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Dear Readers and Friends, You can take any transit and interpret it on a mundane level, on the physical level, which can include personal stuff or how the transit might manifest in the outside world. You can also interpret on the mental level, or on the emotional/spiritual level, too.  Today I want to take a look at Mars in Aries more on the psychological level.  Before I get to that part, I want to tell you what I’ve been observing with these Cardinal transits this year…

First of all, anyone with Cardinal planets in their natal is getting hit hard.  We all have Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn energy somewhere in our charts, but those of you with birth planets in these signs are getting hammered. This is due to Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto transiting through Capricorn, as well as Mars in Aries since end of June, and also Mercury and Venus have just made their annual transit through Cancer during July, though Venus is running behind due to it’s retrograde in May/June, so it is in Cancer right now.  Lots of squares and oppositions make for an abundance of challenges…

For example, I have over a dozen clients that are  dealing with health and safety issues for older parents.  This is challenging at any time, but can you imagine how much more difficult it is with the virus issues running concurrently?  Just getting to where the elders live can be a challenge, they won’t let you in the hospital — you have to drop them off at the door, getting help and medical appointments is never easy and now it is so much worse!!  Nursing homes are dangerous, even caregivers can be risky because they are in and out of numerous peoples’ homes, what is a concerned adult child to do?  Every choice has consequences and they are painfully aware of it.  The responsibilities are weighing on them very heavily.  They need some R+R but there IS NO R+R. Not where Pluto is concerned — it is inexorable — all you can do is embrace the pressure as gracefully as you can — resistance is futile. Trust me, I have been there — I lost 17 people in the 8 years that Pluto in Scorpio squared just about everything in my chart.  Years later I realized that it had prepared me to do hospice work for others…

OK, I know you guys already know that Cap represents seniors, but it is  also a symbol for career.  So, yeah, there are a lot of problems with jobs these days. Just having a job has become a HUGE issue. Or working from home and trying to parent kids at the same time. Or working from home and trying to provide education for your kids at the same time. Or working and how do you keep your kids safe when you are at work?  Elizabeth Warren said it so well — we will not be able to fix the economy without safe and affordable daycare.  They are intertwined.  Not everyone can work from home. If you can, consider yourself blessed. In spite of all the problems…

The shifting to more stuff online is going to continue — astrology says that’s a no brainer as both Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius this coming December.  I have often heard it said that the best place to be in a recession is in school.  So, those of you having job problems might consider going to school online to further your current career or even shift to a new one.  Since single parents have it even tougher right now, consider what community means to you — neighbors, friends, a roommate who doesn’t gallivant all over town — keep your home as safe as you can, but consider how much small communities of people can do to make life easier for each other.

OK, back to Mars…Mars is the God of War in mythology. Cap is a symbol for government/power/authority.  The squares from Mars in Aries to the Cap transits are pretty obvious out in the world.  Squares = challenge/frustration/the need to make adjustments.  Protests and marches can turn violent.  There are groups that consider themselves to be at war with the government. It doesn’t look like it’s going to resolve very soon, but maybe when Mars goes retrograde, these groups will realize it’s better to be a community activist and get something positive done to change society.  Like backing candidates for government at the local level who will truly help their community. Jobs, childcare, better education and health care. etc.

But I don’t want to discuss Mars in the outer world. There are lots of astrologers writing about that stuff. Read as much as you can.  There will be many different points of view.  What I see at this time is the urge to do things in a new way, to reinvent ourselves (Mars) is at odds with the status quo.  There’s reason Cap rules old age — people get stiff and lose flexibility and this happens in the mind, too.  They get rigid and resist change. Exercising to keep ourselves flexible is a really good thing because it also helps the mind stay open to learning and growing.  We all need that right now. Adaptablity and flexibility will get us through this crisis.  A sentence came to me this morning — “We have the right to change our mind.”  I think that’s a good use for Mars retrograde 9/9/20 to 11/13/20 — plans that are not working out well can be adjusted. Instead of doing things impulsively (Mars), we need to be deliberate and clear about the steps that will get us to our goals.  It’s going to take a bit more patience, too.  That’s the square to the Cap transits. Capricorn works hard to achieve success and likes to dot every i and cross every t — and they don’t give up until they succeed.  Mars loves a good challenge but when it’s been mastered they tend to get bored.  Mars has no trouble starting new things but sometimes completing them is a problem.  The squares are asking us to look at these discordant qualities and find a way to do both to free ourselves from restriction and allow ourselves to have the courage to try new things.  My personal challenge is technology.  I have to walk my talk. For me it means an updated phone and computer. I’m not buying impulsively; I’ve been doing research. I will either move forward now before Mars goes retro or wait till the end of the year.  Part of it is the money but I can feel that internal resistance, the fear of making a mistake.  Which is ridiculous because I have lots of skilled people in my life who will help me.  I’ll keep you guys posted on how this works out :)) And I wish you good luck on meeting your own challenges, whatever they are…

Tomorrow I’ll start going through the houses for the Mars transits…stay tuned…XO, Jenae


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Hello Readers and Friends, I’ve been procrastinating.  It’s true. First I was so upset about people not getting treated fairly in this country and all the lies and bad behavior of the media and the politicians — Venus retrograde last May and June and Mercury retrograde in June till July 12th — that I knew better than to write ANYTHING. My path on this earth is not political. My path is to offer comfort when I can and inspiration to those who read my posts. Astrology can be a very practical timing tool for all who care to use it. It is my passion and my gift to the world, along with cards and palm reading.

Then in June, a caregiver came to work sick. Kind, but ignorant, she didn’t want to lose a day’s pay. Our neighbors are part of our extended family and she gave the virus to the Grandma and Grandpa, who gave it to all their adult children and spouses. Grandpa died and Grandma can never live at home again.  I was too sad to write anything, plus we had to quarantine and hope we didn’t get it. We didn’t. The socially distant outdoor burial service was in July.

Then it was August and I still didn’t feel the spark, the joy I usually find in writing.  Today I read another astrologer’s interpretation of Mars square Saturn, exact today.  Leah Whitehorse, and she said quit pushing and getting nowhere and learn patience with this transit. A reasonable interpretation. But for me, today is the day I STOP procrastinating and get on with what I know I have to do — which is write the interpretation for the coming Mars transits in the hope that Mars doesn’t clobber you!!  It is indeed a time for caution, with all the transiting Mars squares to the Cap planets, currently Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Right now, with Mars forward until 9-9-2020, retrograde at 28 degrees Aries then, right now is a time for measured and deliberate action to move forward with well thought out plans.

I still feel all the swirl of emotions, and I’m sorry I couldn’t write sooner.  All of this trouble began last January 12th with the conjunction of transiting Saturn and Pluto.  What is decayed and corrupt must come to the surface of awareness to be healed, like a wound that needs dis-infecting. At the end of the day, the power of love is stronger than hate and anger, but these are indeed dark times.

Come back tomorrow and read the beginning of the Mars posts. I will just say one thing before I close…every problem, in our country and on this earth, comes from money and greed — setting money above other important values.  Think about it…

Till manana — stay safe !! Jenae

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Good Afternoon dear Readers and Friends…there was an interesting piece on CNBC this morning about continuing education within the workplace.  Evidently there have been numerous surveys that show the number one desire of employees is to keep growing, learning, and advancing in their current job.  That sounds like a great definition of Jupiter in Capricorn — employer-sponsored education.  What a perfect time to implement new policies to make  that happen !!  Just remember, you heard it here first :)) That’s what I love about astrology; it can show you what’s coming…

If you have Cancer rising, then Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto are all transiting in your 7th house of partnerships.  The 7th can be marriage, business partnerships, mentor/teacher relationships — really any important one on one relationship. The 7th is also the house of open enemies.  I have watched people’s charts for over 50 years and I have seen many, many people either marry or divorce when either Jupiter or Saturn transit into their 7th house.  Now if you have been feeling that you are carrying more responsibility in a relationship than feels fair, since Saturn and Pluto are already in your 7th, it is entirely possible that Jupiter will bring help and improve your situation. If you are a conservator or a POA for a senior in your life then you ARE carrying more responsibility.  There are 2 legal houses — Libra and Sag, 7th and 9th — and Jupiter here could indicate the signing of legal papers or even a court ruling that eases the situation. If you are a teacher then Jupiter could be indicating a raise or promotion for the work you do. If you are in a business partnership, there could be ill health or some other reason why one partner wants to dissolve the company.  Or maybe it’s just a lack of agreement on how to move forward.  If it’s business this could be a tricky year, 2020, due to all 3 inner planets in retrograde at different times.  Keep an eye on the books and seek legal advice if necessary. If you are in a great partnership, don’t get all paranoid over what I have just written — everything may be fine, just be watchful, vigilant if necessary, and avoid big risks this year. After all, if you have worked hard and been sincere, Jupiter could help you land a big contract!! The signing of important papers in 2020 — avoid 2/16 to 3/10, and 5/13 to 7/12, and 9/9 to 11/13/2020.

If you have Leo rising, then the Capricorn planets are in your 6th house of health, work, and service.  I think you need to put your health front and center and make it your top priority. Finding a better work/life balance could be important.  Be proactive and take good care of your bones, joints, and teeth.  Jupiter here could help you receive excellent care. Let’s say your health is fine. Then maybe the boss from hell is on your case and no matter how hard you work there is not enough appreciation.  Or the policies are annoying. I think Jupiter here could relieve you of that situation and present you with a better job. Of course in Cap it may not fall in your lap, but go looking and you should find a much happier position.  A reminder, a difficult boss is a crash course in leadership.  Just remember how upsetting it was/is and vow to be the opposite when and if you get to be the boss. Study leadership skills — books, classes, workshops, etc.  Capricorn in general represents government, large corporations, and Jupiter could amend that to include libraries, museums, churches, and schools.  Someone told me about a job they saw — booking travel and accommodations for CEO’s. That would fit, too.

If you have Virgo rising, then you get trines from the Cap transits as well as from Uranus in Taurus.  This is your chance to shine, the time when years of hard work and honing your skills should finally pay off.  The 5th house is kids, but also creativity and entertainment. Don’t be shy about working with the public, or marketing your creativity.  If you have been worried about your kids, then Jupiter should bring them some honors or awards or a better job, something that improves their lives. And thus, yours improves, too :)) Just remind them to stay sensible and focused.  A line from a movie that I have been quoting to myself almost daily — “A Mother is only as happy as her saddest child.”  No doubt about it, Saturn in the 5th is tough, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you don’t have kids in your life, then your “new baby” is some kind of creative project or a new passion that you pursue tirelessly and with good results. Consider new mediums, new instruments, teaching others what you are expert at doing.

If you have Libra rising, then the Capricorn transits are presenting you with a packed 4th house — home and family.  Most likely seniors, but your physical home could need extra attention, too.  You could be carrying a lot of responsibility for relatives, or people older than you.  I know a nurse with these transits and she visits seniors in their homes. Pay attention if your older relatives have had problems with their bones, joints, and teeth and take good care of yours in case there’s a hereditary issue. Usually when Saturn is transiting the 4th, the person is lonely, or the house is too small or too dark or they don’t like who they live with. The books  don’t tell you that it is one of the best transits for setting up a home office and for working from home. Jupiter in Cap would mean remote work via phone or computer, a nice side gig is possible. So is going back to school online. If you don’t have enough light and putting in a new window won’t work, then get some full spectrum light bulbs and put them in strategic places in your home.  Small mirrors can help bounce more light around, too.  Pay attention to the family history and geneology. You might want to record the elders telling their stories and their memories of their elders.  Saturn-Pluto — family secrets coming to light?

If you have Scorpio rising then Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter are transiting your 3rd house of communication, siblings, the neighborhood, and early education, plus technical studies. When I’m working with a private client and I see Pluto transiting the 3rd and ESPECIALLY if Pluto is making any harsh aspects to their natal planets, I warn them to stay alert to their inner self — someone with a hidden agenda can say all the right words but if we find ourselves feeling uncomfortable around them, it means they may not be truthful.  In those situations we have to trust our intuition. With Saturn, it’s a little different — we have to work on our own inner dialogue — our habitual patterns of self talk and neutralize any negative thinking. This is hard work but must be done. I thought I was such a positive person until Saturn went through my 3rd. All my fears and negatives came to the surface and it got so ridiculously extreme that I set about systematically thinking the opposite each time I caught myself.  Finally, new habits replaced the old ones. TG!! Yeah, on the outer level there can be troubles with siblings or neighbors or the school or the neighborhood, but it’s basic communication and good listening skills that will get you through all that.  It’s the Gemini house after all…Jupiter here will be great for workshops and learning specific skills of all kinds. And it will make it a lot easier to count your blessings each night and remain positive. It’s a great year for writing, too.  The year Jupiter went through my 3rd I think I read about 75 elementary teachers, read their palms, (Gemini arms and hands :)). One teacher would tell another, etc.  It’s a great year if you want to start a tutoring business.  I know someone with these 3rd house transits and they are spending a lot of extra time working with their children on reading and homework.

If you have Sagittarius rising, the Capricorn is your 2nd house of personal money, possessions, talents, hobbies and core values. People with a lot of NATAL planets in their 2nd often moonlight and turn a hobby into a 2nd career.  Sure, money may be tight with Saturn transiting your 2nd but it’s a great transit to set up a 2nd business. Follow the rules re: licensing, certification, etc. Keep clear and accurate financial records. Take classes that will net you a promotion if you’re not ready to leave your 9-5 job. Jupiter should bring you more resources to work with, or a raise at your regular job. Do I think you should splurge and spend your raise on an exotic vacation? Definitely not — Capricorn is a serious sign and ambitious. Cap is about bringing big goals into physical manifestation. Put any new money to work to achieve your goals.  You won’t regret it. Saturn  rules Capricorn — it means delaying immediate gratification for long-term rewards. That could mean buying land.  Or setting up a retirement account. If you are artistic, you might consider upcycling used furniture, or learning upholstery, working with earth materials — wood, stone, brick, metal, etc. — making old things new and beautiful again.

Well, folks, that’s it for now…one way or another, it will be a year to remember…Good Luck !!! Jenae

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