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Dear Friends and Readers, Mars is a symbol for physical energy, initiative and courage and can also symbolize fights and accidents.  Some people handle Mars energy better than others.  Mars is excitable, particularly when combined with other planets.  For example, Mars/Uranus is absolutely volatile.  I was considering a trip when I realized I didn’t want to be on the road at the end of the month.  This month we find transiting Mars in Sagittarius and it will oppose Jupiter in Gemini exact on the 28th.  Allowing for orb gives us a week around that date.  My feeling on this is it’s very possible to over-do, over-book, and considering the fact that these two planets are in the travel signs, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out we all need to be cautious during the few days before and after the exact transit.

Sag as a sign, and remember that it’s ruled by Jupiter, is famous for overdoing.  If you see a chart with Moon in Sag then you know they tend toward too much of a good thing — both food and drink.  Of course in a natal chart much would depend on the aspects to that Moon and today we’re focusing on an opposition transit between Mars and Jupiter, but you get the picture.

This year with Jupiter in Gemini, I’ve been watching clients with planets in Gemini packing their schedule so tightly that there’s no margin for error.  Jupiter is an expansive planet and they are just being over-optimistic in planning their time.  What if there’s construction delays?  What if there’s a longer line than usual at the store, the Post Office, the gas station, etc. etc.

OK, let’s add Mars to the mix and explore the possibilities…when  drivers are in a hurry they forget to be courteous.  Road rage is a worst case scenario. Looking at less frightening possibilities, fender benders are entirely possible.  Delays at airports or trouble finding parking can ruin schedules.  Same thing with trains — Gemini rules trains.  NEVER try to beat a train by speeding across the tracks even though the lights are flashing.  You’d think people would know this, but just watch this opposition on a world level and see what happens.  For the record, I would prefer to be wrong about this.

Same thing with drinking and driving — very dangerous at any time and even more so at the end of October.  There’s a radio ad here, “Drive hammered, get nailed”,  and you can bet that the law will be eager to ticket sober  drivers who speed at that time, too.

Jenae, are you being too negative about this transit?  After all, you’re the one who taught us to look at both the positive and negative expressions of every aspect or transit!!!  OK, I hear you, let’s look at the other side….

For students of any age, this opposition transit can signal a breakthrough in your studies.  You can be very inspired, too, if you need to write a paper or report.  The confidence and enthusiasm of this transit can help you overcome fear of failure.  Just remember to allow some extra time to finish, proof read, etc.  Using Mars as initiative and Jupiter as expanding the mind and everyday thinking patterns is a positive for language studies, too. What a fine transit to learn a foreign language!  This is a great transit to form friendships across any barriers, fabulous for penpal projects at school involving a foreign country, sister city plans, reaching out across boundaries of ethnicity, race, religion, etc.

Look at your natal chart to see what houses are accented by Mars opposite Jupiter.   In general, use some caution and moderation to balance the potential excess of this transit.  Don’t promise more than you can deliver 🙂 Blessings, Jenae

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