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Hello Dear Friends and Readers, Life has just been barreling by like a speeding train. In support of a friend,  another writer, I have decided to spend this weekend writing. Full Moon in Sag, and Gemini Sun can mean transportation and communication are stressed, so I’d  rather hang out with you guys than try to go anywhere.  Hopefully the Mercury retrograde won’t make posting glitchy…the phone went out once and the internet has been off and on for the last couple weeks. Typical.  Mercury moves fwd tomorrow !!!  I’m ready !!!

Today I want to talk about Mars retrograde. First, though, a discussion of this year in general…

My daughter’s Hawaiian teacher said the Year of the Fire Monkey would be fast-paced, with lots of opportunities, but glitchy, necessitating a Plan A, Plan B, and even and Plan C. Good for innovation, inventions, and inspiration. I think this is very accurate description of the loose but potent Mutable Grand Cross we will be experiencing now — starting TODAY and continuing through JUNE. We have Jupiter in Virgo, opposed by Neptune in Pisces, plus Saturn in Sag along with Mars in Sag, too.  This creates a T-square that pushes a lot of energy out the empty place — Gemini.  So now that the Sun, and Mercury soon, are transiting through Gemini, these placements turn into a Grand Cross.  The mutable signs are getting hit hard this year, but so is anyone with a bunch of mutable planets in their chart. I can always tell who will call me for readings based on the position of Saturn.  More mutable sign clients have called this year especially.  Mutable signs are flexible, sometimes a bit scattered, able to jump on sudden opportunities more easily than either fixed or cardinal signs.  Most people I’ve talked to this year are feeling hemmed in by obligations in multiple areas of life, with little or no free time.  They’ve had to stay focused, disciplined, and draw boundaries to protect themselves from people who would be energy vampires and distract them from their primary tasks.  That doesn’t sound fun, does it? But along with all that duty and responsibility (Saturn), many of them have been able to buy houses, get raises, get degrees or progress in their careers and/or goals that are very important to them.  Saturn is a lot about manifestation. So you see?  It’s not such a bad year after all.  Things can be pretty good, it’s just there’s a more serious tone…

To me, it’s like there’s 2 worlds running concurrently. The outer world is a mess — I wrote about that already — extremes everywhere.  Our personal worlds contain some really important growth and accomplishments…which brings me to Mars…

Mars is the symbol for action, physical energy, initiative, leadership, sports, fights, accidents, and heroism. Kind of a mixed bag and some people are better at handling their Mars energy than others.  Often when Mars conjoins the Ascendant we will get a brief fever or pull a muscle. Mars in your 4th? Clean house but guard against accidents by using proper tools, etc. Mars in your 7th ?— let your mate be the boss…it’s easier … Mars in your 10th ?— time to show your best initiative at work, maybe hussle to meet some deadlines.

I think Mars retrograde can be a blessing this year in particular because it gives us all a chance to look back over our plans and dreams and make corrections if necessary. Remember that PLAN B & C?  Now’s the time to implement them.  Mars went retro at 8 degrees Sag on 4-17-2016 and it goes all the way back to 23 degrees Scorpio, going direct on 6-29-2016. Mars re-enters Sag on 8-3-16 and conjoins transiting Saturn in the 4th week of August.  I’ll give you an example.  I’d been thinking  about how to reach people with certain information that is not widely available.  My friend the writer (www.growingupsuperheroes.com ) gave me a most valuable tip on how I could do it. Maximize my Mars energy.  She is very smart. And clever.  And we had this conversation during Mars retro.

Here’s another example. I had one Sag client that was oh so upset because the house she had her heart set on didn’t come through. I kept telling her to be patient, the Universe had something better in mind for her, and to keep looking.  And guess what?  She stayed flexible, adjusted her area to look just a bit, and she found an even better house.  Oh the joy !!!  Good thing it will close after Mercury is forward…

It’ so easy to have faith when everything is going well, and so very hard when the chips are down. But that’s the real test— faith when things aren’t going well — that leads to the best and brightest breakthroughs.  I truly believe that is our mutual task for the next month — to stay flexible and work patiently toward our goals and dreams, even if there are obstacles. And please remember to be a polite and observant pedestrian and driver.  The news is just full of the stress on transportation.  Be safe, dear friends, and I’ll try to write again soon…Namaste, Jenae



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