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A Perfect Day for a Wedding

Hello dear Friends and Readers…a  young couple I have known for years is planning their wedding.  They are just finishing their 1st Saturn return so the choices they make will be with them for a long time;  this marriage will be solid. They took their time getting to know each other — again that would be Saturn’s influence.  Saturn is slow and thorough.  It’s a love match with many conjunctions scattered across the charts from Taurus through Leo.  His Mars and Mercury are conjunct her Venus and Mercury, his Sun is conjunct her Venus, her Sun is conjunct his North Node, her Chiron is on his Moon  plus his Jupiter is on her Moon in Sag. Her Mars is on his Ascendant.  The Ascendant and Descendant rulers are in good aspect across the charts.  They help each other do what they’re here to be doing anyway as individuals.  Some people need an outside irritant to get on with their spiritual evolution; some people respond better to encouragement along the way and that is what this couple will give to each other.  True helpmates in the best sense of the word.

The standard formula for a wedding is as close to the New Moon as possible with the personal planets in direct motion (that means Mercury, Venus, and Mars).  After that, you have to study both natals  in detail and compare the two.  So let’s take a look at the aspects for their wedding which will be next year on June 8th.  I hope to be able to put a picture of the wedding chart on the page so you can see, too.  I picked 3 different days for them and they chose the June date, which very conveniently happens to be the New Moon AND falls on a Saturday.  Logistics and astrology don’t always cooperate but in this case they did — a good omen :)…

So the Sun and Moon are in Gemini in trine to the Libra Ascendant and Part of Fortune at 3 pm PDT that day.  They wanted an afternoon wedding, so that would be the perfect time.  Libra is the sign ruling marriage.  Transiting Venus and Mercury are conjunct the groom’s Mars/Mercury/Sun and conjunct the bride’s Mercury and Venus. Transiting Mars is conjunct her natal Mars (new 2 year cycle begins) and his Ascendant.  Jupiter is on the brides’s Sun and Jupiter rules ceremonies.  Jupiter is trine the groom’s Saturn and Pluto— transiting Jupiter in his 1st house builds confidence and the trine to Saturn-Pluto shows they will prosper together.  Transiting Saturn at 5 degrees Scorpio trines Venus in the wedding chart, and trines all their multiple Cancer planets in their respective natals.  Same with Neptune at 5 degrees Pisces.  Grand Water Trine — very harmonious…

Really folks, it isn’t usually this easy :)…  the wedding just confirms what is already there…

I want you to notice in the wedding chart that Mercury (communication) is square Uranus and opposite Pluto.  Normally, this would be a bit of a caveat, but follow this T-Square through and you see it impels a lot of energy out the empty spot — Libra in the 12th house by degree.  If this couple needed to develop better communication skills through marriage, this T-square would symbolize the need to be honest with themselves first and thus communicate more effectively with their partner.  And if you were looking at a comparison where both  the Mercurys were stressed, it’s a warning, master those communication skills or else…  However, in this particular comparison the Mercury interaspects are very compatible — they ALREADY have  learned to communicate well with each other — so the T-square in the wedding chart is more like a scenario where an external problem or crisis erupts and they work together to come up with solutions.  Instead of a struggle for editorial control within the marriage, the dynamic is much more that they unite to implement the most effective strategy to cope with the external situation.  (I understand what I just wrote — I hope YOU do :)). Once again, the lesson of that T-Square  is to really understand the details of each individual chart because in astrology, as in life, there are always exceptions.  Back soon, comments and suggestions welcomed, Blessings, Jenae

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