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Hello dear Friends and Readers, There was some fascinating research about babies the other night on 60 Minutes.  It reminded me of something I read years ago when the ancients were determining the educational path of a child.  They would put 5 objects in front of a very young child and watch to see which object he or she would choose first.  In our modern world we have a different educational system but their technique is still valuable to us when dealing with  young children.  Parents need to watch for clues as to the child’s talents and preferences.  Getting your baby’s chart done is helpful.  Babies are more recently arrived from Heaven so they have something to teach us, too.  It is a scientific fact that the bones at the top of the head remain open until about 18 months old.  Their crown chakras are open and their thinking processes are as complex as ours, they just don’t have the language skills yet.

I have noticed for many years that when a child is 3-5 years old, and particularly at age 4, they will spontaneously speak about past life experiences.  It is very important that a parent NOT ask leading questions, just stay alert and see what your children (or nephews/nieces, grandchildren, etc.) say without any prompting.  This can be so helpful to give you parents clues as to why your child is here, what they need to learn, what they have to teach, their talents, their past ties with YOU, etc.

I will give you some examples.  A friend of mine who was not particularly metaphysical was with her 3rd child, a 4 year old boy in their kitchen.  The father, a moody type, stormed through the house and out the door on his way to work.  The boy looked at his mother and said, “When I was here before, I was a cop and he didn’t get away with this!” ???  There are karmic ties between law enforcers and criminals, the same way there are karmic ties between criminals and victims.

Another child, known to me, was agitated as a baby if only one cracker or teething biscuit was put in her hand.  When one was in each hand, she was fine.  Now this child had a couple of planets in Gemini (the hands) but I sensed it was more than that.  She would take lots of empty food boxes into her room and it felt like it was more than just playing grocery store.  Finally, at 4 years, she was getting out of the bath and said to her mother with a  smile “Dry me bum, Mama.” ???  And that was the clue we needed to understand what was going on…in Industrial Revolutionary England, you could be hanged for stealing a loaf of bread.  There were many children who didn’t have enough to eat, orphans, etc.  That period was a tough time for many children.  In a situation like that, parents would want to reassure the child through ACTIONS, NOT WORDS, that there was plenty of food available — leftovers, snacks, etc.  This particular parent kept a well-stocked pantry.

There’s a little boy I know who even as a baby, had a particular fascination for helicopters.  Anytime one flew by even at a distance, he would cock his head and listen intently. When he was three his Dad got a remote controlled toy helicopter so the boy could see it in action up close.  Now he is four, approaching the age where he may tell us something.  I’m just watching… Where does this stuff come from?  Was he a pilot before?  Will he grow up to be a pilot?  Time will tell…

The last example is my own granddaughter who has good language skills and is at the age where clues are given.  She spontaneously said to her mother last week that when she was a grown-up she worked in a place that made shirts and pants.  Sounds like a garment factory to me.  Then she indicated that she sold those items, too.  So it may have been  a manufacturer with a store, too.  What she doesn’t know is that I grew up in the garment business; I worked in the factory from a young age.  Her great-grandfather, my Dad, was at one time a talented designer as well as a manufacturer.  So we’ll be watching for more clues, and later on I will see if she likes sewing… I would have thought from her chart that her talents lie more with athletics, possibly dancing, but she does have a Libra Moon.  So we’ll see…

I have another grandchild who I’m watching for clues but he is just now starting to talk so it will be awhile…

I hope these examples have been helpful and awakened you to observe the children in your life — what they say, what they do.  There is a lot of information to be gained that can be quite helpful, both now and in the future…

Feel free to share your own experiences with us, comments are welcome…Blessings, Jenae



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Good morning dear friends and readers…Little children love to hear the story about the day they were born.  In historical times, people didn’t have the ability to be as accurate about the time they were born.  Fortunately, most states put the exact time of birth on the birth certificates these days.  Having this information gives you the ability to know your child’s natal chart from the beginning of life.  Watching your child grow into his or her chart is a priceless form of education for you, and brings many benefits to your child.

When I do charts for families, it is very common to see planets line up across the charts.  Sun on Moon is a love tie, Sun on Ascendant is also very common; the Sun person helps the Ascendant person express themselves.   When  a parent has a child during their 1st Saturn return (28-30) there is a karmic tie. Unfinished business.  If you have that in a comparison with your child’s chart, it is very important to look at the aspects within the natal to that Saturn in BOTH charts for a clue as to what needs to be accomplished.  There are funny coincidences with Gemini children involving numbers.  I knew a daughter that was born on the SAME day as her mother.  I knew siblings born 1 year and 1 day apart, and other siblings born exactly 2 years apart, and another Gemini family where they were all born on the same day of the month, but different months and years.  I have noticed that twins are often born in the sign of Cancer, but will have Gemini planets.

My dearest friend is Cancer with 3 planets in Gemini and her husband is Gemini with 3 planets in Cancer!  How’s that for a comparison J…very cool…

When I look at a child’s chart I look first for good health and if I see things that concern me, I make suggestions to offset what I see.  My grandchild is Aries and her parents know I am concerned about protecting her head.  Safety procedures have been implemented.  As parents, you do your best.  If astrology can give you clues about allergies or sensitive tummies or sports’ injuries, using that information can help you protect your child. For a Taurus child, keeping their neck warm in winter is important using real fabrics rather than artificial.  Etc.

The next thing I look for is their talents and potential skills.  If you know your child’s chart and see the potential for music, dancing, geology, sports, metal work, etc. etc. — you can expose the child to these things and see if they have an enthusiasm and passion to learn more.  It’s pretty easy to see career paths, too.  You can see who is a natural teacher, a scientist, medical, a genius with fixing things.  Builders and woodworkers are pretty easy to spot — look for a Mars-Venus conjunction in Virgo or Capricorn, for  welding — in Aries, etc.

I also look for family dynamics in the child’s chart.  You can see who wants to work side by side with his Dad and who is going to rebel against the family traditions.  You can see who is going to be a loving support to Mom in her older years.  One of the fun things is to check for siblings in a first-born child’s chart. That would be the 3rd house.  If there are no planets in the 3rd check the aspects to the ruler of that house.  Just because we might have an empty house with no natal planets in it, it doesn’t mean it’s not important.

A good time to have a chart done for your older child is when they are in their teens.  Earlier than that, I like to address the parents during the reading.  When a child is nearing the end of high school, there’s a lot of pressure on them to make decisions about their future. They really need confirmation at that time about just what their interests and skills ARE.  And  If you know what states are astrologically compatible  with your child’s chart, it will be easier to pick a college that will help them have a positive experience with higher education.  Some kids will prefer hands-on  training and others are ok with book-learning and then practicums.

The bottom line here is we need knowledge to support our children to manifest the positive side of difficult aspects and to encourage them to make the most of their talents.

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