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Good Morning dear Readers and Friends, Sorry for the delay. I feel very unsettled. We lost another tree in a huge windstorm. The tree fell away from the house, thank goodness!! I’ve always said Uranus in Taurus would be pruning a tree to ensure new growth…this was even more — the whole tree!!!

OK, we were up to the 10th house. If you have Taurus rising, then Jupiter will be transiting through your 10th house of career, reputation, and public life. It means more than that, though. The 10th is your sense of authority over yourself, dealing with authorities, your own personal definition of success, and it can also represent the parent who taught you how to function out in the world. Jupiter will move through this house faster than Saturn, but Saturn rules the natural 10th so its influence will be strong for awhile. More on that when I start the Saturn series…

With Taurus rising, Uranus is somewhere close to your Ascendant. It may still be in your 12th but you need to know what’s coming. Mars currently in Taurus in your 1st house may offer some clues. Get ready for a shake up. Taurus likes things steady and predictable and this year will be anything but…Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are going to square not only your Ascendant, but also form transiting squares to Uranus and shorter ones to Mars. Usually Jupiter in the 10th brings growth and a step up in career. Aquarius in the 10th usually values freedom, so you may be the ideal candidate to work from home or only part-time in person. If you are rebellious and refuse to cooperate with the rules, the laws, or just the policies and procedures at work, it’s going to backfire on you. If you’re uncomfortable in your current situation, maybe it’s time to look for something new and better suited to your personality before you attract a crisis. Generally, Aquarius likes teamwork and cooperation with kindred spirits that they respect. Freedom is valued over money. So if it’s more freedom you want, or more time off the clock, start figuring out how you can achieve your goal. It might take a year to fulfill but it will be very worth it !!

The problem with this whole configuration of squares is that Taurus gets very attached to routine, possessions, financial security and they don’t really like change. I knew a woman years ago who was a nurse. She often remarked that she hated her job, but she didn’t do anything about it. She broke her leg. That ended that job!! You don’t need a huge crisis to steer you in the right direction. You need to develop more flexibility and willingness to try new things. If it’s some kind of science or technical certification you need, something you can get in a year, you have to be willing to let go of stuff standing in your way. Let’s say you have a partial scholarship. Then look around your home and start selling things you don’t really need. If you want to start your own business the greatest danger this year is being under-capitalized. So start saving money, anyway you can. Use that Taurus determination, but at the same time be open to the unexpected. Do exercises that strengthen you neck but also keep it flexible. Maybe you need a roommate to share expenses, or maybe you need to move to take advantage of better opportunities for you in a new location. Your intuition can be growing big time this year if you listen to your inner self. This would be a very good year to get your chart done since the houses affected are cardinal. That adds extra oomph to your transits. Good luck !!

If you have ARIES rising, then the transiting Jupiter will be in your 11th house of friends and groups. You were made for this year:)) Lots of growth and interacting with new people as well as dear friends. Since your 11th house is Aquarius and you will have Jupiter and Saturn there, and it’s the natural 11th house anyway, there will be a lot of expansion and also a lot of responsibility. This is a very good year to network and form teams and/or groups of people who share a common goal. This could be anything from a social group, to a work group, or even a charitable group. The 11th rules labor unions. You could be elected or appointed to serve a group. You could be a little over-optimistic and overbook your schedule. Then you let everybody down by being late. So allow a little extra time between commitments. Plan for disruption so it won’t screw up your schedule. Especially this February when Mercury is retro in Aquarius.

The Taurus energy could be in your 1st house but most likely in your 2nd house of money, possessions, gifts and talents. The 2nd is also core values. This is not a great year to loan things to friends — money, tools, your favorite clothes or shoes, etc. I learned through experience that if I loaned equipment, we had to agree first that if they broke it, they would buy it. A dear friend crashed my car one year in an ice storm. It was not a happy experience. She felt terrible, covered the deductible, etc. but I was greatly inconvenienced.

I would add on a hunch this year, don’t loan your books either. Keep good financial records, whether it’s for yourself or for a group.

The positive side of the Aquarian transits definitely outweighs the potential negative. You can learn a lot through friends, have joyous times together, and really accomplish a lot this year. Probably more after the weather warms up so it’s safe to be outside with people again. The thing to remember is the friends and groups will have a purpose beyond the moment. Most of these ideas have gone virtual via Zoom but eventually people will be able to gather again. Some examples are yoga class or martial arts, cooking classes, a book club or a writing group, arts classes, etc. There are no limits. Any interest you have, someone, somewhere, is holding a class or a group has formed. Many years ago, our family had an orchard. There were about 10 apple trees, loaded with fruit. It was a clear, crisp, yet sunny day. I was lucky enough to have a friend with a real cider press. She and her husband came with the press in their truck, and other friends came over to help our family pick. I told everyone to bring jugs. We picked and picked and picked those apples, there was about 12 of us and everyone went home with the most delicious apple juice. You can it by bringing it just to the simmer, add a piece of chewable vitamin C, fill the sterile jars to the brim and seal. No water bathing necessary. All of us enjoyed the juice for the next 6 months. It was a wonderful…

If you have PISCES RISING, then Jupiter in Aquarius will be moving through your 12th house of the unconscious mind, dreams, spiritual matters, conscience and aspiration. There is no better transit for receiving information from your guides and teachers, both visible and invisible, and from family who is on the other side. All you have to do is ask for help and guidance, be sincere, and be open to receiving information. A good time to do this is just before we fall asleep. You might want to keep a dream journal. Even if you only remember a few key words, write them down because the practice of doing so will strengthen your ability to remember more and more details of your dreams over time.

People with this transit need to set aside some time each day for spiritual practices — prayer, meditation, gratitude list — whatever feels right for you. Pisces rising is very sensitive to the astral cooties radiating off of people, the public, etc. and they absolutely NEED 30 to 40 minutes of alone time every day. You can use the shower as an affirmation — that you are washing away the cares of the day…

I have a friend with Pisces rising and I’ve noticed how attuned she is to nature. The little animals and creatures appear at key times for her, almost like confirming the stuff she is thinking about, decisions she has to make, etc. So spend some time outdoors each day, if you can, and be alert to the more subtle energies in your garden or out in the brush.

You have a terrific opportunity to study metaphysics and perhaps specialize in reike or some kind of healing energy that also works for pets. Maybe you become a dog whisperer :)) Seriously, there are pet psychics out there who are VERY good. If that’s not your gift, there may be other areas you can study this year with very positive results for you and the people around you. What about numerology? What about foot reflexology? Pisces rules the feet. Aquarius rules astrology — this is great year to study your chart, then run the charts for your family and friends, get to know the language, so to speak…if you want classes, the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach is very reputable.

I want to close this series with a reminder of how powerful forgiveness is — forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, etc. The 12th house is secret sorrows — often karma or experiences from past lives shows up in this house. You could be blessed this year by receiving information that allows you to forgive a wrong and heal, to heal and find peace of mind that allows you to move forward in your life. This is what I want for all of us…

AND…don’t forget to recycle :)) Aquarius rules recycling…stay tuned, Saturn series soon, XO Jenae

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