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Good Morning dear friends and readers,  Venus in Virgo is very compatible with Mercury in Scorpio during the 2nd week of October.  That time is ideal for business meetings, as well as searching for answers — research, health questions, and finding lost items.  Venus trine Pluto is very good for renewing your health and uncovering buried treasure.  If you can’t go rock hunting, at least go through stuff at the back of your drawers and closets…J  Venus in Virgo in general is  a good time to organize ourselves.  Taking clothes to the cleaners, sewing on buttons, repairing our wardrobe is favored most of October.  So, you can clean your closet.  You can also clean house but even better you can clean your body.  The 2nd week is favorable for detoxing the body and for seeing your dentist.  Studying nutrition is another possibility.

Venus is square transiting Jupiter in Gemini the 3rd week of October.  That would be a time for caution as far as over-extending yourself.  Squares are symbols of the need to make adjustments and there could be an unexpected bill to challenge your budget.  This is not the week to overspend.  I had a client years ago and a designer put a bunch of furniture in her house and before even getting her approval on the items, sent her a bill for many thousands.  Needless to say, my client was quite annoyed.  Venus was square Jupiter at that time.  The worst way to play this transit would be to assume you have funds and support when you don’t.  Count those chickens AFTER they have hatched.  And while you’re waiting, make sure any financial interaction with the people in your life is mutually beneficial.  Sometimes with this particular transit, someone wants something for nothing.  This is not your best time for major shopping either.

Mars transiting through Sag after the 8th is in uneasy aspect to Venus in Virgo but never hits an exact square.  While this may not manifest in fights or disagreements, there is still some unease lurking below the surface with male/female relationships.  Venus in Virgo is all about the little details, while Mars in Sag is appreciating the big picture and not sweating the small stuff.  October, while the Sun is in Libra,  is a month to appreciate the rapport with your mate or partner.  Be polite and look for the things you DO agree upon.  If you need to have a conversation with a partner about a potentially touchy subject, make sure it’s after a good meal.  Using active listening techniques will also help a lot.  Looking at these positions of Venus and Mars, if you want to do fall clean-up at the house and he wants to go hunting, you can try to incorporate a bit of both plans.  Compromise does not mean cop out.  Do try to meet in the middle.

As Saturn enters Scorpio on October 6th for several years, all of us will be tested one way or another in our ability to make good decisions that allow all parties to benefit.  Might as well start now…:)

Comments and suggestions are welcomed…Blessings, Jenae

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