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Dear Friends and Readers, There have been certain thoughts on my mind, running through the background of recent days.  I decided that perhaps I should share them with you.  This grew stronger, into conviction,  that I must write this down now.  So here it is…

I have studied, read, watched the news, talked to many people.  Looking for the manifestation of this coming Grand Cross in our world today.  It seems to me that there are 2 worlds running simultaneously.  Many people are on their own personal magical mystery tour, Field of Dreams, whatever you want to call the incredible process that happens when we put our small, individual will in the hands of the Universal Will. I personally am working on trust this year, that an apparent obstacle may actually be an opportunity and that I need to trust the process, that the Universe knows what it is doing.  And the more I do this, the better things turn out.  So I am making a bit of progress personally.  I pray and meditate daily that the world will have the same wonderful opportunities.

The other world seems to be even more chaotic, so much suffering and pain.  I itch to fix it but all I can do, all any of us can do, is to start from where we are and let the love fan out like stones rippling a pond….

I read a book years ago called “Bringers of the Dawn”.  It was so controversial at the time that meetings were held, to discuss the book. One of the points in the book was that there would be increasing pressure on humanity to make good choices, and that it started with small things.  Do we throw the glass bottle in the garbage or save it to recycle?  Do we share extra food with our neighbors or do we let it go to waste?  Do we get into ego competitions at work or do we  strive to be humble and sincere with our co-workers?  Do we assume a  child knows nothing and fail to recognize the wisdom of their soul?  ETC. ETC.

Most of the people I know well are following the Light.  I look all the time for signs of hope and share them with other people.  And I have found one…

In our world today, there are no enlightened and 100% sincere government leaders that I am aware of.  I have a passion for the principles of good management.  What I see today is many leaders padding their own nests and that of their yes-men, lying and double-talking to their constituents, talking the talk with no intention of walking it…they seem to have forgotten the definition of public service.

But I believe there is ONE leader who is truly the shining light of  the world at this dark time in our history.  It is our Pope Francis and I  say “our” because  he belongs to the people.  I am not Catholic but I love him just the same.  I saw an interesting “60 Minutes” on TV and the reporter mentioned that Pontiff means “builder of bridges”.

And so, dear Readers, I introduce to you, Pope Francis, by looking at his birth chart.  He was born 12-17-1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I used horary astrology this time and just let the Ascendant be what time I was casting the chart.  Funny coincidence, his Moon and Ascendant in Aquarius were right on my Sun.  This puts his Sun, North Node in Sag and his Jupiter in  early Cap in the 11th house of  friends and groups.  He would rather ride with his fellow bishops that be driven in the Popemobile. For the same teamwork and group reasons, he refused to reside in the Vatican Palace which was too fancy and too isolated and instead took up residence closer to the other apartments in the Vatican.  He has friends from many different races, religions, backgrounds. Sag is the sign that rules religion and philosophy and foreign contacts.  Sag people usually are citizens of the world, travel a lot and have big walls of  books in their homes.   In his chart in the money houses, Saturn in Pisces in the 2nd is exactly conjunct the Part of Fortune and closely opposing Neptune in Virgo in the 8th.  And what has he said?  That he wants a POOR  Church, one that is actively seeking to alleviate suffering through compassionate love for the ill and afflicted, rather than a wealthy Church that does nothing for the people. (You would think he knows astrology, it’s such a perfect definition of Pisces:)) And what has he done?  He is not only clearing out the problems at the Vatican Bank (8th house) but he is finding ways to relieve ostentatious bishops from their posts.

I read that he was born into a family of accountants — his 4th house of home and family is ruled by Mars in Libra in his 9th, and he has Uranus in the 4th in Taurus.  So he probably is comfortable with numbers and accounting and likes the books to balance. Looking at Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius, he seems comfortable with the modern gadgets — social media, computers, etc. HIs Jupiter in early Capricorn is widely conjunct Mercury and both are trine Uranus — a LOT of  travel and communication.

He has Chiron in Gemini next to his South Node in the 5th house of children.  He likes children and especially the ill ones.

HIs chart shows that he is practical, honest, unconventional, blunt but kind.  What I think is so special about him is he lives his life as an example to all of us while striving to bring Light back into his Church.  It is a fact that when various human  structures get rigid and too enchanted with their own opinions, the Light will go somewhere else.  You can see this over and over again by studying history.

So on this Easter morning, which is the symbol for resurrection and a new beginning, let us say a prayer for the world and for Pope Francis, and remember that if one honest, humble, good man can shake up the world to make it better, albeit peacefully, then by following his example, we can do the same. Blessings, Jenae

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WISH UPON A STAR — The 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross — April 23, 2014

Hello dear Friends and Readers, I’ve been getting a lot of calls from clients asking about the Cardinal Grand Cross that will be exact on April 23rd. I have written previously (look in the archives) about the 5 squares between Uranus and Pluto. This April will be the 4th one, with the additional pressure of Jupiter in Cancer and retrograde Mars in Libra exactly square the Uranus-Pluto square at 13 degrees. Hence the name — Cardinal Grand Cross.

There have been a lot of good articles about this event written by other astrologers. No one human has a corner on the truth, but by all of us contributing our thoughts about this event, we may be able to get a sense of where things are heading. Remember, if I can think of 10 possible interpretations, the Universe can produce 1000.

If you look at the past 3 squares, they coincide with extreme weather patterns, among other things. Square are symbols of tension, frustration, and the need to make adjustments. Earthquakes release tension. In the news lately, Chile has had swarms of little earthquakes in the northern part of their country. Some scientists are concerned that because this is a new pattern, it could be a precursor of a very large quake. If you take a map of the world and plot the quakes, you will see that the last few years show increasing geological activity. Here in the Northwest, we had a tragic mudslide due to extreme amounts of rain. Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn symbolize these types of events.

When you look at the square between Mars and Uranus, there is definite tension for air travel. Perhaps the tragedy of the missing plane is symbolized by this approaching square. I would not let anyone I care about travel by plane from approximately April 21 through 25th — after that the energy eases a bit. I remember many years ago, that the Challenger blew up in front of a whole generation of school kids. That tragedy coincided with a conjunction between Mars and Uranus. This one is a square. Here is one possibility — there is a volcano in Iceland that is on the verge of a large eruption, according to the scientists. Enough ash and planes would be grounded. That would make air travel even more of a hassle than it already is. My unsolicited advice is to be cautious and conservative and try to stay home on the 23rd.

Could it be a war? Well, our planet is full of wars already. Could it be a new war? Possibly. I read a book years ago based on the math of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. It predicted the extreme weather we are having and also said when the world grew weary of so much fighting, only then would we have peace.

Could it be more problems with our food supply? Very possibly. I’ve been trying to make that point for a couple years, that people should try to be more self sufficient, grow a garden, support their LOCAL farmer’s market, etc. The extreme weather is playing havoc with crops. Already in the US there has been serious crop damage in both the South and in California. Too much cold, too much water, not enough water, a hot summer predicted, etc. The other part of Jupiter in Cancer is there is a growing body of evidence that what we eat affects our health AND MENTAL HEALTH, in ways we’ve never thought of before. I am trying very hard to switch from sugary foods to healthier ones. Reports came out that sugar can cause inflammation. There was also a Swedish study that indicated dark chocolate was good for the heart. So I am eating a piece of dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. So far, so good. Once I got used to the dark stuff, I stopped having cravings for the sugary version.

I also try very hard to follow Pope Francis’ request to not waste food. Jupiter in Cancer should be an abundance of food but these squares challenge the status quo. One out of every four children in the US is living below the poverty level. Children need adequate protein for brain development. Here’s an example of what needs to change — I read this morning that someone is dumping a million jars of perfectly good peanut butter. Part of a bankruptcy in New Mexico? Someone, maybe the State AG or the Governor, should threaten to arrest and fine those people unless they immediately donate the jars to food banks who need help so desperately.

Check out your chart and be aware if you have planets at 13 degrees. Most everyone will have at least one Cardinal planet. Allow a couple degrees for orb. Note which planet you have near 13 degrees and the aspects it makes to this Cardinal Grand Cross. In particular, note which houses in your chart are affected by the Cross. This will give you clues of what to be careful about.

This Cross hits the US chart hard. We already have financial and economic problems, political problems, geological problems, nuclear problems, weather problems, bad guy problems, etc. Just use your common sense and make some preparations in case there’s another emergency. Have gas in the car, propane for the BBQ, extra drinking water and food, flashlight batteries, keep your phone charged, get any medical PX filled so you don’t run out, etc. IF the power goes out for a few days, you’ll be glad you did what you could to be prepared. None of us know the exact nature of the events which could unfold. I’ve done my best to give some clues and keep people safe.

I hear you…Gee, Jenae, isn’t there anything positive about these transits? Well, I have seen these Grand Crosses in peoples’ NATAL charts and what happens is these peoples’ lives have periods of relative tranquility and then a transiting planet sets off the cross and all hell breaks loose. One particular teacher comes to mind — she was an elementary school teacher. And when her cross was activated by an outer planet transit, she was absolutely heroic about crusading for change within the system for the good of the students. I’ve watched her life for about 30 years. She took on the School District, she took on the local government, later she took on the police system, and one time it was more personal , in court due to an inheritance. She was just a little bitty woman but she had tremendous courage and energy and the will to right wrongs for the good of the kids…

I read one time in one of the Seth books that people who choose to live in areas where weather emergencies are common are seeking to experience brotherhood — the teamwork that comes from working together to save peoples’ lives. When the chips are down, humans can rise to greatness. Ordinary people become heroes. Bonds are forged that will never be forgotten. Brotherhood is a very special kind of love…Stay safe and let’s see what unfolds, Blessings, Jenae

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