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WISH UPON A STAR — VENUS RETROGRADE 7-25-2-15 @ 0*VIRGO TO 9-6-2015 @ 14* LEO

Hello dear Friends and Readers, Let’s get the negative potentials of this transit out of the way first, then we can concentrate on the positive.

First of all, Venus retrograde is NOT the time for cosmetic surgery or any radical change in your appearance. Since the retrograde is in Leo, the focus might be on your hair (the Lion’s mane :)) and even though you may be dissatisfied it is best to avoid big color and style changes at this time because it would be more likely that you would change your mind again after Venus goes forward.

Another standard meaning would be looking at Venus as shopping. (Venus is the ruler of Taurus.) I already shared my wallpaper story in an earlier post. Best to avoid any major purchases at this time. There’s too strong a possiblity that the item is not really what you want, or that it arrives damaged, or there can be problems with credit cards, etc.

Venus is the planet that symbolizes love and relationships. It also rules Libra, the sign of marriage and partnerships. Many people will experience this retrograde as “Who is that person I thought I knew so well? “ Previously hidden facets can come to the surface. Whether this is delightfully stimulating or emotionally devastating would depend on your individual chart. Be more cautious if transiting Venus in Leo is squaring, opposing, or even making inconjuncts (150*aspects) to the planets in your natal chart.

OK, let’s transition to the more positive experiences of Venus retrograde. Even though this transit is not considered favorable for meeting new people, it is great for looking up old friends and since it’s in Leo this time, even past romances can resume with new life and spark. I have also witnessed that a few people will actually meet someone new that is their true life partner. Usually there are positive Neptune contacts across the chart. On a Venus retrograde, it IS possible that two people meet and know instantly on a gut level that they have a soul contract together. I suppose in this particular case, they are not so much meeting someone new, but someone they recognize from a past life… These experiences are rare but possible.

So, go to that class reunion, reunite with childhood friends, call old neighbors — reach out to whomever you feel like connecting with from the past. This can be very satisfying. For the first time in the history of the planet, it is easier to find missing people and loved ones through social media.

Looking at Venus as art and beauty, what a wonderful transit to pull out that art project that you never finished! It’s a great time to refurbish and re-purpose possessions, and especially to bring beauty into our environment. Great for mending, patching, painting, etc. Not so much for a big remodel, unless you started it earlier, but great for smaller home and garden projects. If you are artistic, this would be a good time to investigate historical art and creative techniques in any medium. For example, willow baskets, cane furniture, Balinese silver smithing, woodworking without nails, weaving, etc. Many, many possibilities… I am researching perennial phlox to add to my garden…

I have had the same conversation with 4 different people over the last few days and it woke me up to write about this retrograde in Leo, the sign of children, to write about our relationships with our children. Many of us may be reviewing the past with our kids, how we parent, why we do what we do, and did it bring the desired result? This kind of inner review can be very valuable and may indeed help us to steer a new direction in the future. Evidently, there’s a lot to sort out in this department. Each person I spoke with told me they were dissatisfied with their relationship with their children. Some were little kids and some were adult kids. In each case the person was realizing they could change their own behavior but not necessarily anyone else’s behavior. Re-examining the past can be very valuable and a Venus retrograde is the perfect time to do it :))

I may revisit this blog to write more after it has unfolded. One last point. If some of you think you are NOT creative, I beg to differ…you just haven’t found your right medium yet. Every person has dormant talents just waiting to blossom and when I mentioned hidden facets in partners, it also applies to ourselves. So, go ahead over the next 6 weeks and try new things. Just don’t invest big bucks to pursue a new hobby until after Venus is forward. There’s a nice window for purchases and bringing larger projects to completion from September 6 – 16th. On 9-17-15, Mercury goes retrograde…

Best Wishes, Jenae

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Good morning dear Friends and Readers, I just re-read Part Five of this Saturn series and realized I certainly didn’t get back to you in February to finish this up.  My apologies.  Life just seems to be roaring along these days, it seems like a month is gone in the blink of an eye.  Anyway, here is the final post of this series…

If you have VIRGO RISING, then Saturn in Sag will be transiting through your 4th house of unconditional love, home and family, early childhood programming and heredity.  This house rules history and the ancestors.  Have you watched that TV show – “Who Do You Think You Are?”  about discovering your heredity?  Saturn in Sag here could be good for research in that area, like joining Ancestry.com, interviewing your relatives, etc.

A more traditional way of interpreting Saturn in the 4th is heavier responsibility for older relatives.  Keep an eye on them, their health and general nutritional needs, check the house for hazards, etc.  Remembering that Saturn retrogrades back into the last few degrees of Scorpio, from June 17 to September 19, 2015 — that will give you a better chance to confer with other siblings to make consensus decisions if necessary.  The well-being of your elders may be a big focus over the next few years.  I lost my Mother when Saturn was in my 4th

With a lot of people, Saturn in their 4th is going to manifest as the house is too small, the house is too dark, you don’t like who you live with, etc. etc.  If you find yourself in any of those situations, then look at Saturn as bringing up weaknesses or limitations to help you decide what you really DO want.  It would take hard work to change your lifestyle but the results would be lasting and ultimately a BIG improvement.  DO remember that if you buy a house when Saturn is in your 4th, you’d best be prepared to live there a LONG time.  Since Sag rules the hips and thighs, I would think level  floors and shallow stairs with wide treads and good railings might become more important as time goes on.  It’s not a negative to buy a home with this transit, but you’d want to have a very thorough home inspection and also be on the lookout for any outdoor problems.  Things like drainage and erosion if the ground isn’t level.  Sag is one of the legal signs, so of course a clear title would be critical.  Personally, I wouldn’t buy a home when Saturn in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Leo this summer.  Also in late July, Venus goes  retrograde from 0 degrees Virgo back to 14 degrees Leo, going direct on 9-6- 15 and then Mercury is retro 9-17 to 10-9-15.  SO… there’s about 5 days in mid June that would be OK to close and then another small window from 9-7 through 9-16 -15.  Astrology at work  :))…

Looking at Saturn on more of the emotional/spiritual level, it’s very important to be aware of negative attitudes that you may have absorbed from family without consciously thinking about it.  It will take work to turn this around and form more positive responses.  Really, with Saturn, do we have any choice?  It’s embrace the challenge and master it, or be faced with penalties and restrictions.  If you have family members  who are trying to self-medicate with alcohol and/or drugs, then Neptune transiting through Pisces will square transiting Saturn from your 7th house, adding additional pressure and possibly indicating that your family member whom  you love and want to help, is in deep denial.  Self honesty and living according to your conscience is one way to set a good example.  But you’ll need to be aware that the more you progress, the more your  loved one may not.  Love is the answer, maybe with Saturn it means tough love…..

Another possibility with this transiting square, interpreted differently, would be that you and a partner are equally committed to a large project — volunteer, or humanitarian, or social services — something that brings help to people who are suffering.  One more possibility is that instead of people, the two of you are helping animals.

If you have LIBRA RISING, then Saturn in Sag is transiting through your 3rd house for the next few years.  A sextile between the two is certainly less challenging than the square. Sextiles mean opportunities with some elbow grease required to get results.  Let’s start by defining the 3rd house.  The 3rd is brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and cousins.  The 3rd also rules the local neighborhood, and short term travel.  The 3rd is early education, kindergarten through high school, as well as technical studies that concentrate the mind.

You may be going the extra mile to help out 3rd house relatives.  There can be a deeper communication.  This can happen both long-distance and locally, depending on where your various relatives live.

It’s a great transit to read and study and go to elderhostels or workshops.  I know one gal with this position and she lives in a large city and has found all kind of free computer classes.  That is just one example of technical studies.  Since Saturn is a symbol for the natural 10th house, the career house, you might want to check if your employer offers support for classes.  Some employers will credit you ½ the expense for work – related education.  Some will offer flex time or work from home time to make up for class time.

The way I personally like to view Saturn in the 3rd is self-examination and review of our habitual daily thought patterns — our “self talk”.  I thought  I was such a positive person until Saturn went through my 3rd in the 80’s and boy did I get a huge wake-up call!  True, it was Scorpio, but those thought patterns were deep and dark and very negative.  The only way to overcome these habits is to neutralize each fear thought as it comes to the surface by thinking its opposite.  By building this new habit, we’re not constantly RE-programming the negative.  I did pretty well until Saturn came back around again in 2012 and it was a major backslide.  I had to wonder if really, I had made any progress at all.  Fear of getting older, fear of being homeless, dreams of war, torture, and utter desolation.  The only difference is I snapped out of it quicker than last time, so I suppose that could be progress.  I worked with some very talented counsellors and friends who helped me.  I have to credit my friends for their extreme patience with me during one of the hardest ordeals in my life.  Would you want to talk to someone who didn’t have anything positive to say?  I was just a bundle of bad news, one thing after the other…it was relentless.  Saturn held my feet to the fire until the last possible moment and then the real estate situation that triggered the backslide ended.  I can look back now and see what I learned and why it was good for me.  I can even be glad it happened.  That’s the cool thing about Saturn — it’s a very definite energy and when it’s done you know it and can harvest the wisdom gained from the challenging transit.  I had a bunch of squares and one opposition.  Also, just to keep the record straight, I died in WW II in very adverse conditions.  It’s possible that Saturn was bringing up some old memories that needed release and healing.

Libra is sextile Saturn in Sag so it should be easier for you.  These two signs rule law and justice.  I would suggest that you make EVERY effort to keep your life in harmony with the law, on every level, but especially in business.  Neptune transits square Saturn at the end of 2015 from your 6th — that’s who you hire and who hires you.  Know your state regulations and licensing procedures.  Sign contracts with people if necessary but consider have a lawyer review them first.  You can also join legal protection organizations for a small fee each month.  There’s “legal zoom” and “legal shield” — maybe others but those are two that I know of…   In the old days, a handshake sufficed.  Life is a bit more complicated now…

Since the 3rd house is local travel and Saturn would imply business-related travel, maybe this is the year you should begin keeping a mileage log.  This mostly applies if you have your own business, but some organizations reimburse mileage, too.  I know people who drive seniors to medical appointments and are reimbursed via stipend — they make a little extra money and do a good deed.  Another good use of a mileage log :))…

People with Libra rising are very partnership-oriented.  Saturn in Sag in your 3rd is offering you an opportunity to be very honest with your partner AND yourself, to communicate clearly.  If you don’t have an immediate answer, then take your time and address the conversation again later.

To sum up, LIBRA RISING, it’s a great year for education of all kinds…both learning and teaching.  Don’t they say the teacher learns as much, if not more, than the student?  Try looking at Saturn as asking you to take personal responsibility for your thoughts and words, both to others  and to yourself.

If you have SCORPIO RISING, then SATURN in SAG is transiting through your 2nd house of personal resources, money, talents, and core values.  If you read some astrology books, they will say oh, Saturn in the 2nd is terrible for money.  I just don’t agree with that at all.  It’s actually one of the best times to start turning a hobby into a career.  Sure Saturn is a slow and steady energy.  You can’t expect results overnight and it’s true you’ll need to dot every “I” and cross every “t”.  If you’ve paid your dues and perfected your skills, then look for a slow and steady increase in your business.  Since Saturn is in Sag, if the rest of your chart concurs, this is an appropriate time to get licensed, bonded, insured, funded — the nuts and bolts kind of stuff to get your new business up and going.  For advertising, you’d want favorable Mercury and Jupiter transits to your chart.

Another  way to look at Saturn in your 2nd is to train yourself to manage your money and resources.  Reading Suze Orman is educational, and there are all kinds of websites that can teach you how to budget and plan for your future.  This would be a great transit to start a 529 plan — future college tuition for young children.  If you remember that Sag by nature is a warm, generous, and sometimes impulsive sign, then Saturn here is not entirely comfortable.  I think Saturn here might be suggesting to hold back from impulsive buying — I think a disciplined approach to spending will help you avoid running short when something happens and you need to gather funds.  This could be a challenge but the reward is peace of mind that you have savings for emergencies.

Saturn transiting your 2nd also means you can invest in yourself — your talents and skills will benefit from additional education.  I bought books when Saturn was in my 2nd and I never regretted it.  I bought some of the classic astrology books and a complete set of ephemeris from 1900 forward.  I continued this process as Saturn moved into my 3rd.

Core values — the principles and ethics and preferences you most believe in — Saturn in your 2nd may be suggesting it’s time for a review.  Are you living what you most believe?  Sagittarius is the sign that rules religion and philosophy.  Especially with Neptune squaring Saturn from your 5th — your children may ask you some tough questions, or even behave in a way that causes  you to question your own upbringing.  What role did religion play in your childhood?  Do you question authority or accept it, thinking that others  know more than you do?  I am somewhat rebellious, being Aquarian.  I read The Bible straight through, more than once,  and made up my own mind about what it meant.  Then I read books from other religions and looked for the similarities rather than the differences.  Personally, in my line of work, I find it appropriate to be versatile, so I can speak the language that my client is most comfortable with.  Now they have college classes that do the same — comparative religious philosophy.  Some of you with this transit are going to make a very big change in this area.  If you are a sincere seeker, you will be led in the right direction.  There’s an old Theosophical  saying — “ Seek beauty, for therein lies Eternal Truth.”

It’s kind of odd but kids that grow up in the country often move to the city, and  vice versa.  I have seen this also with religion.  Preachers’ kids can rebel and run wild, while kids with little religious education as children, often seek that spiritual commitment as adults.

To sum up, people with Saturn in their 2nd need to take their money, their talents, and their plans for their future seriously this year.  Uranus trines from your 6th, and Jupiter right now,  but not for long, trines from Leo and your 10th.  These Fire trines offer you a most wonderful opportunity to achieve career and financial goals.  Even if things seem unstable, things could work out in a fabulous way you never expected.  Stay grounded, work hard, and keep your eye on your long-term future…GOOD LUCK !!!

Well, dear Readers, that’s it for now.  The next post will be Jupiter moving into Virgo beginning 8-11-15.  My garden awaits…may you all have a joyous and abundant harvest…Blessings,   Jenae

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Good Morning dear Friends and Readers,  I hope you are all doing well.  I got so sick from drinking green smoothies — it was the detox effect but I didn’t realize it until last night.  I’m good today.  Here I mention to you all that Sag is the sign most prone to binging, and what did I do?  I took things a bit too fast and paid the price.  Lesson learned.

OK, let’s continue with Saturn in Sag through the houses…if you have GEMINI RISING, then Saturn will be in your 7th house for the next 3 years or so.  I actually have a client with this position and I’m expecting her husband to land an important contract.  He’s been working in his business with the idea of building it up so she can retire from her other job and work with him.  They have solid long-term plans so this year should bring a breakthrough.  Saturn rewards long-term thinking…

Here’s some possibilities…I have seen people both marry and/or divorce when either Saturn OR Jupiter enters their 7th house.  The 7th is marriage, partnerships, any important one on one relationship, and can also include business partners.  The 7th is showing us parts of ourselves that we don’t easily acknowledge, like it’s easier to see it coming at us from outside rather than own it.  So you’ll need to be careful if your partner is bugging you, restricting you, breaking promises to you, or is just generally emotionally unavailable.  So before you get mad or emotionally off balance from a partner’s actions, it might help to remember that whatever is bugging you, if it wasn’t a part of YOU, you wouldn’t be able to see it in HIM or HER. My dear late Father used to say “If you want to change someone else, change yourself.”  Good advice.  If you enter into a partnership thinking you are  going to change that person, that is a thinking error on your part.  The only thing we have control of is our own attitudes and responses to events.  Saturn in the 7th can manifest as you taking extra responsibility in the relationship.  Your partner can be pre-occupied, worrying about older relatives or something at work, or even gone on business trips.

If you are single and wish for a partner, then Saturn is about being very definite about what you will or won’t accept in a partner.  Search your heart and your mind and be totally honest with yourself.  Make your wish list that reflects your aspiration and the qualities of character that you seek and stick to it.  Don’t settle. Write it down.  Saturn is also about commitment and bringing things into physical manifestation, so don’t believe the astrology books that say Saturn in the 7th is loneliness  or the lack of a partner. I have seen Saturn here represent an older partner and also the kind of partner who is very reliable and steady — like fine brandy, better with age :)).

Saturn in Sag in the 7th would be good for discussing long-term plans — travel, education, etc.  The square from Neptune in the 10th might be pointing out some kind of insecurity or instability in your partner’s job, or possibly someone at work who is manipulative and has ulterior motives.  Your partner might want to change jobs or even change careers.  Discussing the pros and cons of this could be very helpful.  Above all, Sag is about being honest with each other.  Lead by example.  Of course, the flip side of all this would be a situation where you discover your partner has NOT been honest with you, and this leads to a big crisis.  Hopefully, you will see the positive side of Saturn.  Those Fire Trines help a lot right now in the area of communication.

If you have CANCER RISING, then Saturn in Sag is transiting through your 6th house of health, work and service to others.  Let’s start with health.  Sag rules the hips and thighs; Saturn rules bones, joints and teeth.  Put these together and you MUST be very careful to protect your spine if you do any heavy lifting.  Sciatic nerve inflammation is NOT fun and can take awhile to calm down.  In general, do all you can to strengthen your bones, joints, and teeth.  Saturn here is encouraging you to take responsibility to ensure your good health, plus there’s a nice ability to attract the info you most need in order to do this.  Magazine articles, radio, tv, internet — all good possibilities to research health and nutrition…

I have seen Saturn in the 6th bring extra responsibility on the job, sometimes a promotion to a supervisory position.  Or you could have a supervisor who is either a wise mentor, or the flip side — a pain in the butt.  Be careful about  verbalizing this — “Oh, my boss is such a pain in the neck, or he’s such a thorn in my side” because you really don’t want to manifest this in your physical body.  It’s OK to think it, but then you have to neutralize it right afterwards by saying to yourself, of course working for him is a shortcut to my goal, or I’m here to learn and there’s something to learn from everyone, even if it’s by negative example, or I see the behavior and I don’t like it and I’m going to make sure I don’t act that way towards other people. ETC. ETC.

The 6th house is also who we hire.  This would be a good transit to join Angie’s list to check out references BEFORE you hire someone to work on your home, your body, your teeth, etc.  You could be asked to sit on the hiring board at work to interview prospective employees.  Going out of town on business trips is another possibility but also you could be hosting out of town workers that travel  to YOUR office.  The extra work could feel heavy but there is a strong possibility that the travelers will drop  tidbits of information on you that will be so helpful that all the work was worth it :)).

To me, the glory of the 6th house is the sincere desire to help others.  When you are in the proper 6th house groove, then chores and activities of daily life become a joy to do, without lust of result, just immersing yourself in the process.  I know a woman who is a 6th house Sun.  She is very thoughtful of others in many ways.  I have watched her for years.  When someone is in a crisis, or ill, or grieving, she brings food to them.  She makes it look effortless and never seeks to call attention to herself for the kind deed.  She has some Pisces planets also in the 6th.  It’s not that she tries to be secretive, it’s just that you would never know how MUCH she does for others.  Of course spiritually, her many kindness are duly observed on the other side and I imagine that when her time comes to pass over there will be a particularly bright new star in the heavens…

Whether you’re washing the dishes, folding the laundry, cleaning the house, strive to find joy in the process.  You will be much happier.  Saturn, you must remember, brings rewards for work already accomplished.  The 6th house is the Virgo house — the harvest.  The fire trines are helpful right now from your career and personal  money houses.  Saturn square transiting Neptune in Pisces in your 9th makes you very sensitive to the ethics and beliefs of others — who you are compatible  with and who you are not.  Pay attention and don’t make excuses for those who make you uncomfortable, ie. don’t try to talk yourself out of your feelings…

If you have LEO RISING, then this is quite the year from now through August 11th when Jupiter enters Virgo.  Jupiter in the 1st brings confidence and the courage to try new things.  Relationships with the young are highlighted.  I have seen Jupiter here expand the waistline, too.  It could be a new baby rather than over-eating J.  Travel, teaching and studying, writing, sharing information with others — all these are very appropriate.  You get a trine from Uranus in Aries in your 9th which is accenting the Jupiter activities even more.  Saturn in Sag is moving through your 5th house of children, letting the child in yourself come out to play, recreation, creativity, and romance.  Travel is indicated for learning and for pleasure now, not so much for business.  Don’t be surprised if you meet kindred spirits who live at a distance from you — either because you are travelling or they travel to YOUR area.

Other possibilities are creative writing, theatre, music, and dancing.  Since children and education are so prominent for you, perhaps there will be contact with foreign students?  It’s a very nice transit to teach those younger than yourself about tolerance for diversity.  Foreign music, foreign movies, foreign dance — all these are favored.  I know a mother and daughter with prominent Fire signs and both of them are dancing right now and having a great time doing it.  I have Leo rising — I dance at home by myself after midnight when all are sleeping , with headphones and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”.  Great exercise J…I’m also considering writing a book about palmistry but I haven’t decided for sure yet.  Meanwhile I will be teaching more this year, travelling out of town for classes in astrology and palmistry.  I share this with you just to illustrate how the transits can work.  If you teach what you love, then that joy gets communicated to others and also you get to plant seeds of education with young people.  And who knows where that might lead?

I want to share something that is very important to me.  I firmly believe that all of us have an opportunity and a spiritual obligation to plant seeds of education with the young over the next 3 years.  It’s not what you teach, it’s the passion and joy and enthusiasm that gets communicated and then they see this is possible for them, too.  At the same time, have you noticed how many terrible things are happening to children all over the world?  A friend pointed this out to me last April with the Cardinal Grand Cross and she was and is absolutely right.  WE ARE ALL EACH OTHER’S TEACHERS.  The children are trying to wake us up.  On a soul level, these children are sacrificing to teach us to value life, to make changes on this earth to protect life instead of harm it. And so far we are failing miserably.  Each of us as individuals cannot fix the earth.  But we CAN start with where we are, with ourselves, our family, then our neighborhood and our community.  Please be alert for the opportunities to plant the seeds of kindness, protection, and respect.  All children need love and encouragement…

A person with Leo rising and all the trines could just fritter their time away indulgently.  It takes a square or two in a chart to get things done.  So let’s examine transiting Neptune, currently in square to Saturn in the 5th from Pisces in the 8th house.  The 8th is shared money, power, and intimacy.  With all the joy coming through classes, lessons, and creativity — this is NOT the time to break your budget to finance so many new activities that you leave yourself short for the basic expenses.  I know people with Leo rising who have received news in the last couple of months of a loss of income, real setbacks.  If this hasn’t happened to you, great, let’s hope it doesn’t.  Partners with financial obligations to you could fail to meet them.  I could see this square as an opportunity to choose the new activities that are most important to you and put the rest on hold until financial conditions stabilize.  This is not a good transit to loan money or possessions, but it’s more than that.  You need to be on guard against deception, mistakes, outright theft, etc.  So, reconcile your bank account and be alert for errors.  Lock your purse, your car, your home.  Make a firm rule that the children cannot have their friends over unless you are home, too.  Know and understand your insurance policies.  The 8th rules insurance.  This square is in effect now and again late in the year.  Neptune moves very slowly.  The positive side of Neptune  could be you make short term sacrifices in order to complete a big creative project.  The could be about how you spend your time, not just about money.  For example, movies are a passive activity.  It’s not that movies are bad — they teach us, inspire us, amuse us, thrill, us, etc.  but too many movies can be a way of avoiding life.  So you might want to ask yourself, how are you spending your time?

Well, folks, we’ll wrap this up with Part 6 next week.  Till then, Mercury goes direct  tomorrow, TG…Have some fun and enjoy the Sun coming back…Blessings, Jenae



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Good Morning dear Friends and Readers, Let’s continue exploring Saturn in Sag through the signs…

If you have PISCES ascending, then Saturn is transiting through your 10th house of career, reputation and public life for the next 3 years.  Saturn rules the 10th house, Capricorn in the natural wheel of the zodiac.  So even though Saturn is not that comfortable in Sag, it IS at home in the 10th;  that may help offset the transiting square between Neptune and Saturn, partly this year but mostly in 2016. It’s complicated.  You’re going to have to dig into your psyche, and be aware of the subtle parts of yourself to make the most of this transit.  Is it challenging?  Probably.  Whether it’s external events or internal ones is hard to say without seeing the whole chart.  It’s probably both.

One the one hand, it’s pretty ideal for social service work.  But it’s far more likely that you have a sense of ennui, of restriction and/or limitation at work.  You may feel stuck.  Sometimes the quickest shortcut to learn to be a good boss is to work for a difficult boss.  That could be happening.  You just have to slog on through without getting negative and when you’ve passed the test, that person will move on, or you will be transferred, etc, etc,  I heard a  story once about a boss who sent out about 100 emails everyday and expected them all to be answered.  How could the workers get anything else done?  My client endured this for the 2 1/2 years that Saturn was in his 10th.  If you are stuck in your career, or feel under-appreciated, the Universe may be urging you toward a different job or even a new field.  Some companies  share the cost of education, so be sure to check that out as part of your research.  This is not a quick decision to be made; Saturn is much more long-term.  You need to really think about what to do.

The complicated part is that Neptune (chart ruler if you have Pisces rising) is in or near your 1st house and this can mean confusion, depression, ambivalence, etc.  Most of all Neptune is saying “Listen to your conscience, your aspiration” , and put yourself sincerely and humbly in the hands of the Universe. The answers you need will come when you can ask with 100% sincerity, how best can I help the world?  I don’t care if you write, write music, make movies, work in social services or even a beauty parlor — that initial aspiration MUST be there in order to succeed with Pisces.  It doesn’t man you can’t have fun, but this IS a serious transiting square and it’s meant to shake up the staus  quo and get you on a better track — for yourself AND to help others. Maybe you need another degree.  Maybe you need a new and/or additional certification.  Maybe you decide to teach yourself magic tricks and entertain at childrens’ birthday parties as a side job —  bringing joy to others is very healing…

The transiting Fire Trines will be in your 10th, 2nd, and 6th houses — very helpful for making improvements with work and money, AND affirming your core values at the same time.

ARIES RISING:  WHAT A WILD RIDE !!!  You have Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, making conjunctions in Aries with any planets you may have in Aries.  Even on your Ascendant, you’re absolutely hungry, like a starving person, to reinvent yourself and have more freedom and spontaneity in your life.  I knew a woman with Uranus in her 1st and she got herself covered with tattoos.  She rebelled against the life she had and got divorced.  It was her midlife crisis, the early 40’s…

Uranus in your 1st encourages you to try new things — new sports, new foods, new friends, etc.  The Fire trines transiting this year are a huge plus for your personal creativity with Jupiter in Leo in your 5th, and for stretching your boundaries and maybe travelling since Saturn in Sag is in your 9th house, the natural Sag house.  People with ARIES rising will have an easier time understanding how the houses work, since their charts line up with the natural wheel of the zodiac.

This year is a perfect set-up for a high school graduate going off to college for the first time.  Enjoy the freedom, enjoy the dance.  But if you party all the time, expect Saturn in your 9th to play the taskmaster with penalties if you don’t take your school work seriously.  Remember, with freedom comes the responsibility to use it wisely. Saturn = maturity.

Transiting Neptune in PISCES in your 12th is square transiting Saturn in SAG this year and next.  There could be some very strong lessons, challenges, regarding alcohol and drugs. It may not be you but it could be around you, showing you the tragedy that comes when moderation flies out the window. Sag is the sign most associated with binging of any kind, whether food or drink.  Seek counseling if you need it and maybe get help for loved ones if it applies.  Not a good time to take a new medicine without researching it carefully first.

Let me tell you a true story. A local boy, honor student, 19, was away at college and he was on antibiotics and decided to party and drink. He didn’t know that the medication intensified the effects of alcohol. He passed out, choked on his own vomit and died.  Can you imagine the heartbreak for his family?

To end this on a happier note…One of the things Uranus represents is friendship, groups, and teamwork.  Since Uranus is in your 1st house, there is a lot of capacity for leadership through action and personal example.  The 1st house is how we present ourselves to the outside world, how other people see us.  Sports teams come to mind, but really it could be any kind of group. All social and fraternal groups — VFW, Habitat for Humanity, labor union rep, Food Banks, chess clubs, debate teams, etc. etc. You could be a big and benevolent influence this year.  And your intuition and quick instincts are  good this year.  Take First Aid — you could be a hero.

TAURUS RISING means Saturn is moving through your 8th house of shared money, shared power and intimacy. Shared money can include people who owe you.  Saturn here can mean a delay in collecting funds owed to you.  Banks, governments, large corporations and insurance companies all come under the 8th, but your mate, business partner or partners are also indicated.  In general, and due to the square from transiting Neptune in your 11th, Saturn is cautioning you not to lend money and/or possessions to friends.  It’s one thing to loan a pair of socks but quite another to loan your car.  Protect yourself and be cautious.  It could be harder to get a loan if you need one but actually, long term financial planning looks pretty good.  Those transiting Fire trines can bring you some help and inspiration re: buying a home, setting up funds for childrens’ education, etc. and Saturn in the 8th is good for retirement investing.  This would also include long term insurance needs.

There could be so much activity in your home, people in and out, that your love life gets delayed, too. Business travel mandated for either you or your mate could have the same effect.  While you both would like to be spontaneous, Saturn is suggesting that you may have to schedule alone time together —even to the point of leaving for a weekend just to get some privacy. This transit of Saturn in this house is good for reading and studying the sexual traditions in other cultures — both present day and historical.  Always good to learn something new…

I always liked the phrase from the Bible about praying in our closet. There’s the people on the street corner trumpeting about how holy they are, and then there’s the real ones who pray in their closet. Sag is the sign of religion and the 8th is a private house.  This Saturn transit is a great time to make your home your church, to incorporate your spiritual values into your everyday activities in your home.  No one has to know about it either.  Having a special meditation room is a luxury. Most of us don’t have an extra room to spare.  Many people I know make a meditation garden — a little nook in the yard with a tree, a special bench to sit on, with plants and flowers that are meaningful to you;  sometimes it’s the place where a beloved family pet is buried.  Inside your home, things could be as simple as hanging a picture that inspires you, or lighting a candle on the mantle.  I always liked the pictures of the angels watching over little children.

One more change of subject.  There’s funny interchange between Taurus and Sag, and I base this on memories of clients past, since I did a bunch of horses and their owners in the 80’s.  If you are running cattle and particularly if you are raising horses, then you better keep a close eye on the situation because something’s not right.  Saturn is telling you there is a problem.  Either the food is wrong, or an injury isn’t healing properly, or a trainer isn’t doing what the horse needs, or someone is scalping you financially, etc. etc.

Well, that’s it for now.  Stay tuned.  More soon. Blessings, Jenae

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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, Let’s get right to it.  This post is based on YOUR Ascendant.  That way the houses are correct when reading about upcoming transits.  Sun Sign astrology is helpful but not as accurate as Natal astrology.  There are lots of sites that offer free charts.  To figure out your Ascendant, you need your TIME OF BIRTH.  Birth DATE, TIME, and PLACE are all components to cast accurate charts.

If you have SAGGITARIUS RISING (SAG Ascendant), then transiting Saturn will move into your 1st house sometime in the next three years.  The 1st house is how other people see you, how you project yourself to the outside world.  The 1st house is also a symbol for the physical body and personality.

You may adopt a  more business-like wardrobe and manner of relating to others.  Saturn, among other things, can represent career.  I have a client with this position and she is a college teacher.  You’ll remember from Parts 1 & 2 of this post that Sag is teaching, learning, philosophy/religion, foreign contacts, travel, and seeing the big picture.  So let’s play with this a moment and think up some possibilities…returning to school, or taking classes OR teaching classes is a great way to express Saturn in Sag because the overall big picture of your life and goals may include more education to stabilize your career.  You could find yourself travelling more for business purposes.  You could decide to participate in martial arts, yoga, etc.(the foreign angle of Sag) or teach yourself a new language in preparation for the trip of a lifetime.  Writing is a strong possibility as is reviewing the religion of your childhood and deciding what works for you and what doesn’t.  You could be an exchange student or host a foreign student in your home.

Saturn brings us what we have earned.  If there is a weak point, something that needs to be fixed, Saturn will show it to you.  Older people have a slightly easier time reaping the rewards of Saturn.  Saturn is bringing long-term ideas, plans, goals, and creations into manifestation, into the physical…

What IS IMPORTANT is to take yourself and your responsibilities seriously and be your own authority.  Self-respect.  Sometimes this transit will bring a period of low vitality, so taking good care of your health is also important.  You may be working hard, and taking care of your health is another aspect of being responsible for yourself.  Sag is the sign most associated with binging.  Be moderate with food and drink or expect repercussions.

The Fire Trine transits the 1st  2/3 of this year will be helpful to launching new projects, ideas, and even for starting an exercise program.  It’s good for creativity of all kinds.  The square to Neptune could be challenging since it could represent a relative with ongoing problems, physical or mental/emotional.  The challenge for you is to find the balance between being compassionate but not getting sucked in.  Another possibility is keeping an eye on the water issues connected with your home.  If you know you have drainage problems or plumbing problems, best to be pro-active and get things fixed.  Some areas have questionable water quality, so investing in a purifier can be beneficial.  If you  are someone about to purchase a home, be sure to have everything connected with water check out thoroughly BEFORE you buy.

I had a client once who I warned about  water issues at home.  She insisted that they had re-done their plumbing and all was fixed and in good repair — roof, etc.  Well, the hill behind them got too much rain and crashed down, destroying her landscaping and burying the back two rooms in mud !!  Some things  can be prevented, others not…they had good insurance.  Which reminds me, if you are in a flood zone, you might want to add flood insurance for the next couple years.  It’s a separate federal program and does not renew automatically.

CAPRICORN RISING :  Saturn is your chart ruler, so pay extra attention to your Saturn transits.  Saturn in Sag in your 12th is great for a period of inner exploration, for working alone or behind the scenes, for implementing spiritual practices into your daily life.  Your dreams can teach you much the next few years, too.  Sometimes Saturn in the 12th forces us to face our own worst fears.  Some people may feel lonely or misunderstood.  While it CAN bring on some isolation, remember this — if you like being with yourself, it’s called solitude, not loneliness.  And some people do their best work when they’re alone — a great transit for a writer…

This is a special transit for getting in touch with your  teachers and guides, both  visible and invisible.   You may need help or additional insight assessing some kind of philosophical change, to learn how to release ideas and belief systems that have been undermining you or holding you back.  There are systems of body work that help liberate the mind.  The fascia of the muscles store buried emotions and/or trauma.  There’s also books like Louise Hay’s work “You can Heal Your Life”, and one called “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” — can’t remember the author…

The 12th house symbolizes places of refuge and confinement.  Those of you in medical or spiritual careers will be quite busy.  The Fire Trine transits could bring more contact with young people.  For example, Saturn in SAG in the 12th would be a great transit to teach Sunday School.

The challenge of Neptune in your 3rd could mean there are communication problems or medical problems with a sibling, neighbor, or cousin.  Not a great transit to buy a car.  Try to avoid this for the next couple years.  Also, pay close attention to the water systems in your car, all fluids — water pump, brake fluid, radiator, etc.  Don’t forget to use antifreeze, and in the windshield washer, too :))

If I had this transit, I would be paying particular attention to the neighborhood, too.  People move. Neighborhoods change.  Neighbors needs to look out for one another.  A great transit to start a neighborhood watch program.  Keep your car safer by locking it.  Assess your neighborhood.  Are there factors undermining its safety and security?  Take your time getting to know new neighbors, and trust your instincts.  Probably a good idea to refrain from discussing politics and religion over the next couple years…

AQUARIUS RISING:  Saturn in Sag in your 11th is very at home here, in the sense that the 11th IS the Aquarian house on the natural wheel and Sag and Aquarius are the 2 signs most tuned in to the  future.  The standard meaning of Saturn in the 11th is take a class/teach a class, but there’s more when Sag is involved.  It could be finding kindred spirits, a real sense of teamwork and brotherhood through some kind of group activities.  It could be a club, a fraternal service organization, a study group, a church group, a writers’ group, etc.  Don’t let me limit you — if you love quilting, or welding, or St. Bernards, then look for a group to join — in person or even a forum online.   ETC. ETC.

I have seen Saturn in the 11th work out 3 different ways. The person has a lot of older friends and very positive relationships with them.   The person has no time for friends either because they’re working all the time, or they are too shy to make the first move and be welcoming. The person is either elected or appointed to a position that represents a group.  So those of you with Saturn in your 11th can watch and see what happens.  Be on the lookout for those chance encounters that lead to a lifetime of friendship.

The prophetic nature of Sag combined with the intuition of Aquarius — you can know in advance what will be popular in future years, you can spot the trends.  You may understand technology better than most people, and be willing to embrace all the changes — the latest gadgets, time savers, etc.  This would be a good position for inventive people.  You could have a great idea for a new invention.  Be sure to follow the patenting process; there are different kinds of patents.  Using technology to create music is another possibility.  Technology has created music studios in peoples’ homes — amazing, the changes we have seen since the last time Saturn was in Sag.  The freedom to be creative is yours with the Fire trines this year.  Relationships both in person and at a distance should flourish.

The challenge of the Neptune square from your 2nd house is a bit of a warning not to be naïve and gullible in money matters for the next couple of years.  On the one hand, the positive side of this square is great for actually manifesting and producing your creative efforts.  Squares can be a sign of big accomplishments.  If I were you, I think I might be a bit secretive about my creative plans, and work on them without interference.  I read somewhere that talking about what we want to do dissipates the energy.  It takes time and effort to develop our skills and talents.  Call it a labor of love…

The negative potential of this square would be something like discovering your friend does not share the same ethics and/or core values, or loaning money or possessions to friends and then they either disappear or damage your stuff.  Or you could become dis-enchanted with a group that veers off in the wrong direction.  I remember one group I was in, and there was a person there who was on a guru trip.  Had to be right, had to be the boss, had to pontificate about everything — very annoying and very silly.  Every person in a  group has truth to communicate.  No one person has it all…

Well, folks, it’s dinnertime and I am starved.  Writing makes me hungry :))  More soon.  Stay safe, Jenae



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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, The last time Saturn was in Sag, online classes and satellite campuses were considered very new and progressive.  Today, many people can finish degrees or further their education online.  The internet has been a blessing is the sense that education is available to all, or to anyone with an internet connection.  There’s KHAN University with tutorials, there are satellites broadcasting lessons to remote schools in Austrailia, and probably in Africa, too, though I don’t know for sure.  People in the USA living way out in the rural areas can study              nursing and then do their clinicals  later.  What isn’t working is the huge cost of higher education.  I think Saturn will bring this issue into clear focus.  The ills and injustices in our country cannot be healed without education.  There are high school students that may graduate but are not ready intellectually for college. Just as there are different kinds of intelligence, some people learn by hearing, some by seeing, and some by doing.  Improved technology is and will continue to help people learn new things…

Another issue with education is there isn’t enough standardization for applying credits and classes when changing schools.  Between that and the student loan problem, I think we will see the pressure increase and graduates decrease until something positive is implemented.  We are already seeing the beginning of this in elementary and high schools — charter schools, contract schools, pay based on merit and students’ achievement, advanced placement — lots of innovative things are starting to happen.

I think education is going to be a very big issue during Saturn in Sag.  The young people need help.  Jupiter is in Leo this year, the sign that rules children.  I have been encouraging my private clients with kids to show respect and enthusiasm for learning, to make it a family affair…one child at a time.  What amazes me is the number of adults I have talked with lately that are just a few credits away from a degree, or completing a program.  These are the ones who have decided to return to school after a 20 + year absence.  They now have a terrific opportunity to advance themselves AND to also influence  the whole family for years to come.  When I was in social services we kept in  mind the old phrase — “Give a man a fish and you’ve fed him for a day.  Teach him how to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”  This applies to more than anti-poverty food and nutrition programs — the key is the education.

Sag rules foreign languages.  The kids who become bi-lingual or multi-lingual are going to have a huge advantage in the years to come. If you are parents with young children, start this learning process now while Saturn is in Sag…


Let’s look at Church.  Sag rules both Italy and France.  Did you know that at one time there were two Popes?  One in Italy and one in France — hundreds of years ago…Rome and Avignon…So let’s look at the Catholic Church in particular since the astrology fits.  There are huge problems coming to the surface.  We have an innovative Pope and an antiquated, rigid church structure and theology that is excluding large segments of the population.  If compromise is possible, can it be achieved without alienating the extremists on either end of the scale?  It will be interesting to see if the Church can  re-invent itself while still remaining true to the core philosophy.  I see these debates going on in other churches, and other religions, too.  Is tolerance acceptable or a betrayal?  Is extremism a negative or just people remaining true to their beliefs?  You see this in government, too.  Ultimately, I think each person must decide for themselves how to live with integrity and still get along with others.  The news is absolutely  full of cruelty, persecution, greed and corruption — betrayals of all kinds.  Obviously new souls who haven’t learned the rules yet.  What goes around comes around.  Think carefully before you hurt your fellow man…

Years ago I read something in an Edgar Cayce book about a question of whether a man in ancient Persia created negative karma because his job was to put peoples’ eyes out as punishment.  Edgar Cayce  was a  famous psychic and trance medium who died in the 1940’s.  His answer to the question was if the man was only doing his job, had to obey orders and had no choice, there was no negative karma BUT if he derived pleasure from punishing, then indeed there WAS negative karma. In another book, he said that the people in the Romans who laughed at the persecuted victims in the Coliseum games generated extremely bad karma for themselves.


Sag also rules licenses and certifications as well as ceremonies.  Going back to the education theme, the next 3 years will be very good for people to upgrade their job skills if additional certificates are required.  A quick example.  People with certain majors, like English or Teaching or Communications, can get an ESL endorsement fairly easily.  Teaching English as a 2nd language opens up a lot of opportunities.  Plus it fits with the current transits, too.  Think about what kinds of upgrades will help YOU the most.


I always know when Saturn changes signs because my clients change.  For the last 3 years, I’ve had a lot of people with fixed signs, and a lot of Scorpios in particular.  Saturn can bring up problems that don’t fix easily or quickly.  Now the mutable signs are going to start feeling that pressure and already I have talked with 5 Sag clients.  The mutable signs are Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sag.  In Part 3 of Saturn in Sag, we’ll start going through the signs as to what kinds of experiences are possible.

Meanwhile, have a safe and Happy New Year.  Back soon, Jenae


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