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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, Months ago I said I thought people might be able to gather and celebrate the holidays as a community. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I think I was wrong because I didn’t examine the potential negative possibility of the coming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius on 12-21-2020.

While it’s true that there is a glimmer of hope because scientists are working very hard to produce vaccines,  I think the discordant nature of Saturn and Jupiter is preventing the kind of cooperation and teamwork that is necessary for communities to stop the spread of the virus. Jupiter expands. Saturn contracts. So we have 2 very different energies in conjunction. I’m Aquarius and I believe in teamwork. The US chart has Moon in Aquarius. Think about it… we are an inventive people, but also freedom loving and also rebellious.  Jupiter is suggesting that cooperation for the good of the whole is important to overcome this invisible enemy, the virus. Saturn is suggesting that people are rebelling about some of the restrictions. Mask rage? Underground parties? One group in rural Virginia declared themselves an autonomous zone, meaning the restaurants, bars, and churches would stay open and no one needed to wear a mask. The virus is a lie, a conspiracy, blah blah blah, etc.  Rebelling against both science and the current governor. Some groups of people don’t want to cooperate at all. 

I have been thinking about this for 3 weeks. I now think that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is just another symbol of the divisiveness that has plagued our country for the last few years. Yes, it needs to change. Yes, this conjunction is a sign of the beginning of the needed changes, but NO, we are not there yet… Since Saturn is the old ruler of Aquarius (before Uranus was discovered) it could mean that the negative side of Aquarius is more dominant at this time. We’ll just have to watch and see what happens… meanwhile Saturn enters Aquarius on the 16th and Jupiter on the 19th of December. I will be writing about these upcoming transits pretty soon. I think the possibilities are much more positive for individuals. Please remember, though, that all this started on January 12, 2020 with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. There is still the continuation of corruption and greed coming to the surface, like an infected wound that needs to be cleaned.

We, as individuals, have the ability to choose our responses to events. Positive Aquarian energy, is kind, humble, and works for the good of the group, whether it’s your family, your neighborhood, your community, your country, or the whole planet. Stay alert to your own intuitive flashes. You could meet people that give you information that can change your life for the better. There is a lot of suffering and trauma going on. If you can help, do so. Donate to your local food bank. Etc. Remind yourself daily that there are lots of good people out there, just like you, working for a better world. They don’t make the news, but they are out there. Write down your wish list as we come to the close of this difficult year. This is the first act of manifestation… putting pen to paper is bringing your will onto the physical plane, a positive first step for bringing your goals and dreams into reality .

I wish you the best Holidays you can have, virtual though they may be… Jenae

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