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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, someone said many years ago that musicians were the prophets of our times.  Neil Young, Joan Baez, Bob Marley,  Bruce Springsteen, Alan Jackson ( who proved after 911 that he could channel Spirit to create incredible beauty from horrendous evil) — these are just a few that come to mind.  There are people who study the history of music who know far more than I; I’m just an eclectic listener and I like everything from Georgian chants, classical  and madrigals to jazz, rock, country and all points in between.   I have long been a fan of musicians who play multiple instruments; I think I read that Prince plays 54 instruments.  Well, I found a couple more — Bruno Mars and Hunter Hayes.  They’d make an interesting combo for a Crossroads…

Anyway, I wrote about Bruno earlier when he used his Saturn on Mercury transit to write and compose prolific amounts of music. Now he’s just releasing “Unorthodox Jukebox”  and I think it may be an excellent illustration of Saturn in Scorpio.  If you  will recall, I wrote in earlier posts about the dark side of the world becoming more visible.  Saturn was last in Scorpio in 1983-85 and lots of buried stuff came into very public focus during those years — AIDS, abuse of children, women, animals, the planet,  the rights of farm workers, and lots more.

Let’s look at the release date, though the new music is available now.  It’s 12-11-12 — Moon in Scorpio along with Saturn and Venus.  There are some very heavy Plutonian themes in this new music.  WARNING:  Bruno’s new cd is not for children.  It’s very graphic and not appropriate.  I used to send links of his songs to my little granddaughter — NOT  this time.

His melodies and arrangements and his voice are still exquisite. You can tell he gave this music his very best from start to finish.  His lyrics…he’s not just pushing the envelope, I think he’s trying to break out of the box!  What box?  I think the only box is in his own mind.  Let’s review the transits in his chart for a clue.  By the way, I’m not posting his chart because I think famous people have a right to their privacy.  But his birthday is common knowledge and he’s a Libra with what? You guessed it — a LOT of Scorpio.  His Pluto, Saturn, and South Node are all in Scorpio.  Pluto is particularly strong here since it’s the RULER of Scorpio.  One of the old names for Pluto was The Destroyer; the plants have to die for the seed to ripen and regenerate, so with Pluto there is a major theme about transformation and regeneration.  Pluto was the God of the Underworld who kidnapped and raped Persephone. There are several new songs about regret and loss in relationships.  Now that Saturn is transiting Scorpio there’s probably some karma with this. A couple of songs seem to be an apology, making amends.  People with the Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio have to learn that what takes 20 years to build can be destroyed in 20 minutes.  There are issues about fidelity.  Flirting with the underworld and taboos might be fuel for the composer, but those experiences rarely lead to inner peace or happiness in love relationships. Some people need to plumb the depths to get to the heights.  Van Gogh, for example.  Others prefer a more level existence.   Vengeance is another Scorpio theme in this new music.   So are all the sexual themes and innuendos… all in all, a whole lot of Scorpio.  It’s what I would expect from the current transits in his chart.  I don’t know much about his personal life, but he sure needs to be aware and responsible for his thoughts, words, and deeds over the next few years as he completes his first Saturn return.  That is always a time of big, life-changing events.  Note that transiting Saturn is squaring his Jupiter and his Moon  at this time.  I think he is positioning himself for more creative freedom for years to come, depending on the record sales, but his personal life is going to highlight the values he most believes in and it’s only going to work out if both parties share the same core values.  The Eskimos have 26 different words for love.  Our language is paltry in comparison.  It will be fun to watch him compose along Sagittarian themes in a few years, incorporating music and instruments from all around the world.  Since he understands technology he’ll probably put together some kind of world sing-along or musical collaboration when Saturn is in Sag.  Something with foreign language, music, or composers…

He wanted to be on the world stage.  With his Saturn return, he needs to accept the responsibility that goes along with it.  He’s a hero and role model to many…

I think  what most concerns me is that if the musicians are the prophets, what he’s writing about does not indicate that the young kids out there are finding real love and affection.  I hope it’s not the jungle he makes it out to be. That is very sad… I want to hear from you young readers…do you find partners that treat you right? Do you have love based on friendship, respect, humor and affection for each other?  If you are single, do you have friends, REAL friends, that you can count on?  I’m trying to understand exactly why my readers read the Venus posts more than any other planet.  There needs to be a way to alleviate the isolation people are feeling…Neptune dissolves boundaries…I think I’m almost ready to write about Neptune…Blessings, Jenae

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