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Back again dear friends and readers …I promised you something lighter so today let’s have fun exploring Venus transits. In your natal chart Venus is either in the same sign as your Sun, or one sign previous, or one sign ahead.  Venus symbolizes love, art, beauty, affection, social life, and money in the sense of attracting that which you need whether it be the  coin of the realm or shopping.  Today we’re going to focus on Venus TRANSITS and of all the possibilities with Venus transits, we’re going to focus on social life and shopping.  You gentleman that are reading this, you can use this info to understand your sweetheart better and hopefully it will serve as a guide if you need to buy a gift for a loved one.

OK, ladies, there are very specific times that are highly favored for shopping.  Those transits are Venus conjunct Sun, Venus on Moon, and Venus on Ascendant.  Venus goes retrograde every couple years;  we just had a 6 week retro of Venus in Gemini that ended 6-27-12, so we’re in the clear for awhile.  Venus retrograde is NOT the time for any major or important purchase, cosmetic surgery, etc.   Mercury rules communication among other things, and goes retrograde usually 3 times per year for 3 weeks at a time.  Mercury retro is definitely NOT the time to move forward on any major investments or purchases.  The next Mercury retrograde period will be 11-6 to 11-26-12, probably best to work around those dates for mailing cards and/or Xmas shopping.  Mercury retro is fine for gathering additional info, researching what you WANT to buy. SO…we have to work around retrograde transits and if they hit when the best shopping transits of Venus are going on in your chart, well, that’s just the way it goes…best to wait it out and catch the next ones; small purchases are ok.

Some of you have heard this story but it’s such a perfect illustration of Venus retro that I really must share it….after many weeks of searching, I had finally found the perfect wallpaper that I wanted and needed.  By then Venus was retro, and I knew that I was pushing it, but desire overwhelmed caution and I ordered it anyway.  The company charged my credit card and promptly went out of business.  I looked everywhere for that  wallpaper and couldn’t find it.  A savvy Taurus(ruled by Venus) woman came to my aid and found some rolls sitting in a warehouse — since the manufacturer had just gone out of business no more would be available, so she got a very good deal for me.  Trust Taurus women to get the best deals possible — it’s the sign that rules 2nd hand stores, auctions, flea marts, yard sales, etc. And wholesale connections.

By the time I got the original charges reversed with my credit card company and by the time the wallpaper finally arrived — guess what?  Venus was in forward motion.  All I did was spin my wheels for 6 weeks, and learn a lesson in frustration that could have been avoided.

Looking at the other side of the picture, I had a client who lived about 20 miles from town and when I did her chart, I mentioned that she had some of the best shopping days of the year coming up shortly in her chart.  About a month later she called me and said she hadn’t planned to come into town, but she did on the day Venus was conjunct her Sun.  She was so amazed she had to call and tell me about it…everywhere she went she found wonderful items for her home and for herself and most of them were on sale J…she even found one blouse at one store and a perfectly matching pair of pants at another store. AND …at almost every stop there was a parking space right in front :)…she had a lovely day and learned the value of working with the transits, too.

Venus on your Sun is great for personal shopping — clothes, jewelry, shoes, lingerie,  beauty products, art, music, etc.  Venus on your Moon is the same, but with a little more emphasis on buying items for your home(dishes, linens, furniture, etc.), your family, or a loved one.  If you want to do personal shopping it’s ok, but for buying a gift for someone else, this one is tops.  Venus on your Ascendant is great for things like getting your hair or nails done, buying beauty or health products, or clothing that other people will see you in — example, not lingerie but sportswear for a jog in the park or party clothes for going on a cruise. I always tell my clients — don’t make any drastic changes in your appearance or your wardrobe during Venus retrograde because when Venus resumes forward motion, it’s very likely that you will change your mind.  If I have good shopping days during retrograde Venus or Mercury, I only buy small things for myself or my home.  A candle, stationery, vegetable and flower seeds, socks, small items for my family…

One year Venus was early and was on my Sun at Christmas time — every neighbor in a two block radius gave me candy and cookies! ?!  We were absolutely inundated with goodies to share with family and friends.  These positive Venus transits can also symbolize that you will be the recipient of lovely gifts.

Now that you’ve read  examples, let’s talk about Venus in the social sense.  Venus on your Moon is usually a party — it’s a great day to give a party but also you may find you’ve been invited to a potluck, a wedding, a shower, or someone’s milestone BDay or Anniversary party.  Lunch with your friends…I’ve seen that one a lot with Venus on the Moon.

Venus on your Ascendant usually means everyone will be good to you and tell you how wonderful you are, how pretty you are, how kind you are, etc.  It’s a wonderful transit to gather support — examples could be a fundraiser, making a public appearance or giving a speech, an important presentation at work, emailing everyone about the up-coming family reunion and coordinating the participants. The sign of your Ascendant can give you a clue about the nature of social events at that time.  Cap rising might be more involved with career socializing, Sag could be travel or a camping trip or even a day at the horse races. Cancer rising — I’ve seen ladies with this position and often they’re fabulous cooks and doing some kind of catering for an event when Venus goes over their Ascendant.  Taurus rising — could be a garden tour, a concert, or simply going to a day spa with friends.  Taurus likes beauty and comfort – Venus is the ruler of both Taurus and Libra.  Libra rising very much likes to do things with their partner and they like art and beauty like Taurus,  but you need to add in décor, architecture tours,  art galleries, maybe a Home Show with all the latest trends.  Libra rising and Libra Sun — those people are very sensitive to color and their environment.

Venus on Sun is social but I think there’s a deep emphasis on love and affection in addition to beauty.  It’s a great transit to attract that which your heart desires and this can be on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level — maybe all of the above at once.  Depends on who you are…Venus on Sun can bring some of life’s sweetest experiences, memories you will treasure all your life…

As far as choosing gifts for women based on the placement of Venus in their natal chart, here are some things I’ve noticed over the years.  Venus in Aries women appreciate tools more than any other women.  They’re the ones that say “Honey, let’s knock out that wall after breakfast!”  They’re very good with animals, too, so something that helps them care for pets is a possibility.  They like action and adventure more than a lot of other signs, so outdoor gear, a trip to a new place, just going somewhere new makes a nice gift.  Aries rules the head — hats are good, too. Any jewelry should be bold and clean, not too fussy or ornate.  They may make their own jewelry — Venus-Mars conjunction in Aries is a clear sign for welding and talent for working with metal, for both men and women.

Venus in Taurus women prefer clothes and furniture fabrics that are soft to the touch.  They appreciate pretty things of all kinds.  Music makes a great gift for them, but they really love plants !!!  They  usually have fond memories of growing up close to nature.  Taurus rules trees and these women like gifts that last a long time because they value stability.  If a gift of a tree doesn’t fit this woman’s lifestyle, you might consider something that makes their patio or garden beautiful.

Venus in Gemini and Venus in Aquarius women appreciate gadgets that enhance communication or save time/money/labor and energy.  They’re the ones most likely to embrace new technology.  They usually like to read.  They like calendars as an art form, and watches, too — things that help them keep track of time.  They would be the ones most attracted to the latest beauty technology, too.  And they like fashion accessories for the arms — beside watches, bracelets, totes, purses…

Venus in Cancer women love gifts that involve the home, and particularly the kitchen.  They’re more domestic than some of the other signs and they also like antiques.  They are more girly-girl than many of the other signs, so gifts that honor the Goddess in them are always appreciated—lingerie, silk pillow cases, etc.  I have noticed that this placement shows a desire for those picture frames that have room for multiple pictures — so the FRAMES would make a great gift.  They usually have walls full of family photos.  Scrap-booking — give a gift that helps them pursue that because they are very sentimental and artistic.

Venus in Leo and Venus in Capricorn want accessories and/or jewelry that stand out from the crowd.  Venus in Virgo looks for good workmanship; Leo and Cap want something that will last a long time but they want a touch of status with it, too.  Venus in Leo women, if they’re not happy with their hair, it’s not a good day. The Lion’s mane must have some glow and highlights, especially in the winter, or the Lion will ROAR!!!  Venus in Cap women like those fancy leather purses and they know a knock-off from the real deal — they’d rather have one good quality, long-lasting item than 3 cheaper ones anyway.  These two signs like to pick their own clothes, but they like the gifts that enhance their outfits because they’re always very conscious of the impression they make on others and they want to shine !!!

Venus in Virgo is an earth sign and these women appreciate gifts that help them care for their body, achieve better health through good nutrition, or enhance their garden.  Bath baskets, gift certificates from your local health food store, something pretty for the garden — of all the signs, these women might just appreciate a practical gift. But you have to be careful with this as Venus in Virgo women tend to be pretty hard on themselves and sometimes work TOO much. IF this sounds like your loved one then by all means give her something nurturing and beautiful to help her balance out her own tendencies.   I was once given a brand new vacuum cleaner with all the latest updates — a BDay gift from a family member.  I was thrilled, but then I have Venus in Aquarius and I like practical gifts.  I know a Venus in Virgo woman whose husband gave her a vacuum and she was quite upset with him — she wanted jewelry.

If you look back at historical times when women had nothing, owned nothing (TG we’re living NOW), all a woman could possess was her jewelry.  So it’s a very important symbol on many levels…

That being said, Venus in Virgo women DO appreciate organizers.  I read somewhere that one of the signs of a psychologically healthy family was that they kept all the stuff to wrap gifts in the same location.  These days they have wonderful caddies that hold the wrapping paper, the gift cards, the tape, scissors, ribbons, etc.  A great gift, in my opinion…

Well, I think I’ll wrap this up tomorrow, comments and suggestions for future topics are welcome…Blessings, Jenae

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