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Dear Readers and Friends, When the Mars-Jupiter opposition happened October 28, 2012 and I wrote about travel problems, the news was all about Sandy, the big storm that caused and is still causing problems for so many.  I never saw anything international, and my concern was also about trains.  Well, one part of the Gemini energy seems to be that 250,000 cars were lost in that storm.  There was a  train problem in Kentucky during that time.  I didn’t see anything else.

The 29th degree is considered a critical degree in astrology — no where to go but into O degrees of the next sign.  This weekend transiting Mars reached the 29th degree of Sag and the news about trains is just terrible, both in the US and overseas.

Mars takes approximately 2 years to transit around the wheel of the zodiac.  Mars will again be at 29 degrees Sagittarius the weekend of October 24, 2014.  Please note that time frame and take precautions.  There are good times to travel and good times to stay home.  Light a candle in rememberance of those who were lost…Blessings, Jenae

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