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Hello dear Friends and Readers, the apples were calling, but now I have some time to write and I notice Mercury and Saturn will conjoin on October 5th.  I think this is an interesting transit and in view of Saturn’s entry into Scorpio the same day, we should explore the possibilities…

First of all, we should allow some orb so figure the effects of this transit can last for a few days either side of the 6th. Conjunction means the union of 2 planets, and it the most powerful aspect of all.  Just for simplicity, you can see Mercury as intellect/everyday thinking patterns/communication and Saturn as focus/concentration/overcoming obstacles and turning them into accomplishments.  I have seen people with Mercury conjunct Saturn in their natal be almost tongue-tied, very inhibited about expressing their ideas.  I have also seen it manifest as someone extremely concentrated and precise in conversation.  Scorpio  rules mysteries among other things, making this a good period to bring to the surface ideas, beliefs, issues, etc. that have been long buried.  During the 2nd week of October, Mercury will sextile Pluto (ruler of Scorp),  which will aid this process of uncovering the truth.  You can use these transits to find missing items, especially paperwork, but there are lots of other potential meanings, too.  Pluto was considered the God of the underworld, and during this time the energy of plants retreats into the seed as the days shorten and winter approaches.  No coincidence that Scorp rules sexuality, the SEED of life and renewal…

So this is a great private detective kind of energy.  Depending on your natal chart,  you might explore geneology and/or family secrets,  catch up with financial paperwork, have serious business discussions, or even have important family planning conversations.  By family planning I mean all issues that affect your family — Scorpio rules shared money, power, love and intimacy.  Saturn here for the next few years means ALL OF US are asked to make good decisions that allow all parties involved to benefit, whether it’s a marriage or the whole planet.  We definitely need to shift belief systems here to win-win rather than adversarial win-lose situations.

The energy of this conjunction is serious and concentrated, not necessarily difficult or negative, but definitely results-oriented.  This is a great time to study, to probe for truth, to prepare important paperwork, and to have deep talks with the people you care about.  This applies internally as well; have a talk with yourself, or observe your habitual thinking patterns and decide if you need to change them.  Observe your speech and eliminate self-deprecating remarks by stating the opposite to neutralize any negativity you might find.  I had a friend, long ago, who was a more active person in a family of bookworms.  There was nothing wrong with her mind, she just had a need for more physical activity than the others.  Since it was hard for her to sit still, somehow she got the idea she was inferior and she’d begin sentences with “I’m so stupid…” but she wasn’t at all.  She would also deflect any compliments and admiration that came her way.  This Mercury-Saturn conjunction is great for changing habits, but only if YOU decide to change them.  The fixed energy of Scorp will resist any outside pressure.  Let’s say you don’t put yourself down verbally.  How about mentally?  Are you being too hard on yourself?  Unrealistic expectations?  Internalizing old tapes from childhood?  Practice the art of accepting a sincere compliment graciously.  It takes time to change mental patterns but this conjunction, in my opinion, is one of the absolute best times to begin that process.

Comments and  suggestions are welcomed…Blessings, Jenae


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