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Hello Dear Friends and Readers,  When I meet with my private clients, I sometimes use key words to help them understand the nature of the planets and signs. Of course they are all more than just one word, but it will help with this post to understand that Jupiter expands and Saturn contracts.  Every planet, or aspect, or transit can have both a positive and negative side.  Jupiter can be too expansionary — trouble through excess.  Saturn can get rigid instead of productive.  Saturn rules the bones, joints and teeth.  I think as we age, we need to make a conscious effort to keep the joints flexible.  That’s the physical, but it’s the same thing on the mental level — we need to make an effort to grow, learn new things, embrace new ways of looking at life.  A flexible mind keeps us young.  That’s one reason that crossword puzzles are recommended for seniors — it stimulates the mind to think in new ways.

Saturn enters Sag, the sign ruled by Jupiter in the natural zodiac.  So…we have a contracting, manifesting energy moving into an expansionary, visionary sign.  Should be interesting :))  Except for a brief retrograde back into Scorpio summer 2015, Saturn will transit through Sag for the next 3 years.

Sagittarius is the sign that rules religion and philosophy, and the overall direction and evolution of humanity.  It is one of the future-oriented signs. Sag rules foreign contacts and long distance travel, higher education, ceremonies and licenses, Jupiter, the ruler,  is “jovial”, tolerant, generous, lucky, and fond of learning new things.  Saturn is all about shoring up weaknesses to build a strong foundation, fixing problems, being productive and bringing ideas into physical  mantifestion.  Saturn is a symbol for the institutions in life — authorities — government, church, our parents when we’re young.  Saturn likes to nail things down.  I don’t think Saturn is particularly comfortable in Sag.  Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts and slows time down and forces us to be accountable.  Another keyword for Saturn is pressure.  Think about the pressure needed to create sedimentary rocks.

Saturn brings us what we have earned. You pay your ticket, hop on this planet for the ride, and like it or not, we are all interdependent and what one does affects the whole.  I like to predict economics and weather patterns based on the transits of Saturn and Jupiter. I see extremes coming…

Trying to put all this together, I get the sense that long overdue reforms will be forced on humanity because it will be seen ever more clearly that certain systems that have been in place for a long time are simply not working. A quick example.  In Africa, the ebola virus has spread partly because hundreds of years of religious tradition are in total conflict with science.  The funerals and burial traditions are actually making the virus kill more people. Any illness has a much greater capacity to spread across the globe due to foreign trade, foreign travel which have greatly accelerated over the last decade or two.  Saturn was last in Sag around 1987.  Big changes since then.

One thing that may make things easier is Saturn is trined by Jupiter in Leo briefly this   winter and spring, and trined by Uranus for the next 3 years  Fire trines express through action rather than words.

There will be a square between Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sag.  Squares are challenging. The psychiatric meds that are given to young people have not been fully tested on the young re: the dosages and the effects and side-effects.  The mental health problems and the lack of resources to help is placing all of us in jeopardy.  The news is sadly full of examples.

I believe this square also symbolizes the stress humanity is putting on our ocean resources.  The sea is not limitless.

The religious extremists of all kinds — the rigid thinking that propels their Machiavellian actions is Saturn in Sag.  The  opposite of Jupiter — see?  Jupiter embraces the planet as a whole, is tolerant and kind unless the negative of excess takes over and again, you have extremism.  More on this as we continue Saturn in Sag tomorrow….I just wanted to start with a bit of an overview.  Have to break this long post into sections…Stay tuned……More soon… Jenae

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