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Good Afternoon, dear Friends and Readers, well, I just heard from a client and she was delayed flying home, which freed up my time. Taking a vacation during Mercury retrograde is not a good thing to do !!!

If you have SAGITTARIUS RISING, the transiting Saturn will be moving through your 3rd house. The 3rd, the natural Gemini house, is about communication, practical education, travel — usually short term or regional travel, by car, truck, train, or bus. The 3rd house is also the local neighborhood. People with SAG rising crave travel, it re-news and refreshes them. Saturn in the 3rd could be business travel or just a lot of seeing friends. With the virus, socializing is tricky but it can be done safely, and the weather warming up will help. The next Mercury retrograde is 5/29 to 6/22/2021, so work around those dates for best results !!

SAG is ruled by Jupiter and with both Jupiter and Saturn in your 3rd it is likely that there will be some big and permanent improvements in your neighborhood or the town where you live. My impression is a large business or store will open up. Good for jobs and the local economy. Other possibilities are better cell reception, or a tech company with coordinated training at the local 2 year college. If it’s major construction and/or road improvements it can be a pain short-term but better in the long run.

This could be a good year to upgrade your personal technology, but work around those squares to transiting Uranus. Since Uranus is most likely in your 6th maybe there’s a program at work that gives you a discount on tech purchases. I wouldn’t loan work tools this year. People with Sag rising are generous; just be more cautious with tools and supplies owned by the company you work for. In general, Jupiter in the 3rd is a good time to buy a car, but Saturn is not. Maybe a business lease for a vehicle is ok, but you should really look carefully at your chart before moving ahead, and for sure NOT during Mercury retrograde!!

The 3rd house is siblings. Also cousins. There may be increased contact with them. Communication is very important. Try very hard to choose your words carefully (Saturn) and say exactly what you mean. There is no better transit to overcome negative thinking than Saturn in our 3rd house. It is very hard work, learning to neutralize negative thoughts. So worth it, though, because you can lay old burdens to rest once and for all and embark on a major renewal of your life :)) Friends can be a big help and support to each other this year, to help overcome old habits. They will cheer you on and vice versa…

IF you have SCORPIO RISING, then SATURN is transiting through your 4th house of home and family. This is not easy but Jupiter may provide a lot of help. The standard definition is the house is too small, too dark, too confining emotionally — like you don’t like who you are living with, etc. The other meaning is harder — Saturn represents the elders in your family, and the 4th house is also your genealogy and your ancestors. So maybe you need to correct some negative family patterns. The best way is to change yourself; we can’t change other people. When I see Saturn moving into the 4th I warn my clients to be attentive to the elders. Worst case scenario is you will lose an older relative during the 2-3 years Saturn moves through the 4th. There are also worse things than dying, an elder could have serious illness or cognitive problems and be unable to care for themselves. Many families are multi-generational and everybody chips in to help the seniors. That was the pattern in historical times, and it still functions well today. However, many families are living at a distance and then it becomes much harder to decide how to provide care. You may already be in the midst of grief, due to the virus and the terrible losses in nursing homes. There is so much grief in the world right now…we lost a Grandpa in our extended family last June and Grandma is now unable to live in her home. Her adult kids found an assisted living home for her — more personal care, and less likely to have more sickness since each senior has their own room. Less expensive than a nursing home and safer, and easier to visit, though not in the winter. I read about some research they did in Virginia. The seniors who lived communally in assisted living, no more than 8 to 10 seniors, fared far better than the nursing homes — less virus and less deaths. Would you like to know why there are more nursing homes with more risk instead of more small assisted living homes that are proven to be safer? It’s because the large nursing home corporations pay lobbyists a LOT of money to make sure they get the government subsidies, with very little left over for the assisted living providers. More Saturn-Pluto greed and corruption stuff. Greed is the root of every big problem in this country. OK, I’ll get off the soapbox…it’s just that even when I was a little girl, I liked seniors. They were always so nice to me…

OK, back to Saturn in the 4th — any gadget that you can obtain to make your home safer, cleaner, easier to manage — and to save time, money, labor or energy is recommended this year. The use of technology for practical purposes is growing very fast. I see commercials where people can operate their appliances, lock up the house or open it, clean the floors,.etc. with their phone and/or their voice. Truly amazing !!

You may end up having more meetings at your house — hopefully outdoors when it’s warmer and safer. Best to check with partners first before you plan these gatherings…they may be for a good purpose, but with transiting Uranus in your 7th your partner may have their own ideas about who they do or don’t want in the house. Not worth getting in a fight about…I have also seen clients with Uranus in their 7th and it can indicate a mid-life crisis. Add in the square from Saturn in the 4th and this could be a difficult situation. Family counselling may be in order…

Well, time to move onto another project. Stay tuned for more…Best Wishes always, Jenae

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Hello Dear Readers and Friends, I’ve been hesitating about writing this blog, but Saturn is now past my Sun and Mercury is direct, so it’s time to move forward with this series on Saturn. Yesterday I read a rather grim article about Saturn in Aquarius. The man knew his history and he also gave a lot of examples of epidemics and of people born with Saturn in Aquarius. I was so depressed after reading it that I hid under a blanket most of the day and took 2 naps — anything to change the energy. And naps usually work for me…and today is a better day…TG!

It is obvious to me that Saturn in Aquarius is showing huge amounts of divisiveness — groups of people reviling and/or criticising and/or attacking one another. This horrible virus with all the emerging mutations will not go away as long as people are fighting. The lesson is to learn to get along and allow other people to be who they are and to practice tolerance and look for what we all have in common. The more positive expression of Saturn in Aquarius is teamwork, brotherly love and cooperation for the common good. Lots of new groups are starting now that are doing exactly that. I want you to keep an eye on the people who were born with Saturn in Aquarius — watch what they do and what their values are for a clue to our future. The people born in 1962, 1963 and early 1964 and the people born in 1991, 1992, and 1993. And of course the babies born now from December 2020 through March of 2023. These are the lightworkers. I don’t know what their role is, but they have a special part to play in our evolution…

If you have AQUARIUS RISING, then Saturn is either in your 12th house or moving to your Ascendant and into your 1st house. It is VERY important that you know what degree of Aquarius is on your Ascendant so you can prepare for this transit. There are lots of programs on the internet that will give you your birth positions, but you need to know your time of birth as exact to the minute as possible. With Saturn in the 12th, we may have to face some of our worst fears. It takes courage to have hope these days. Saturn in the 12th can indicate focus and dedication to spiritual practices, or it can be a symbol of isolation and depression. It is even possible to grieve over losing a friend or a connection to a group that you valued.

Once Saturn is in our 1st house, it is time to roll up our shirt sleeves and get to work fixing what is not working in our lives. Your health could be under some pressure so take vitamins and try to get power naps when you feel extra tired. Saturn shows us our weak points, what needs to be strengthened. If you are shy and withdrawn, then you are going to have to find the courage to reach out to other people. The Internet is easy compared to physical life right now. Maybe you show the leadership indicated by the 1st house by starting your own group, or teach a class online. I knew someone with this position and he was not happy in his job. He did a bunch of research and decided what he wanted to pursue. It took him over a year to make the change but now he is quite satisfied. Remember, Saturn can be a symbol for career. Time to step up and be your true self !!

You will want to pay attention to your bones, joints, and teeth (Saturn) and particularly to the knees to the ankles (Aquarius). Since the first house is the head, good dental care is SO important. Bad teeth can cause headaches. Invest in the best toothbrush you can afford and also use mouthwash a lot — kills the virus, too…

Ben Franklin once said, “The best way to have a good friend is to be one!” and people with Saturn in their first would do well to get really clear on the principles of friendship — the boundaries, the ethics, what you are looking for, etc. — especially if you have been grieving a loss in this area. Some people are friends with their family but it doesn’t always work out that way. Aquarians often consider their friends their family. Saturn in your 1st could be a test of your capacity for friendship or it could be a whole new group of people comes into your life. Above all, Saturn helps us manifest big goals and projects. So make your list and WRITE IT DOWN — what do you want and/or need most in your life?

If you have Saturn in Aquarius in your 2nd house, you most likely have CAPRICORN RISING. I’ve seen lots of books say Saturn in the 2nd is money troubles, but I don’t agree. Remember, there’s a potential positive with Saturn. Before I get into that, there is an exception this year — transiting Saturn and transiting Uranus will square each other 3 times — we just had the first one — February 17, then June 14, and finally December 23, 2021. If Saturn is in your 2nd, then Uranus will be in your 5th — which is the house of kids and having fun, and the 2nd is personal money, resources, talents, and possessions. Squares can be a sign of challenge, frustration and the need to make adjustments. Squares can be a sign of hard work and big accomplishments. I just think for a week around each of these squares that you will need to be careful about loaning your personal stuff, or about doing so much for your kids and their friends and/or a group that you begin to feel like a sacrifical lamb…no brownie points in heaven for giving too much and feeling resentment about it!! If you are part of a dedicated team and EVERYONE is equally committed, then fine !! Go for it !! But in general, this will be a year where kids and/or people younger than yourself may want to borrow your stuff, or they want you to buy stuff, maybe frivolous stuff. Making the right decisions in these areas will help you define what values are important to you and pressure may bring this to your awareness and lead to some valuable learning for the kids. We are not defined by our possessions. That’s a hard one for kids that want the latest status symbol. If they are exhibiting a lack of confidence in themselves, or they want to impress their friends, then you’re going to need to help them work through this. I don’t think your kids or younger friends should be allowed to borrow your stuff this year. If they want or need something, ask them what they are willing to contribute toward the purchase. Time or money, like doing chores and racking up points toward the purchase. Sometimes Uranus in the 5th can indicate rebellious kids. If you are experiencing this, it’s probably time for tough love and family counselling.

Now that we’ve looked at the group interactions and we realize that this is probably NOT the best year to go into business with a friend or friends, let’s look at Saturn from a more personal view. This could be the year you really focus on building up your personal skills and talents. Maybe you spend some money on training or materials and have less time for social life because you have a big goal in mind. I started my business when Saturn was in my 2nd, and everything went well because I still kept my part-time job to ease the transition and I studied hard, every night, and assembled the resources I would need to take what had been a private hobby and turn it into a public business. These days I think it can be quicker and easier but there’s no getting around the dedication you need when Saturn is involved. Maybe your goal is simply getting out of debt and starting to save some money. Hard with a pandemic going on, but still possible. Saturn is about short-term sacrifice for long-term reward. There’s an old saying about Taurus — neither a borrower nor a lender be !! So be careful…

As far as health, the bones and joints in your neck may need some attention. Good to do some gentle neck exercises on a regular basis. I think it might be important to make sure your desk or your workbench is the right height and maybe you will need a chair that is both adjustable in height and also at the neck. The same knees to ankle caution still applies as well and so does good dental care.

There is no getting around the power of the pen :)) It is the first step to bring an idea into physical manifestation. So please write down your goals and wish list. Review it and change it if necessary, maybe once a month. Pat yourself on the back for slow and steady progress. The 2nd is the Taurus house and this is the Year of the OX — substantive progress that lasts a long time…

Well, that’s it for now…at least I got started…more houses soon…stay tuned and stay safe :)) Jenae

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Good Morning dear Friends and Readers, Do you remember that I said I would update this 7 year transit as events unfolded? There are squares this year and right now, from Mars/Uranus in Taurus to all the transiting planets in Aquarius. I had mentioned the crypto currencies and the blockchain stuff previously. All that seems to be progressing. Some astrologers are predicting hack attacks on financial institutions. I sincerely hope they are wrong. The last thing we need right now is more trouble. But something new and major has occurred !! It seems to be a revolution of young investors taking on the Big Boys on Wall Street…this should open up new opportunities for all people as the old ways doing things are up for review —the settling of transactions, the SPACS, the ease of investing, the rules about shorting, etc. mean that changes are happening now and there will be more…

Have you been reading about the whole situation with Robin Hood and the Reddit investors? It got pretty wild and wooly, but underneath the events, there are forces changing the status quo of the investment world (Taurus). I hope the kids didn’t lose their money: there is risk involved in every kind of investment. They banded together as a group (Aquarius). The squares suggest they incorporate some of the old ways with the new ones to avoid negative results. Old rules like never put more than 4% of your money in any one investment. The kids are moving fast but wealth is also built over time through the power of compounding your dividends. Here’s a couple more very true statements…”The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” AND “Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered!”

Here’s an idea for older and/or more conservative investors. First of all never sell puts unless you are willing to own the stock, and have the cash in your account to buy the shares. Never sell covered calls unless you are willing to lose your shares. If the kids are driving the price down on a stock you are interested in, then there is an opportunity to sell a put at a lower price and pick up the 100 shares at a bargain if it fills. Plus you get to keep the money from the put you sold. If the kids are driving up the price of a stock that you already own, then that’s the time the sell a covered call at a higher price than the current one. And if your shares do get called away, you have extra profit from the call you sold. Don’t try this without considerable study and research. When the kids went after silver the other day, I had the opportunity to sell a nice covered call on some shares I’ve owned for years. I chose a short-dated call because I figured it would come down as fast as it went up. Which it did. So I get to keep the call money AND the shares. Experience has taught me to be a rather timid investor. It’s better for me than getting burned. SOooo… be careful out there. Enjoy the crazy show because I think it’s going to be with us for awhile. Just the latest example of Uranus shaking up the financial world…

Who knows what or when the next update will be ?? Uranus is full of surprises…Stay safe, Jenae

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