently.  I had voiced out loud on many occasions, my wish to gift my daughter with child care money.  I had been specific, too, it was 10k, most of a year’s worth.  Mainly due to Saturn having been in my 2nd house the last 3 years, it was not possible for me to do this. Here’s what happened….nothing to do with me physically, but the money for child care that my daughter needed came to her anyway !!! It came to her in 3 different ways.  Miracles, big and small, are still happening in this world on a daily basis.  My breakthrough was I realized it didn’t have to be me — I held the INTENTION in my heart and mind and my speech, and that was enough…I didn’t need to be attached as to HOW the solution would come about.  I hope you guys see this as important to you, TOO !!!  You can use your INTENTION to help the world…you can hold positive intentions as small or as big as you feel called to do…for yourself, family, friends, the world…  I would like to add, though, that since there is so much energy in Sagittarius right now, it’s very appropriate to THINK BIG :))  I’m sharing my personal breakthrough with all of you in the hope that it will help you, too…

Looking at some specific Mercury transits,  Mercury trines Uranus on the 14th.  This is great for learning new things quickly, for using technology in new ways.  You could have a lot of fun with psychic communication with your friends; try guessing who is on the phone before you look at it.  It’s good training to recognize different peoples’ energy.  There’s electricity in the air and a lot of quick mental energy today.

On the 16th/17th the Moon sextiles Mercury.  Another good period for communication and intuitive empathy for others.  It’s easier to talk about feelings with this transit, especially if you add humor into the mix.  A fun time for socializing with groups of friends.

On the 17th Mercury opposes Jupiter after dinnertime, PST.  Sometimes with this transit, people promise more than they can deliver.  Overbooking your schedule can lead to transportation problems, and everyone needs to be cautious about out of control  drivers.  Some people will tend to be quite boastful under the influence of this transit, annoying for sure, but best to take stuff you hear with a big grain of salt.  In general, people tend to be over-optimistic with this transit, so you can balance it by using some moderation today.

Those of who have read earlier posts already know that the 29th degree is a critical degree.  This month Mercury will transit the 29th degree of Sag on December 30th, the same day that the Sun is conjunct Pluto.  Note also that the Full Moon is December 27-28th Capricorn/Cancer (square Uranus).  My feeling is that the days after Christmas may not be pleasant compared to the transits during the 2 weeks before the holiday.  Party before Christmas but be cautious as we approach New Year’s Eve. Mercury at a  critical degree can mean trouble with foreign countries due to a lack of diplomacy — remember the energy of Sag is to lose their temper but let it go right away and not stay mad — there could be some kind of dispute due to hot heads taking over the microphone.  ?  As to who it could be, I have no clue.  Egypt is a mess and Syria is a disaster…maybe it’s just some new scandal involving politicians?   Long distance transportation problems, people drinking too much, people over-reacting with fear and prejudice rather than tolerance and appreciation of our unique differences — all these are possibilities.  For the most part people should be able to avoid direct consequences of these transits by staying away from crowds of people that can veer out of control.  If you are working in a public business, do your best to be polite, attentive and diplomatic.  If you are working in emergency service occupations, get ready for a busy weekend.  If you are working in security on ANY level, stay alert !  Taverns, pubs, and clubs should increase their security over the last weekend of December.  You get the picture…now we have to add Sun conjunct Pluto into the mix.  On the purely geological level, this would be symbolic of magma rising up to the surface.  There are already a number of places with active volcanos and these should continue and even new ones begin to erupt.  The earth is unsettled these  days.  The next possibility would be earthquakes from deep underground.  Capricorn rules Mexico and Central America, as well as Hawaii and Alaska, plus Texas and New Mexico are also Capricorn.

Looking at Sun-Pluto on the human level, there are a number of possibilities…a deep release and healing would be possible with health and wellness issues.  There’s probably some kind of list that comes out at the end of the year rating various businesses in categories concerning social responsibility.  Look for some surprises on the list this year.  I think we’ll see or hear quite a bit about business policies and ethics — both the positive and the negative.  This would include the sports world, too, looking at it as big business. The government is currently playing brinksmanship and this conjunction would accent coercion and manipulation as the players position themselves for personal reasons instead of seeking and finding the compromise that the citizens want.  I personally think they should not be allowed to go home for Christmas unless they get their assignment done.  They are acting like petulant children instead of adults… I should amend that statement…SOME of them are acting like children…there are a few sincere ones…very few…evidently most of them have failed to study the history of Rome…

OK, back to our lives and Sun-Pluto…some of you with Birthdays around the end of December have felt pressure to change careers or at least job conditions all year.  By now you should have solved this, or at least have taken the  first concrete steps.  Now the energy slowly begins to shift to people born in early January, Pluto on YOUR SUN is asking you to transform and revolutionize your life, your career, your health, etc.  This is a fabulous transit for all of us to focus on a list of our goals for the new year. And depending on what house is Capricorn in your natal chart, you can figure out what to start on first.  Pluto is will power, transformation and regeneration.  This is a great transit to use our will power and concentration to renew our bodies, minds, and spirits…Blessings in this Holiday Season, Jenae




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