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Dear Friends and Readers, now that Venus is in Leo it’s time to bring  some creativity, art, and beauty into our lives.  We’re all still taking care of health and chores with Sun and Mercury in Virgo right now; Venus is reminding us to add in some play time.  Depending on which house in YOUR chart,  Venus currently transiting through Leo until 10/4/12 can show us which area of life is accented this month.   Venus is the planet that symbolizes love, art, beauty, affection, social life, and money in the sense of attracting what you need.  I’ve covered shopping in an earlier post;  today we’ll take a look at art and beauty.

If Venus is currently in your first house, it’s the right time for personal beautification.  By all means get your hair done, and go for a mani or a pedi, a facial, a massage — whatever appeals to you.  The 1st house is how we present ourselves to the outside world.  Looking your best and acting graciously is very appropriate.

If Venus is transiting your 2nd house, it’s a great time to re-furbish your possessions.  Now’s the time to get that chair recovered or your dresser refinished.  If you have the skills to do these things yourself, even better, since this house rules hobbies that often turn into part-time jobs.  These days they call it re-purposing.  The point is to beautify your stuff;  with the current Virgo transits, this could also mean reorganizing cupboards and/or shelves to show the beauty of the possessions you have.

If Venus is moving through your 3rd house, it’s a great time to wash and polish your car, and really do it right — vacumn  and wash the inside, too. Decorate your mailbox if you like. Make something pretty to keep your magazines in.  Students can make their notebooks and book bags beautiful.  Another good house for a manicure :)…

Venus in your 4th — the 4th represents your home in general and your kitchen in particular.  A wonderful time to make your kitchen beautiful and welcoming.  If other transits in your chart concur, this Venus transit could symbolize remodeling going on in your home.  It could also be something simpler like your child wants to paint their room and get a different bedspread.  A very positive time to nuture your family and help them express their artistic talents. IF you’re selling, this is a great transit for an open house.

If Venus is currently in your 5th, it’s time for YOU to be creative as well as helping children express and beautify themselves.  This IS the natural Leo house, so there’s quite an emphasis on doing things that are playful and fun and sometimes quite spontaneous.   Maybe this is the time you finally turn your little one loose in the bathtub with the finger paints :)…Dads might want to engage their children in building a playhouse or a fort  in the yard.  This is a fabulous transit to gather stuff and make costumes for Halloween.

IF Venus is transiting through your 6th, there’s a real accent on beautifying your work environment.  You might have to clean and organize first; just don’t forget to add some fun into the process, too.  Add artwork, or plants, or showpiece items that attract attention to your business.  IF you’re in retail, this could mean decorating the windows. Depending on your personal chart, this transit could symbolize an appropriate time for cosmetic surgery or dental, too.  Venus in the 6th is usually pretty good for relationships with clients and co-workers. It’s also a great transit to update your business card and add something unique, special, and beautiful to it.  My Dad always had a fascination with logos.  I favor bling :)…

If Venus is moving through your 7th house, there’s a lot of harmony with partners.  A great transit to work together on beautification projects like decorating for a party.  A fabulous time to take your sweetie shopping and pick out clothes for them, subject to their approval of course…  There’s a strong social flavor to this particular Venus in Leo in the 7th transit; you could be planning or helping arrange a wedding or an anniversary party.  This is such a nice transit for making personalized gifts and it gives you and your partner a chance to be artistic together.

When Venus transits through the 8th, that playful sense of affection can turn more sultry and steamy … this is the house that rules sexuality.   It is also important to spot check yourself if there are some competition issues brewing under the surface.  Make every effort to resolve any conflicts with partners harmoniously — Venus here will help you.  This is the best transit to clean and beautify your bedroom. If you are lonely and want a partner to love, there’s an old metaphysical technique that can help — arrange your bedroom, closet, bathroom cabinet, etc. to make room for a partner’s stuff. Empty one side of the closet, half the bathroom cabinet, etc.  If you are female, pass on stuff in your bedroom that is too girly — like if the walls are pink consider painting them neutral and add a picture of the desert at dawn instead.  If you are male, soften your bedroom to make in more comfortable for a female. That may mean moving the gym equipment out of the room and adding some curtains if all you have is window blinds.

Venus in the 9th is so nice for receiving company from a distance.  You may also travel yourself.  Consider beautifying a room in your home that may be a stand-alone guest room, or a room that serves several purposes.  Venus in the 9th is great for buying coffee table books that are show stoppers — I remember once at someone’s house, they had one of underwater pictures — really stunning — couldn’t put it down.  This transit is wonderful for adding foreign pieces to your home, or learning foreign or ethnic art techniques to have some fun.  Venus here would be the best transit to take an art class.

When Venus moves through your 10th house, that is the time to shine in career.  Look your best, act your best, conduct your life as if it will be tomorrow’s newspaper headline.  Venus here is good for art and beauty to helps you achieve your career goals.  Maybe it’s a new suit or a distinctive tie, maybe it’s a long-awaited promotion.  Beautify yourself and your work environment.  If YOU are the boss, please consider using this transit to host an employees’ appreciation day with some kind of small gifts or if this fits your situation — use this transit to announce improvements scheduled for the work environment.  Maybe it’s air-conditioning that will be installed, or better work chairs, even a new coffee pot or frig in the back room — depends on your situation — but improvements announced at this time will greatly improve morale.  I have a current client with this position and she is part of a group hosting a big conference  and she’ll be doing some speaking, too.  The Leo energy likes  to host rather than be the guest.

Venus transiting through the 11th house is another time to gather in a group for fun, though with the 11th there is usually a purpose that lasts beyond the moment.  This is another “take a class, teach a class” position, or something like a writers’ club or a book club.  Another possibility is you help a  friend beautify HER home or HER life in some way.  Venus in Leo as a NATAL position, requires sunlight and the ability to entertain at home — patios and BBQ’s.  If your transiting Venus is in this house, you may host a party for a friend or a group and this time of year favors an outdoor gathering.  Another possibility is a group of friends get together and hold a big yard sale — fun but the money goes toward a goal, either personal goals or a group goal like a fundraiser.  An example would be helping a child who is ill…

Venus in Leo moving through your 12th house — the perfect time to go to a spa or a yoga retreat, and this position is another one that could indicate cosmetic surgery.  The 12th rules places of refuge and/or confinement…hospitals are one meaning.  The romantic side of Leo would be expressed in this house by you and your sweetheart going somewhere together that is a quiet place, beautiful, inspiring — could be camping or even a luxurious hotel — there are famous places with little heart-shaped swimming pools for each room and/or cabin.  Leo rules the heart.  On a deeper level, this transit is about being whole-hearted, pure of heart, no hidden agendas.  SO…maybe you take flowers to someone in hospital, or maybe you set up a meditation room in your home and add touches of beauty to inspire you, maybe you spend time alone painting pictures or working with the fire arts.  Sometime in the future, I’ll post more about the 12th house…

SO there you have it, dear readers, and I hope my ideas have served as a jumping off point for your own creativity and imagination.  Blessings, Jenae

PS…comments and suggestions are welcome…

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