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Good Morning, dear Friends and Readers, we were going over Saturn in Scorpio through the houses based on your rising sign, which is natal astrology.  Solar astrology just means someone has put the Sun on the Ascendant, which, if you’ve been reading my posts for awhile, then you know I much prefer the real deal.  Now I have people who tell me that Solar works for them, fits their life.  I think that’s great; we can all use additional insight into our lives.  So by all means read for your Sun sign, too.  I just want you all to be aware of the difference.  The only time I use solar in my private practice is if the birth time is unknown.  And I always encourage my clients to keep digging for information that could nail down their birth time.

OK, we were up to Libra.  If you have LIBRA rising in your chart, then Saturn is currently transiting your 2nd house of money, talents, and possessions under your personal control.  Of course, having the opposite sign (Scorpio) in the natural Taurus house may mean that figuring out what’s yours versus what you need to share can get a little confusing at times.  We also need to remember that the 2nd house is values.  This is a great transit to define your code of ethics regarding money matters.  It is sometimes necessary to draw your line in the sand rather than be manipulated.  LIBRA rising prefers things peaceful, but if you sweep those uncomfortable feelings under the rug and settle for a false peace, then the 2nd house issues are going to flare up and force you to deal with them anyway.  So might as well face them head on…

Traditional astrology will tell you that Saturn in the 2nd is terrible for money.  It can be, but I have seen many people begin businesses during this transit.  They start slow but things grow over time and they end up quite satisfied.  You can use Saturn in the 2nd to define your talents, and take steps to enhance them.  People with a lot of energy in their 2nd houses natally often moonlight, or have hobbies that end up turning into careers.  Astrologically,  hobbies for Scorpio 2nd houses might be things like metal detecting, dowsing, upholstery and the re-purpose of various furnishings found at junk stores, maybe rock hunting in the sense of finding treasure beneath the surface.  Scorpio is a  water sign — building things that enhance water — drip irrigation systems?  That would be a product in demand these days.  IF you’re looking for a business idea, try thinking about things that use water, or ways to enhance water use.

Having a partner is important to people with LIBRA rising.  This particular Saturn transit is going to show you where you are in agreement with partners about financial and sexual issues and where you are not.  Actually, it will help you define what you most believe in.  Sometimes learning through a negative example is actually a shortcut to learning what’s most important to you.  If you’re thinking about getting legally married during this transit, consider a pre-nup agreement that defines whose resources are whose.  In general, Saturn will show you any weak points in previous financial and/or legal agreements and offer you a chance to strengthen the weak points.

Above all, find the balance,  assert yourself without escalating to a full-blown battle.  Seek fairness, both to YOURSELF and others.  Don’t have heavy conversations about sex or money unless you have both had a good meal.  There’s a big difference between copping out and compromise.  Those of you without a partner who would like to meet someone should consider taking short classes in hobbies that interest you as a way to meet people.

If you have SCORPIO rising, then at some point in the next three years, depending on the degree of your Ascendant, Saturn will conjoin your Ascendant and transit through your 1st house.  The first house is your personality, “the you” that other people see, your style of self-expression and also your physical body.  All the houses are important and symbolize different parts of our lives, but the 1st house is one of the angles, thus it packs an extra punch…

Usually when a planet transits over the Ascendant and into the 1st house, the energy that was brewing under the surface  in the 12th comes into the light of day.  With Saturn in the 12th, we have to face our worst fears and sometimes we feel very alone.  Especially those of you  who have just come through Saturn in Libra in the 12th — so many clients have grieved a loss or a divorce and those who are married have been quite unhappy at times during the last three years.  Now, SCORPIO, you get to implement that which you decided was important after the soul-searching you did in the 12th.  Is this transit easy?  No !!!  Is it satisfying? Yes !!!  So, for you, the process is rolling up your shirt sleeves and getting to work on manifesting  the new and improved version of yourself :))…

Actually, for a Saturn in the 1st house transit, you have a lot of help from the other planets.  Pluto is in Cap, so it is making a mutual reception with Saturn,  wonderful for taking your career seriously and making some big and long-lasting advances.  Remember that the energy of Saturn is slow and feels like pressure.  Just  figure you will be working hard and making use of Saturn qualities — concentration, discipline, attention to detail, and the ability to delay immediate gratification for long term rewards.  Depending on your individual chart, there’s a good chance here for a promotion and/or raise at work if you’ve been conscientious.

While you’re working so hard, please don’t forget that the 1st house is another symbol for the physical body.  Saturn in the 1st can lower the vitality.  You may pass on some social activities in order to catch a nap and/or  stay in shape with exercise.  Scorpio rules the sexual organs and the eliminative systems — pay attention to these areas and practice good hygiene.  Be safe, too.  Saturn is definitely NOT going to reward you for risky behavior.  Meditation and/or yoga or chi kung can strengthen your immune system.  You’re putting out a lot of energy and need to replenish yourself on all levels — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual…

SCORPIO rising has a lot of emotional self-control, only a few people know the fires that burn beneath that controlled exterior.  Adding Saturn to the mix can even manifest as repression.  Make sure you have an outlet for emotions — music, martial arts, journaling — these can help.

Spiritually, there could be a tendency to see the glass as half-empty.  Balance this temporary tendency by affirming your blessings.  Saturn at it’s worst is morose, grumpy, and negative.  I don’t think you’ll get stuck in this mode because there are trines from Neptune and from Jupiter in 2013-14.  Saturn at its best is reliable, responsible, dedicated.  Consciously affirm your aspiration to be your best self…

If you have SAGITTARIUS rising, then Saturn in Scorpio is transiting your 12th house of the unconscious mind, secret sorrows, and spiritual intention.  The 12th house is the hardest to interpret; it’s the natural Pisces house, which implies ambivalence.  The highest of the high and the lowest of the low — two fish swimming in opposite directions is the symbol for Pisces.  With Scorpio in the 12th, there is usually a fairly ruthless self-honesty and this would be exactly what we need with the 12th house anyway because intention is everything with this house.  Trying to manipulate or orchestrate events in the guise of helping others won’t work.  IF you try this, it will backfire.

Saturn in the 12th means spending time alone, figuring your life out.  Resistance would be loneliness; acceptance would be solitude.  For a clue of where to look, check out your natal Pluto — what sign, what house, natal aspects to Pluto, etc.  Usually people with SAG rising have a philosophical bent anyway, which should make this transit a little easier.  They are often good writers and Saturn in the 12th could be ideal for writing that novel or story you have kicking around in the back of your mind.  Other possibilities might be studying meditation, self-hypnosis, listening to tapes that synchronize your brain waves — all these are processes that help you into an alpha state of consciousness.  Everyday life is beta.  Sleep is delta, even theta.  The alpha state is that place between awake and asleep when you can re-program the unconscious mind.  The unconscious is like a computer — it reflects the expectations with which it’s programmed.  Change your life?  Change your programming.  There are lots of tools available today to help you in this process.  Saturn here could also point to a systematic study of dreams.  This could be especially helpful to you at this time.  Keep a paper and pen by your bed.  Right there, that is the first step to affirm your will to remember your dreams.  There is a technique called Lucid Dreaming that is also effective for re-programming.  Essentially, it involves keeping your critical faculties awake in your dreams.  Some people are better at this than others, but with practice it can be learned.

Looking at the other side of the 12th, if you are in the counseling field, be prepared to hear an earful of very heavy stuff from your clients.  This can be mutually enlightening, but at the end of the day, it will be important to release that energy and not take it home with you.  This also applies if you are working in a hospital, jail, spa, group home, etc. — all 12th house — places of refuge and confinement.  There is a big amount of emotional energy radiating from the residents of these places.  You don’t want to be a magnet for the “astral cooties” because it’s not your stuff to begin with — we have enough to cope with in ourselves without adding this garbage stuff in — make sage your friend, purify yourself and your environment, make your shower your friend — affirm that you are washing away the cares of the day.

If you have CAPRICORN rising, then Saturn is moving through your 11th house of friends,  groups, and hopes for the future.  This one should be quite interesting to watch unfold as there is a mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto.  Your friends and ability to network will be important.  Even more important will be affiliations with professional groups.  You could be asked to serve as a representative of a  group.  This could be either volunteer work or more likely somehow connected with your career.  Labor unions and fraternal groups come under the 11th and also  things like associations of professionals  — relators, accountants, appraisers for example.  Looking at Saturn in Scorpio in this house, it could easily be groups of engineers, geologists, trade groups for drillers, miners, etc. — all things connected with earth and its water and minerals.  Don’t forget Insurance groups — Scorpio rules insurance, too.  The point is that your associations with career related groups are important in ways that have yet to unfold.  The people you meet through these groups can help your life.  This still applies to volunteer groups — if you feel drawn to Habitat for Humanity, or the Red Cross, or the local Lions Club, etc., then follow your heart because there could be some wonderful friendships waiting for you.  I have seen Saturn in the 11th work out in three different  ways — no time for  friends due to you working hard, older age friends  become more important in your life, or you work on behalf of a group —with people that become your friends as a result.  This last one is where I think the majority of people will see the energy manifest over the next three years.

Looking at things a little deeper,  those of you who know me know that I have the deepest respect for the founding fathers of our country.  While they were simply men, individually, COLLECTIVELY they manifested such a vision and a foundation,  a legacy for our country… where individuals come together for the common good, Universal Truth will manifest.  One of my favorites is Ben Franklin.  One of the things he said was “If you want to have a good friend, then BE one.”  One of the valuable things about Saturn in the 11th is it gives us a chance to manifest principles of friendship and brotherly love.  We get to make decisions about how we will conduct our friendships, to develop the code and values we will live by in this area of our lives.  Some of you may decide that certain friends and their activities are not something you want to be involved with anymore.  Others may decide to have certain policies in place when it comes to friends wanting to borrow possessions and/or money.  Being clear at the outset of any transaction can help avoid problems later.  IF you have challenging aspects to Saturn’s current transits, there could be a problem with a friend.  If that is the case, seek solutions that allow all parties involved to benefit.  IF they have violated principles that are important to you, you may end up ending the friendship.  If that happens, let it go, don’t brood on it, release them to their own bad karma and be glad you discovered that they weren’t truly your friend before things went any further.

Some of you could experience a friend in a real crisis.  This could be a medical situation, or heartache over one of their loved ones or family.  Doing what you can to help and be supportive at this time could make a huge difference in their life.  Remember that Saturn in Scorpio at its best is a defender of the weak and helpless, an advocate for those in need.

If you have AQUARIUS ascending, then Saturn in Scorpio is moving through your 10th house of career, reputation, and public life.  This house is also our personal definition of success, not necessarily society’s definition.  In square to your Ascendant, I get the impression here that some of you may have a micro-managing boss.  You will then need to tone down any rebellious tendencies (Aquarius rising), remind yourself that you drew this situation to you for your own growth, and meet the challenge by building trust with the boss in small ways first.  Rather than contention, try visualizing that the boss wins the lotto and retires, or maybe gets a promotion and transfers to another office.  One way or another, when you meet the challenge presented and assimilate the required learning, that boss will be out of your life.

Let’s look at the situation in reverse.  If YOU are the boss, then the challenge is to facilitate teamwork and cooperation.  Good bosses know how to delegate.  When you ask for input, you are creatively empowering your employees.  Try holding monthly contests to generate good ideas and ways to streamline the business.  Food is a great  bond; try bringing little treats to the office but not on a regular basis; the element of surprise works better.  Above all, conduct yourself in a reserved manner and DO NOT play favorites.  You can be friendly without being too personal.  If you become aware that someone is having a personal problem, help them get the professional help they need — a recommendation to  doctors, lawyers, accountants, counselors, etc.  Always give at least 2 or 3  recommendations and let the person choose who to see — that way it’s their choice and they won’t blame you.  If you have an HR department, send them there.

Saturn in Scorpio in your 10th is not the ideal time to seek favors from authority figures or government.  This would be the traditional definition, your own chart could change that a bit if you have to proceed.  The overall transits offer some hope.  Let’s say you’re seeking a permit to hold a public event, or a rule change or determination from government, or a policy change from a board.  If you’re asking on behalf of a group and not just for yourself, you will have a better chance of succeeding.  Use numbers.  Point out the numbers of people who can potentially benefit from what you are proposing.

Looking at other potential problems, this transit can symbolize budget problems.  Let’s face it, it’s a weak economy in most places.  There’s always exceptions.  I would think it would be important for everyone with this transit to have a Plan A, B, and C in place regarding funding and employment.

When I’m getting a chart ready for a private client, I spend a few hours getting things ready before our appointment.  I find that the way that time goes is often a mirror of my client’s life.  Is it smooth, are there interruptions, does something happen that throws me totally off track?  I notice that this post is getting longer and longer.  Saturn.  I think you will need to figure that things concerning the 10th house will cost more and take longer to complete than you had originally planned.  Err on the side of caution for best results…

If you have PISCES rising, then Saturn in Scorpio is currently transiting your 9th house of religion, higher education, philosophy, foreign contacts and long distance travel.  People with this position could find themselves travelling more for business purposes, possibly even relocation.  This is a wonderful transit to either take a class in comparative religion or study on your own.  You may find kindred spirits but at a distance from where you live.  You may develop connections with your local college over the next 3 years.  Teaching is another possibility.

I’ve seen clients with Saturn in this position natally and they often have some kind of a problem connected with religion. I’ve seen clients that were actually abused by their church, one was a woman who as a child was tied up and blind-folded and locked in a closet for hours!!  Naturally, as she matured she wanted nothing to do with ANY church.  Some churches live what they believe more than others, some are filled with conflicts and hypocrisy.  Some offer sincere parishioners and the chance for real fellowship. Trust your instincts about who is right for you.  This is a VERY GOOD TRANSIT to examine your past, the input from family and/or church and the effect it has had on your life.  Ultimately, you’re going to need to decide if you think the Universe is based on fear or love.  It’s easy to have faith when everything is going well.  The real test is to maintain the philosophy and ethics you live by when the pressure is on and you’re facing a real crisis.  Young people especially, say late teens/early 20’s, may need to examine whether the philosophy and belief system they have could be undermining them.  Every person has Pisces somewhere in their chart and we all have the capacity for self-sabotage.  The point of Saturn here is to define what you believe in and make room for new ideas that can free you from old tapes that prevent you from living the life you dream about.  What I like to remember is the part of the Bible that talks about praying in your closet rather than trumpeting on the street corner.  Use Saturn to find out what is real for you and what is sham.  For those of you who might be trying to reconcile traditional religion with metaphysics, I would like to recommend that you read “Companions Along the Way” by Ruth Montgomery.  Truly a fascinating book about Jesus and his early ministry…

Some people might use this transit to sponsor a foreign exchange student.  Some might open a branch of their business overseas.  Some will go to school or set about on their own, systematically studying an area that interests them.  Some could teach or even write a series of lessons that they publish themselves.  Contracts would have to be negotiated carefully if you want to go with a traditional publisher.  Saturn in the 9th is NOT the best time to travel for pleasure.  It’s ok if there’s a serious purpose involved.  This is one of the legal houses — if you DO go overseas, make sure you understand the laws of the country or countries you will be in — work cards, permits, driving, insurance — and do avoid Mercury retrograde.  Why make things more complicated than they have to be?

Years ago, I had a client with Saturn transiting in her Cancer 9th house.  She went overseas to Indonesia, which is such a large country with many, many islands. She covered a lot of ground.   She was working for a charitable organization, assessing projects for them.  Cancer — she stayed in many different peoples’ homes and tried lots of new foods.  Cancer — the sign of home and family and cooking.  I think astrology is so wonderful !!!  Sometimes you have to dig a little to get the right meanings, but it is such a perfect picture of our lives.

I had another client with Saturn in her 9th natally.  Normally, you’d think the kid house, the 5th, would be trine, but in her chart she had an out of sign square from her 5th to the 9th and there was a big conflict with the in-laws over what religion the children were going to be raised in.  The whole thing escalated into a huge fight and no contact at all.  No one won in that situation.  With Saturn in Scorpio, clear communication is essential and so is the intention to seek solutions…it’s starts in each home, each family, and works on out to nations…like a stone making ripples in a pond…

So there you have it, dear readers.  You may want to refer to this post over the next few years.  Link it in your mind with Thanksgiving 2012. Blessings, Jenae

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Back again, dear Readers and Friends…You can look back at the Saturn in Libra posts and get a handle on the houses.  In this post there will be more emphasis on the Scorpio themes through the various houses.  Eventually, as you gain experience, you’re going to master the key words for the houses and be able to begin interpreting for yourself, for your own individual and unique chart.  Astrology is like an alphabet.  As you master the letters, you’ll be able to make words…

As I’ve written before, the first step is to memorize which planets rules which signs.  2nd is memorizing the natural order of the zodiac — this will help you remember the main themes for each house.  A solar chart is simply putting the Sun on the Ascendant because you don’t have the birth-time.  A natal  chart is done by using COMPLETE birth data and the TIME sets the degree of the Ascendant.  Most magazines and forecasts are using solar.  I much prefer NATAL — I want you to have as accurate information as is possible with general writing of this kind…

If you have Aries Ascendant (rising sign), then Saturn in Scorpio is most likely transiting through your 8th house, the natural Scorpio house of shared money, power, love and intimacy.  A  late degree Aries might shift Saturn back into your 7th, but eventually it WILL transit your 8th house.  Aries rising will have an easier time understanding the houses since Aries IS the first sign/ first house in the natural wheel of the chart (zodiac).

ARIES rising means Saturn moving through your 8th puts a lot of emphasis on finances and resources that are NOT solely under your control.  You need to be meticulous and precise with all transactions for the next 3 years — taxes, insurance, inheritance and large corporations are some possibilities.  Some of you may be an executor or a conservator and the same applies — manage other peoples’ resources as carefully as you would your own.  Remember that Saturn can bring rewards for previous efforts — if you work for a large company or the government and have decent aspects to the transiting Saturn you might find that a raise, bonus, or promotion you’ve been waiting for finally happens.  If you have stressful transits from Saturn in Scorp, you might find it really challenging to get a loan, raise capital, negotiate with others, etc.  Do your best to be patient and thorough, just figure you’re strengthening your character and character builds destiny.

This is a serious time for your love and relationships.  Again, not necessarily a problem, but if there IS one a quick fix will be elusive.  Aries, this is a time to strive for the balance between selfishness and self-sacrifice.  Sharing power does not come easily to Aries.  Try dividing areas of authority — maybe you plan for your mutual retirement and your partner plans the vacations.  If you are single and wish you had a partner, then use Saturn to define what you most want in a partner.  Make a wish list.  Post it where you can see it every day.

Saturn in your 8th is an excellent time to write a will, set up a trust, plan for retirement, review your insurance, purchase life insurance, sign an advanced health care directive (puts the power in your hands to determine what happens to you), and if you are young parents it’s a good time to set up guardianship papers for your children.  NOT that you’re leaving the planet early, it’s just one more way to use this transit to protect those you are responsible for.  Do remember that depending on your situation, you may choose one person as physical guardian and another person as financial guardian.

If you have TAURUS rising, then Saturn in Scorpio is transiting through your 7th house of marriage and partnerships.  I’ve seen many people commit to and/or separate from partnerships when  either Saturn or Jupiter transits through the 7th.  Saturn here can mean that the burden is heavy, like you feel like you have more than your fair share of responsibility in the partnership.  Saturn can also mean your relationship is serious, deep, and you commit to a long and stable partnership.  The 7th also could indicate a business partnership and the above also applies.  Check the aspects in your natal and how this Saturn transit affects those aspects.  Regarding love relationships, I don’t see how they can work if people are always keeping book — who does what and is it fair?  Usually, where there is implicit trust, each person does what is needed at any given time and things balance out over the long haul.

More couples argue about money than any other subject and with these 2 signs (Taurus/Scorpio) there is even more emphasis.  LOOK OUT when the Full Moons are in the fixed signs — this will bring up issues!!!   Sometimes when Saturn is in the 7th there is a problem with the mate’s employment.  It could be something like long hours keep him or her away from home, or a job that is less than satisfying, or even lack of a job.  It’s important to take the long range view with Saturn and trust that whatever challenges arise are meant to strengthen you.  Do your best to avoid running up a lot of credit card debt over the next 3 years.  Be cautious and sensible.  Financial infidelity is just as damaging as sexual infidelity.

It is also possible that you and a partner are not on the same wave-length sexually.  A health problem could interfere, as could outside worries or responsibilities.  Probably a good idea for men to get a baseline number with a prostate test.  This is a blood test, not a physical exam, I just can’t remember the name, maybe a PSA test?  It IS a good transit to seek a deeper understanding of each other’s needs and desires.  I always tell my clients not to talk about heavy subjects unless they have had a good meal, and these kinds of conversations are best held in a neutral place in the home, NOT in the bedroom.  Do your best to avoid being stubborn, accusatory, etc. — this applies to BOTH of you…

A potential positive of this transit is that you and your partner could accomplish a long-sought financial goal. You could achieve something you’ve wanted for many years…

If you have GEMINI rising, then Saturn is going to move through your 6th house of health, employment, and service to others over the next 3 years.   I have several clients with this position and they are unhappy with their current jobs.  One has a boss that is a pain.  The 6th is who you hire and who hires you.  This transit could produce the opposite effect, too…i.e. YOU are the boss or supervisor and one or more of your employees are behaving less than stellar.  Some people will get promoted while Saturn is in their 6th, this transit can signal increased responsibility and authority.  Good managers know how to delegate and empower their employees.  Saturn in Scorpio could challenge you in this area — it’s just good training to improve any weak points and help you be a better boss.  So avoid paranoia and use self-honesty to evaluate your own personal pros and cons and what you need to do to succeed. Seek professional help if needed — books, workshops, management counseling, etc.

Gemini Sun or rising can indicate airborne allergies.  Since Scorpio rules the sexual organs, I would like to share something I have discovered from the clients  the last few years.  Most people already know that anti-depressants can cause sexual dysfunction.  So can allergy medicines, including the over the counter ones!  Just something to keep in mind…

The solar 6th house is Virgo, so with Scorpio on the cusp of your 6th in your natal chart, there’s more of an accent on the intestines as well as the bowels.  Multiple courses of antibiotics taken over a period of time, especially for the elderly, can contribute to  and/or exacerbate  those little pockets in the intestines that cause such havoc with the digestion and affect the bowels, too.  Diverticulosis, diverticulitis, and a whole host of other problems, none of which are fun — plus the more limited we are in our diet, the harder it is to gain our best nutrition through food.  Vitamins are fine, but food is better.  Here are some things you can do:  Starting with the desire to avoid getting sick in the first place, washing your hands frequently with soap helps a lot, and wiping down the grocery cart does, too.  If you work in a public place, Lysol on the door knobs, light switches, bannisters, etc.  — daily during the cold and flu season can help, too.  Doing this at home maybe once a week works well.  Eat food with natural antibiotics in them — cook with fresh garlic and onions.  Alfalfa sprouts are high in A, C, and zinc — these are the best for keeping the mucous membranes healthy.  If you don’t have a trusted source, then grow them yourself — easy and the cheapest health insurance I know.  Here’s what I’m doing…after reading articles about how sauerkraut boosts the immune system, I added it into my diet.  One big bite every day at lunch.  And I also eat some form of citrus every day.

Saturn in your 6th is also suggesting that you take responsibility to improve your job situation through training in new technology.  Teach yourself new programs, new tricks and take short workshops if necessary.  Jupiter currently IN Gemini accents the value of job related training for you.

If you have CANCER rising, then Saturn in Scorp is now moving through your 5th.  You may have children reaching puberty or teenagers dealing with more adult issues.  Keep communication open and offer the wisdom of your advice about sexuality, drinking and driving, TEXTING and driving — all the heavy stuff these kids have to deal with and have so little experience to find their right path.  They also need to learn about money management — balancing checkbooks, the danger of debit and credit cards and how to use them properly.  If you get your kids started while they are still at home, they may be more sensible at college.  Saturn trines your Ascendant and this should help you have an easier time than most with your children for the next couple years.  Since food is a wonderful bond, please don’t forget to make shared meals an important part of your family life.

You have special transits, Cancer, now and next year with Neptune trine Saturn and Jupiter in Cancer as of 6-27-13 for a year.  Reverence for life and the wonder of it all — such a wonderful time to show little children how to care for pets, respect nature, possibly the miracle of birth.

Those of you who are not dealing with children may be focused on creativity and letting the child in yourself come out to play.  I’m not sure if play is  quite the right word, since Saturn is involved.  You can use Saturn to define what is fun and playful for you.  We need to remember that the 5th house is also creativity, and since Saturn is about manifestation — bringing energy and/or ideas into physical reality — this transit could indicate a big creative project that requires focus, dedication, concentration and persistence.  You don’t need to obsess, but there’s nothing wrong with being a bit of a pitbull either.  Maybe you’re writing a screenplay, or composing music, or assembling the family history in scrapbook form using artistic touches.  Maybe you’re gutting the basement (Scorpio- the treasures buried beneath the ground 🙂 and it’s a huge reno job that will take a long time.  You might be in school heading toward a fine arts degree or looking for your big break in drama and acting.  Maybe you’re already an artist that works in multiple media, or a writer with an idea for a big project — these are just ideas, not meant to limit you in any way.

The interesting thing for Cancer rising and/or Cancer Sun is the coming Grand Water Trine — Jupiter in Cancer next year, Saturn in Scorp, and Neptune in Pisces.  Research and preparation, sure, but don’t forget the mystical breakthroughs that can aid your project.  Try meditation, try asking for more info before you sleep at night, reach out to the invisible ones who wish you well and are there to help you along your path.  You water signs and others with a lot of water emphasis in their charts, have a lot of potential blessings…

If you have LEO rising, then Saturn in Scorpio is transiting through your 4th house of home and family.  This is traditionally a  toughie — Saturn in the 4th.  I will give you the traditional interpretations BUT BEFORE YOU JUMP TO ANY DIRE CONCLUSIONS PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR WHOLE CHART BECAUSE YOUR UNIQUE NATAL CHART CAN MODERATE THE SITUATION.  AND IF YOU ARE WORRIED, I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO FIND AN EXPERIENCED AND COMPETENT ASTROLOGER AND GET A 2ND OPINION.

If you happen to have a lot of water signs in your chart, things should be easier.  The ones who are most likely going to have a tougher time are the ones with a whole lot of fixed sign emphasis because then Saturn will be squaring and opposing planets in your natal.  I speak from experience on this one, though when I had it Pluto in Scorp was making things even more difficult, and this time you guys have trines in the water signs — makes a difference.  I lost 17 people within 8 years.  My training.  I accept it, I found the blessings, and I have used my experience to help others.  Was it easy?  Hell, no !!!  Life is a revolving door…some people are going out and others are coming in.  Nothing like holding a baby after you’ve been to a funeral — best medicine in the world !!!

With Scorpio natives, if there’s a death in the family, there is usually a birth within 2 years, and vice versa.  Saturn in the 4th can indicate a loss in the family or an elder in the family needs some help — medical, possibly other kinds, too. Saturn here can also mean the house is too dark,  too small, you don’t feel compatible with your roommates.  Pay particular attention to any plumbing problems, as these can indicate there are emotions and issues buried beneath the surface that need to be addressed.   You also need to doublecheck the safety and the security of your home.  Eliminate hazards, both indoors and outside. Add motion lights if you see the need.  Use caulking to tighten up leaks, and check on locks or safer places to store financial records, valuables, etc.  I usually tell young people to at least get a lock box with a fire rating.  Older people can do more.  Doublecheck your homeowners’ insurance — not that there’s a problem, just make sure you have the coverage you want and/or need.  I read this about 6 months ago — DO NOT announce on Facebook that you’re going somewhere!  When you return, THEN you can tell everyone about the wonderful vacation you had, etc, etc.

Keep a VERY close eye on family members, maybe someone needs a check-up at the doctor.  Saturn — take responsibility to protect and defend your loved ones.  This house is another nutrition house, the stomach, so keep an eye on your digestive and eliminative systems.  If you are upset, that is not the time to chow down a big meal.  Just eat lightly and maybe more frequently.  Try to make mealtimes special, calm, and peaceful.  This is a wonderful transit to learn more about cooking and nutrition.  Scorpio is a water sign — soups, fruit juices, smoothies, stew, homemade chicken broth — very healing…

Don’t buy a house during this transit unless you plan to stay for a very long time.  In your existing house, use Saturn to fine-tune your office.

If you have VIRGO rising then Saturn in Scorpio is in your 3rd house of communication, siblings, the neighborhood, and local travel for the next few years.  You could see a lot of required business travel by car and also a lot of paperwork — reports, briefs, estimates, etc.  — nothing new for you but still requiring focus, concentration, and probably a lot of deadlines to meet.  This is not an ideal time to buy a car unless you plan to keep it for a long time.  You need to be responsible for your car — meet the deadlines for oil changes, servicing, safety checks, and big parts that need to be replaced at certain mileages. Since Scorpio is a water sign, pay attention to your car, especially the fluids and their levels, and check for any leaks.  You might consider keeping  a snack pack with you in the car in case you get hungry.  Same thing with water, though I read those plastic bottles are not safe if they’re in the sun.  We usually take a glass gallon jug with us on trips and there’s always at least a small cooler for snacks.  The longer the trip, the larger  the cooler 🙂 … I have this position and I try to avoid junk food when I’m on the road.

Siblings…sometimes with Saturn here, there is a problem with a sibling, possibly a cousin.  I’ve seen this  manifest a few different ways. One — A sibling is having a difficulty and needs your help and support. Two — a sibling is so obnoxious and out of control that it forces you to put up boundaries and even cut off contact, or set up a family intervention.  There’s a lot of drug and alcohol problems out there these days.  Three — there are fairly complicated financial interactions between siblings.  This could be due to the need for consensus decisions to care for elders in the family, due to the settling of an estate, and sometimes siblings are in business together or in a family business.  Many possibilities here — the point is to be precise and careful in all financial transactions involving family members.  This is a wonderful transit to set up communication and an account to fund a family reunion in the reasonably near future.  The larger the family the more planning goes into making the event memorable and successful.  Try to get everyone’s input and seek decisions that allow all parties to benefit.  The use of technology, email, etc. will make this stuff smoother.  Virgo rising is usually so good with the details — with Saturn in the Gemini  house, the 3rd, try breaking the event into sections that are smaller and letting each member choose what they will work on.

No matter how this transit shakes out, underlying it all is the need for clear communication.  The last time I had this transit, I thought I was such a positive person but when I began to investigate my daily thinking patterns and inner self-talk, I sure found a lot of negatives.  The best way to overcome negative thought patterns is to immediately neutralize them by thinking, sometimes saying out loud, the opposite thought or statement.  At first this might seem silly, but in time this practice will free you from fears, thinking errors, etc. and strengthen your confidence and self-esteem.

Saturn in Scorpio in the 3rd is a great transit for writing and teaching others a subject for which you have a deep passion.  One time I had a client who took a class in bee-keeping and the teacher made such an impression on him that he, too, became a bee-keeper!

Well, the hour is late and the day has been long…look for Part Three to cover the other 6 signs.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Blessings, Jenae

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Hello dear Readers and Friends, now that Saturn has entered Scorpio for a couple of years, I think it’s time to take a closer look.  Saturn entered Scorpio on 10-6-2012 and will enter Sagittarius briefly from 12-24-2014 through 6-15-2015, then back into Scorpio through 9-18-2015, entering Sag on 9-19-2015.  So we’re looking at roughly 3 years of Saturn moving through Scorpio and it’s an important transit for many reasons.  Let’s begin with some general background…looking at the big picture, we see the world awash in debt with various politicians kicking the can down the road and very few countries are solvent.  The strongest countries are those which are  resourced-based.  When we remember that Scorpio is a symbol for the hidden treasure buried in the ground, then we realize that those countries with good land, minerals, oil and gas deposits, water — these countries have a chance to emerge from this transit stronger rather than weaker.  I read a book many years ago that said there were enough resources on the earth to feed the planet, but it comes down to who owns the land and what are they doing with it?

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, in mythology the god of the Underworld.  It’s the time of year when the plants die off and the promise of new beginnings is in the seed, the concentrated energy of the plant, buried in the ground.  Scorpio rules all the major, blood and guts transitions in life — birth, death, sex, puberty, healing as a miraculous process, religious ecstasy (sitting around discussing philosophy is Sag) — the experience of union and losing our sense of separateness .  The sign is a  symbol of shared money, love, power and intimacy.  Pluto, the ruler, symbolizes will power, as Mars represents our physical energy.

Years ago I read a book that said when humanity makes a big step in our evolution, a new planet is discovered.  Uranus,discovered in 1781 marked  the advent of the earliest science  experiments and technology ( Ben Franklin for example) and also many inventions date from the late 1700’s. No coincidence that the US Moon is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus.  We fit the profile, but that is another subject. 🙂  Then it was Neptune — film and photography and movies and look what a huge influence that has been!!  Pluto was discovered at the time of the first creation of nuclear energy.  We have learned that there are both positive and negative applications of nuclear energy.It can be used for medicine and healing, energy for our daily lives,   or weapons of war… This is also symbolic of Pluto — great capacity for both good and evil.  If this theory about the planets is correct, there should be 2 more remaining to be discovered.

Scorpio has 3 totems — the scorpion, the potentially vengeful aspect of Scorp… the snake which would illustrate the transformation and renewal process of this sign, just like the phoenix rising from the ashes, another good analogy. Last would be the white eagle as a symbol of the highest truth and wisdom that this sign can manifest.  At its best, Scorpio is a defender of the weak and helpless.  At its worst, Scorp will hold a grudge for years and find a way to get even, even if they hurt themselves in the process.

Now Saturn in general shows us our weak points in order to strengthen them to build a firm  foundation and a lasting success.  Saturn qualities are discipline, focus, maturity, ambition and follow-through.  That persistent energy, combined with the Scorpio desire for power — you can see that this combination is potent, concentrated and on a practical level, very results-oriented.  Whether it’s a nation or an individual, Saturn in Scorp is warning us that power must be used with discipline and wisdom, carefully, very carefully…

History has afforded us with plenty of examples of power used to negatively destroy and enslave others.  My feelings about this particular transit at this particular time is it’s pointing out the very great need for nations and individuals to seek solutions to problems that benefit all involved.  Manipulation for personal advantage may seem like a win, but it will be shown to be an illusion and there will be a karmic backlash.  Really, folks, don’t you think that is what we’re seeing now?  I believe one of the best ways to understand the combination of Saturn and Pluto is the study of martial arts.  Great power and concentration, combined with discipline, and the ability to go with the flow of energy.  Those who want power need to understand that by aligning the individual will with the Universal Will, we find ourselves protected and  “in the flow”. We have unlimited power and protection when we’re one with the Divine energy.  A good analogy is we can be a cork floating on the water; we don’t sink and the momentum of the water takes us exactly where we need to be.  Speaking personally, in every crisis that I have had to face, when I focus on my aspiration but at the same time give up attachment to things going any certain way, that’s when the most miraculous solutions have manifested.

I’m going to give you an example.  I had moved the year before and after adjusting to the new area, decided I would look for a house to buy.  I had a very specific wish list — south facing, big windows on the south, internal chimney and woodstove, a large house with room for a garden, decent soil, etc. The first agent showed me newer houses that looked like plain boxes and none of them felt like home.  I felt like everybody had a home but me.  I have since learned that  “home” is inside ourselves, but that is another story.  Anyway, the first agent either wasn’t listening or was unable to find me what I wanted.  I felt very discouraged.  Oddly enough, and I can’t remember how it happened, I ended up meeting another agent whose mother had been a  palm reader before she died.  Since I am a palm reader, we hit it off quite well.  One day she called me and said she wanted to show me a house that had been sold to someone else but she wanted confirmation that it was the type of home I was looking for.  So we went over there and it was my house !!!  The house of my dreams !!! And already sold…oh, I felt so sad and discouraged…so I had a little talk with God, saying You know I want this house with my whole heart, but I accept that it is sold to another and I place the whole situation in Your Hands.  I practiced Buddhist non-attachment for the next few weeks.  Each time I felt that longing for the house, I would consciously release it.  And what an amazing thing happened !!!  When we love deeply and passionately  but without attachment, that’s when the miracles happen.  In my opinion, that is the correct use of the Scorpio energy.  After a month the buyer and the seller got in a huge fight and the buyer wouldn’t release their contract just to be nasty.  It took another month to expire. After it expired, the seller sold the house to me!!!  She was glad to sell, I was glad to buy, and she left me about 10 dozen canning jars and some tools and stuff, too.  It was a win-win situation for the both of us…that’s  the path you want to walk with Saturn in Scorpio right now.

Children born for the next year are going to have a mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto.  They will be practical, persistent, and they’ll reject fluff in favor of solid results.  Master strategists…t’will be interesting to watch them grow up.

Speaking of children, let’s talk about sexuality.  I believe Saturn in Scorp underlines the importance of safe practices and the need for protection.  Often with Scorpio natives, there are broad swings in sexual lifestyle over the course of their lives.  Now with Saturn in the same sign, there’s even more emphasis on the need for discretion, discipline, and taking a slower, more cautious approach to sexual relationships.  Promiscuity could lead to karmic backlash.  Even more important than our physical actions, are the inner thoughts — the intention underneath the actions — we need to embrace first the responsibility for our thoughts, words, and deeds.  Ripping off a piece at the bar downtown is definitely NOT the way to play this transit.  I have the feeling that a lot of buried stuff will emerge about the world of prostitution, porn, the sex industry in general.

In 1954 roughly, when Saturn was in Scorpio, a whole group of souls came in with the agreement to experience sexual abuse as children to call it to society’s attention.  I know this because I had so many clients in the early 80’s born during that cycle and their stories and experiences were so very similar — so much pain — many of them spoke out and became advocates for children now.  That next cycle, late 1983 – 84 saw many laws changed to protect children in the USA.  If you look at historical data, children for the most part have had no rights, no protection — and this is still going on in the world today.  Now we’re back in the same cycle as 60 years ago and what have we learned?  In the USA, the laws are not perfect and in many places in the world today, there is still no protection.  I’m not sure what will happen this time around, perhaps with the interchange of the transiting Pluto in Cap, there will be an additional emphasis on child labor laws.  But for sure, it will be called to our attention again that children need protection from sexual crimes. The most recent news is so terrible, it is already happening…  The best way for parents to protect their children is keep the lines of communication wide open.  I saw an ad for a kid’s backpack that has a cord that can be pulled and a shrill whistle will sound the alarm that a child needs help.  There is also more safety in numbers than walking alone.  Consider enrolling your child in martial arts and/or personal defense classes.   All of us should be studying sexuality, and health education is a must.

In terms of health, Scorpio is one of the rulers of sexual organs AND also the bowel and eliminative systems.  Studying this area of health and how to keep our bodies running smoothly will be important.  Our bodies  reflect exactly what is in our psyche.  For example, people that are widowed and don’t allow their grief to flow and be expressed often end up with heart rhythm problems within a year.  Looking at Scorpio, if a person expresses the energy of Scorp negatively they will brood and hold onto old crap instead of releasing it.  The result?  The body will reflect the psyche by manifesting constipation.  What does the bowel do?  It eliminates waste products and toxins and what are these?  Things we don’t need anymore!  VERY important to keep an eye on this process over the next few years.  Consciously affirm that you are letting go of that which is no longer useful and/ or helpful to you.  Making room for the new stuff in your life…

Saturn in Scorpio can help you make solid decisions that can improve your life on many levels.  This post is getting long, so will go through the houses in Part 2.  Blessings, Jenae

P.S. Comments and suggestions are welcome…

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